Essentially Jodie: The Mystic Next Door

Essentially Jodie: The Mystic Next Door


Shocktober isn't possible without our amazing sponsors! THANK YOU EssentiallyJodie!! Here's why she supports The Arc of Loudoun and Shocktober!

Visit her website here:
🎉 Join us in thanking our American Pharoah sponsor, EssentiallyJodie ! Jodie Howard, doTERRA Gold Wellness Advocate and mother of a therapeutic riding student shares why they are proud to support Loudoun Therapeutic Riding.

“We are honored to Sponsor the
10th Annual Preakness Party. My family has been blessed to be a part of the LTR community for over 12 years. Our daughter, Rosie, is a long time participant who looks forward to each and every opportunity she gets to ride. The herd, which is at the heart of this beautiful organization, fills her up and continually showers her with love, acceptance, courage, and confidence. She is mentally, emotionally and physically stronger because of the time she spends here. We are so grateful to this team of instructors
and volunteers that help keep LTR running at its best so that it can continue to do the most good!”

Jodie Howard
doTERRA Gold Wellness Advocate

🌻 To learn more about Essentially Jodie visit

🎉 AND if you haven't claimed your free ticket yet to join us on October 3rd at 4:30 PM for the 10th Annual Preakness Party, click here:

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💜 Loudoun Therapeutic Riding relies on support from individuals and our community to continue to help those living with disabilities through the healing power of horses.

Among the many ways to support LTR is through sponsorship! One of our sponsors is EssentiallyJodie, owned by mother to our long-time participant Rosie (photo below)!

Join us in thanking EssentiallyJodie for being one of our 10th Annual Preakness Party Seattle Slew level sponsors.

While the Preakness Party has been "Reinchecked" due to the pandemic, we cannot forget all of those who continue to support Loudoun Therapeutic Riding in our community. 💜 We are truly blessed.

Please stay tuned for how you can get involved in our "Reincheck Challenge", our virtual FUNdraiser to support Loudoun Therapeutic Riding with emergency relief!

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Do you know if the Terra Shield spray has any contraindications with nursing?

I help women experience a happier Home World through healing. I access Quantum Healing, Akashic Record & Energy Work to facilitate healing from within for deep personal fulfillment.

DM me about my 1:1 transformative HomeWorld Healing Program Join my FREE FB group: It's for women who are ready to explore a more purpose filled life and have fun along the way!


Omgggg you guys 🥹

I loveeee what I do and am SO grateful to connect with so many women and facilitate transformation in ALL aspects of their lives!!

Sometimes, I find it challenging to articulate the MASSIVE impact my work can have

So when I received this message, in a post from Gaby Abrams in my FB group, I felt both humbled + super charged and felt totally called share it with all of you💗

Someone asked me if working with Jodie Howard has been good, and I was like…”yes 😂”

I’ve been working with her for almost 2 years now!!!! I love her sessions. They feel like light baths.

I get so much energetic stickiness and I feel like when I come to Jodie I just kind of get it all washed off.


Jodie has opened my heart so much bigger than I ever knew imaginable.

When I transitioned into coaching the one message I got consistently was, “more love.”

But like, a strategy? No! More love! 😂

My heart was so closed off though. I had dealt with some hurts and it would close up like a little fist to protect me.

When Jodie did her first ever webinar she had a heart-opening meditation and I had the most incredibly profound transformation.

I saw my son’s face and I felt the deepest, most profound love I had ever felt in my life.

It was terrifying, and beautiful, and all the things.

It was the most beautiful vulnerability and joy!

Then she did that same meditation in my program, Magnetic AF.

That time…I saw money. And I was filled with such a deep love and profound appreciation for money that has *never* left.

That session was so pivotal for me. After that session, I leaped from $30k months to $50k to $70k to $100k and I did it from a place of joy and true abundance.

Every single dollar feeling as happy as the other.

Just a totally different way of being than I had ever had.

Today I sat in real gratitude for my life and the love in it, and I felt so grateful for Jodie.

Sometimes I sit with my husband and feel so much love for him.

Or sit with my boys and just feel the delicious feeling of love build in my body.

And I delight in how powerful and vulnerable it feels at once ❤️
I sit and I feel my wholeness. When I’m hurt, I can go back to that remembrance of my wholeness and literally feel that light just filling me right back up.

Sometimes the transformation doesn’t happen right away.
Sometimes you stop 2 years later and realize things look totally different.

Sometimes it’s hard to even imagine how love can change your life.

But wow. It really can.

I’m so grateful for Jodie and I don’t tell her often enough ❤️

So thank you. Thank you for being my throat-chakra clearing, heart-opening, cosmic rewilding soul sister.


I've gotten a few questions lately and thought it'd be easiest to answer them all right here 😍

Cosmic ReWilding is a 1:1 offer for a transformative energetic + whole body experience.

We will work on a variety of concerns from all angles to fully release energetic ties that have been binding you, smothering you or holding you back in both business and relationships. We will invite in and integrate all parts of you to return to your unique space of wholeness.

We will meet for six(6) one hour sessions. For optimal results, the kind that you can see and feel in your day to day experience, it is best for these sessions to be scheduled either weekly or bi weekly.

Cosmic ReWilding Sessions are a completely novel combination of Quantum Healing, Light Body Activations and my trademark Chakra Cleansing + Rebalancing full body approach.

These one-of-a-kind sessions will also include messages from your Spirit Team, Loved Ones and Guides. We will also dive into your HD + take a look at Astro chart.

I find that the most important issues(fears, confidence, guilt, boundaries, shame, traumas) are so multidimensional that they require a multidimensional approach like this.

I don’t think there is anyone offering anything that connects your soul self to your human self through deep deep love quite like this.

The current investment for six(6) 1:1 sessions is $1797. There is an option for 3 payments of $627. Voxer support is available.

To be clear, my Cosmic ReWilding sessions are for the woman who is ready to become wildly in love with her own life and to reconnect with her soul in a whole new way and she also knows that this only comes from a place of spiritual wholeness.

If this woman is you, then I know you're already feeling the call from your Cosmic ReWilded go ahead, DM me today🐾

I only have 3-4 current openings for my 1:1 Cosmic ReWilding Sessions.


Attachments, they're affecting EVERYTHING you do 😏

And they’re holding you, your relationships + your business back in ways you've never suspected 😵

😵Remember that random comment “Wow, you sure do post a lot” ….that’s when an energetic attachment was formed

😵And the feeling you had, when she didn’t sign up with you, but then, she immediately joined someone else's program…. there’s another energetic attachment

😵And that argument, the one you had with your partner last night, saying things you wish you hadn’t? You got it…yet another attachment took hold within your energetic system.

➡️Attachments cord themselves to you and stifle your ability to speak your truth.

➡️They stagnate your opportunities to release your creative juices and suffocate your ability to let it all flow.

➡️These attachments are siphoning off your energy, creating a kink in the line, so that, when it’s time to DO the thing, your abilities to create, share + speak your truth totally dry up 😩

And that time is, usually when you're creating a course, or content or, my personal favorite, at some point mid-launch 🤣

when you feel like you’ve got nothing to say and you convince yourself it’s all in your head….

That it’s a mindset thing. Or a strategy thing!

👇🏾But can I share something with you?
It’s not. It’s an energy thing!!!
You’re not losing your mind 🤪

🤨You feel like you have nothing to say because you actually have nothing to say.

Read that again....You feel like you have nothing to say, because you ACTUALLY have nothing to say.

⚡️Your energetic system, in particular, your throat chakra, is blocked.

⚡️It’s all happening on an energetic level and it's totally not your fault.

⚡️Energy doesn’t lie but it can get stuck.

🦸🏼‍♀️This is where my 1:1 quantum energy sessions come to the rescue🦸🏼

✨I use the potency of the Quantum Field + the ancient art of Reiki to identify, unwind and transmute these energetic attachments once and for all!!

✨You are HERE to speak your truth + show up for your people with ease.

✨Your energy is designed to dance and flow so you can share your genius and shine your authentic self for all to see.

👏🏽The results:
-Sold Out Programs with zero masculine strategy necessary

-Sustained energy throughout your launch– save good-bye to the post launch hangover!

-Allowing your expertise to shine through and connect with your person loud and clear

-The kind of energetic magic that allows my clients to open up to $25k cash in the 72 hours after a session!

✨In my 6 Session - 1:1 Light Body Activation Package

-I’ll diagnose + clear the attachments that have created blocks within your energetic system- particularly in your Throat Chakra- so you can keep your creativity flowing + your voice strong!

-We’ll connect with your Guides through Channeling + the Quantum Realm. You have an entire Spirit Team ready to support you, guide you and back you with this launch and so MUCH more!

-I’ll activate your unique codes + shore up any other energy leaks so you can sustain your energy throughout the launch and be refreshed and ready to enjoy whatever’s next.

👏🏽 If you know you’re ready to experience your next launch, your business, your relationships on your terms with your energy high and your voice clear, DM me to learn more about my Light Body Activation Sessions.

🥳I have 2-3 spots currently available so you'll want to act quickly!


I’m not here for the hustle ❌

{Spoiler Alert....Neither are You}

😝I’ve zero interest in the rat race, the treadmill, or the so-called daily grind

Rather, I’m simply here to BE ✅

{{Spoiler Alert...So are YOU!}}

I’m here to swim and play, dance and create, laugh and flow and best of all, love 💖

I'm here to experience joy, rapture and ease 🤸🏿‍♂️

👋🏽 I'm here to remind YOU, that YOU, dear one, are here to experience all of this too!!


You’ve probably felt My BEingness beckoning You on- Yep, that's what you've been experiencing😜

and it's because, I'm also here, in this time and space, to help YOU find your way back to your BEingness too!! 💃🏼💥💫

And even though, it feels like parts of you have forgotten the way.

I promise you, if you are reading this....You haven't!!!

Because You, Sweet Soul, are also here to play, to dance, to create, to sing, to flow, and best of all, your soul always knows how to find it's way back to love💗

When you're ready to remember and lead with THOSE parts of you, the parts that are here to Play and Sing and LOVE, then my Cosmic ReWilding Sessions are for you!

DM me today I've only got a few 1:1 spots currently available!



Every day your body takes on the the stress and pressures of the world

🌍The violence and tragedies that keep occurring both domestic and abroad

😅The intensities and anxieties of your personal world

👀You may have heard how the body keeps this score

It does.

Our physical being takes all of these stressors and traumas on and then attempts to process and make some sort of sense of it

Needless to say, it’s a lot 😬😬😬

💌Today, I invite you to allow your breathe to be a gentle yet fierce love note to your physical being

💌On your next inhale, allow the breathe to become that tender note of unconditional love you choose to send to your being

💌As you breathe in, note where this love note lands… did it make it to your throat, your chest?

💌See if you can allow the next love note to go ever deeper and travel even further

💌Can make it to your belly, the base of your spine on the tips of your toes?

💌Keep allowing these notes of unconditional love to find their way to your internal organs, your muscles, your bones, your cells….

💗Until every aspect of your being is filled with the unconditional love that is always present and here for you 💗


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