Elite Wellness Performance and Recovery

Elite Wellness Performance and Recovery


We enjoyed our hard core workout today because we know it takes commitment and a great team to get strong and stay strong. Cheers to you all! We love Elite Wellness Performance and Recovery
Thank you for the great program and support with #training #Nutrition and #motivation you provide every time we show up.
Thank you for an amazing day! My whole family benefited from being here. We can't wait to come back SOON. My husband's back feels better than it has in months. You all are fantastic!
Recovering at Elite Wellness after training camp. Jennifer Caswell Albright Alexandra At Castleberryvideogames Niloofar Razi Howe

Elite Wellness is a Performance and Recovery center in Ashburn, Virginia offering a variety of cutting edge performance, recovery and biohacking services.

With the newest health technology and a qualified staff, we have something to offer everyone!

Operating as usual

Electro fitness ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Electro fitness is interesting, rare, and goes by several different names (EMS, Electro MyoStimulation, whole body EMS..) there is a reason we were one of the first places in the United States, especially the East Coast to even offer this. There is also a reason we spent more money to go with a more reputable manufacturer. We looked at the research 🔬

we keep repeating how our entire staff must have an exercise science degree or equivalent.. and electro fitness is a perfect example of why.

today, anyone can be a “trainer”. But we can guarantee they do not study exercise prescription and medical contraindications like these guys do 👆🏽👆🏽

do you really want someone strapping you up to a machine and delivering an electrical impulse to your entire body who didn’t study anatomy and isn’t really qualified? Hell to the no ❌

And that’s why #DMV people come to see us for this type of workout / exercise rehabilitation. we specialize in injury prevention & injury recovery, along with post surgical recovery.

want more info❓703-944-2626

Also excuse the second photo because Anthony still doesn’t quite know how to smile properly 🥴😂

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due to inclement weather..

we are OPEN ❗️❗️❗️

snow day with Adrien from 9-2pm

Let’s gooooo

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back to the basics 🔬

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dear customers:

If you are unsure of what to wear to your cryotherapy session, here is a perfect example 🤣🥶

👀 🔥

miracles don’t happen overnight

fitness + nutrition + accountability

= results

20% off massage THIS WEEK ONLY for new clients of Amber or Amanda

what does this mean⁉️⁉️⁉️

just because you have had a massage with another one of our therapists does not mean you don’t qualify for 20% off.

we are one big, happy family here so we gladly share clients among our staff.

if you have never had a massage with Amber but you’ve had a massage with another one of our therapists , you get 20% off.

if you’ve never had a massage with Amanda but you’ve had a massage with another one of our therapists, you get 20% off.

BOOK ONLINE and use code MASSAGE20

Or call / text / messenger pigeon / smoke signal us 703-944-2626 and we will help you.




Spread the word 🗣


Check out Elite Wellness Performance and Recovery.

We have been nominated for TWO CATEGORIES so please vote for both 🙂

Check out Elite Wellness Performance and Recovery. Vote once per day for your favorites in and or all categories now through Friday, January 22, to determine the Top 5 in each,

Then, come back in March to vote to vote for the winners and finalists.


Spread the word to your friends, family and neighbors to show some love for local businesses when they need it most! https://northernvatimes.secondstreetapp.com/og/3a11462f-e7b9-45bf-bb7a-a075cf5b2713/gallery/266730001


Spread the word to your friends, family and neighbors to show some love for local businesses when they need it most! https://northernvatimes.secondstreetapp.com/og/3a11462f-e7b9-45bf-bb7a-a075cf5b2713/gallery/266730115

northernvatimes.secondstreetapp.com Vote once per day for your favorites in and or all categories now through Friday, January 22. Then, come back in March to vote to determine the ultimate winners and finalists. Spread the word to your friends, family and neighbors to show some love for local businesses when they need it most!


20% off massage with AMBER and AMANDA next week only 🤑

Monday 11th through Friday 15th 🗓

spots limited and will completely fill up so if you’ve been on the fence about getting a massage, now is the time.

this is for NEW CLIENTS ONLY 🚨

703-944-2626 ☎️

EliteWellnessPerformance.com and use code
➡️ MASSAGE20 ⬅️

thank you thank you thank you

to our staff for holding down the fort while we were away

to the people of Brazil and Peru for showing us your culture

to our clients who donated old clothes for us to take to these countries for donation

mindset for this year and always 💯

excited for what opportunities are ahead and glad to have this great group of people by our side

on behalf of all small businesses, we would like to say 🗣

dear 2020,

kiss our ass 💋

dear 2021,

bring it on 😤

can you believe we meet people who have never had a massage in their entire life? 🤯

we always ask them why. most of the time the answer is one of the following:

1️⃣ they don’t think they need it

2️⃣ they don’t want to pay for it

3️⃣ they don’t want to be touched

4️⃣ they are embarrassed of their body

5️⃣ they don’t even know where to go to get a massage

our massage therapists go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and give the best value possible. If you are a human being, you need a massage and if you are a human being, you want the best bang for your buck.

those who have never had a massage leave our doors amazed that they waited this long to have a massage.

those who have had massages before leave our doors amazed that they ever went anywhere else for a massage before coming to Elite Wellness.

of all the massage therapists, in all the world, we have the ones who can take away any worries or insecurities that you have, provide the best possible massage for your money and will always leave you wanting to book your next massage before you even leave our location.

we challenge you to get a massage anywhere you want. then come get a massage with us and you can tell us the difference 💆🏽‍♂️

electro fitness is PERFECT for the following people:

1️⃣ those returning to exercise after taking a break from working out

2️⃣ those who are recovering from an injury or surgery

3️⃣ those with a pain or condition that prevents them from doing traditional exercise

4️⃣ those who are just bored with working out and want to try something new

5️⃣ those with muscle imbalances

6️⃣ those with no time to workout and can only workout 2-3x per week maximum

first time trial 3 packs available

5 packs ⚡️
10 packs ⚡️
15 packs ⚡️



Happy Holidays from the Elite team to you!

love this team !!!

asked for a holiday video despite knowing 99.9% of them hate filming themselves

but they did it- because we are a true team and that’s what we do

Happy holidays from the Elite team to you

introducing the Elite elves 🧝‍♀️ 🧝‍♂️ 🎅🏼


🎅🏼 🎁 🎄

Need a last minute gift for someone - even for yourself? 🎁

choose from the Washington DC area’s BEST massage therapists.

seriously though, they were voted the best.




to the man that sips coffee while in compression ☕️

leaves us notes on his newspapers in the lobby 📰

brings us ice cream in the break room 🍦

never stop being you ♥️

Wally Bunyea

We’ve only been open for 2.5 years but Elite Wellness is the result of more than a decade of blending the following ingredients of success:


🚧 work in progress 🚧

if you could only understand how much this progress has lifted the spirits of our client..

they leave our business with a smile on their face every single time.

being able to boost someone’s confidence, self esteem, mood, attitude is the most powerful thing in the world.

and that is what we strive to do every single time.

nutrition guidance, exercise guidance and simply just being direct and realistic with clients is why we have results.

for some people, the cryo t shock is a final touch on their physique. for others, it is a means of accountability, motivation and self acceptance on their health journey.

surgery is not for everyone and that’s why we have been seeing more clients who want a non-invasive procedure like cryo t shock. If you are looking for a surgery based option, this is NOT the service for you but we can gladly direct you to some of the best plastic surgeons in the area.

if you are even 1% curious about this service, you must have consultation with our nurse before we give you the green light to sign up for this 🚦


Amber for the win!!!

A former client called us in a panic asking for some advice for her daughter. It’s been a while since they had been in to see us and we were the first person they called (even before the doctor 😎).

this mom knew that we would either know exactly what the issue was OR at least be able to refer them to the appropriate doctor.

she explained the pain and the onset of the pain. we asked her to film a video for us so we could specifically see what the issue was and what motions were causing the pain.

3 of us anatomy nerds sat there analyzing the video and quickly came to a solution 🤓

the injury seemed to be musculoskeletal. we advised having a trigger point massage to see if the therapist could loosen the muscle in spasm.

not only did this save the parent the hassle & money of having to see a doctor, but we got nothing but joy from being able to help this young lady return to practice within a day.

sometimes you don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles of the medical industry- you just need someone to take two seconds of their time to actually care about helping you.

now this former client is a returning client ☑️

703-944-2626 to schedule!!



if you have been to our biz, you know we use some pretty cool technology. We might not be able to sell you our cryo chambers or our electro fitness machine but we can sell you a few trendy pieces of tech that would make for the best gifts this holiday season 🎁🎄

Hypervolt w/Bluetooth $299

Air Relax compression boots $490

we also have mini Hypersphere’s $79.99

when you purchase ANY of these, you get a FREE SESSION of ALL of the following:


that’s $85 in savings just as a thank you for buying from us🤑

this is a win-win situation for us and for you. support local and buy yours today!

*tax added at checkout*


finding authenticity is like finding a gold mine.. or a unicorn.. or something else so rare that you question if it even exists.

but it exists.

with us.

we aren’t just two women who decided to randomly open a business because it was the cool thing to do.. or trendy.. or because we thought it would be profitable.

we opened Elite Wellness because our passion for health and helping others is everything that defines us.

combining our education, with our sports experience, with our work experience, with our passion has led us to this point.

those who know the road traveled to get here, know. those who don’t know.. you’re about to know.

the saga continues ‼️

we are assuming whoever called the health department on us, had our best interest in mind 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

we had an unscheduled and unannounced visit from the health department at our business this week to inspect our facility.

why? Because another local business complained about us saying “we publicly announce you don’t have to wear masks in our facility” and that “on social media they saw us training large groups”.

not only do we have “you must wear a mask sign” on every door, we even have Elite Wellness customized face masks 😷

training large groups? We cap our group training to SIX people MAXIMUM. that is the smallest group training offered almost anywhere you’ll look. 🏋🏽‍♀️

and what was the final verdict⁉️

exactly what it should be

IN COMPLIANCE with the governor’s order ✔️

remember earlier this year when another local business called the police on us several times, for months & months trying desperately to shut us down?

and even the police said, “you are good to go. Continue running your business” 👮‍♀️


to all our fellow biz owners out there in the world who are good people, please know that we stand by you and we know what you are going through ✊🏽

to our supporters and clients, THANK YOU for knowing we go above and beyond and for valuing us and what we offer. AND thank you for letting us know who the culprit was 🙏🏼♥️

to those who view us as a threat, THANK YOU for reminding us that we are on the right path to success.

keep doing the right thing and karma will handle the rest 😉

ps: after biz hours photo with no mask so you can see us smile through all of the bullsh*t 😁 📷



🔊 sound on 🔊❗️❗️❗️

1️⃣ the one who actually has boxing experience and floats like a butterfly 🦋 and stings like a bee 🐝

2️⃣ the one who actually has boxing experience and is like a vicious honey badger attacking its prey 😳🤯

3️⃣ the one who just wanted to hit something 🥊

4️⃣ the one who hits so softly because they are afraid of hurting someone (the best one hands down 🤣😂)

5️⃣ the one who looks like they snorted energy drinks and is bouncing around like they are on a pogo stick 🤪

it would be a crime to keep this video from you


the elite team 🥊 🤣

“Last week I stopped by Elite Wellness and had some work done. I Definitely needed some recovery work after the 9 Month grind of prep. Donnie did a phenomenal job. Thank you for going above and beyond for me. So a big shout out to this team for doing a great job and taking care of me. I definitely appreciate it and highly recommend them. If you are near Ashburn, VA stop by and get some work done. It’s Very important to stay healthy, so you can continue to make progress”

this week has been pretty freaking awesome.

we have hustled non-stop and busted our a$$ to build our reputation... and it seems to be paying off.

this week we had, not one.. not two, not three.. but FOUR FEMALE Olympic level athletes (from prospects to gold medalists) in our facility.. the same day.

one of those people was @helen_maroulis who we are so happy to have met.

sitting with Helen for two hours doing some recovery, talking about life and learning her journey to becoming the best female wrestler IN THE WORLD 🤼‍♀️ 🌎

this is what we call the perfect day at Elite.

if you don’t know Helen, you should. She is too humble to brag for herself but among the long, long list of accomplishments, she is the 2016 Olympic gold medalist for the United States.

she is strong.
she is fierce.
she is kind.

she is all the things you’d want to be.

she overcame serious concussions and traumatic brain injuries and is now prepping for Olympic trials in April to qualify again for the olympics in 2021.

look better, faster 👙💪🏽

our cryo t shock is a great addition to our nutrition + workout plans that we offer.

no, it is not for everyone.

yes, it gets results.

the machine does most of the work but you still need to do your part.

we are becoming more and more selective in regards to who we let do this service.

we have no problem turning away money in order to keep our reputation what it is.

we expect results.

book a free t shock consultation with our nurse and take advantage of our sale that is valid until Monday 11/30

*If this service interests you or is a gift idea, just give us a call so we can figure out the best plan for you while our sale is still active 703-944-2626*

Want your business to be the top-listed Beauty Salon in Ashburn?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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👀 🔥
Happy Holidays from the Elite team to you!
LFA winner heads for UFC
Jump higher. Hit harder. React Faster.
M O N D A Y  M O O D
IV THERAPY / Vit B12 shots at ELITE this saturday!!!
See you at the 🔝



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