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Welcome to kd aesthetics! With kd aesthetics, you can breathe easy. Our treatments are performed

We are more than your typical Med Spa, we are a boutique designed especially for you, convenience with a luxurious ambiance for all your aesthetic treatments.


ready, set, GLOW ✨

“Finally a product that has helped with the dark spots I developed in pregnancy. I have been struggling with dark spots since my pregnancy with my son 2 YEARS AGO. These pads are amazing.” - Amanda H.

The answer to many of your skincare problems, especially pigmentation. Tap to get your glow on 🤩🤩🤩



01: Exfoliate 2-3 times a week
— kd recs: skin polish

02: Use a vitamin c daily
— kd recs: glow up serum

03: Always wear spf
— kd recs: eternal summer

04: Quarterly microneedling treatments
— kd recs: Morpheus8 + Microneedling packages are 10% off all January

05: Tox
— kd recs: quarterly tox appointments

Five easy steps to get your skin to its optimal texture. Looking AND feeling smooth.

Which step will you be adding to your routine this year?!

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This treatment helps improve appearance of cellulite, improves hip dips and addresses any shape irregularities you have.

Madi has loved this treatment especially what it has done for her hip dips and cellulite — swipe to see for yourself.

Mini BBL (6 syringes) — $2500
Medium BBL (10 syringes) — $4000
Large BBL (20 syringes) — $7500

Schedule your consultation via link in bio, we would love to discuss your options with you 🍑

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We smile this big everyday but especially on the days we see you taking advantage of the January special 😁

This month get 10% off all microneedling and Morpheus8 packages. Save money now and use later. kd social klub members get 15% off 🥰

Swipe to see a beautiful Microneedling before and after. Notice improved texture, less redness, decreased scarring and improved pigmentation.

Give us a call to purchase or schedule via link in bio.

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Tox around the eyes not only helps with lines it also opens your eyes. This is great for those that come in and say they feel/look tired.

Schedule your tox appointment via link in bio, we can’t wait to treat you 💉🤍


If you aren’t traveling with this bag, what are you doing? knows how to pack for her weekend trips with our konfidence weekender.

Giveaway time — comment what makes you konfident, one winner will receive this tote!


If you aren’t traveling with this bag, what are you doing? knows how to pack for her weekend trips with our konfidence weekender.

Giveaway time — comment what makes you konfident, one winner will receive this tote!

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Sometimes all your lips need is a little tox.

Lip flip not only helps with a gummy smile, it helps build height on your top lip.

Next time you schedule your tox appointment, ask about the lip flip!


Self-care isn’t selfish — let us tell you about our “at home peel”, aka our bestie.

The weekly pad might just be the thing you need to change your skincare game this year.

Made with TCA to:
- reduce brown spots and age spots
- improve texture of skin
- fewer lines and wrinkles
- increased skin elasticity and hydration
- improves appearance of melasma

Tap to shop ⚡️



We are giving one laser hair package for underarms away! Here’s how to enter…

+ follow kd
+ tag 3 friends in individual comments
+ share post to your stories

Giveaway ends Sunday — get to tagging!!


Let us re-introduce ourselves.

We are KD.

We build konfidence.

We are approachable.

We are client centric.

We are educated.

We are your .

We offer services and skincare to meet you at your needs. We aren’t here for the fake stuff, we are here to build your konfidence and love yourself again. We strive to have you walk out our doors feeling like a refreshed version of yourself.

Thank you for trusting US with your face. We don’t take it lightly… you are the reason we get to do this everyday. We love you!

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Breaking down the serum trio 💧🍊🌙

We put these three products in a kit not just to save you money, but because they go hand in hand with each other.

If you are using a vitamin c serum and a retinol you for sure need to be hydrating your skin.

Swipe to read more about this trio and their key ingredients. Tap to shop — the savings on this kit is HUGE 🖤


“Thanking kd for boosting my confidence these last few months. They are all about enhancing rather than changing your natural beauty. Even though our partnership is coming to an end this week, this isn’t the last you’ll hear about them from me!!” -

This is exactly what we are about!! This testimony gives us all the feels, we love you Morgan 🤍

Drop a 🔥 if you want the chance to be a kd kreator!

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Winter dry skin is REAL but don’t worry, your skin besties have your back ❄️

This simple 5 step routine will get your skin back to its dewy, hydrated self.

This routine is full of hyaluronic acid, vitamin e, and squlane — research backed ingredients to hydrate your skin.

Tap to shop and get your skin back to its best version!



We asked Emily + Elizabeth what their skin goals are this year — and they answered!

Emily — “Focusing on my neck as well. I’m making sure to do my skincare routine on my neck to build collagen and keeping my neck looking as youthful as my face.”

Elizabeth — “I really want to focus on maintenance lumecca & micro needling treatments!”

What are you wanting to focus on this year in regards to skin goals?!

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The low down on one of our favorite treatments — Lumecca ✨

BENEFITS: quick + efficient, more powerful than most other IPL treatments on the mkt and more comfortable than other IPL treatments.

RESULTS: skin will look younger and brighten over time. Dark spots will fade and your skin dullness will go away — resulting in glowing skin and most importantly new collagen is formed!

DOWNTIME: little to no downtime

PRICE: $300+ (packages and single session listed in depth on our website)

SWIPE: to see the benefits IRL, one session only

Schedule your Lumecca appointment now, so you can understand what all the commotion is about!


It’s a new month and a NEW YEAR. So you know what that means…

A new special made just for you to reach your skin goals ✨ 10% off Morpheus8 (RF microneedling) packages and microneedling packages!

10% off for January // 15% off for KD Social Klub members 🤍

We can’t wait to see you in our chair this year, book via link in bio!

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Our laser room had an upgrade and we are in LOVE 🤍 Drop a if you have seen the new room!

Photos from KD Aesthetics's post 12/30/2022

Our laser room had an upgrade and we are in LOVE 🤍 Drop a if you have seen the new room!


Moisturizers are easy to look over and think you don’t need — but let us remind you, YOU NEED A GOOD MOISTURIZER 💦

A good moisturizer reduces skin problems. It can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Both extremes are harmful for skin and cause common skin conditions like acne.

Moisturizers like Whipped Kréme with hyaluronic acid are extremely effective at preventing wrinkles from forming or getting deeper.

Need a luxurious moisturizer? Tap to shop 💦🤍


Back in the office for a short week and ready to work some magic on you all before the new year. Come see us for your last minute tox or filler appointments 💉🤍



We know you all got gift cards and money to spend yesterday — so today is the day to SHOP.

Use code: kdoneday


Merry Christmas and happy holidays from our families to yours! We hope you enjoy the day with your loved ones 🎄🎁

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DAY 5 - Lumecca treatment ($300)

Enter to win by:
⚡️like this post
⚡️tag 5 friends in individual comments

Winner will be announced tomorrow morning!!

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+ silk pillowcase
+ mood setter candle
+ kd komb
+ kd scrunchie
+ kd krew socks
+ call it a night mask

Enter to win by:
⚡️like this post
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Winners announced tomorrow morning!!

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DAY 3 — win a lip flip ($150 value)

Enter to win by:
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Winner will be announced tomorrow morning!

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DAY 2 — new year glow with ready set glow pads ($154 value)

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kd discovery kit ($120 value)
+ mini skin drench
+ mini glow up serum
+ mini the weekly
+ mini whipped kréme
+ mini retinol 5x serum
+ kd skincare bag

3 people will win this, to be entered you must do the following:
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Bonus entry — follow us on tik tok

Winners announced this evening at 7pm ct 🤍


The kd silk pillowcase reigns superior. Not only will you sleep like an angel, it will:

+ help your skin retain moisture
+ help prevent wrinkles (it’s science)
+ give your skin a soothing relief

Shop now to have your sleep and skin changed all with a good night’s rest 🌙


FLASH SALE ⚡️ for all last minute shoppers!

Today only we are having a gift card special:
+ buy $100 get $25
+ buy $250 get $75
+ buy $500 get $125


Filler special (that we get asked about daily):
+ one syringe — $100 off
+ two syringes — $250 off
+ two+ syringes — $125 off each syringe


20% off skincare all weekend long starting today! Order this weekend to have them before Christmas 🎁


“My skin has never looked better, and I contribute that to ready, set, glow pads. They are worth every single penny”

Enough said.

Tap to purchase 🖤


Medical grade skincare is an investment — because it works. The ingredients that go into these products can help with most any skin issues you are having.

There are many reasons you can run to target and get hyaluronic acid for $30…

+ they don’t come with a consult from a professional
+ they aren’t as concentrated, meaning less active ingredients
+ the products don’t pe*****te like medical grade

Medical grade products are research backed and you get more bang for your buck. Stop wasting your money on products that don’t work! Invest in medical grade skincare and see the difference — we can help!


Getting ready for your holiday party? Here are 3 kd tips to make sure your skin looks it and feels its best!

1: use skin polish in the shower to scrub off any unwanted dead skin — also this will make your skin glow like no other and your products will absorb much better!

2: use eternal summer as your foundation — this will give you the most dewy finish. We guarantee you will be asked what skincare you use!

3: keep perfect pout and the kd komb in your purse for bathroom touch ups

Follow those 3 steps and you will feel prepared to walk in konfidently 🖤

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The ultimate gift guide for a kd Christmas 🎁

Have a hard friend to shop for? Send us a dm or drop us a comment, we can help you out!

Photos from KD Aesthetics's post 12/11/2022

The ultimate gift guide for a kd Christmas 🎁

Have a hard friend to shop for? Send us a dm or drop us a comment, we can help you out!


GIVEAWAY — Make sure you enter this giveaway today for a chance to win $100 kd gift card!


We just want to take a moment to honor our front desk team. They are working so hard during these busy holiday months and you truly wouldn’t even know it. They are unfazed by the madness 🤍

We love and appreciate you so much Martina and Lainie! Show your love below!



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