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Thank you Michelle! It was nice to see you again. Glad to get back in a schedule with my massages.
Athens Food Rescue would like to thank this year's 3rd place sponsor for the annual Rubber Duck Derby. Thanks to Inhale Yoga Studio for your generous donation and support of your community. Their sponsorship helped put together the Athens Dining Experience package for a total value of $225.
Visit Inhale Yoga today and enjoy all of their services- yoga classes, massage, therapeutics and sauna.
Don't forget to buy your tickets for the Athens Food Rescue Duck Derby.
You can adopt a duck at one of these locations: The Farmacy, Friendly Paws, Nicole Conrath, DDS, and Inhale Yoga Studio. Or email us at [email protected]. You can adopt a duck for $5, a 6 quack for $25 or a flock of 30 ducks for $100.
Visit our website for more information
Inhale Yoga Studio thanks for the lunch time workplace yoga session!
Inhale Yoga Studio is Athens, Ohio's premier yoga studio and spa experience offering group & private yoga classes, infrared sauna, Thai massage and yoga therapy. They are also offering a 30 minute Workplace Wellness yoga class with exercises you can do in professional work attire, in your own office (or wherever you work) at our FREE upcoming Women in Business Conference! This class will offer a therapeutic approach to balancing common work place stressors, including restoring a balanced posture, calming a busy multi-tasking mind and the importance of scheduling regular self-care for health and vitality. See event page for more details.
This we're going to revisit our first Women in Business conference! In between speakers, Michelle Stobart from Inhale Yoga Studio taught us some great yoga you can do in your office. Join us for our 2nd annual Women in Business conference this May! (Stay tuned for more details!)
Looking for some tips on workplace wellness yoga you can do in your office? Tips on marketing your business? We have slideshows about both on our website from presentations by Inhale Yoga Studio & Red Tail Design Company from our Women in Business Conference!
Michelle Stobart from Inhale Yoga Studio teaching yoga you can do in your office
ACEnet’s Women in Business Conference has so much to offer! A 30 minute yoga session with Inhale Yoga Studio's Michelle Stobart will help relieve workplace stress. The workshop will offer simple techniques you can do at home and work to take care of your body, maintain consistent productivity and settle an over stimulated mind. If you have yet to register for the free conference, please do so as time is running out!
All Yogis Please Vote!!!
36 million U.S. yoga practitioners could decide this election!
Η αγάπη είναι σαν τον αγέρα, πούθε πήγαζει δε γνωρίζουμε . . . και εσύ είσαι η αγάπη.


Tote and relaxing music from Inhale Yoga Studio
Soap from Space Cadet Soaps
Massage from the Athens Wellness Cooperative
Congratulations to Megan Villegas, the winner of our Inhale Yoga Studio giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Inhale Wellness Studio is the next generation of Inhale Yoga Studio. We've taken our focus on wellne


Got a few cancellations for next week. One of them is waiting for you. Message me to grab it!


Wow!! This from The Soul Journey with Sarah Moussa.

Dear Men. If You Want Her, You Must Claim Her~~ She is the high-value woman who has captured your attention, your mind and perhaps even your heart. You know her because she is self-possessed, grounded and conscious. She is aware of her
worth without being arrogant or prideful. She has standards and behaves accordingly.

She’s not needy, insecure, dependent or boring.She is magical and inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

By her very presence and commitment to being her best self, she will illuminate the ways in which you’ve denied your hearts longing and bypassed living for simply existing. She will invite you to do more, be more and embrace life in all its fullness.

A high-value woman waits for no man. She will not play games. Your heart is safe with her, but she will not stop her life to wait for you to decide. Her integrity is intact.

She will not compromise or sell out for attention or a smidgen of love. Her life is full and fulfilling, so she will not orbit around you. Nor does she want that from you. With her own life full, she will not promote you to leading man status until you’ve earned that space in her world.

There will always be a piece of her that she keeps back until you choose her. It’s not that she is hiding or withholding, but she knows that her heart is a treasure she will only offer to the one who has clearly stated his desire for all she is.

Rest in comment


I can’t believe we are cruising into October soon. I’m over here sucking every last drop out of summer’s dwindling beautiful days. Transition times are a great time to start building and balancing your system in preparation for holiday food, travel, stress and demands.

Acupuncture can help. Reach out if you want to head into winter ready for what awaits. This medicine is a fantastic preventative, and the sooner you start, the more prepared you’ll be.

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Is mindfulness part of your daily routine?

Life can get really busy & it’s easy to become disconnected from your feelings & thoughts. There are lots of ways to add mindfulness to your routine - and fantastic benefits from doing so!

Practicing mindfulness can bring balance & happiness to your life. Here are some simple ways to add in some today:

✍️Start a mindfulness journal
❤️Be Grateful
🧘‍♀️Meditate (I love insight timer app for this)
🍌Eat mindfully
💪Stay Active (simple walks are great for mindfulness)
😮‍💨Focus on your breathing
📱Put your phone down (it’s amazing how over stimulates the mind is. Do an hour where you don’t use your phone. You’ll learn a lot about how much to rely on it. Crazy!!)
😀Take a body scan to see how you’re feeling
🤿 snorkel ( combination of breath, activity and meditation in the water - at least it is for me)

Consistent practice will help make mindfulness a part of your routine. Remember, you’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.

How do YOU practice mindfulness on a daily basis? Would love to hear in the comment below!

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Hey all. It’s Sunday!! Come find me at the health and wellness tent at the today from 12:15-1:30.

Gonna be talking about my passion for acupuncture, a little theory behind the medicine and doing some demos of the various techniques I use in treatments on a few people.

I’ll also have my calender with me in case you want to set up an appointment to start a course of treatment.

Spread the word!!


Found this beauty on my recent trip to Asheville. She totally captures my spirit … love of water, paddling, moon and starry nights. Is there anything better?? Maybe but this is a top five experience for me, and now I have a beautiful piece of art that depicts it so soulfully!

Thanks for your creative vision and making this piece. It makes my heart swell every time I look at her.


Hit me up!


Back in the clinic today after a refreshing long weekend. I’m booked up for this week but have a few openings left for the next two weeks and am scheduling for October now.

Wed, sept 21 at 1:00
Thurs, sept 22 at 11:30 and 5:30
Thurs, sept 29 at 1:00 and 5:30
Fri, sept 30 at 11:30 and 2:30

New patients and returns accepted. I’m here to help with whatever you’re ready to let go of. Dm to get set up.


Let me know ASAP. Let’s get you on your way to feeling amazing!!

I’m here to help!


Well, this one couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me. How about you??

This month, my calendar has me looking at desire. The words of wisdom this month say: Honor your desires. Some people think desires are bad, but attraction in itself is simply a natural energy we experience in life. It’s our intentions behind the aspirations that determine whether they will be helpful or destructive. When they are pure, our desires can propel us along a path of self discovery, often leading to a deeper connection with ourselves and, for some, a sense of purpose.

My reflections so far: The tricky thing I’m finding about desire is that if I’m not staying present in what I want and how to get there, then giant amounts of fear and attachment start pulling me into a yo-yo mind set. It knocks me off my ground and out of my power and trust in myself and the Universe. All those what ifs and stories. My mind starts filling in the blanks and creating a story that doesn’t really reflect reality. So it is a minute by minute process of catching the story and coming back to reality for me. Necessary but tough work.

This all makes me remember a theme I used to teach in my yoga class about fear and desire. It’s got me wondering if that class was one I recorded. Maybe I need to go back and revisit past me for some inspiration, advice and wisdom.

Did any of you ever take a class with me where I was talking about fear and desire??

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Occasionally, I’m moved to write lines in 5-7-5, otherwise known as Haiku. This is something inspired by my friend Sonny Brewer several years back. I often find it is a way to remember moments when I’m with nature or having strong emotion. I can go back and read them and be transported back to the moment in full embodiment.

Sundays on the River are special mornings for me. From early morning til about 11:30, I have the entire river to myself - not a boat or people in sight. I hear the church bells up the road and settle into my worship and communion with God/ Universe / Divine. I do this through swimming, listening, feeling, talking, singing, writing, presence. I often spend a bit of this time completely naked. It’s a rare and wonderful thing to be so free in nature for sometimes hours at a time. The feel of the water, sun and emotions are all quite an experience that I both crave and find myself wanting to shrink from.

I’ve been spending this past year changing my relationship with my thoughts and attitudes toward my body. It’s been revelatory. There’s much work to be done yet, but I make steps daily and leaps on the rare Sundays I get. My goal is to feel at home in my body. To feel sexy, sensual, free and open despite cultural norm or being seen by others. To love myself in all my strength, beauty and imperfection.

These are some words that were whispered to me this past Sunday while I spent time with the Divine Spirits.


Restrictions lighten.
I bare myself to myself.
Body bathed in sun.

I love that line — I bare myself to myself.

Morning church bells ring.
Worship on the water.
Naked before you.

Something about — naked before you — makes me think of how we incubate in water and womb naked before Spirit, and are born as such. How as children we relish the ability to frolic before God and all naked without concern and pure freedom.


Oh dang. That’s a boat.
Too late now, I am revealed.
Butt cheeks shining free.

And sometimes, it gets a little funny, and I need to be back in society more proper and my time for free communion ends!


Hit me up. Mid day gaps are a bummer. Help me fill it in.

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Happy Monday! BOGO half off Trim + Punta Cana trip promo starts now thru 8/30.  

Grab your fav flavor of trim & you can also grab a bottle of the Raspberry Lemonade Trim for just $59 + a free pink spoon AND be entered to win an all expenses paid trip to Punta Cana for two! ✈️

If you'd like help placing your order just reply back BOGO and I'll get you all set up 🛍(: this is good for my current wellness store customers and anyone who has been wanting to make a purchase.

I’m here to help you choose and maximize rewards. Comment below or DM and let’s get you entered!


One of those rare moments where you can see me asap! Who wants it?? Message to grab it! Massage, cupping acupuncture. You pick!!


Was introduced to this song last night by a beautiful human. These lyrics awakened my heart and spoke a wisdom I’ve been trying to find words for so perfectly.

For far too long, I’ve locked the version of me I’ve always wanted to be in a cage. I hid her under the veil of “should be” and cultural norm. I’ve made her small and insignificant only allowing the tiniest parts of her to show through. Over the last several years, I’ve slowly been dismantling the cage and giving her permission to fly. I feel her longing and also her fear. I feel her turn back to the cage and encourage her to explore outside little by little.

Once again, I’m opening to her childlike freedom and carefree nature to allow her love of life, others, healing work and so much more to be wild and carefree. This is no easy thing. But I know as I make a safer space each day, that carefree, wild love will return and once again she will be free and fly!

Im grateful for the beautiful humans who have so graciously been showing me the way back to her. And for those humans that aren’t afraid to let me shine in all my glorious wild carefree love and continue to make safe space for me to do so.

I hope if you’re longing to unlock your own cage and fly free, you have beautiful humans who hold a safe space for you to do so, and you find the courage to take the steps.


My August is completely full and September is filling in quickly. If you’re ready to have more energy, less anxiety, kick out recurring headaches or back pain, regulate your menstrual cycles, or most anything else, let’s work together.

Acupuncture is a great way to turn your health around mentally, emotionally and physically. Plus, I have great recommendations for herbs, supplements, minerals, weight loss support and more.

I also offer massage for relaxation and central nervous system reset as well as cupping for musculoskeletal injuries, relaxation and release.

Isn’t it time to invest in your present self so your future self can do all the things you still dream of and want to do??

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Are you the type of person that tries to continue to make health gains when you’re on vacation, or let’s all your work go because you’re on vacation??

I try to keep making gains. To me, vacation is a time that there are no other life distractions so it is way easier to deepen habits and get more in line with wellness goals.

Morning 2 mile walks, touring and more walking around towns, paddling, snorkeling and mindfulness on food choices — So much more easily done for me on vacation.

Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy delicious specialty donuts and decadent Alfredo as well. But I’m always upping my game and staying in line with my health and wellness goals while traveling — supplements, immune support herbs, minerals, quality sleep, tons of nature time — I do it for the current me and in service to future me and all she hopes and dreams to do in her life!!

How about you??

Photos from Inhale Wellness Studio's post 08/10/2022

Low key music vibes, tea and client prep before going into the clinic today. Love the inspiration my patients bring to my growth!!

There is always room on my schedule for new patients. If you want to see if acupuncture can help, I’m here to guide you on the path. And I’ll always do and learn all I can for your benefit!! Reach out to me.

Photos from Inhale Wellness Studio's post 08/08/2022

Before, after and in between!!

I use water and snorkeling as medicine and meditation! This is how I balance the intensity of the mental and energetic nature of my work. This allows me to refuel and reset for myself and my patients. This allows me to face fears, cultivate courage, open to intuition, find freedom and so much more.

Today, I had to navigate weather (it was pretty grumbly and cranky and I wasn’t sure if the storm was coming too me.) I stayed since there was no lightening. Shortly after deciding, I saw a deer which reminded me that my spirit guides are watching, protecting and informing me. I carried on. Turns out the storm kept moving in another direction. Don’t worry, I had plenty of exit strategies to get off the water and ride it out should I have been caught in lightening.

Because I stayed and listened and tuned in, I was rewarded with some amazing fish sightings and found some incredible underwater rock ledges.

I snorkeled around the rocks and managed to do a few dives before on one dive I became extremely dizzy and disoriented. I wasn’t deep, but it shook me a bit. My inner wisdom overrode my panicked mind and reminded me to breathe and surface. I did and sat on the rocks I was just snorkeling. I took of my gear and sat for a while and felt the rocks, the earth and all the things that ground and balance me. I finally returned to balance and decided that was the last snorkel of the day. At this point, I was by myself with the lake entirely to myself. So, I tuned in and let go.

Decided to do a little skinny dipping to round out the day - and we’ll the lake was all mine so why not!

It was incredible medicine! And just like that, I’ve grown more trust and energy and resilience within myself for myself. I am not a person who is risk or fear adverse. Those kind of moments are so awakening and informative. And, I’m here for it all!!! Magic!

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