Iriya Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling Services

Iriya Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling Services

Iriya offers Dance/Movement Therapy Program for All Ages Iriya offers therapeutic dance/movement programs specifically designed for all ages with physical and mental challenges.

A creative expression of one's self through one's body is a powerful medium for therapy.

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RT Documentary

Movement is life: Anna Halprin believes dance can heal anything, from cancer to racism. RTD met with the 97-year-old dance icon to find out how she’s been treating people for decades.


Opposing Views

This school replaced detention with meditation, and the results were incredible.

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Body, Soul and Spirit!

This little girl's on her way to being a dancing star!

See more adorable kids dancing:



Introducing Dance/Movement Therapy to an active Parkinson's support group เพื่อน พาร์กินสัน in Bangkok, Thailand! It was wonderful to see such a professionally run support group and be part of it


Royal Opera House

Just Beautiful!

Introducing Charlotte, a girl with cerebral palsy whose dreams of being a ballerina were realised thanks to a surprise lesson from The Royal Ballet's David Pickering and Sander Blommaert.

Charlotte's story was featured on ITV's 'What would be your Miracle?’, now available to watch on-demand via ITV Player.



The power of dance to change a life!

"He is a different child." The power of dance to change a life. (via SunHerald)


Ellen DeGeneres

Tears with JOY :) Another great story and of course Dancing is the Key! Bhuddhibhorn Tepayayone Bhuddhibhorn Tepayayone

If you haven’t met Sam yet, he just became my favorite Starbucks barista ever.

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Very inspiring!

Inspiration at it's best



Never give up!

“I was watching her dance, and I started to cry because I really wanted to be up on that stage dancing.” Despite her cerebral palsy, she pursued her love of dance and inspired everyone around her. (via HooplaHa)


Mobile Uploads


THE DOWN official trailer 2.30 min.

Being Normal is too easy! Can't wait to see this movie

(c) 2015 day poets THE DOWN official trailer 2.30 min. โดย a day และ เอไอเอส เดอะดาวน์ ‘เป็นคนธรรมดามันง่ายไป' ภาพยนตร์เรื่องแรกของ a day ถ่ายทอดชีวิตจริงของ... 07/27/2015

'Dancing in the Rain' teaser

Just Beautiful! 'Dancing in the Rain' is a short documentary that reveals the benefits of attending regular Dance for Parkinson's classes for people living with Parkinson’s disease… 03/17/2015

Five Things Dance/Movement Therapists Do Daily

Let's Dance! Dance/movement therapists are unique individuals within the workforce who use dance and movement to help promote therapeutic growth in individuals. Dance/movement therapists have an array of job r...


American Dance Therapy Association 03/16/2015

What Does a Dance/Movement Therapy Session Look Like?

Happy Creative Arts Therapies Week! Dance/movement therapy (DMT) is the unique coupling of science and art, each session looks unique depending on the clinician, clients, and setting. There are a variety of techniques and styles of d... 07/03/2014

ADTA - Webinar: Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Women in Midlife: How are We Doing? A DMT... In this webinar, we will define terms and review epidemiology of eating disorders for women in midlife. We will explore the challenges of body image in aging women confronted by messages that are unavoidable, looking back on the literature to discuss how we are currently faring. As aging dancers,…


Dance/Movement Therapy with Veterans and Military Personnel

Happy Memorial Day! Allison Winters, MA, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT, RYT presented her work "Dance/Movement Therapy with Veterans and Military Personnel" at ADTA Talks American Dance Therapy Association #Military #Veterans #DanceTherapy

More than 40% of the US soldiers from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars seen at the VA hospitals suffer from a mental disorder or psychosocial behavior problem. ...


Happy Memorial Day weekend! 4 dance/movement therapists volunteered with Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) to support children of military families who have lost a Hero Veteran parent and/or experienced trauma. It was such an honor and privilege to witness their strength and how they expressed themselves through their body movements!! with Brigitta White Jody Wager Warin Tepayayone


Last Summer, our Youth Empowerment program was a great successful! Children were comfortably able to express their feelings and thoughts and brought their positive energy back home. Please come join us this summer. #summercamp #youth #empowerment #specialeducation #dance #arts


Our Summer programs are now forming! Please register!! Our kick-off class is "Children's Mindfulness & Yoga" Please come join us :) #summercamp #yoga #mindfulness


Iriya Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling Services is delightful to be part of Holistic Moms Network: Loudoun County, VA Chapter first kick-off event! Please come join us this Thursday May 22nd at 6:30pm!!


Dance/Movement Therapy: Bullying Prevention in Schools

"Bullying is a serious problem. It affects relationships, self-image, and body concept. It can keep a child from succeeding in school, stunting their ability to learn. It can have life long consequences such as serious depression, and suicide."

Dance/movement therapists have unique skills that can make a difference in bullying prevention. On this, National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day, learn how from a therapist who has successfully brought this work into over 300 schools.

Over the past two decades, Rena Kornblum has introduced her violence prevention curriculum in over 300 schools with 90% of the teachers reporting positive ga...


Discussion, Negotiation and Compromise. Look at her body language!


Some took it serious, some took it easy, and some tried to use her cuteness to get away with it! :)


Come on Man!, she said. :)


If I were an animal what would I be? Iriya Presenting you different versions of Hopping little bunnies, Kool Koalas, Stoping Rhinos, Wiggly Worms, Swimming Dolphins and Wacky Penguins :)


Welcome Spring! Our Spring Break Creative Dance/Arts Camp was a successful and full of LOVE and LAUGHTER!! Special Thanks to all the volunteers and parents :) Kids had a blast. More Photos coming soon.

We are now ready for our Spring Sessions. Registration is now open. #SpecialNeeds #SpringClass #Dance #DanceTherapy


Our Spring Break Dance Therapy Intensive class is on the way! Not too late to sign up!!

This is a truly unique 5 day; 1.5 hour/day Creative Dance/Movement Therapy Intensive Class! Your Child will be exploring their creativity and imagination through a blend of Dance, Movement, Music, Arts, Structure, and Improvisation. All therapeutic activities will facilitate skill development in communication, social interaction, self-regulation, body awareness, and gross motor. Please come join us :) #autism #SpecialNeeds #DownSyndrome #kids #dance #ADHD


Dance/Movement Therapy & Autism: Dances of Relationship

Happy Autism Awareness month! We are pleased to share with you the American Dance Therapy Association talk of Dr. Christina Devereaux on dance/movement therapy and autism #autism , “Dances of Relationship”

“The universal language is our own body movement” – Dr. Christina Devereaux

"The major strength that dance/movement therapy has in working with people with autism is its ability to produce treatment outcomes in the area of social rel...


Iriya Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling Services's cover photo


It was such an honor to co-teach with Dr. Dianne Dulicai, a pioneer in dance/movement therapy, who created a Non-Verbal Assessment of Family Systems. I am so grateful and thankful. 03/26/2014

Workshop: Building Stronger Families, Raising Confident and Compassionate Kids Your resource to children's and family-friendly events and activities in the Greater Dulles area!


HAPPY World Down Syndrom Day / Welt Down Syndrom Tag #HAPPYDAY Pharrell Williams

Happy Creative Arts Therapy Week!
Happy World Down Syndrome Day!
Happy International Happiness day!

Be happy, dance with your own rhythm :)

HAPPY World Down Syndrom Day 2014 Pharrell Williams HAPPY Welt Down Syndrom Tag 2014 Pharrell Williams


To celebrate Creative Arts Therapy Week, we will offer 5% off when you register our Spring Break and Summer programs before March 30th! Please share this information with anyone you know who may be able to benefit :)


Happy Creative Arts Therapy Week!

Iriya Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling Services is pleased to announce that we will offer FREE three – 30 minutes dance therapy sessions this Saturday March 22nd to celebrate “Creative Arts Therapy Week” Please come join us :) RSVP at [email protected]

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