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My name is Sephné (sef-nay) I am the owner of Haus of Skin LLC.

I specialize in assisting people of color overcome pigmentation and slow down the aging process though targeted skincare treatments and custom home care regimen.


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If you're like me you LOVE acids. Not only can they help to reduce acne but they can also boost glow, reduce the appearance of pores and so much more!

But there are a lot of acids to choose from and not all are the same. Here's a quick breakdown of a few of the most popular skin acids.

Niacinamide - Also known as B3 this super ingredient supports the skin barrier. Improves texture by balancing out
oil production.

Lactic acid - A chemical exfoliant that can reduce the look of fine lines and acne scarring by sloughing off dead skin cells.

Glycolic acid - A common AHA that can lighten the look of sun spots and hyperpigmentation.

Ferulic acid - Commonly paired with Vitamin C. Prevents and treat sun damage and wrinkles

Which acid is your favourite? Share below!


🤤🤤 I LOVE good extractions!


It's no spend November! If you are taking part in this fun monthly challenge here are some skin tips that won't cost you a penny!

-Wash your bedding and facial towels
-Drink some water
-Check your product expiry dates
-Disinfect all of your facial tools and brushes
-Disinfect your phone
-Wash your scarves and hats
-Change your phone and laptop screen to night mode to reduce blue light exposure (your eyes will thank you too!)
-Do some yoga or light stretching to get the blood flowing


No matter your skincare goals, whether it's extra hydration or minimized acne scarring I can help you to achieve them. You aren't alone in this skincare journey of yours! Whether you are a follower of this account or a client of mine we're in this together!

Ready to take that next step and work with me directly?

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We are so excited to be introducing the Nano Infusion Facial!
Nano infusion uses tiny silicone pyramids to help products pe*****te deeper into your skin.

This is perfect for anyone that is looking to decrease the appearance of pores, reduce hyperpigmentation and improve skin tone and texture. Have you booked your Nano Infusion facial yet!

Use the link in our bio to book your advanced treatments today.


Hehe this is for my elder-millennials and above.


To all of my friends, family and clients that have served thank you so much for your service. Happy Veterans Day.


Who is ready for Peels to be available?! Chemical peels have so many benefits but they aren't for everyone. Peels are used to help reduce hyperpigmentation, lessen the appearance of scars and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

At Haus of Skin we do a level system with our peels. This helps to prep your skin and ensure that we aren't damaging your skin barrier. We want to see improvements and not go backwards in you r skin journey.

Starting the 16th we will have ALL of our advanced services available. All of our advanced services are able to pre book now!

Use the link in our bio to book yours today.


PSA this Peel season: Minimal peeling doesn't mean minimal results! How much you peel is actually based on the state of your skin before your peel as well as the strength of the peel itself. So don't stress if you aren't seeing those big flakes.


We LOVE a dermaplane facial! It helps to reduce fine line and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and id an amazing form of exfoliation.

What are you waiting for?

Book your Dermaplane facial today.


Can you believe that the year is almost up?! Lets get your skin together before the holidays get here! To help you get there we giving you our Signature Facial for only $100 when you purchase a Nano infusion facial or a chemical peel.

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Have you tried our nose popsicles? They’re purple, small and very quick.

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We are less than a month away from our peeling being available! I wanted to let everyone know how peels are going to work at Haus of Skin.

We offer 3 levels of peels, level 1,2 and 3. Just like anything you have to start at the beginning and work your way up. This is to protect you skin. If we go to deep to quick with no prep it could make what we are working to fix worse!

To make it easier we have created 2 packages. A series of 3 peel and a series of 6. So no matter what your skin goals are we can help you get your best skin.


Remember everything is good in moderation! What's your fav Halloween treat? I can never say no to Skittles🌈!

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I am so excited to be adding nano infusion! Think micro needle but not as invasive. Instead of needles nano infusion uses tiny round-tipped pyramids that creating microscopic-channels which allow for optimal product absorption. In addition to personalized ingredients, this treatment stimulates circulation, visibly softens fine lines, reduces scarring, improves hydration, helps control breakouts, and brightens the skin!

The results from this facial are AMAZING! I can’t wait for you all to try it. To prebook your appointment use the link my bio!


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It’s NATIONAL ESTHETICIAN DAY!!! Thank you so much for supporting my business so I can do what I love!

I’d love to hear what your favorite service you’ve received from me so far is?! If you haven’t received a service yet, what are you looking forward to trying?!

Comment 👇



Yes believe it or not pores do not open and close. No amount of working out, steaming, or using a hot compress will make them change their size drastically. Pores can only dilate and stretch. Have your pores become larger than you'd like? There are some skincare products and in-treatment services that can help to reduce the look of noticeable pores.

Here are my fav products:
Oxygen Deep Pore Cleanser
Facial Hydrator

Both are available on my online Glymed store.
Link in bio

Here are my fav treatments I offer
Dermaplane Facial
4 Layer Facial
Link in bio to book yours today!


When the days get cooler and the nights longer many people start to lay off the skincare. I mean the sun is weaker right? And the lack of heat has finally gotten rid of that extra forehead shine so why does your skin break out?

Well, believe it or not many people do break out more than in the summer. Here are a few reasons why your skin might be breaking out during the cooler months:
Overdoing it on the PSLs. Pumpkin spice lattes can have tons of sugar which for some may cause breakouts.
Forgetting to wash your hat and scarf. Having fabric pressed up against your forehead and shin can transfer bacteria causing acne in some.
Switch to a too-thick lotion. Just because it's cooler doesn't mean you have to reach for the thickest facial lotion you can find. For some, they can continue to use their summer lotion but just need to add in a hyaluronic acid to give their skin that little boost.
Never disinfecting your facial tools. Disinfecting your facial tools is a MUST! Think about how many times you roll your jade roll across your skin. Each time you are spreading bacteria. Make sure to always clean your preferred tool between uses.
Stop using SPF. Just because the days are shorter doesn't mean the days of SPF are over. SPF is still the #1 anti-aging product I recommend and should be used all year long.
Stop exfoliating. Don't stop but maybe only do it once a week now.
Skip your monthly facial. A MAJOR no!
Thinking your light summer lotion is enough. As mentioned above never underestimate the power of a hyaluronic acid serum to give your summer lotion a little extra boost.

Ready to reap the benefits of a monthly facial?

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This is your sign to get a facial!


Yes, you don't need a 10-step skincare routine. Often enough a simple skincare routine is enough! Here's my simplified pm skincare routine that I've been LOVING lately -> Lipid replacing Cleanser, Brightening exfoliator and Restoring retinol masque
All can be purchased by contacting me by email or text.


It's October and before you know it it'll be November and then Christmas! As our schedules start to fill up don't let your skincare sit on the back-burner. We like to call this month pre-booking month. It's time to get your facials set so you can keep your skin happy and glowing during these busy upcoming months.

Use the link in our bio to book your appointment today!


Save this post for the next time you find yourself sucked down the Tiktok skincare wormhole.


🥰🥰 I love getting your feedback about services and it not only helps me but helps future guests find me!



😍😍 I love how these brows came out!



To celebrate the upcoming arrival of Fall I’m offering a 𝐋𝐢𝐦𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐄𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 package for my new facial guests.

🍂Fall Love Facial

🍂60 minute Dermaplane Facial customized for YOUR skins needs + goals.
🌟Enzyme enhancement to add an extra layer of exfoliation revealing, beautiful glowing skin.
🖐🏽Hand treatment to help moisturize and exfoliate.
👄Lip treatment that includes a lip scrub, mask and a healing lip moisturizer.
⏱️The first 10 people to book will get $20 off their next facial service!

A $210 value for only $130!!!

So if you want to get 𝑮𝒍𝒐𝒘𝒊𝒏𝒈 you better get 𝑮𝒐𝒊𝒏𝒈, This is only good until the 30th of September!

Click “Book Now” to reserve your appointment today

New Clients Only Please

Can’t wait to meet you!


From enhancing, the quality of your wax to contributing to healthy glowing skin body exfoliation is a must!

Here's a few of our fav body buffing tools
exfolaiting mit
body scrub
body brush
scrubbing sponge

What tool is your fav?



We LOVE ❤ hearing from our guests! Your feedback is so important to me. It not only helps me know what you enjoy but it helps me know what I can improve. I am always 100% open to your feedback Keep Them coming!

If you haven't left a review yet Use the link in my bio to leave one today!

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