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Exclusive studio devoted to the art of waxing. From brows to Brazilians, we offer a full range of professional facial and body waxing services for women and men.

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waxingthecity.com 03/17/2021

Forget False Lashes, Lash Lifts (and Tints!) Are Your New Best Friend | Waxing the City

Trust us, it’s time to ditch those false lashes for good! We’re giving you the 411 on everything you need to know about lash lifts and how they can help your natural lashes appear longer, darker, and more voluminous. Don’t miss it! https://www.waxingthecity.com/home/trending/forget-false-lashes-lash-lifts-and-tints-are-your-new-best-friend/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=trending&utm_content=mar

waxingthecity.com Layers of mascara. Bulky false lash sets. Tedious lash extensions. Chances are you’ve tried, in one way or another, to achieve full and bold lashes. But if you haven’t yet discovered the wonder that is lash lifting and tinting, you’re in for a real beauty treat.


We’re booking a one-way ticket to smooth skin, bangin’ brows, and full lashes this spring. Who’s with us? ✈️ 🙋‍♀️

Book your appointment now: www.waxingthecity.com.


Travel hack! Pack multipurpose skincare products to save on suitcase space and time getting ready. ✈️

And, lucky for you, we have just the product in mind: Spongettés! These travel-size, built-in body wash buffers from @spongelle will cleanse, exfoliate, massage, and nourish your skin from neck to toe for 5+ washes. Just add water, squeeze, lather, and repeat!

waxingthecity.com 03/09/2021

How to Get the Best Brows Ever (And Choose the Right Tools to Get It Done) | Waxing the City

Great brows begin with the right tools! We've got all the expert tips and advice straight from the pros that you'll need to turn your brows into a total work of art. ✨

waxingthecity.com It’s nearly impossible to scroll through TikTok, Instagram or Pinterest without seeing perfect, and what appears to be effortless brows. Brows are arguably having a moment and we’re here for it, fully and completely. While we see brow maintenance as less of a trend and more of a lifestyle, nothi...


Each day, we strive to build others up by helping them feel and look their best—because we know, when women support women and become each other’s allies, amazing things happen. 🧡✨ #InternationalWomensDay


"Is waxing over tattoos safe?” The answer is: YES!

When you get a tattoo, ink is injected into the second layer of your skin, or the dermis layer. During a treatment, wax is only applied to the epidermis, or the top layer of your skin, which means your tattoo is left untouched and unharmed! In fact, regular waxing will remove dull and dead skin cells, leaving your tattoo looking fresh and brighter. ✨

We’ll let this before and after speak for itself! 😍


waxingthecity.com 03/03/2021

Why Plant-Based Retinol Is a Must-Have in Your Skincare Routine | Waxing the City

If you know us, you know we’re obsessed with bakuchiol—and for good reason, too! This magical ingredient has all of the same anti-aging benefits of retinol, but without the harsh side effects. Plus, unlike retinol, it’s 100% wax-friendly!

To learn why else you should love bakuchiol, head over to The Beauty Buzz where we’re breaking down everything you need to know about this powerful, plant-based retinol alternative. You can thank us later.

waxingthecity.com It used to be if you had thin, sparse brows, your only options were pencils, powders and gels to help give the illusion of fuller brows. Not anymore! Enter: brow growth serums! Designed to stimulate hair growth and condition your existing brows, brow serums help add volume to achieve fuller brows wi...


Let us be your first-stop destination this spring for the pampering and preparation you deserve so you can feel relaxed, refreshed, and renewed! From waxing to lash lifts, and everything in between, we'll get you spring-break ready for wherever you're headed. ✨

Don’t wait! Book your appointment today: www.waxingthecity.com.


Close your eyes and practice saying it with us: “Spring break is a state of mind.”☀️🏝🧖‍♀‍

Whether you're jetting off for a vacation or opting for a staycation - maximum R&R is just one trip away at Waxing the City! Stop in and pick up one (or all) of these products and achieve a gorgeous glow from the inside-out. So, even if you're spending it binging Netflix, you'll look and feel like you've had a restful stay at the beach. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

1. Mychelle SPF and tinted moisturizer
2. St. Tropez self-tanner
3. Perfect V Luminizer
4. Patchology Eye Gels
5. Patchology Foot Mask


Are you a multi-step skincare routiner? Maybe you're more skinminimalist? Or, somewhere in between? No matter where you're at, we recommend never skipping an eye gel or cream. The skin around your eyes is delicate and more prone to dryness and showing signs of aging, so it requires ingredients made specifically to treat the area. That’s where our Bakuchiol eye cream comes in! Our powerful plant-based retinol alternative hydrates, fights fine lines and wrinkles, and brightens dark circles. And, it keeps our eyes looking fresh, bright, and rejuvenated with no harsh side effects! ✨

📸 @waxingthecitysarasotafl


If you’ve been wondering why we love brow henna so much, just take a look at this incredible brow transformation. From light and sparse, to bold and defined, those finished brows say it all! 🤩

📸 @wtcboulder


Celebrate National Lash Day by booking yourself a lash lift and tint! With no-fuss, voluminous lashes that last for up to 8 weeks, how could you say no? 😍 ✨

Call your studio and book today: www.waxingthecity.com. Your future self will thank you!

📸 : @woodburywtc


♓️ Get ready for Pisces season!♓️

As the sun reaches the final season of the Zodiac calendar tomorrow, it brings with it a new light and a comforting sense of optimism. If you find yourself drifting off into a daydream, don't worry, that’s just Pisces at work! Embrace feelings of creativity and dive into your imaginative side. This is a great time to reflect on where you are, but more importantly, where you want to go! ✨

You know what they say, “dream it, do it.” (Unless it’s your brows. Save that for the experts. 😉)


Diamonds might have been a girl’s best friend, but not anymore thanks to @theperfectv Shades of V Luminizer. Now, you can get the same luxurious sparkle and shine, but for your skin instead! It’s made from safe and gentle ingredients that help soothe, soften, and brighten even the most sensitive skin. ✨

Be sure to pick up a bottle (or two!) next time you’re in the studio. We promise you'll be glad you did!


Kiss dry lips goodbye with a hydrating mask! Hyaluronic acid and green tea extract work together to create smoother and softer lips with just one treatment. 💋


Whether you staycation or head to the beach, SPF is a must! We 🧡 clean beauty experts and @mychellebeauty Replenishing Sun Shield and Replenishing Solar Defense for its broad-spectrum protection and soothing properties. We never leave home without it!

But wait, there’s more! Mychelle’s SPF line is certified reef safe, so you can feel good about diving into the ocean this spring break. Your skin and the coral will thank you!☀️🌊🐠


National Lash Day is February 19th and we’re celebrating early. With lashes like these, can you blame us?! Call your studio today and book your lash lift for longer, fuller, and no-hassle lashes! ✨

Pro-tip: Add a lash tint and kiss your mascara goodbye! We promise you’ll thank us later. 😉



Chocolates are great, but skincare essentials are even better. Feel free to tag a special someone to give them a little hint before Valentine’s Day is here. 😉🧡


Truer words have never been spoken, especially during these winter months. For skin that feels healthy and bright, exfoliation is key—followed by a moisturizing body butter or oil. One of our favorites? Our Waxing the City Sugar Scrub of course! Stop in and pick up all your healthy skin essentials to keep your skin happy all season long. ✨

📸: @waxingoakbrookterrace


Treat yourself to the gift that keeps on giving: a fresh wax that will leave your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated! 😍

📸: @waxingthecityelmhurst


Get ready to relax and say goodbye to the drive of Capricorn season as we welcome a much-needed Aquarian reprieve. This season is all about recharging and centering yourself. We’re talking all things self-love and self-care, doing what you want when you want! So book your next wax and spring for the foot mask and if anyone asks, just tell them Aquarius season sent you. ✨♒️🧖🏾‍♀️


Say "hello" to winter lip's best friend: our rejuvenating and moisturizing Bakuchiol lip balm! This plant-based lip treatment will keep your lips lush and healthy all season long.


A new year means… you guessed it: new #shelfies! And we couldn’t be more excited. 😍

What products can't you live without right now? Tell us by sharing your #shelfie in the comments!


No two brows are the same—and that’s the way it should be! Whatever your brow dreams are, our Cerologists can help you achieve them. ✨


✅ Step 1: Book your wax appointment.

Not sure what comes next? Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered! Follow these six simple steps to getting the most out of your next wax. You’ll thank us later!


In case you needed a reason to make time for a little R&R, today is #NationalBubbleBathDay—and the perfect time to try out Musee’s line of therapy bath balms! They’re infused with natural and essential oils to heal, renew, and restore you to 100%. And yes, you’ll want to stock up!


We’re here to make 2021 the year of perfect brows. Who’s in? 🙋‍♀‍

✨Step one: Begin at the corner of your nose and move up through the corner of your inner eye. This is where your brow should start!
✨Step two: To find your arch, start at the corner of your nose, but this time go through the center of your eye to find the highest point of your brow.
✨Step three: To find your end point, start at the corner of your nose again and go up to the outer corner of your eye.
✨Step four: The bottom of Point 1 will now mirror the end of point 3, creating a flawless contour that will frame your face perfectly.


Club 🍊 members, get ready because Birthday Rewards are officially here! There's nothing we love more than making your day and we can't wait to make your birthday celebration that much sweeter!

Not a member of Club Orange? No problem! Sign up today to save on products and services each month along with something a little extra sweet on your special day. 🧡


2021: The year of bangin’ brows, luxurious lashes, and smooth skin. Who's with us? 🎉


This year's resolution: never miss a wax. 😉


Can we talk about eye cream? Let's talk about eye cream. The skin surrounding your eyes is more fragile and prone to dryness than the rest of your face, which is why you need to bring in some major moisturizing muscle to keep them hydrated and protected against the elements. Our Bakuchiol eye cream is just what you need to keep your eyes bright and rejuvenated thanks to the power of our plant-based retinol alternative! Ingredients like hyaluronic acid draw in hydration while our plant-based retinol alternative helps target fine lines. This moisturizing powerhouse is exactly what you need this season!


If you leave 2020 having achieved the perfect brow, you've done it right. 😉


We’re in the holiday spirit here at WTC Ashburn! Wishing all of you a very merry and safe Christmas 🎄💕 #waxingthecity #wax #holidays #uglysweater


Elf on a #Shelfie. ❄️

(📸: @waxingmaplegrove)


Before you get a lash lift, practice saying, "yes, they're my lashes!" over and over again. 😉

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