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You could not be doing this at a better time. I need to try something different, I have been having reactions to my make up as of late.

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Photos from Lyssalovelee's post 09/02/2020

🍁The pastors wives gave me a sweet send off last night.

🍁The spread of food was delicious, the outdoor setting was so lovely, but the fellowship was something I will never forget.

🍁Some of these ladies have been pouring into me my entire life. I will miss them dearly, but I am so thankful for each of them, and a few not pictured.

🍁Thank you Kim and Michelle for planning and executing this sweet gathering. You blessed me more than you’ll know. @ Riverside, California

Timeline photos 08/31/2020

🌟Makeover Monday

⭐️I’m totally feeling Fall vibes.

👉🏻products used:
highlight- Sandy
highlight- Sunlit
lip & cheek- Sandstone
eyes- Lullaby, Zion, Emerald City, Trust (eyebrows)
setting powder (light handedly) Vanilla dust

I can color match you with a picture like my before picture. 😘


So many eyeshadows restocked!


I want to help you simplify your makeup routine!

☀️To get a personal color match by sending me a MAKEUP FREE selfie in good natural lighting.

☀️To shop these products👉🏻



I made the switch to natural deodorant two years ago. I made the switch because too many people my age or younger are being diagnosed with breast cancer. There are so many bad things in common deodorant like heavy metals, and Parabens which can mess with your hormones. This is a simple switch that can set you in the right direction for natural solutions.

•Some things to keep in mind if you’re use to common deodorant. It will take your body a few weeks to get the old deodorant out of your system and level out. The first few weeks may be stinky, but push forward. The next few weeks you may be sweatier than normal. Your body’s PH balance will regulate. I can confidently say I will never go back to regular deodorant.

I hope you find this helpful!

Timeline photos 05/13/2020

Jude got an iPad for his birthday and wanted a background photo of he and his sibs. I had no idea about it until they sent it to me. They even edited it themselves. The next day I said “guys, that picture you took was so great.” Jackson said “Oh, you mean the one where we look cool?” This photo has me. They drive me crazy, but I love them to pieces!

Timeline photos 05/07/2020

April 2001. First picture together. I believe this was as we got out of his 1973 Buick Skylark to go to Starbucks. I think I’m wearing a Puka shell necklace, and he’s wearing Black Fly sunglasses. 🤣

Timeline photos 05/02/2020

Oh Simon. He sure is cute but sometimes I find myself waking up in the morning and saying, “Oh, it’s you again.” Especially at 1:30am when he’s awake and want to play. At least his haircut is cute.

Photos from Lyssalovelee's post 04/30/2020

On my birthday all I wanted to do was go to the beach. So, we went to the beach. There wasn’t a ton of people there, but there were people. Everyone kept their distance. I didn’t realize how much we needed that day until we were there. We went back to the beach over the weekend. The city beaches reopened. The news made a big deal about how many people were there. We made it on the news from a distant helicopter view. 🤪I’ve gone to the beach my entire life, and it wasn’t nearly as busy as they portrayed. Now the beaches are closed, and we have to stay home for a month and a half. I don’t want to go into government control; but man, this is so blatantly overreaching. One takeaway from the beach this weekend was that everyone seemed so happy.

Timeline photos 04/27/2020


Timeline photos 04/26/2020

I have a really fun oil class happening on Tuesday. DM me of you would like the Zoom link!

Photos from Lyssalovelee's post 04/16/2020

We made the best of my 5th annual 30th birthday. I told my family all I wanted was a picture with the 5 of us looking slightly okay. 🙂


It’s my birthday and how appropriate that my new TRIPLE DECKER Rose gold compact came!! It’s so beautiful!!


5 years ago, Adah sang this song on my phone to me.

Timeline photos 04/07/2020

Remember the good ol days when you could make a quick trip to the grocery store and not have to shower after? Yeah, I miss that too. 😭

Timeline photos 04/01/2020

Happy birthday to my sweet Adah. Out of our family she has been the one that has had to deal with the most disappointments from having to cancel life. She was so looking forward to camp and it was postponed and now presumably canceled. She got a big part in the school play the day we found out that school would not be meeting for a few weeks, and now our projected return date is after the scheduled play. And her birthday. We had plans of celebrating at the park by her school with all her friends. March has been a real bummer but she has dealt with these disappointments with grace. Plus so got a puppy, so there’s that. Haha! We were surprised by friends and family that drove by to wish her a happy birthday. I can’t believe I have an 11 year old!

Photos from Lyssalovelee's post 03/30/2020

This pandemic is making us do crazy things. Liiiike getting a puppy. This is Simon. He is a shih-poo. He is sweet as can be.

Timeline photos 12/17/2019

I love this group of people. Couldn’t fit all 52 in the square. The culture this group has is second to none. So much love for my Magnolia fam!

Timeline photos 12/15/2019

Today was hard. Not hard because of emotions or life circumstances, praise God. Just stupid stuff hard. Like showing up to the wrong movie theater hard. Or having 1/4 of a paint can spill all over me while the kids were having a rare moment of screaming and running throughout the house. I’m beat and done.

These kind of stupid frustrating days can leave me drained, frustrated, contemplative, and most noteworthy... longing.

I am not a perfectionist, however Christmas can drive me towards perfectionism. Got to get the shopping done, get the house perfect, do fun things with the kids, etc.


During the Christmas season that longing for something not fractured is intensified. We want everything perfect because that’s how it was supposed to be. But sin entered the world and fractured everything on a molecular level.

As much as the Advent season is waiting in anticipation for Christ to be born, it’s also the anticipation of the second coming of Christ where all fractured things will be restored. He makes all things new.

If you would like to join us for week 3 of Advent in our home, please let me know.

Timeline photos 06/10/2019

💄Makeover Monday💄
I don’t do makeover Mondays to show how much better I look with makeup on. I don’t mind not wearing makeup, and letting my freckles show. I’ve never been the person to hesitate leaving the house without a makeup. Here’s the thing, I like makeup. I love how different techniques enhance Beaty and not hide features we don’t like. I LOVE Maskcara’s iiid foundation because I don’t feel like I’m hiding behind my my makeup. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything. It’s not meant to feel like makeup, its means to feel like your skin.

Timeline photos 05/29/2019

My work uniform. T-shirts with subtle messages. Jeans. Vans to stay relevant. Although, my are getting a lot of attention from the kids at our school. ✌🏻

Photos from Lyssalovelee's post 05/19/2019

Last night was fun. Good company, pizza, ice cream, John Wick. @ Redlands, California

Photos from Lyssalovelee's post 05/14/2019

The kids had Family Fun Day at school yesterday. It was seriously SO FUN!! The kids all had a blast. They all went on the bounce houses and obstacle courses. They painted shoes, and got cotton candy. 🍭
#514 @ Magnolia Student Center K-12 - Springs Charter Schools

Photos from Lyssalovelee's post 05/13/2019

Makeover Monday is my Mother’s Day look. I always seem to critique my makeup skills after the fact. What I would’ve done differently here, is add some eyeshadow, or contour under my eyes to makeup them look bigger. But I am 100% happy with how my iiid foundation turned out.
🌷Lip + Cheek
Dahlia 😱
Rose Gold
💐 My incentive is still happening. Purchase anything through my link, and get entered into a giveaway of up to $500! Currently, the link is at almost $250 with only 11 orders. So chances are still really high! We have some great powder illuminators (highlighter) and everything is always FREE SHIPPING.


Tonight I looked at my untouched eyeshadow on my bathroom counter and kind of laughed to myself.

Mother’s Day with littles is hard. Because every day is hard, and you start to think for just a minute that things will be different for that one day of the year, and it’s not. I remember having babies and toddlers and being so sad that Mother’s Day was not what I expected it to be.

The eyeshadow was ironic because I don’t have small children anymore that I worry will destroy my makeup. It’s a weird and kind of sad feeling.

Timeline photos 05/12/2019

If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.
-Mother Teresa

Timeline photos 05/10/2019

I’ve never been into decorating. I would much rather have a comfortable, inviting space. Well, we needed new couches. I gave said for years that the next couches we got would be leather. This couch which included its love seat sister went on sale around the same time our tax return came in. I absolutely LOVE them. I love the color and design. Unfortunately, they’ve made me a bit of a maniac about what the kids do around them. Jon and I joke that the are our 4th child. 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ Now I just need some greenery.
Anyhow, here are the deets.
Coffee table
Canvas print

Timeline photos 05/03/2019

Do you ever feel guilty for feeling down or depressed? Or feel shame that you can’t just pray it away? This subject hasn’t been the most popular subject to talk about in the church. I have a confession. I have been a pretty bad bout of the blues lately. It is circumstantial. Some might consider petty, but they’re my feelings.
It can be crippling, make my mind feel foggy, and zaps the energy from me because I can’t sleep at night. Last night in particular I felt like I was on the verge of an anxiety attack. Life can feel so heavy you feel paralyzed with fear, and anxiety.
Just because we “feel” this way doesn’t mean God isn’t good. The clouds hide the sun, but that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t there. It’s in those times that we must CLING to the Lord and His truths, and not listen to the LIES that guilt and shame bring. As I’m walking through this overcast season, I want to truly grasp what the Lord is teaching me in this season.
If you’re dealing with these types of feelings, it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you, or that something is wrong with your faith. Faith is for people who are struggling as much as it’s for those who are seeing blessing in their lives. Surround yourself with people who love and encourage you. A “downcast spirit” as described in Proverbs tends to gravitate towards isolation. Press forward, so the next thing. Live moment by moment if you need to.

Photos from Lyssalovelee's post 05/01/2019

M A Y :: Friends, it’s May which means I have new goals I’m wanting to crush. What better way than to give you the benefits of helping me reach these goals. You might be wondering how exactly you get the benefits. Well, I’ve set up a hostess rewards party, and anyone who buys from that party will be entered to win the rewards. Once the rewards hit $200, I’ll close that one, pick a winner from that party and open a new one. Another way you can win rewards is by hosting your own party. The orders from your friends and family go into a party JUST FOR YOU. If you love free makeup, than this is for you!! We also have some great Mother’s Day deals that I included in this post. Please DM me if you have any questions!!


Nighttime skincare routine

Timeline photos 04/18/2019

This guy won’t post things like this, so I will. Tonight, while we were wrangling kids at Chick Fil A soaking up our last day of vacation with him, Jon left to get a refill. He was gone for a while, so when I turned around to see where he was I saw this.
This isn’t anything unusual. It happens a lot actually. It’s normal for serving in the community that we are part of. Pastoral ministry has been his heart’s cry for as long as I’ve ever known him. He lives and breathes shepherding people. He’s quite about what he does. He tolerates social media. He sees it as a tool, not a lifestyle. He gets overlooked a lot, but in all reality, all he does is for the Lord.
So when I see this it blessed me so much because I see his heart, but most importantly God sees his heart.

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