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Ramps are out in garden ! ( and Trillium ) almost time for ramp pesto ... ♡


Brown rice, black bean burrito bowl- I am going to make a bunch and freeze- easy meal while kids home from school- and healthy :)) And I have ton of cilantro and bell peppers that'll only keep so long in fridge , and I'm thinking LONG TERM ♡


Tomatillos... so many this year that piles remained on ground in garden.... Yum + essential for tortilla soup.. it"s soup weather!


Rice.. collard greens .. black eye peas...a southern kinda lunch... just missing pickled okra!


Nachos °•○° quick easy healthy lunch


Veggie Enchiladas-> Finished....but before I made it rain cilantro;) as pretty garnish topping!


Veggie Enchiladas tonight - pinto beans tomatillos, roasted kabocha squash, bell pepper, garlic + cheese w/ pineapple infused enchilada sauce!


Yum! I made kung pao chicken / from a serious eats recipe-- it is sooo good - as good as take out & actually better! 🥢🥡 I'll share recipe below later.. need to eat right now!!


Love this Blue Q tea towel... One of the many great they have...


Old school pan that was my grandmother's and quite possibly her mothers - It's probably Alluminum... and I get worried... @ leaching Metal - Alluminum= Alzheimer's ... but I take the chance every now & then w a quick trip to oven with a hon acidic or too absorbant food- Living on the EDGE LOL


🍺 our friend Rob knows his booze → barrel aged Berkshire Brewing scotch Ale


Bannana Bread made of wholewheat Graham flour... Sounds like it would TASte divine like a graham cracker... but umm no. Just fancy name for whole part of wheat. (I'll provide a more scientific explanation another time : like after I Google it :))


Totally Healthy breakfast! Lots of Fruit & a little slice of lemon tea cake, hey, lemon is a fruit too!


Acorn squash goes for a ride seeing the sights it never saw ....before the feast.


Orange you glad for the rainbow at your countertop/ fingertips ready for ANYTHING you may conjure up?!


Pops of color. Much needed and appreciated. It may now BE Spring, but the grey , dreary , drizzly landscape doesn't convey it-- But some flowers. a bright merrimekko bag & colorful public art make it right!


Winter food. Stewed chicken with multi colored carrots, collard greens , bell pepper a top brown rice.


Cooking Beans at Home, Leaving the Can Behind

Nothing like home cooked beans from scratch : ) Let’s get one thing straight.Canned beans are never going to be as good as home-cooked dried beans, no matter how many seasonings you add to your pot. They’re like any other convenience food: a wan simulacrum, fine in a pinch but never transcendent.You can do a whole lot better for not much more …


How to make the perfect burger: Oxford food scientist claims to have answer Oxford University chef says perfect burger is 7cm tall, should be eaten to music, given a name and should feel as good as it tastes


Love my Orange dutch oven. . September will bring many one pot wonders ..


Garlic scape & lactino kale pesto..perfect.rainy day lunch ...atop rigatoni


Amy's Eats's cover photo


Lunch ..continued...yah. I forgot to mention there's Farro in it favorite most satisfying go to grain ..up there w sweet brown rice ...and I put red globe w seeds ..grapes on too. For sweetness to offset the spicy !


Lunch is ready ! Chicken breast ..chick peas. Fresh Tumeric & ginger root. .. curry ..fresh cilantro and za 'tar spices atop...I'll add a dollop of side hill farm plain yogurt...and yum!!


Wood-Fired Oven & Antique Truck

So inspiring--love this ...I should aspire to be involved in such....I can think of a few people who'd be on board...anything is possible.... an old farm truck and a beautiful italian wood fired oven meet to bring delicious treats to you.


Romaine ..maple balsamic vinaigrette... avacado ..tomatoes


Raspberry tapioca ....yum


Serrano chillis warm a cold January night .. Serrano with garlic..lime juice ..Olive oil...---> cilantro beans ...and frozen corn cut from cob to be added....and voila a Mexican corn salad will be born !


Shephard' s pie..great for a Sunday night supper when there is slush outside. Jackson requested :))


Here's a great tip -/ along the lines of composting --
Take raw vegetable scraps that you'd normally compost -onion skins - pepper cores / ends etc. and put in a freezer bag -- then you have veggie bits ready for a vegetable broth / stock !


I'm going to cook up a bunch of lunch ( or dinners) tomorrow. Either chicken tikka masala ( Indian ) or chicken & cauliflower curry ( Indian) or ginger chicken w garlic and broccoli and edemame ( Asian) All with rice. What would you pick if you could have one ??
( could do chicken Parmesan too. For the Italian vibe. Lots garden fresh tomatoes )


I have space to take on a few new people -- starting this week and next ----meals delivered to you --local sourced food , organic when it can be , which is often, simple , wholesome food that tastes good and is good for you :))
This weeks menu below -- prices include containers and drop off / delivery. You can order a weeks lunches / dinners. Mix & match. Containers are freezable - ( microwaveable too if you need)
Special requests always can be done too. This is just what is already being cooked up in the kitchen -- on the slate. From farm to kitchen to your table ...or desk ....or picnic .. Or meal on the run driving .....


Amy's eats is starting up now that fall is here -- eating well made easy -- meals delivered to you ! Lovingly made from scratch using fresh local ingredients w a healthy yet yummy balance ----
One dish this week is : whole grain thin spaghetti and sautéed chicken breasts both with a garlic , creme and Parmesan sauce With garden fresh tomatoes and herbs atop.


Lunch -- chicken fried (brown) rice w pineapple - lemongrass - ginger - garlic- scallions & basil

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