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Non-corporate, elite physical therapy clinic focused on providing exceptional patient care, the highest quality and most effective treatment, and a phenomenal patient experience!

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WHAT WE DO 02/23/2022


Physical Therapist vs. Athletic Trainer

Physical injury is the focus for both athletic trainers and physical therapists. The roles of physical therapist and athletic trainer are similar in the sense that they both play a role in injury recovery. However, there are significant differences between these two roles.

Athletic Trainer:
Athletes work with athletic trainers on a regular basis to learn how to prevent injuries. If an injury occurs, the athletic trainer works with a doctor to develop a treatment plan. An athletic trainer must have a bachelor's degree and usually they need a specific license or certification.
Athletic trainers work during sports events, and beyond using their understanding of biology, anatomy and physiology, athletic trainers communicate regularly with athletes, coaches and doctors to prevent injuries. Depending on the age of the athlete, athletic trainers may need to work with parents to ensure that treatment is being followed. Not only do athletic trainers respond immediately to an injury during an athletic event, but they also help to prepare athletes for competitions. They show athletes proper form and train them to use tools that may or prevent injury such as wraps or braces.

Physical Therapist:
A physical therapist must earn an advanced degree and obtain licensure to practice physical therapy. Physical therapists can diagnose and treat patients who are injured or is dealing with an injury that impacts their physical wellbeing. They also work with patients who have illnesses that may cause injuries. The goal of the physical therapist is to help patients regain or maintain mobility and recover from their injuries. A physical therapist is very hands-on and uses many specialized tools and pieces of equipment to accommodate the mobility needs of their patients.
After a physical therapist diagnoses the patient's condition, they work to create a treatment plan. While the patient is completing movement exercises, the physical therapist is monitoring that progress to look for issues with mobility.

Being a Physical Therapist AND an Athletic Trainer, Larry is the best of both worlds! Visit for more information!

WHAT WE DO CHOOSE BEST. GET BEST. BE BEST. ...You Decide CHOOSE BEST. GET BEST. BE BEST. ...You Decide PREMIER PHYSICAL THERAPY When one suffers from acute or chronic pain due to injury or illness, subsequently affecting physical and mental function, it is

Preferred Choice Physical Therapy updated their business hours. 10/27/2021

Preferred Choice Physical Therapy updated their business hours.

Preferred Choice Physical Therapy updated their business hours.

Preferred Choice Physical Therapy updated their business hours. 10/27/2021

Preferred Choice Physical Therapy updated their business hours.

Preferred Choice Physical Therapy updated their business hours.


ACL/PCL/meniscectomy—1 week post-op.

Rehabilitating is a process that begins the moment you wake up from anesthesia. The fastest recovery involves listening to your doctor, listening to your physical therapist, and pushing yourself past your comfort zone.
Larry will carefully monitor your progression and functional status and prescribe therapeutic exercises that get you comfortably moving again, strengthen your muscles, and aid in circulation. His main objective focuses on recovering function and his patient’s quality of life. He excels at motivating his patients, giving them energy and direction. And highly motivated patients will have a higher return to their normal daily activities in less time!

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Cutting-Edge Compression Therapy at Preferred ChoicePT:

NormaTec is an innovative technology that uses air compression to create a restorative massage and is proven to relieve muscle aches and/or pain, decrease inflammation and increase circulation to the treated areas.
With a custom fit, precise pressure, and different intensity levels and zones of treatment, Normatec enhances blood flow, mobilizes fluid out of the extremities, increases range of motion and speeds up healing to recover faster.
Normatec treatments are 20-30 min long and can be used during your regular PT sessions.
Call Larry today to schedule a full body assessment and be back to your best as soon as possible!


What Does A Physical Therapist Do?

Larry is not just a sports injury/recovery specialist. He works directly with doctors (some of the best in Northern VA) in evaluating, treating, and managing patients who have suffered from an injury. He provides a variety of therapies focused on healing muscle and bone injuries using non-invasive techniques. Treatment is customized to each individual and involves assessment of their physical abilities. He implements the appropriate therapies while helping his patients learn techniques and exercises to ensure they will be able to practice them on their own. Larry is able to follow the natural progression of healing, takes on a more hands-on approach to treatment, and can often provide an alternative to surgery.


Trigger-point Dry Needling with Electrical Stimulation

TDN with E-Stim (Trigger-Point Dry Needling with Electrical Stimulation) - A GAME CHANGER!

Inflamed areas of muscle are known as myofascial trigger points--they often feel like small, usually painful, knots underneath the skin. Included in your physical therapy appointment with Larry, at no additional charge, is a treatment called Trigger-Point Dry Needling which helps stimulate the smooth muscle fibers of trigger points to increase blood flow, which helps heal areas of inflammation more quickly. This technique on its own can be extremely effective in improving range of motion and coaxing muscles to release, but running electrical stimulation through the needles can have additional benefits, like helping to decrease pain and muscle holding patterns faster by over-riding the pain or nerve receptors with a longer-term effect.


Larry is well known for his expertise and highly recommended by some of the leading medical professionals in Northern Virginia:

He possesses all the qualities you would want in someone providing care: exceptional knowledge of sports-related injuries and excellent hands-on technical skills, balancing traditional methods with appropriate use of newer interventions. What makes him truly special is his ability to tailor treatment and develop a real personal bond with each individual. His interpersonal skills are unparalleled.”

Dr. Chris Annunziata
Team Doctor, Washington Football Team
Chief Medical Officer, DC United

What is IASTM? - Dr. Nikita Vizniak 02/24/2021

What is IASTM? - Dr. Nikita Vizniak

IASTM (instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization) is just one of the many manual techniques Larry uses at Preferred ChoicePT to get his patients back to their best!
IASTM compliments Larry's hands by using stainless steel instruments that conform to different body parts, allowing him to locate soft tissue restrictions or chronic inflammation and effectively treat the area with the appropriate amount of pressure needed to break down scar tissue.

What is IASTM? - Dr. Nikita Vizniak For more information and references visit: or eBook th...


“LARRY IS THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS! He came highly recommended and got me back to better faster than expected.”
~Jerry S.


Larry understands that physical therapy is a partnership that involves constant dialogue between therapist and patient. It’s imperative to work with someone with whom you have a good rapport, and someone who makes you feel comfortable. As a patient, you’re also responsible for your healing process, and your chances for a full recovery will be greater if you have a trustful working relationship with your therapist and are able to follow their advice. As his patient, Larry will emphasize the importance of open and honest communication, which will only benefit you, your healing, and your overall well-being.


When choosing a Physical Therapist, you should always feel that he or she is giving you their full attention, is present and engaging, not running around rushed, tense, and distracted between patients. With no double-booking of appointments, Larry’s focus will be entirely on you and your road to recovery! Call us today at 571-293-1511 to schedule your initial evaluation with someone who will take the time to thoroughly evaluate your issue and truly provide aid in returning you to peak performance!


Non-corporate, elite physical therapy clinic focused on providing exceptional patient care, the highest quality and most effective treatment, and a phenomenal patient experience!

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Trigger-point Dry Needling with Electrical Stimulation



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