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Welcome to The Fix Clinic, a modern aesthetic boutique with expertise in cosmetic injectables, anti-aging treatments, acne correction, and much more.

Come in today and experience what others in Loudoun County are raving about! Hours:

Tuesday: 10am - 6pm
Wednesday: 10am - 6pm
Thursday: 10am - 6pm
Friday: 9am - 3pm
Saturday: 9am -4pm

Closed: Sunday and Monday

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Operating as usual


Yes, Botox is worth it.

Really. Stop wondering and just come in and try it. 💜


The Fix Clinic

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A HUGE SHOUTOUT to everyone who has referred their friends to The Fix Clinic!! If YOU want to also earn some $$$$ to spend towards your treatments at The Fix Clinic, all you have to do is REFER A FRIEND and have them give your name at their first appointment!!

Each friend who gives us YOUR NAME at their FIRST VISIT earns YOU a $25 gift card to use towards a treatment at The Fix Clinic!!!

Have a friend who you want to share The Fix Clinic with?? FORWARD this post and make SURE they tell us YOU sent them when they come in!! 🙌🏼


The Fix Clinic

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Photos from The Fix Clinic's post 03/28/2022

Things You NEED For Spring Break:

☀️SPF — we have a Sunscreen bar! Come try them out and see which feels best to you!

☀️ Botox — because you need to look refreshed before you even get to your destination!!

☀️Lip Filler — You want it. You deserve it. Your Spring Break pics will look amazing with it!

☀️ Cute flip flops and a bathing suit — because this snowing in March bit is getting old!!

☀️Good company — because everything is better with those you love!

I only have a few appointments left this Thursday & Friday. So, if you’re planning on getting a treatment before Spring Break, please book soon — I hate turning guests away because I’m completely booked. 💜


The Fix Clinic

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Some days I go home from work feeling SO defeated.

Can we have REAL talk for a minute?

Some days are SO fulfilling and I feel like I’m truly giving you a reconnection with your confidence. I’m helping you remember what it felt like to look and feel refreshed and beautiful.

But, some days, I see mean girls. 😢 These girls aren’t mean to ME. No, these mean girls are MEAN TO YOU.

What I see are beautiful young and older women who look in the mirror and have had a lot done already, but the MEAN GIRL INSIDE THEIR HEAD is telling them “you’re not good enough.”

These are the days I feel defeated and even a bit sad. Why? Because I want YOU to tell that mean girl to STOP CHASING PERFECTION.

Honestly, it doesn’t exist. And NO ONE should promise you that it does. NO ONE.

Stop comparing yourself to filtered, curated Instagram or Pinterest photos of celebrities and models.

Certainly, if you want to look less tired, if you want to look more refreshed, and if you want to turn back the clock of aging and finally put your own self care first — I AM YOUR BIGGEST SUPPORTER 💜

But, if you’re looking for perfection … I can’t do that. I won’t promise you THAT. And, I will use my medical judgement to tell you that ALL day, EVERY day because I genuinely care about YOU.

So, tell that MEAN GIRL you don’t need HER … because YOU’VE GOT ME 💜


The Fix Clinic

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Photos from The Fix Clinic's post 03/25/2022

Filler in the lower face doesn’t always go in the lips!

Yup, sometimes we use filler to reinforce the corners of the mouth so that we can create a more neutral expression, rather than one with the corners of the mouth always downturned. Additionally, as we age, certain areas of the lower face lose volume, so we get undesirable shadows or lines.

In the first photo, her frown lines were minimally treated, but what a huge difference even a few well placed drops of filler can make! Then, the corners of her mouth and several nearby lines and loss of volume were addressed.

In the second photo, the corners of her mouth received filler to address volume loss that was causing downturning of the mouth. Then, filler was used to smooth out the neighboring areas of the lower face.

The results: a more beautiful, soft, and refreshed expression at rest!

Ready to address those little things that have been bothering you about your lower face? BOOK your CONSULTATION!


The Fix Clinic

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Photos from The Fix Clinic's post 03/24/2022

Wrinkle free and still looking like yourself …

That’s my style 💁🏻‍♀️

Top photos: before Dysport treatment, wrinkles shown at rest
Bottom photos: 2 weeks after Dysport treatment

Book your treatment today — I promise you will love it!!


The Fix Clinic

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Photos from The Fix Clinic's post 03/23/2022


I was looking through some photos today and came across a mother’s post that BLEW. MY. MIND.

One word. MORPHEUS8.

INSANE RESULTS. Scroll through these UNFILTERED photos she posted of her daughter with severe cystic acne and pitting acne scars who has received TWO Morpheus8 treatments.

NOT ACCUTANE. Just Morpheus8.

Now, seriously, do you SEE why we are booking the Morpheus8 treatments like crazy??? INSANE RESULTS!!!!!!!

Amen. Mic drop. Whatever you want to call it. I REST MY CASE!!!

Have acne and need a Morpheus8 consultation? Give us a call or DM. Stop wasting your time and money on anything else!

… also mind blowing, steak cooked in an air fryer. Sheesh. SO GOOD! The longer I live the more this world amazes me!! 😊🙌🏼

(Photos originally posted by @keywellness2021, reposted with permission)

The Fix Clinic
CALL to BOOK 703.576.8315

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PROGRESS is what I live for!

This BEFORE picture is without regular Hydrafacials and Medical Grade skincare. Fast forward 3 months and ADD in monthly Hydrafacials with customized serums and LED light therapy, as well as a skincare regimen specifically selected to encourage dull skin cell turnover … and we are well ON OUR WAY to that AFTER picture with:

🙌🏼 softer, smoother skin texture
🙌🏼 that unmistakable glow
🙌🏼 more even, improved skin tone
🙌🏼 fewer breakouts, blackheads, and redness

THIS is what consistency in skincare looks like!! THIS is what a few minutes a day taking care of YOU looks like!! THIS is what ONE appointment a month looks like!!



The Fix Clinic

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Let me re-introduce myself!!

Hi! I’m Natasha Prymak — I’m the Founder of The Fix Clinic and a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner.

The Fix Clinic was a long time dream of mine — to create a modern aesthetic spa that is full of life, color, and pampering with the finest attention to detail, skill, and latest medical technologies. From the beginning, I wanted The Fix Clinic to stand out from the rest by giving you a deep sense of renewal and rejuvenation through actual RESULTS rather than just a “spot treatment” experience.

I come from a background in Medicine where holistic treatments optimize healing, so even in aesthetics my aim is to look at what I am treating and create balance in the WHOLE picture of YOU.

I love everyone I’ve met along this journey and I’m thrilled with the growth The Fix Clinic has experienced in such a short amount of time — and so excited for all the growth to come!

It’s my honor and pleasure to treat all of our guests! If you haven’t come in yet but have been thinking about it, take that first step and book a consultation. You can even comment below or send me a DM and your first $50 of your treatment will be on me. I am THAT invested in showing you that The Fix Clinic is unlike any other Medical Spa!

To all our New Guests, I look forward to meeting you and THANK YOU for choosing The Fix Clinic!! 💜


The Fix Clinic

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Photos from The Fix Clinic's post 03/21/2022

More Morpheus8 MAGIC 🪄

1st Photo: immediately after Morpheus8 abdomen treatment
2nd Photo: several hours after Morpheus8 abdomen treatment

This is treatment 1 on the abdomen for stretch marks and surgery scarring. Microneedling with RF is used to not only tighten this area but also improve skin tone and texture so everything looks more uniform.

Unfortunately, the results won’t be visible overnight — but, after at least 3 treatments and 3-4 months AFTER the last treatment, results will be quite noticeable!!

Why does it take some time for results to show and multiple treatments? Well, think about how we are telling the skin and layers underneath it to remodel and also produce collagen … these are not processes that happen overnight!

Have questions about the Morpheus8 and want to know if you’re a candidate? Make an appointment for a consultation!


The Fix Clinic

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Photos from The Fix Clinic's post 03/20/2022

Lips are some of my favorite WORKS OF ART 💋

1st slide: lips AFTER filler
2nd slide: lips BEFORE filler

Did you know we always start with ONE syringe of lip filler because we want to minimize the risk of any complications??

One syringe gives a gorgeous plump to the lips and begins our process of building them! That amount of filler in one syringe is roughly the size of a blueberry and won’t give you “duck” lips but will give you the beautiful volume restoration you want!

Then, if you want more - it’s safe to revisit the lips in just a few months from your first fill and we can build even more gorgeous volume!

Are you ready to begin your lip journey? BOOK a consult today so we can get started!


The Fix Clinic

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Botox, Dysport, Filler, Lip Filler, Hydrafacial, Chemical Peel, Microneedling, PRP, Hair Restoration, and more



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