Sultry Slays Artistry

Sultry Slays Artistry


Hi I'm interested in wedding makeup, please pm me when you have time :)
Makeup look done by Alexandrea

Morphe palette 35B for eye look

I am a local Makeup Artist serving the Branson/Branson West area! I am at Belle Haven Beauty Studio in Branson West but I am willing to travel for occasions! ♡

Operating as usual


It's coming up quick! Get at me 💋 #letmedoyourmakeup

It's coming up quick! Get at me 💋 #letmedoyourmakeup

Photos from Sultry Slays Artistry's post 01/21/2021

Today was the first day at the salon!! You can soon start booking appointments with me through Belle Haven Beauty Studio! 💋


#merrychristmaseve #fittingfor2020ithought #burntwrappingpaper


Personal makeup looks 😊


I rrreeeeaaaalllllyyyyy need to catch up on posting!! Here's a recent simple look I did on myself, stay tuned though... a "Christmas" look is in the works soon!! 😁🎄❄


Sultry Slays Artistry


Living with anxiety is like being followed by a voice... it knows all your insecurities and uses them against you. It gets to the point when it's the loudest voice in the room. The only one you can hear. You know it's ridiculous and that you should just brush it off. But that's where the disorder really kicks in. Suddenly the small thing is very big and it keeps growing in your head, flooding your chest and trying to escape from under your skin. You know with all your heart that you're being ridiculous, but you cannot stop yourself from it... and you hate every single second of it.

To anyone struggling with anxiety/depression, I get it. 🖤


For all the guys who constantly tell girls they need to smile more... #chelseasmile #howsthatsmileforya 🖤💋


Went out of my comfort zone the last few days and used some bright colors 💎 not hating it! #brightlooks #smokeyeyes #cutcrease


Just some random looks for ya 💋 Loving my new phone camera, really shows better details than my old one did! 💞 11/24/2019

It's that time of year again!! I am wanting to do something special to give back for the holidays, so this year from now until Christmas Eve, I will be running a special to do a full face of makeup for ONLY $30!! Any event you have where you want to glam up, I'm here for ya! Message me for more information ❤ Happy Holidays!! 🎄🎀


I forgot to post the last few days of my #30daymakeupchallenge 😬 so here is day 4-8 all at once! #scatterbrain #lovingthemall


#30daymakeupchallenge day 3! 💙 #popofcolor #accentliner #basicwithatwist


Day 2 of the #30daymakeupchallenge 💞 #greysmokeyeye #lineronpoint


Doing a 30 day makeup challenge this week with my girl Whitney! This is day 1's look she picked for me 🥰 loving it so far!! #30daymakeupchallenge #makeuplover #burgundysmokeyeye


Long time no talk peeps!! I have been way too busy with work and family life lately, but I am going to try and be doing more looks and posting more from now on! Sorry for the long absence :( I am still here for everyone's makeup needs!! Just shoot me a message :)


Sorry I've been MIA guys! Been super busy with work and life lately, but hopefully soon I can get back into makeup more (and get a better camera)! Here's a look I managed to make time for yesterday! 😙

[02/06/18]   Hey everyone! Quick update, I am working on getting a few more supplies, and once I have them I can start setting up appointments for people. Prom is just around the corner! *hint hint* 😁💋

[01/27/18]   Information on all Services offered and Pricing is now up! :) still working on the final touches, and also working on some more makeup looks!

[01/27/18]   Just wanted to let everyone know that I am currently working on a price guide for the makeup looks and events I will do. Please bare with me in the next few days as I put the final touches on everything. Thank you for your patience!! 😊

[01/24/18]   Well everyone, I finally did it! This page will be for anyone who would like me to help them with their makeup, do special events, or makeup for any occasion!! More photos and information to come, bare with me as I am still working on creating this page! :)



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