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Building a business means that I get to live life on my own terms. 🌟

It enables me to be a positive impact in this world, to be a force for positive change, to speak about what I am passionate about, and to build the life of dreams, by helping others. 💞

“Forget all the reasons it won’t work and believe the one reason that it will.” - Unknown

If you've ever thought about living a life on your own terms, and are getting a little taste of it now while we are practicing social distance, send me a message or comment.


I never knew we had this day, but today is science fiction day, and here is a quote from Pope Benedict XVI.

"I would designate as science fiction in the best sense: they are visions and anticipations by which we seek to attain a true knowledge, but, in fact, they are only imaginations whereby we seek to draw near to the reality."


"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” —Thomas Jefferson

Maintainers 11/10/2019


Choose Wisley 🤔😉

Maintainers School trains people to work as maintainers. “The sculptures are all here in the gallery, make sure they are still here at the end of the shift… The floor is clean when you start, make …


Feel free to share if you relate!

Top of Mind: How Do You Find Motivation When You're Not Feeling It? 10/20/2019

Top of Mind: How Do You Find Motivation When You're Not Feeling It?

, how to get it back when you are not feeling it. 📚

Top of Mind: How Do You Find Motivation When You're Not Feeling It? 6 successful people share their advice on how to stay inspired


If money wasn't an issue, what would you be doing?


Dad. His title may be short, but his influence is long and powerful. Celebrate his loving presence in your life today and everyday!


Chris Gardner: The Pursuit of Happyness

Do you have a passion? What is it? I would love to hear it.


Today we pause to honor and remember the fallen heroes who have given their very lives to the service and protection of our nation.

Timeline photos 05/27/2019

Timeline photos

Freedom really isn't free, and we don't take it lightly. We are grateful for and honor those who have given all for us.

Opportunity costs just went up 01/28/2019

Opportunity costs just went up

What does opportunity really cost? Read and find out.

Opportunity costs just went up Every choice has a price. If you have $100 to invest and you buy this stock instead of that bond, the interest you gave up in making your choice is your opportunity cost. At the dinner buffet, you …

Timeline photos 10/31/2018

Timeline photos

Have courage in the face of fear!



Timeline photos 05/22/2018

Timeline photos

Successful people are simply those who kept pushing through failures...


So true...


Mentors Channel


#SUCCESSLive: Peter Diamandis

Do you have a purpose? What is it?

Timeline photos 12/01/2017

Do you want to leave a legacy for you children?

What will be your legacy?


Mentors Channel


According to the most recent U.S. census there are 310 Million people in USA. 150 Million Of those people work outside the home.

15,000,000 Americans are unemployed
15,000,000 Americans are underemployed.
That means that 30 Million Americans don't have a real job or business that makes them an honest living.

It gets worse.

According to a Gallup poll there are 18 Million people that report of having NO HOPE of finding a job, paying mortgage, providing for their family, OR even getting a JOB INTERVIEW.

This is yet more evidence of the extreme hunger of the soul that exists in the hearts of Americans, and the gap in the marketplace.

Are you one of them? Do you know someone? If so, we would need to talk.

• Statista - The Statistics Portal for Market Data, Market Research and Market Studies 01/22/2017

• Statista - The Statistics Portal for Market Data, Market Research and Market Studies


Retail e-commerce in the U.S.
Number of mobile retail shoppers in the U.S. 121 million
Mobile e-commerce sales in the U.S. $58.5 billon
Total retail e-commerce in U.S. $256 billion
Projected U.S. retail e-commerce for 2017, 340 billion

Total Global retail e-commerce last year was $1.55 Trillion
Projected Global retail e-commerce for 2019 is $3.4 Trillion

• Statista - The Statistics Portal for Market Data, Market Research and Market Studies Find statistics, consumer survey results and industry studies from over 18,000 sources on over 60,000 topics on the internet's leading statistics database


The reality of brick and mortar retail...Macy's announced the closing of 68 stores (including downtown mpls), 32 more are still to be named. The total of 100 store closings will take place by the end of spring 2017 effecting 10,000 employees. Are you or someone you know one of them? I may be able to help you! Send me a message with the best time to talk.

How to Confront Your Fear-Based Thoughts 10/19/2016

How to Confront Your Fear-Based Thoughts

Confronting you Fear Based Thoughts.

How to Confront Your Fear-Based Thoughts Stop letting the voice in your head keep you from achieving your dreams.


Have safe Memorial Day Weekend and take time to remember those we've lost, but also celebrate those that have fought and are still with us.

Timeline photos 03/16/2016

Timeline photos

Sometimes "later" becomes "never"! 😁 Multi-millionaire W. Clement Stone used to require his team to repeat 3 words constantly: "Do it NOW!"👊🏼 He believed Proverbs 23:7 "As a man THINKS in his heart, so does he BECOME"‼️Your mind will become motivated to CONQUER procrastination and take ACTION! Declare it today ➡️

Timeline photos 02/25/2016

You are right. ..

"Whether you THINK you CAN or think you CAN'T, you're right." ~ Henry Ford ➡️ Thinking precedes achievement! Matthew 9:29 ~ "Just as you have BELIEVED, let it be done to you.”👊🏼 ‼️


Your Setback Is Your Set Up

Your set back is a setup for a comeback!


The Shortcut To Success

Success Shortcuts. ...



Blaine, MN

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Lash Bar + Spa Lash Bar + Spa

I love everything from lash, skin & brow. Would love to share my passion by pampering you.

h.and.l_byalicia h.and.l_byalicia
11820 Ulysses St NE Unit 100
Blaine, 55434

Buff City Soap - Lexington - Blaine, MN Buff City Soap - Lexington - Blaine, MN
4190 108th Ave NE Suite 110
Blaine, 55449

Buff City Soap - fresh soap, handmade daily, so you can smell wonderful. Try our famous plant-based

Hair By Gabrielle Hair By Gabrielle
170 89th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN
Blaine, 55449-4672

beauty • h a i r • fashion hair colors • balayage • haircuts & waxing

Lash Beauty Bar LLC Lash Beauty Bar LLC
752 County Road 10 East
Blaine, 55434

Lashes services: Volumes- Hybrids- Classics. Located in Uptown Minneapolis, MN.

Designs by Kara- Cosmetologist/Artist Designs by Kara- Cosmetologist/Artist
784 County Road 10 NE
Blaine, 55434

I love to do anything artistic and that is why I love to do hair!

Leyla’s Bath Bomb Explosions Leyla’s Bath Bomb Explosions
Blaine, 55449

Leyla’s Bath Bomb Explosions is a newer, home based, business that is supporting a 6 year olds dre
11820 Ulysess St NE Suite 100
Blaine, 55343

Melanie LaHood | Owner | Licensed Esthetician lash extension services • brows • full body waxing

Purseabilities Purseabilities

Jamie Bullock, Monat Hair product--Shampoo dealer For all your welln

Gorgeous Hair by Anna Gorgeous Hair by Anna
11633 Ulysses Ln NE Suite 300
Blaine, 55435

See my work, new trends and fun information about hair!

Core Nutrition Core Nutrition
10611 Baltimore St
Blaine, 55449

Core Nutrition

Love Your Skin With Rodan + Fields by Steph C Love Your Skin With Rodan + Fields by Steph C

Looking for The #1 Skincare? .. We have found it!!!