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Baby Flamingo practicing to stand on one leg.

Had a great day of learning with this team! #IPTCAshburn #GreatPlaceToWork

Ready for a full day of learning and networking with my colleagues! #growth #wearehiring #IPTC #Inova #jointhefutureofhealth

Self-Care Is Not An Indulgence. It's A Discipline.

Self-care is not an occasional indulgence. It is the process of making a consistent commitment to your health. What have you done for yourself today? #selfcare #healthcare Self-care is not an indulgence. It's the ongoing practice of keeping ourselves physically and emotionally healthy.

#sundaysermon #PSA

The New York Times

How do you define “old” - by a number? A physical or mental benchmark? Loss of independence and need for assistance? The answer is subjective and changes based on decade of life. I have seen nonagenarian patients that can out perform younger generations in balance and gait speed. It’s definitely a moving target 🎯

Millennials, now in their 20s and 30s, say that old starts at 59, according to a 2017 study by U.S. Trust. Gen Xers, now in their 40s — and no doubt with a new appreciation for just how close they are to entering their 50s — say 65 is the onset of old. Boomers and the Greatest Generation pegged 73 as the beginning of old. Clearly, much depends on the perspective of who’s being asking to define “old.”

Crystal Nemiroff, PT on Twitter

#PTtwitter is responsible for my patients telling me I’m mean on Mondays... “#PTtwitter is responsible for my patients telling me I’m mean on Mondays. These are some great variations for upper extremity loading and stability.”

Suffering joint pains from osteoarthritis? Some do’s and don’ts on getting relief.

#choosePT #GetPT1st "If you’ve been exercising for a few weeks without improvement, or pain prevents you from being active, you might benefit from physical therapy." Exercises, water workouts and weight loss can help. But be wary about medications, injections and surgeries.

9 Things You Should Know About Pain

"Pain does not exist until the brain determines it does." Did you know that pain is an output, not input, from the brain? Everyone experiences pain in a different way. Physical Therapy can help! #choosePT #GetPT1st #painscience Did you know that pain is output from the brain, and the degree of injury does not always equal the degree of pain? Understanding pain can help you manage pain.

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

Just like some of my patients when I tell them to do their exercises. Happy #Caturday! 🙀😻

Earlier this week, we introduced you to Laila, the cat going to "fat camp" at the University of Florida. But this is what happens when she doesn't feel like working out. We've all been there, Laila 😂💪 STORY:

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

The #everyBODYmoves campaign: #BedrestIsBad and #MovementIsMedicine! July 10-12, 2019

Learn about the #everyBODYmoves effort to combat hospital immobility, July 10-12.

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30day Body

Great workout! But if you need diapers to exercise with Rocky then we need to talk! #choosePT #pelvicfloorPT

Looking for a new workout to try? Let Rocky Baby Boxer take you through this 2.5min workout!


New advanced #vestibularrehab exercise program. Required for discharge. 🤣🤣🤣

As we get older, we do less to stimulate our vestibular systems. Maybe we should do more spinning, jumping, and flipping like our younger selves. Love this video!

When someone asks me where I see myself in 40 years:

Okay Monday, let’s do this. #movemonday #4amworkout #workoutmotivation #imovedtoday


So accurate 👌❤

Managing Patients Who Are Transgender

For #PrideMonth reflect on #transhealthcare. Medical treatment is often delayed in this population due to distrust, fear of judgment, and lack of understanding. What can we do? Educate ourselves to be #genderaffirming #genderinclusive! #LGBTQ #loveislove Feature Managing Patients Who Are Transgender Patients who are transgender have certain unique needs. PTs are increasingly likely to work with this population. What do they need to know? By Chris Hayhurst | July 2016 In March, Delaware Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart notified insurance c...

Needs Gravy

4 Single-Leg Exercises You Definitely Haven't Tried - Girls Gone Strong

Unilateral training is essential for improved balance and stability. If you can't do these, start with both and progress to a single leg. If you’re looking to improve your overall performance, health, or aesthetics, single-leg exercises should be a key component of your workout program. Single-leg training delivers some pretty amazing benefits including: Glutes, glutes, glutes! We often hear that glutes are a product of squats and d...

Sh*t Academics Say

Happy Friday! #FridayFun

To err is human. To err repeatedly is research.

A daughter diagnosed MS started a business with her mother to help the home bound feel beautiful

This is a fantastic story! Ashley created In The Nick Of Time: The Elite Mobile Salon & Spa to provide spa services to homebound people - because when you look good, you feel good. "In the Nick of Time" delivers spa services to clients who can't leave their home because of an illness or injury.

Crystal Nemiroff, PT on Twitter

How much rest is needed during an injury? “Rest and recovery are vital and while too much rest can increase the risk of re-injury, overtraining may not allow the tissues to recover properly. Be somewhere in the middle of an "Avoider" and "Endurer" for training while injured.”

May is also #StrokeAwarenessMonth! Make sure you know the warning signs and act #FAST. For more information visit

Shenandoah University Division of Physical Therapy

To any of my fellow PTs who routinely treat performing artists - SUPT students are professional, knowledgable, and highly skilled!

Did you know that SUPT has students who are dual enrolled in the DPT program and Performing Arts Medicine Certificate!? SUPT needs CIs who treat (all or part caseload) the performing arts population. If you routinely work with the performing arts (dancers, gymnasts, theatre etc) and would be interested in taking a student, please email Dr. Kate Divine, PT ([email protected])

May is #PelvicPainAwarenessMonth! #PhysicalTherapy can help! #choosePT #GetPT1st

Are you or someone you know experiencing pelvic pain? Did you know that there are Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants that specialize in treating pelvic pain conditions? Enter your Zip Code here to find a PT/PTA near you:

May is Pelvic Pain Awareness Month. Use the hashtag #pelvicpainaware whenever you post about #pelvicpain to spread awareness. #NWHW

Crystal Nemiroff, PT on Twitter

#PelvicPainAwarenessMonth “Chronic pelvic pain is pelvic pain that lasts >6 months and may also be in the abdomen, low back, & buttocks. It involves many organ systems and takes too long to get a diagnosis as patients see multiple providers. @PelvicPainOrg #PelvicPainAwarenessMonth”

Shenandoah University Division of Physical Therapy

What a great way to reach out and help the community. #choosePT #SUPT #DPTStudent

Alex Argentieri '20 initiates multidisciplinary diabetic foot screens for those in need.

The Birthing Inn at Inova Loudoun Hospital

The Inova OB/GYN Clinic at Loudoun Hospital (OB/GYN Hospitalists of Loudoun) provides obstetric care to women who are uninsured, have limited resources, or are on #Medicaid. This program is a service offered to the community in collaboration with the Loudoun County Health Department and HealthWorks for Northern Virginia.

Our team of board certified OB/GYN physicians and midwives promote early and continuous prenatal care for their culturally diverse patient population. Over the past decade, the clinic has delivered approximately 6,000 babies at Inova Loudoun Hospital.

They're also on-site 24/7 to deliver babies for unassigned and private practice patients!

For more information, please call 703-858-8100 or visit


Northern District VPTA

Love being able to attend the Northern District VPTA meetings via Facebook Live!

Girls Gone Strong

“With such a constant focus on aesthetics, it’s easy to lose sight of other things that matter to us. Lifting weights shifts the focus toward our abilities.” #strongisthenewpretty #strongwomen

[Why Women Should Strength Train]

Do you really want to read another predictable article that offers up three easy steps to fix this flaw or that flaw, look better in your clothes, look like “her,” or finally lose that “stubborn” fat?

We didn’t think so.

In this article, Nia Shanks - Lift Like a Girl gives you POWERFUL reasons why every woman should strength train, that have nothing to do with weight loss.

Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA)

This comic is a great illustration of post-exertion malaise, which many vestibular patients deal with every day. This makes simple tasks seem virtually impossible.

FDA Warns About Dangers of Epidural Steroid Injections for Back Pain There are a few things that are exhausting as back pain. It seems to overwhelm your whole life, leaving you poor and incapable of performing common tasks because every moment of awakening is carrie…

Badass women to celebrate on #InternationalWomensDay, including #10 - Dani Burt, doctor of PT, amputee, and World Adaptive Surfing Champion

Crystal Nemiroff, PT on Twitter ““Up to 1/10 women have endometriosis...young women are often told they simply have painful periods. It can take years to get a diagnosis. The longer it takes, the more women suffer, and the harder it becomes to treat the condition.” #pelvicpain #womenshealth #yourpainisreal

Elephant Journal

Good point by Dr. Tate: Considering that only 64% of online videos for self-treatment of #BPPV are accurate and the rate of reoccurrence is high within the next 2 years - one should consider seeing a #vestibularPT with 80-92% success rate.

What a terrific turnout at Temple Training to speak about #pelvichealth and #pelvicfloorPT. Thanks to everyone who attended!

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