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Click here to support the plastic bag ban in Baltimore Plastic bags litter our streets and streams, and their creation and disposal contributes to air and water pollution and climate change. Email the Mayor and City Council: it's about time to break free from plastic bags.

Austrian parliament votes to ban glyphosate weedkiller | DW | 03.07.2019 Austria is set to become the first EU country to completely ban weedkiller glyphosate, originally developed by Monsanto and marketed under the name Roundup. The ban could clash with EU law.

Happy July friends! In honor of @plasticfreejuly I’m doing a weekly giveaway for anyone who uses reusables or reduces trash! All you have to do it tag me (so that I see it) and hashtag #notrashwithash in either your feed or stories every time you bring your own cup/bag/straw or refuse a plastic straw, etc! I will provide a $10 @starbucks gift cards to a winner every Monday, and @aveleyfarmscoffee and @thecharlesbaltimore have volunteered gift cards as well! 😍 Let me know if you would like to get involved, and please share to your stories/feed and spread the word! What is the one change you are trying to make this month to save the 🌎? My new rule is I’m not allowed to get my coffee unless I have my reusable cup with me ☕️ @ Baltimore, Maryland

The Climate Reality Leadership Corps Minnesota Training

Excited to announce that I have been accepted to attend the Climate Reality Leadership Training in Minneapolis with Al Gore - follow along on my Instagram/FB page Healthy Living with Ash August 2-4 to see the action!

I have also started a weekly giveaway over on my Instagram where if you tag me (and use the hashtag #notrashwithash) when you use your reusable cups/straws/forks and refuse plastic, you are entered into a gift card giveaway every week. The more tags the more entries 😃 I was just going to fund the giveaways myself but amazingly Aveley Farms Coffee Roasters and The Charles Baltimore have already volunteered to donate gift cards! Please message me if you are interested in sponsoring a week as well 💕
#LeadOnClimate The training will be held August 2-4 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. To become a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, you must apply and be accepted to attend one of our trainings with our chairman and founder, former US Vice President Al Gore.

Single-use plastics — think bags, cutlery and straws — could be banned as early as 2021: Liberals | CBC News

😍😍😍😍😍😍 The Trudeau government will ban single-use plastics in Canada as early as 2021, CBC News has learned, and the ban could include plastic straws, cotton swabs, drink stirrers, plates, cutlery and balloon sticks.

Thank you @baltmag for including me in your fun series about my ten favorite things! Click here to read about mine: 😊 I think there are a few things in there you may not know about me 😀 Comment below the one thing you can’t live without! Mine was my inhaler 😂
Dress: @galmeetsglam @juliahengel
Headband: Linked at
Fun fact: My shoes are my wedding shoes from @badgleymischka that I never got a chance to wear on my wedding day (I accidentally stayed in flip flops the whole day 🙈😂).
Makeup: All from my favorite safer makeup brand @beautycounter 💄

Toxic nonstick pan 'forever chemicals' contaminate some meat, fish, chocolate cake, FDA testing finds The FDA found levels in nearly half of the meat and fish tested were double or more the only current federal advisory level for the "forever chemicals."

#Repost @drmarkhyman
Sometimes purchasing all organic produce can get really expensive, but one helpful tip is that not all of your produce has to be organic.⠀

We can use the research done by the Environmental Working Group to guide us: the EWG analyzes USDA figures to come up with its famous Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists—the produce that have the most and least amount of pesticide residue. ⠀

However, I encourage you to buy the items in the Dirty Dozen list organic. ⠀

#clean15 #dirtydozen #conventional #organic #drmarkhyman

Behavioral health cases doubled over a decade Behavioral health cases increased 108% from 2007 to 2017, driven by a surge of individuals age 22 or younger with major depressive disorder.

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Americans recycle or donate only 15 percent of their used clothing, and the rest—about 10.5 million tons a year—goes into landfills, giving textiles one of the poorest recycling rates of any reusable material.

We believe that true solutions need to address the root causes and focus on avoiding excess in the first place, which means more intelligent consumption.
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My main sustainability goal this year! Anyone have good recommendations for online second hand stores besides @thredup ? 🌎❤️

Something I’m trying to work on this year! And @stylishlytaylored and I have been brainstorming some fun vintage shopping ideas 🛍 Reposted from @sustainablefashiondublin 🌎💞

America's renewable energy set to surpass coal for the first month ever America's clean energy revolution is on the verge of a tipping point.

Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Isabelle! 👸🏻
📸: @valentina.massa
My 👗: @shoparrowclothing
Izzy’s 👗: @weechicboutique
Jewelry: @mintandmajor @ Rawlings Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Hope everyone had a lovely Earth Day 🌎❤️ Did you resolve to make any small changes like ditching plastic straws or bringing your own reusable cup to the coffee shop? I keep some reusable items in my car and in my work bag so that I always have them close if I need them ❤️ Also this quote is from @zerowastechef and she is a great resource to follow!

ALDI says all packaging will be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025 The supermarket chain is also taking a number of other steps to help combat the global plastics catastrophe.

Me: “Oh dangggg look at that side eye between Sansa and Daenerys”
Husband: “What is side eye? Is that a girl thing?”
Me: “Yes.”

My favorite safer beauty company is having a 15% off sale!!! Message me for my favorite products or with any questions you have ❤️ Head to to shop 🛍

My favorite safer makeup brand just restocked my favorite gift in time for Mother’s Day and graduation parties! Swipe left to see it on! It basically enhances the natural color of your lips so it looks good on anyone, which takes the guessing out of gift giving. And it’s made without lead like some lipsticks 😱 You get two products for only $30 💖 You can head to to buy one ir message me for a lil special deal 🤗 @ Baltimore, Maryland

Plastic Bags to Be Banned in New York; Second Statewide Ban, After California State lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have agreed to ban most single-use plastic bags; counties will have the option to impose a 5-cent paper-bag fee.

The Definitive Egg Story: Why That Study Was Flawed & What's Actually True Probably more than you think.

#Repost @sustainably.conscious

With single use plastic bags becoming a thing of the past, now is the perfect time to say goodbye to single use produce bags and make the change to reusable ones! There is a big range of produce bags to suit your needs including bags made from cotton, muslin, gauze, net and even ones made out of recycled plastic bottles! These bags are easily found online or in eco stores etc.
#BanTheBag #RefuseSingleUse #RefuseReuseRecycle #Plastic #Reuse #Eco #EcoTips #SustainablyConscious #Sustainable #Environmental #Environment #Environmentalist #ZeroWasteLiving #ZeroWaste #LessWaste #Learning #WarOnWaste

Early bird tickets just went on sale for @feastivalbaltimore on June 8th! The link to purchase tickets is in my IG stories or you can head to 🎉Not an ad - just looks like an amazing event and all proceeds will benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation ❤️ @ Baltimore, Maryland

Had a wonderful morning talking about clean beauty, diversity, and inclusion in the beauty industry 💋 Thank you so much Chic Confessions for having me and @buymechanel is officially my new girl boss crush 💪 Check the ingredients in your products ladies! Let’s demand that companies do better and put our money where our mouth is (including supporting women-owned and minority-owned businesses). ❤️ @ Baltimore, Maryland

Popped down to lobby Congress yesterday with some of my fellow Beautycounter consultants. Did you know that the law that regulates what goes into our personal care products has not been updated in 80 years? And that the FDA does not have the ability to recall dangerous cosmetics from the market? Or that salon products are not required to be labeled the same way retail products are, so salon workers have no way of knowing what chemicals are in the products they are exposed to all day? We spoke with the staff at @johnsarbanes office and we had a wonderful experience sharing our stories and policy requests. Coincidentally, right as we were meeting with Sarbanes’ office in the House, the Senate reintroduced the Personal Care Products Safety Act bill that we support. The bill was reintroduced by @sensusancollins and Senator Dianne Feinstein. (Also ladies, THIS is why you need to run for office! I don’t think it was a coincidence that it took two women to introduce a bill that mainly affects women. Right Emerge Maryland ?)
Thank you as always to Beautycounter.hill.nerd @accidentallobbyist @greggrenfrew for your tireless work on this issue 💪 Join me in this movement! You can take two seconds to text “BETTERBEAUTY” to 52886 to urge Congress to pass health-protective beauty laws! @ Congress

Md. Climate Scientists Send Urgent Plea to Busch on Clean Energy Jobs Act – Maryland Matters Ten Maryland climate scientists have sent an urgent appeal to House Speaker Michael E. Busch (D-Anne Arundel), arguing that the looming climate crisis demands immediate action and that the best way to confront global warming in the state is to pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act, which will be up for hea...

Opioid Crisis Rages On -

Barry Rascovar writes that Baltimore City's 300-plus homicides last year may have captured headlines, but that wasn't Charm City's No. 1 cause of death. Not even close. Opioid-related overdoses were the biggest killer in the city as well as in Maryland. Just through the first nine months of 2018, the city's opioid deaths hit 607 - double the homicide rate for the whole year. The highly dangerous synthetic painkiller, fentanyl, was at fault in 88% of those cases. By Barry Rascovar March 4, 2019 — Baltimore City’s 300-plus homicides last year may have captured headlines, but that wasn’t Charm City’s No. 1 cause of death. Not even close. Opioid-related overdoses were the biggest killer in the city as well as in Maryland. Just through the first nine mon...

F.D.A. Confirms Asbestos in Claire’s Products and Calls for Stronger Regulation Scott Gottlieb, the F.D.A.’s outgoing commissioner, said the agency must “modernize” its “outdated” approach to cosmetics safety, especially when dealing with talc and asbestos.

Hi friends! I am SO excited to be nominated for the Best of Baltimore 2019 for this Instagram 🥰❤️ It would mean SO SO much if you would take a second to head to the link in the comments below to vote for me ❤️ Just head to the “People and Media” category and “Instagram” and my name is close to the top. Message me if you vote so that I can tell you thank you! And there are so many wonderful people and business nominated so feel free to vote for some other categories while you’re there 😀

I’m still working on every level of this pyramid - it’s one of my top 2019 goals. What are your tips for each level? I’ve gotten a little bit better about “refuse” - I ask for no presents for our toddler and don’t take the gift bag at events if it has too many single use items in there, but it can be awkward haha. I’ve gotten way better at bringing my own water bottle, coffee cup, fork, straw, etc. - and I’ve been researching the rules on recycling to make sure I’m doing it correctly. “Rot” is the next level I need to tackle - anyone have any experience with city composting? I’m actually reading this book by @zerowastehome right now so I’m sure there will be some good tips in there!

California proposes phaseout of single-use plastics by 2030 California lawmakers introduced legislation this week to phase out single-use plastic food containers and other packaging that can't demonstrate it's recyclable or compostable.

Hi friends! I wrote a tech tip for The Daily Record on how to get more IG followers - link is in the comments below if you’re curious ❤️ And let me know what I left off! These pics were taken by As.Seen.ByT for True Lemon at the gorgeous Revival, a Joie de Vivre Hotel and Ceremony Coffee Roasters ❤️ @ Baltimore, Maryland

Foam food container ban moves forward in Maryland General Assembly; state would be 1st to outlaw them Maryland is a step closer to becoming the first state to ban foam food and drink containers. A state Senate committee has approved the proposed ban, sending it to the full Senate. Supporters of the legislation say it would help the environment by reducing litter.

Baltimore Babes

This #wcw I am #throwingitback to Discovercharmcity 's #GalentinesDay event last week! Seeing 400 women dancing to back that ass up was a sight and a feeling and an energy I will never forget.

I am so thankful to Alysha and Sentimental Fools Events for putting on such an uplifting event for women in Baltimore. There is such a thirst for women to connect in this city, and I am so proud to be in the company of other communities like #BmoreGalPals because it's the true embodiment of #communityovercompetition 💖

I'm also super grateful for all the babes pictured above. Looking at Invisible Crowne for showing up at my house and making me go, @shoot ini+ Living Alexis for all the words of encouragement and support, and Healthy Living with Ash + Land Of Pleasant Eating for always just being so freaking amazingly sweet and wonderful. ♥️ Living life on IG isn't always what it's cracked up to be, so having these ladies who *get it* is beyond amazing and I can't ever thank them enough. For the support, the advice, the community, the engagement, and the opportunities. The Baltimore Creative Community is just so f**king amazing and I will scream it from the rooftops forever! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Tag your #wcw this Wednesday in this post, and tell them how much you love them! 💖👯‍♀️ @ Lord Baltimore Hotel

I had so much fun at Discovercharmcity Gal Pal fitness event at Brick Bodies Fitness Services last weekend! The first half was Les Mills Body Pump taught by @fitfranbam which was in my comfort zone, and the second half was Zumba which was NOT in my comfort zone and was very entertaining 😂 Follow @discovergalpalevents to be the first to hear about future events in Baltimore, Discovercharmcity does an an amazing job planning them and they are very inclusive and positive ❤️ @ Brick Bodies Fitness Services

My favorite safer makeup company just came out with a brow gel! Head to the Beautycounter link in my bio or to shop ❤️ Can’t wait to switch mine to safer! Message me with any questions 😀
#Repost @beautycounter
Meet Brilliant Brow Gel: Our cleaner, light-hold shaping gel that grooms and conditions for your best brows yet. Available in four perfect-match tints (plus one clear option). A smart shape + safer ingredients? Now that’s brilliant. Tag your most brilliant friend below to let them know about this game-changer.

Clean Fact: Brilliant Brow is formulated without potentially harmful emollients and emulsifiers known as polyethylene glycols (PEGs) that may be contaminated with known carcinogens. #brilliantbrow

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