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Back pain is prevalent now, and the future doesn’t look any brighter. New research found that 52% of astronauts suffer back pain as they adapt to weightlessness in space. While you may not be going to space anytime soon, here are some key insights for managing low back pain while on planet earth. 👍

Source: Kerstman et al. Aviation, space, and environmental medicine. 2012 Jan 1.


Low Vitamin D levels are more common in the winter, so here are some helpful ways to combat Vitamin D deficiency.

✔️ Eat a hearty breakfast, including eggs, juices, and milk
✔️ Add some seafood to your diet, including salmon, tuna, or shellfish
✔️ Go outside when the weather permits
✔️ Consider vitamin D supplements if needed

Vitamin D serves many functions, including helping you absorb calcium for healthy bones. So use these tips to keep your levels up! 🙌


Laptop use is associated with an increased risk of strain and injury, resulting in headaches, neck pain, and even dizziness. Proper computer setup is essential to reduce stress on your neck and back. Check out this infographic for tips on setting up your laptop to work more comfortably. 👩‍💻

Source: Rubine et al. IISE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors. 2022 Oct 28.


Patellofemoral pain syndrome is the most common cause of knee pain. And new research has found that this problem makes us walk dysfunctionally slower. Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or just want to be able to chase your grandkids, we can all agree optimizing knee function and limiting pain is essential. 👍 Take a look at this video for more information about the most common cause of knee pain and what we can do to help. ▶️

Source: Bazett-Jones et al. Sports Medicine. 2022 Nov 5.


People with arthritis pain often turn to NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen. 💊 A new study found that NSAIDs provided no long-term structural benefit to the joints. Our advice? Try conservative care first, like what we provide in our office. Take a look at this infographic for more information. ✅

Source: Radiologic Society of North America Press Release. NSAIDs May Worsen Arthritis Inflammation. 2021 Nov 21.


Happy National Compliment Day! We can't thank you enough for your support and for choosing us as your chiropractic care provider. You are the reason we exist. Your referrals to family and friends are the greatest compliment you can give us. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the highest quality chiropractic care for many years to come.🤍


Did you know that chiropractors use many other tools in addition to spinal manipulation? And a new review confirmed that those tools are very good at reducing problems like neck and shoulder pain. 🙌 Take a look at this handout for more information about our chiropractic toolbox. ✅

Source: Guo et al. Clinical Rehabilitation. 2022 Oct 27.


Falling is a significant issue for seniors, as it can lead to serious injuries. A new study has found that chronic pain is associated with an increased risk of falling in older adults. So, if you know a senior living with chronic pain, it's important to encourage them to seek help and get the treatment they need to manage their pain. And check out this graphic for other tips and tricks to help prevent falls. 👍

Source: Honda et al. Physiotherapy theory and practice. 2022 Nov 6.


Are you looking for a healthy snack to keep your New Year’s resolution on track? We got you covered! Here are a few “good carb” snacks you can consider next time you feel a little hungry.

✔️ Rice cakes with cottage cheese
✔️ Hummus and fresh veggies
✔️ Whole-grain crackers and cheddar cheese
✔️ Whole-grain waffles with peanut butter

These snacks taste good and will help you with your eating habits and goals for the year. Keep it up! 💪


New research has shown that 20-25% of retired Olympians have arthritis, which is not significantly different from the general population. How did they keep their joints healthy despite such a heavy workload? For many, it was chiropractic care! Take a look at this infographic to learn how the top athletes utilize chiropractic to stay at their best. 🙌

Source: Palmer D et al. British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2022 Oct 1.


Yesterday, January 16th, was Blue Monday. So why is the third Monday in January such a bummer for so many people? Well, it could be the low sunlight levels, the colder temperatures, the holiday credit card bills, or the abandoned New Year's resolutions. But here's the good news: research has shown that exercise can significantly reduce depressive symptoms. Take a look at this healthy exercise infographic to improve your mood and help you feel your best. 🙌

Source: Dowell CP et al. JAMA psychiatry. 2018 Jun 1.


Did you know that ankle sprains can lead to instability and an increased risk of other problems, like knee ACL ligament tears? But there's good news: research has shown that strengthening the hip muscles after an ankle injury can help improve function and reduce the risk of future trouble. So if you've recently suffered an ankle injury, take a look at one of our favorite hip exercises: the advanced clam. ▶️

Source: Negahban et al. Clinical Rehabilitation. 2022 Nov 4.


Are you dealing with lumbar spinal stenosis and feeling limited in your activities? Here are our top tips for staying active and managing your symptoms:

1. Be sure to listen to your body and stop if you experience severe pain or radiating symptoms.

2. Consider using a recumbent bike - it can help minimize nerve compression and make it easier to stay active.

3. Don't hesitate to see us - we have tools to help assess and manage your challenging problems.

Source: Torstensson et al. International Journal of Spine Surgery. 2022 Sep 1.


Are you constantly looking down at your phone, laptop, or tablet and feeling pain in your neck? Handheld electronic devices have been linked to neck pain and the condition known as "text neck." But here's the good news: new research has found that improving your posture can help. So if you're tired of dealing with sore neck muscles and want to learn more about preventing text neck, check out this infographic. ✅

Source: Tsantili et al. Acta Medica Academica. 2022 Aug 1.


Research has shown that a whopping 97% of disc problems can be resolved with conservative care. That's pretty impressive, right? So if you're dealing with a lumbar disc injury and wondering what to do, take a look at this video to see how chiropractic care can help. 🙌

Source: Yang et al. The Bone & Joint Journal. 2022 Nov 16.


Are you among many people struggling to get a good night's sleep? You're not alone! Approximately one-third of US adults report having difficulty sleeping, which can lead to various health issues. So what can you do to improve your sleep? Experts recommend cutting back on caffeine, alcohol, and screens before bedtime. But that's not all! Check out this sleep infographic for even more tips on how to get your best sleep ever.

Source: Di H et al. JAMA Network Open. 2022 Nov 1.


Attention all runners! Are you tired of dealing with frustrating injuries that keep you sidelined? You're not alone. But not to worry - there are things you can do to prevent these problems from occurring. Take a look at this infographic for our top tips on healthy running. It's time to get back out there and hit the pavement with confidence. Happy running! 🏃‍♂️

Source: Harper-Hanigan et al. Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy. 2022 Oct.


You might be surprised to learn that almost a quarter of Americans suffer from arthritis. 🤯 And for many of them, the pain and stiffness can be so severe that it limits their ability to be active, especially during colder months when arthritis seems to be worse. But don't despair; check out this infographic for some helpful tips and tricks to help you to take control of your arthritis, no matter what the weather has in store.

Source: Theis KA et al. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 2021 Oct 10.


Have you ever had a backache and wished there was a way to make it go away? Well, a new study has some good news for you! It turns out that deep soft tissue manipulation, like what we provide in our office, can help relieve back pain better than a light massage. So, if you're feeling achy, call us to book your appointment today! 📞

Source: Chen et al. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2022 Oct 13.


Feeling stressed out after the holiday season? You're not alone! Stress isn't just unpleasant; it can also be harmful to our health. That's why it's so important to find ways to reduce stress in our lives. Check out this infographic with top tips to help you reduce stress today and all year round. ✅


If you're experiencing pain on the bottom of your foot, it could be something called plantar fasciitis. 🦶But don't worry, we've got your back (or rather, your feet). We can help resolve that pesky heel pain and get you back on your feet in no time. Want to learn more about how we can help? Check out this video and discover the secrets to banishing plantar fasciitis for good. ▶️


Did you know about 90% of people who lose a lot of weight eventually gain it back? 👎 This new year, you can make your weight loss goals a reality by taking a slow and sustainable approach. Check out this infographic for some tips and tricks to help you succeed. 🙌

Source: Runge. Michigan Health. 2017 Apr 12.


As this year ends, we just want to say how thankful we are for you! We hope you have a safe New Year’s Eve tomorrow, and we will see you all in 2023! 🎉


A new study found that those with chronic jaw pain (TMD) are more likely to suffer from depression. 👎 This data is an important reminder to consider the physical and mental components of any chronic pain.

Don’t neglect either aspect of your health. If depression is a concern, realize it is a NORMAL response to chronic pain and consider contacting a counselor or mental health professional today. And for the physical part, our office has many potent tools to treat chronic pain, including TMD. Give us a call today to see how we can help! 📞

Source: Felin et al. The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. 2022 Sep 13.


As we age, our spine naturally develops some amount of degeneration. The flexible discs in our backs “dry out” and become thinner over time, which is known as arthritis. New research has found that smoking is a direct contributor to spinal degeneration. 🚬 If your New Year’s resolutions include quitting smoking or va**ng, then check out this smoking cessation handout for help. Your body will thank you. ✅

Source: Rajesh et al. Brain and Spine. 2022 Aug 7.


New research has found that too much sitting can lead to increased depression and anxiety in chronic pain patients. Increasing activity can help. As we often tell our patients - sit less, move more, and don’t be afraid to nudge your discomfort. Give our office a call for guidance and treatment to help increase your pain-free activity. 📞

Source: Gavilán-Carrera et al. Disability and Rehabilitation. 2022 Oct 6.


A new study found that obesity leads to increased low back pain plus an almost 5-fold increase in degeneration, i.e., arthritis! 🤯 Staying active is one thing that can help with back pain, degeneration, and obesity. If the holidays have moved your scale in the wrong direction, check out these healthy exercise recommendations for more information. ✅ ​​

Source: Goode et al. Arthritis Care & Research. 2021 May 10.


Shoulder impingement is a common cause of shoulder pain and dysfunction, where your tendons are pinched and irritated. 👎 Conservative care and exercise have been shown to ease pain and improve function. Take a look at this video to learn more. ▶️

Source: Singh et al. Cureus. 2022 Aug 25.


Plantar fasciitis involves pain on the bottom of the foot that can be debilitating, especially upon arising in the morning. 🦶Fortunately, home-based stretching exercises can improve pain and function. So if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, we can prescribe just what you need! Give us a call today for more information. 📞

Source: Boonchum et al. Physical Therapy in Sport. 2022 Oct 3.


The holidays can bring plenty of stressful opportunities to get mad. But did you know that your degree of anger can influence your intensity of pain and disability? Yes, staying cool can help ease your pain.

Here are our top tips for controlling your anger next time something gets your goat:

✔️ Pause to formulate a healthy response
✔️ Pause again to refine your response
✔️ If your response will harm the people or situation- skip it
✔️ If your response will help the people or situation- deliver it with respect

Staying calm under pressure can take practice, but you got this!

Source: Adachi et al. Scandinavian Journal of Pain. 2022 Jan 1.


Staying active during pregnancy is extremely important to help the health of the mom and the baby.🤰However, it can be difficult to know where to start. The following guidelines, combined with your birth-providers recommendations, should move you in the right direction. 🙌

Source: Selman et al. International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. 2022 Oct 1.



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