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Thank you Michelle! It was nice to see you again. Glad to get back in a schedule with my massages.
Athens Food Rescue would like to thank this year's 3rd place sponsor for the annual Rubber Duck Derby. Thanks to Inhale Yoga Studio for your generous donation and support of your community. Their sponsorship helped put together the Athens Dining Experience package for a total value of $225.
Visit Inhale Yoga today and enjoy all of their services- yoga classes, massage, therapeutics and sauna.
Don't forget to buy your tickets for the Athens Food Rescue Duck Derby.
You can adopt a duck at one of these locations: The Farmacy, Friendly Paws, Nicole Conrath, DDS, and Inhale Yoga Studio. Or email us at [email protected]. You can adopt a duck for $5, a 6 quack for $25 or a flock of 30 ducks for $100.
Visit our website for more information
Inhale Yoga Studio thanks for the lunch time workplace yoga session!
Inhale Yoga Studio is Athens, Ohio's premier yoga studio and spa experience offering group & private yoga classes, infrared sauna, Thai massage and yoga therapy. They are also offering a 30 minute Workplace Wellness yoga class with exercises you can do in professional work attire, in your own office (or wherever you work) at our FREE upcoming Women in Business Conference! This class will offer a therapeutic approach to balancing common work place stressors, including restoring a balanced posture, calming a busy multi-tasking mind and the importance of scheduling regular self-care for health and vitality. See event page for more details.
This #tbt we're going to revisit our first Women in Business conference! In between speakers, Michelle Stobart from Inhale Yoga Studio taught us some great yoga you can do in your office. Join us for our 2nd annual Women in Business conference this May! (Stay tuned for more details!)
Looking for some tips on workplace wellness yoga you can do in your office? Tips on marketing your business? We have slideshows about both on our website from presentations by Inhale Yoga Studio & Red Tail Design Company from our Women in Business Conference!
Michelle Stobart from Inhale Yoga Studio teaching yoga you can do in your office
ACEnet’s Women in Business Conference has so much to offer! A 30 minute yoga session with Inhale Yoga Studio's Michelle Stobart will help relieve workplace stress. The workshop will offer simple techniques you can do at home and work to take care of your body, maintain consistent productivity and settle an over stimulated mind. If you have yet to register for the free conference, please do so as time is running out!
All Yogis Please Vote!!!
36 million U.S. yoga practitioners could decide this election!
Η αγάπη είναι σαν τον αγέρα, πούθε πήγαζει δε γνωρίζουμε . . . και εσύ είσαι η αγάπη.


Tote and relaxing music from Inhale Yoga Studio
Soap from Space Cadet Soaps
Massage from the Athens Wellness Cooperative
Congratulations to Megan Villegas, the winner of our Inhale Yoga Studio giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Inhale Wellness Studio is the next generation of Inhale Yoga Studio. We've taken our focus on wellness from the realm of yoga and massage and up-leveled to include Acupuncture.

All that you've come to love about Inhale remains with added parts to love!

Operating as usual


Have a few openings next week for private yoga, massage and cupping!

Acupuncture will be available starting April 20. You can book in now for a new patient or return visit. Still have a few spots left the last two weeks of April.

Message me direct or comment below if you want one and I’ll message you.

Feel free to spread the word!

Photos from Inhale Wellness Studio's post 03/31/2022

Spending my first day free post exams walking by the with @live_being_full

Then picking out colors for my new clinic space. Moving along with dreaming and preparing for when I have my license and can start treating people.

Stay tuned!

Watch this reel by inhalewellnessstudio on Instagram 03/30/2022

Watch this reel by inhalewellnessstudio on Instagram

I did it! I’ve mastered the board exams and passed all of them. It’s now time to make the request for licensing from the Ohio state Medical board and open my practice!

Who is ready to get on the schedule?? Appointments open end of April! Hit me up.

Watch this reel by inhalewellnessstudio on Instagram inhalewellnessstudio • Original Audio


Next week I have a few openings for massage and cupping. I’d love to get you on my table for some stress relief and rebalancing. Hit me up if you want one of these times:

March 21 at 2:30
April 1 at 11:30
April 1 at 1:00

You’ll def walk away feeling better Ethan you came in - physically, mentally and emotionally!


One week left til I take my final

I’m definitely learning and reinforcing a lot. I am also definitely ready to be done with this and start seeing patients.

Are you ready to see what acupuncture can do for you?? I’m taking bookings now for late April and will be fully up, running and open to the public by early May. I recommend booking sooner rather than later. Once I’m open to the public, things will start filling in fast.


Who is ready to do this? Details worked out. Booked one weekend already. Ready to booke two more. See below for details.

UPDATE: Hey all. I’ve booked one Wellness Retreat weekend already. Have two left for now:

June 17 or June 24

Details. Friday 4pm check in, Monday 11 am check out.

Room for four in each retreat.

$450 includes lodging, 1 acu treatment, 1 massage and cupping session, 2-3 yoga classes, all your food, hot tub, lake, and lots of extras to make it special.

What weekend should I put you in????


✨ would you?? ✨

Let me know ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Congratulations to Kelly Holman Weddle. You’ve won our essential oil giveaway! We really appreciate your support of our business! Check your messages for more info.

Photos from Inhale Wellness Studio's post 03/18/2022

Congratulations to Kelly Holman Weddle. You’ve won our essential oil giveaway! We really appreciate your support of our business! Check your messages for more info.


UPDATE: Hey all. I’ve booked one Wellness Retreat weekend already. Have two left for now:

June 17 or June 24

Details. Friday 4pm check in, Monday 11 am check out.

Room for four in each retreat.

$450 includes lodging, 1 acu treatment, 1 massage and cupping session, 2-3 yoga classes, all your food, hot tub, lake, and lots of extras to make it special.

What weekend should I put you in????


✨ would you?? ✨

Let me know ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Photos from Inhale Wellness Studio's post 03/16/2022

Still time left to help me grow! Check out this giveaway in exchange for a few moments of your time!

Photos from Inhale Wellness Studio's post 03/16/2022

Taking a moment this morning to reconnect with my passion for the evolution of myself and Inhale Wellness Studio. With all the exam studying, I’ve lost site of the excitement. Needed to take a few moments today to go giddy about the dream before I drop back in to the tasks of achieving it.

What is your passion fueling these days? What are you dreaming? When was the last time you let yourself sit in the excitement of the dream to refuel your tasks to achieve it?

Let me know! I’d love to be excited with you, and or encourage your dreaming to awaken the excitement again.

Photos from Inhale Wellness Studio's post 03/15/2022

Who is ready to step into the next version of their best self???

Now through March 24, I have three $20 off coupons to share with the first three people who open an account and place an order. PLUS - I have tons more ways too save you money and help you uplevel your health and wellness.

Send me a message. Let me help you grow your wellness.

Photos from Inhale Wellness Studio's post 03/14/2022


Inhale Wellness Studio has a lot of cool things coming up on the horizon and we’d like to grow our reach to share with more people - PLUS we love having giveaway drawings!

Help us spread the word by sharing this post, commenting and tagging friends. Check out the rules on the slide to make sure you get entered. Obvi, the more tags, shares, etc, the more chances you get to win!

We will choose the winner this Friday, March 18th and announce in this post and on a separate post as well!

Photos from Inhale Wellness Studio's post 03/12/2022

Well, I almost missed winter! It sure is beautiful though. Feeling grateful for getting to see one good snow this winter.


Delighted to be working with clients again today. Massage and cupping treatments the rest of the day! ❤️❤️❤️

What you can expect at an acupuncture treatment with me 03/05/2022

What you can expect at an acupuncture treatment with me

Wrote a new blog post on what to expect when getting an acupuncture session with me. Check it out, share, comment and subscribe to the blog for more to come.

What you can expect at an acupuncture treatment with me First of all, know that when you schedule a treatment with me, your health and well being are my number one priority! When you schedule acupuncture, this is what a typical session with me is like. Before you even arrive for your first session, I will have done some research and put together some pre...


UPDATE: appointment taken. Still a few openings at the end of March if you want one.

Need a little relaxation? Need to release some work tension in your neck and shoulders? I can help you take care of that. Get in on this last minute opening!

Message to grab the spot!


What choices are you making for enduring health?

✨ quality food
✨ daily exercise
✨ meditation / mindfulness
✨ acupuncture
✨ massage
✨ yoga
✨ sauna
✨ chiropractic care
✨ nurturing relationships with friends and family
✨ financial planning
✨ regular travel and vacation time
✨ sunshine
✨ consistent sleep schedule
✨ screen time limits

These are many of my daily choices. There is so much more of your world you have control over. But the choices are yours to make. Some days I don’t want to take these steps. Then I remember that at 80, I want to be healthy, living a quality life, and not on a pharmacology cocktail. The choices I make today, impact the future me. I can’t let her down.

What about you?? Let me know some of your wellness goals and how you’re caring for future you. ⬇️⬇️⬇️


I can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt and start working my flowers and veggies this year!

How about you??? Do you love garden season??

Photos from Inhale Wellness Studio's post 02/25/2022

Savannah does not disappoint. Walked a new area today. All told, about 8 miles of walking through cemeteries, river fronts, parks, squares, shops and roof top bars.

Met and talked with some great people today. Had some fab drinks and eats. Purchased a thing or two. And had some random thoughts like:

“I want to make a giant pile of Spanish Moss and jump into it the way kids do with raked leaves.”

“Is it possible that some graveyards feel more alive than others?”

“Does the wind through the leaves and Spanish moss of the trees feel the same to a tree as the wind moving through my hair?”

“Does my walking around and sitting on the roots of trees feel the same to the tree as an ant walking around on my toes and feet does to me?”

Another A+ day!!

Photos from Inhale Wellness Studio's post 02/24/2022

Went to this cool tea house and apothecary yesterday and learned all about the Yaupon (pronounced yo-pawn) plant.

Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-diabetic, neuro protective and more.

It’s a holly plant that Native Americans used for the above properties and ceremonial rituals. They introduced it to early settlers who loved it, and sent back across the sea. It fell out of favor when the East India Company started to squash it to preserve their hold over the tea trade.

@yauponteahouse is a lovely little apothecary that is keeping the knowledge alive and sharing yaupon with folks through teas, skin care and more.

If you’re ever in Savannah, Ga you should go check them out.


Hey friends. I need to grow the Instagram account following by 36 people. Can you help me get there??

@inhalewellnessstudio on Instagram. I’m going to be loading a ton of great health and wellness content from acupuncture, yoga, massage, food and more …. plus sharing some great water, sun, health and wellness products that I’m passionate about their mission, have already done the research for you, and can get you discounts!

Please come join me there and help spread the word!


OMG. I am so excited to launch the new INHALE WELLNESS STUDIO website. Go check it out. I'm super proud of it. I'm sure there will be a few tweaks, but WOW, I love it! Let me know if you see anything I missed on spell check or what kind of blog posts you are interested in reading.

Photos from Inhale Wellness Studio's post 02/08/2022

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so took this gorgeous day to run away to the beach, a light house, a fab thrift store and a bomb a$$ pastry shop.

Snorkeling was the best I’ve done off the beach! Sting rays camouflaged in the sand with a few skiddish enough to swim away, tons of fish and clear water. Best part, I didn’t have a camera with me so didn’t have the anxiety of trying to capture the moment. Just got to live it!


Set up the hammock for some lake side lounging! Ahhhhhh heaven!

2022 Brings new Direction to Inhale 02/02/2022

2022 Brings new Direction to Inhale

Check out this new blog post about the updates and direction of Inhale. Also, scheduling is open for booking. So, reach out if you are ready to get back to a better, healthy, whole you! I'm here to help.

2022 Brings new Direction to Inhale Boy, it's been a while. I'm sorry for not updating you in some time. I've been head down in the school acupuncture clinic and finishing my program. I have so much great news to report. I hope you will stick with me here. Let's start with: I DID IT ! ! ! ! I graduated from The American Institute of A...

Photos from Inhale Wellness Studio's post 02/01/2022

Inhale is getting a face lift and an addition of new services. Over the next couple weeks you can expect to see changes in our name and look on our social media profiles as well as on our website.
These things take time and will be a slow transition. Please feel free to send messages if you see anything that seems off.

Here's a sneak peak at some of the changes.

NEW INTEGRATIVE NAME: Inhale Wellness Studio

This name better includes what we are up to at Inhale. With the addition of acupuncture, cupping and Chinese massage, Inhale is no longer just a yoga studio. We will continue to offer yoga as private session and may in the future open to group classes again. For now, Inhale will focus on one-on-one appointment only work through yoga & massage (starting mid March) and acupuncture (starting early April). Advanced scheduling is open for both. Please send a message if you'd like to book in as the schedule will fill quickly.

NEW LOGO: This new logo is a fresh look that encompasses both the history and artistic beauty of yoga through the outer mandala, as well as the expanded focus in Chinese medicine through the yin yang symbol at the center. This logo captures the look and feel of the new Inhale Wellness Studio. As we continue to draw from our roots in Ayurveda and Yogic philosophy, we now expand with more to offer through Chinese Medicine. We want our logo to reflect the balance and harmony of both traditions.

What do you think?? Drop us a comment below and please help us spread the word. We are so excited to be coming back with so much to offer this Spring!

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400 E State St
Athens, OH

General information

Inhale Yoga is Athens, Ohio's premier yoga and spa experience. We are the first and longest running yoga studio established in Athens, Ohio in 2007. In 2016, Inhale Yoga transitioned into a single teacher studio as Director and Senior Teacher, Michelle Stobart decided to branch out on her own. She is an expertly-trained Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Thai Massage Practitioner. She holds credentials from Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 200 level, the YACEP level and RYS 200 hour level. She offers public flow-based classes for beginner to advanced students, as well as a Yin + Restorative to balance a busy life and is available for private single and group sessions, as well as Yoga Therapeutic sessions. Inhale Yoga also runs the area's only Yoga Alliance Certified 200-hour Teacher Training Program and is credentialed to offer Continuing Education hours to Yoga Teachers. Inhale Yoga has the area’s only public use infrared sauna for deep penetrating heat to help relieve muscle tension from daily stress, fibromyalgia and other chronic muscle and body issues. At Inhale Yoga, there is something for everyone no matter your size, age or ailment. Give Michelle a call to find out what classes and services are right for you.

Opening Hours

Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday 1pm - 7pm
Friday 10am - 3pm

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