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Helping clients all in love with their hair using eco friendly products. I love all things color 🤍

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I am currently working towards getting certification!

I am on my last phase of my training, and I need your help!
I am looking for a model who is interested in getting a full 2 rows of custom colored and blended extensions installed for free!

If you’re interested comment ‘MODEL’ on this post and check your DMs!

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For my blonde gals this summer 🏖️ 👱🏼‍♀️

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She’s an educator?? 🫶🏼
I am hosting my first ever in person class and it’s about my favorite thing in the world… SOCIAL MEDIA 📣 📱

Come hang out with me for a few hours and learn all about what’s happening with social media, how to attract your ideal clientele and how to actually engage your clients!

Tickets are in the link in my bio!

See you there 😉


You know why I love SEQ? 🤍
I can create such unique tones by mixing and blending tones!

My client here told me she wanted something different but not super drastic! We decided on a Rosey strawberry blonde 🩷

I love that SEQ still gives me a natural look, with shiny dimension! In some light she looks like a blonde, but when you look close you can see bits of pale copper and cool pinks! Such a fun and unique tone, and boy does it looks great on her 🫶🏼

Formula used: 9Aa, 9Cr, 8C, pastel pink and clear!


✌🏼 ✈️

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What is ‘The Revitalize’ package? 🌞

The Revitalize package is my mid-range service, and perfect for when a client wants to keep some parts of what they currently have - but add some pizazz!

Perfect example: This is my client Kaelyn! She already have an old balayage but wanted her jiggled pieces to be brighter and cooler! So we kept her darker root but refreshing her base color and added in some foiling!
We toned her highlights to be cooler and of course did an Olaplex treatment because we were overlapping previous blonde!

The revitalize package is by far my most requested services because it tends to cover our bases!

Don’t forget to schedule your June appointment for the Revitalize 🫶🏼

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Which method would you choose?


This is my best friend for LIFE, Kristina! After many years of doing her hair and trying many different colors… we realized that neutral/ warm colors look best on her!

She recently did a color/style analysis and realized that her hair shouldn’t be too light, too cool or too chunky!
Her style is clean, airy, soft and so we felt her hair should reflect that… and I’ve gotta say! WOW I am obsessed with this more natural style on her!

Have you ever done a style or color analysis?

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She’s growing
She’s thriving
She’s evolving
Introducing the new logo for Rex Artistry 🫶🏼

I felt over the past few years that I, my brand, my clientele, my work, my voice and many others have EVOLVED. My branding should reflect that ✌🏼

VERY exciting things to come and can to share every step with you all 😍

I’m curious, what do you think I’ll be changing in the next coming months?

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Experiencing a flaky scalp? I gotchu girl 🫶🏼

❕Step 1: Identify your current routines and changes.

This can be anything from
• Diet changes
• Exercise changes
• Environmental/ Moving houses
• Products used
• New products introduced

❕Step 2: Is this dryness or build-up?
Just because you see flakes doesn’t always mean dandruff. Is your scalp itchy? That’s dryness. After you wash, is it still there? That’s build-up.

❕Step 3: Consider your solutions

For dryness- start washing your hair with moisturizing products. Maybe even start using a pre-wash scalp oil! For more extreme cases, you can use a Eucalyptus essential oil on your scalp. Be sure it is organic and skin safe. Be sure to perform a patch test before using!
🔅 My favorites are the She Butter shampoo, conditioner and intense mask, and the Pre-Wash Scalp Oil

For Build-Up - start using a scalp scrub to rest, try a new shower head (hard water is one the most common reasons for flakes or build-up), add in a clarifying shampoo in your bi weekly routine.
🔅 My favorites are the Apple Cider Detox shampoo, rinse and scrub and the 4C clarifying shampoo

You got this and remember it’s temporary! 🫶🏼

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Although I didn’t make an official hair predictions for 2024, this one is top of my list!

Natural dimensional colors are taking over this year and I AM HERE FOR IT!
This is Emilee, she has been lots of different colors and shades of blonde over the years but we have never done such a blended, natural color! This one was so much fun because it was the marking of a new journey for her, so of course the hair needed to match!

Are you ready to lean into your natural color more?! If so I’m the gal for you 🫶🏼
Head over to my website to follow the New Client Pathway and I hope to meet you very soon 🤍


4 problems blondes experience after their appointment!
You didn’t think I was gonna leave you hangin’ with no solutions right?! Don’t worry boo I gotchu 🫶🏼

🔅PROB #1: Dryness is a normal experience after years/months of lightening the hair. I would recommend a balance of moisture and protein shampoos and pre-styling products.
My current favorites are the Olaplex #4, #5, #8 and #6! As well as the Fekkai Shea Butter shampoo, conditioner and intense moisture oil!

🔅 PROB #2: Brassiness is caused by a number of reasons, but most commonly
• High heat on hot tools
• Lack of Purple shampoo/condition use
• Washing with non-professional/Sulfate filled shampoos and treatments
• Lack of heat protectants

So I would start with waiting 48 hours before washing the first time after your appointment, use a purple shampoo/conditioner starting 4 weeks after your appointment 1x per week, use a heat protectant before you blow dry and another one before you flat iron or curl your hair and use PROFESSIONAL SHAMPOO!

🔅 PROB #3: Quick Regrowth is going to happen especially if you have fairly dark hair naturally. The contrast is quite high compared to a bright shade of blonde. I would recommend using a root spray than will tint your natural hair a little lighter to hold you over until you come and see me, or sometimes a dry shampoo spray can spray white powder and that also can help with the stark contrast!

🔅PROB #4: Toner fading too quickly can be a result of washing too often and using a super high temp on your hot tools! So if you’re an everyday washer, knock if down by a day or so! And when you go to use hot tools… I’ll just say this, It shouldn’t be hotter than what you’d put your oven at to cook chicken haha
I’d be happy with a cool 325!

Okay, whew I’ve covered all my bases!! Did you learn something new?!


What is your appointment going to look like with me ❔
GREAT QUESTION…. So glad you asked and not at all a prompt for me to talk about my fav thing lol
I pride myself in creating a cozy, comfortable and relaxing environment where you can show up as yourself! NO JUDGEMENT
You will feel like you stepped out of the real world and into my world.

When you first come in I will check in with you…

🔅 How are you?
🔅 How was X vacation? Event? Holiday?
🔅 What is going on that’s exciting?

And if I get the vibe that things aren’t going well…

🔅 What’s going on?
🔅 Do you want to talk about it?
🔅 Do you need advice or just a listening ear?

Then we’ll get into the fun stuff…. YOUR HAIR
🔅 So what’re we doing today??
🔅 How did everything work out last time?
🔅 Is there any part of your color/style that we can adjust so you are 1000% happy with it?!

And then I may offer some advice….
🔅I challenge you to try and wash more/less
🔅 Try X product or method to fix Y
🔅 What if we tried this color/style this time?!

My point is, I want this experience to be collaborative if you’d like it to be. I want to listen to your concerns and offer any solutions or advice that I may have!
We will come up with a game plan for your next visit or following few months to fix any issues that are arising!

If all of this sounds like a dream, then congrats cause I’m your girl 🫶🏼

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After I finished Caitlin’s hair last night, of course it was dark and I knew the lighting wouldn’t do this color justice… and y’all…. CAITLIN CAME THROUGH WITH THE PICS THIS MORNING ❄️
The snow adds such a light element to this dark and wintery color 😈

Products used:

Photos from Rex Artistry's post 01/12/2024

I couldn’t just post one…. They’re all so gorgeous 🤤
Service name: The Refresh
Products Used:

Also.. last set of hair pics with my tree in the background 🎄 kinda sad… kinda happy to have my room back!
Happy new year my loves 🤍


I just wanted to hop on and say happy new year 🎆
I love starting the new year fresh so
On todays agenda:

🎇 Clean up the house from the holidays
🎇 Toss out old clothes or things that I haven’t touched or used in at least 6 months
🎇 Reflect on 2023 and see what goals I achieved and feel PROUD of those! Really sit in those successes
🎇 Create my 2024 mood board/vision board
🎇 Manifest my goals!

So far one of my biggest goals for this coming year is to maintain my income while working less and really shift into educating!

I’m so curious, what’s your 2024 goal ❓✨


She’s baaacckkk🥂🎄
New and improved winter wonderland experience! ❄️
The moment you walk into the salon you will feel like you have just stepped out of reality and into a winter wonderland at Macy’s (remember that magical feeling?)

Add this winter experience onto your service and receive:
❄️ Your choice of a holiday flavored latte (hot or iced) with some fun fixings or a cranberry fizz mocktail
❄️A yummy holiday scented hot towel
❄️ A scented (or Unscented ) moisturizing hair mask, wrapped in a steamy towel!

For only $50 get this experience… and…
a FREE full size Olaplex #8 hair mask 🤍

This experience will start on 11/27, you will get a text before your appointment with your NEW customized appointment form with this option listed!

Let’s get into the holiday spirit and kick it off with a bang…. And some bomb hair 🎄


Happy Thanksgiving from me to you 🤍

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Pausing on the hair content for a second to say ….


Cheers to 4 years babe🥂


It’s brunette szn ✨
Brunettes are having their moment this fall and I am HERE FOR IT!

Early this year I made a video on the clock app, making predictions on what would be super trendy for this year… and brunettes (especially warm toned brunettes) were top of my list!

How cool is it to see this come to fruition?! 🤎

Is this giving you mad inspo for your next color sesh?! 🍂

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As most of my amazing clients know, earlier this year I chose to switch from an a la cart service menu to a session based menu!
If you aren’t sure what the differences are… allow me to explain!

A la cart is the most common, and well known, pricing structure!
Just like a restaurant where you pick your drinks, your appetizers, your entrees and your dessert. The waiter bring you your bill and you pay for each item that’s listed.

The other common pricing structure is hourly, this can be compared to a Fogo de Chão experience. It’s one flat rate for your allotted time and what you get during that time is it!

Think of session based as a hybrid of the two! 🔀

It is based on the desired result rather than the steps to get there, that’s my job, as the client you should just get to come in, tell me what you want the end result to look like and relax!

The benefits to session based pricing are…

✨ Easy Online Booking
✨ The price you see is there rough price that you will pay. There are no surprise fees!
✨It is more feasible to achieve your end goal or come up with a steady plan to get there!
✨ You dont feel nickel and dimed
✨ and so much more!

So far this has been a game changer with my clients and booking online!
Now they ask “okay so next time I see you what should I book for?” And I tell them one of the 3 simple packages!
Done and DONE ✅
If you’re a loyal client, let me know in the comments if you LOVE this new structure!

And if you’re a potential new client, let me know if this seems way simpler to you rather than the other pricing structures! ⬇️

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The Revitalize X Keratin Fusion
Yet another beautiful transformation from thin hair that won’t grow past a certain length to cowgirl copper with benefits (all the dimensions and tri-tone colors) and long luscious locks!

Keratin fusions are by far one of my favorite extension methods 🤫
They offer full 360 movement, they are the most low maintenance and completely versatile!

✨want all the length, volume and thickness you could dream of?
✨want just a little thickness but keep your current length?
✨need to fill a spot in your bang area or around your temples?
✨have an a-line bob but wanna make it a full blunt bob?

The list goes on and on …. So do you think k-Tips are for you? Head over to my website and fill out my new extensions client from and let’s get your the hair of your dreams! 😉🤍

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Just some of my favs from my newest branding shoot ✨
A HUGE thank you to for making my vision come to life! You will forever be my fav human 🤍

Photos from Rex Artistry's post 09/20/2023

Announcing this years fall collection and guys… I am fu***ng stoked!

Let’s get into the goods…

Crisp Autumn 🍂
This candle literally gives all of the fall feels! The top notes of that warm cinnamon and bright citrus blend so well with the berry and apple, while at the base you can the earthy notes of pecan and cedar!

French Amaretto 🌰
Y’all.. I don’t wanna speak too soon but I think this is my favorite yet!
This unique scent is perfect for the candle lover who wants that cozy, warm fall scent wandering through their room! With the top notes of lemon peel, cinnamon and nutmeg, middle notes of amaretto and almost and base bites of vanilla and sugar… this will be a fan favorite

Roasted Marshmallow 🍫 🔥
This is a throwback! If you were here back in 2020-2021 when I first start making candles, than you remember fireside! So as an homage to my roots, I figured why no my bring some nostalgia to the collection! The top notes are light with eucalyptus and ozone and blending perfectly with marshmallow and sugar while it hits strong with patchouli, smoke and Oak. This is the perfect neutral scent for all households!


This collection drops online on Saturday September 23rd ( The first day of fall 🍁) at 7:00pm
And a fun surprise….. IN THE SALON THIS FRIDAY THE 22nd! So come on in and shop the new collection!
I’ll be in the salon from 9-3 so I hope to see you there ✨🍂✨


The million dollar question 💵
“Alexis, how often do you wash your hair?”
“I know you’re suppose to go a few days in between, but I just can’t seem to go that long”
“I’ve tried everything. Double even triple washing my hair, dry shampoo, etc nothing seems to help me go longer than a day”
“I don’t care how dirty it looks, I go 4-5 days because I know that’s what’s healthiest”
“I can go almost an entire week, I know that keeps the color in longer so I hold out for as long as I can. I’ll use dry shampoo multiple days in a row!”
These are just a few of the things I’ve heard in the salon!
They all end with the same question …

“So, how often SHOULD I be washing my hair?”

The answer is super simple.
When it’s dirty.

Over the course of the past year or so I’ve learned so much more about the health of the scalp and hair and I’ve learned that Wash routines are not one size fits all.
So what I’m about to tell you may be contradictory to things I’ve said in the past, but it’s only because I’ve learned more and I have changed my mind.

Our scalp needs to be clean and healthy for our hair to grow strong!
Loading up multiple days worth of dry shampoo is not setting you up for a healthy scalp.
Now this isn’t to say dry shampoo is bad, it’s only bad if it’s overused.

So again, the answer is simple

That could be once a day, that could mean multiple days! But please don’t feel like you have to go 4-6 days just because it’s what you were told in the past!

Now knowing what you know, do you feel confident in your current wash routine? 🧼

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Midnight Poppy & Pear has quickly become a fan favorite 🖤
Every seasonal launch I have, whichever candle does the best in sales or becomes a favorite, I make apart of my permanent signature collection.
Although nothing has been decided just yet, this one is definitely a front runner 🪻

Have you purchased Midnight Poppy & Pear? ✨
Tell me what you think!!

Purchase any of our current signers collection and spring/summer 2023 collection online at


Here is your quarterly selfie and why not add in some facts about me ✨
1. I started working behind the chair when I was just a baby at 18! And I started Rex Artistry when I was 22! ✂️

2. I am obsessed with pickles!🥒 I will most definitely ask you if you’re going to eat the pickles that are on your sandwich, burger or in your fridge! Give me all the pickles and I will, without shame, drink the juice from the jar!

3. I knew I wanted to be covered in tattoos, it was something that I just I always imagined for myself as a kid. I thought they were so cool and I loved that I could have the freedom to decorate my body however I wanted! 🖤

4. I have a shopping addiction. That’s it. 🛍️

5. I love talking about therapy how people grow and what makes them tick. I find it so fascinating to hear other people’s experience growing up and what life was like for them, things that stick out to them and things that made them who they are today! ☀️

Alright that’s all I have for now and that’s just scratching the surface!

If you’re new here what’s something cool about you??

And If you’re one of my amazing loyal clients, did you learn something new about me?!

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Shout out to my fellow hairstylists! You have to be a social butterfly, and love people to be in this industry! 🤍




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