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We are a salon that caters to our clients. We have economical friendly prices, and stay up-to-date with all styles and color. The world of hair design is constantly changing, and evolving. We do whatever it takes to not just keep up with it.. But to stay ahead. So call and make your appointment with either one of our stylists: Audrey, Karen, or Rockin Robi! (989)842-3536

She loves her new haircut! -Robi

[12/31/12]   Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year! -The Hair Parlor

[12/14/12]   Hair tips 101. Topic: Malibu'ing in order to lighten previous color. IF you you have previously colored your hair and it's too dark, There's 2 ways to lighten it or remove color build up. Either bleach it to a lighter level than color it. (Which is more damaging) Or you can Malibu your hair. (Which is not damaging.) Now a Malibu is NOT 100% guarentee'd to lighten your previous color treated hair. But if you colored you hair recently, the color will most likely fade with a Malibu. You will also most likely see a better lightening result if you've had lighter colors put in your hair within the last 2 years or so. Your hair only grows so much a year, so if you've lightened with color or bleached your hair within that last 2 years or so, (Even if you can't see it because you've colored over it) than that color is still there a few inches or so down from your new growth. It's just hidden under your recent color. So come on in and get your Malibu. For only $20! (989)842-3536 ~Rockin Robi

[12/07/12]   Having fun with the girls. Come on in and join the fun! Call (989)842-3536 for your appointment! Or just stop in and say hi :-)

[11/21/12]   Call. For your appointment with Rockin Robi today. She will be here till 3pm!

25% off all scarfs this week only! So come on in before the sale ends! :)

[11/20/12]   Hair tips 101: Topic= How to Shampoo and condition your hair? (what you may not know)

What is shampoo meant for?
To Clean/cleanse your hair. To remove dirt, oils, and build-up. It also removes the moisture and protein your hair and scalp naturally accumulates.
When applying shampoo make sure you rub it into your hands good, than apply it to your scalp and scrub throughout your hair. This helps you use less shampoo :)
But.. Now your hair is left with it's cuticle open, and no moisture or protein. In order to close the cuticle and restore the moisture and protein, you MUST use a conditioner!

What is conditioner meant for?
To restore the moisture and protein that the shampoo removes while cleansing your hair. Conditioner closes your cuticle while locking in the moisture and protein, leaving your hair stronger and healthier.
How to apply??
After shampooing, start with a little bit of conditioner and rub it in your hands. Than apply it to the ENDS of your hair FIRST, than run in up to your scalp. (This helps you use a lot less conditioner) Conditioner is meant for your hair, not your scalp. If you apply it at you scalp 1st the conditioner will stick to your skin, and will NOT spread easily. That causes you to use even more conditioner. But conditioner easily and evenly spreads throughout your hair :)

Do NOT use the shampoo & conditioner combo. Because the shampoo and conditioner end up cancelling each other out. They can't both do their jobs with the other product interfering at the same time. Those products DON'T work.

Long story short... Shampoo cleans, conditioner restores. Try these methods to see if you use less product :)
And please feel free to comment for any other related questions.
~Rockin Robi

[11/18/12]   Hair tips 101: Topic= Malibu treatments

What is a Malibu? It is a treatment meant to remove build-up from your hair such as: Well/hard water, Chlorine, product, color, and environmental smog build-up.

It is not meant as a color remover, but it could depending on how recent you colored your hair, or how damaged it may be.

Just because you have a water softener, it DOES NOT mean you are not getting the well water build-up in your hair. All a water softener does is filter out most minerals, but not all. It slows down the build-up process, so you will need fewer Malibu treatments. But you still need them!

What build-up comes from your well/hard water?
Iron, lime, calcium, and sulfur are the main minerals that can manipulate your hair, and not in a good way.

You may ask yourself this easy question.. What does my well/hard water do to my dishes, clothes, bath tub, sink, or toilet? Whatever answer you come up with, is the same answer it does to your hair.

Well/hard water can and will leave your scalp dry, your hair brassy, dry, and brittle. it can also prevent your color, perm, or other chemical services from developing correctly.

How does a malibu work?
After shampooing your hair with a clarifying shampoo and the malibu solution is mixed with hot water, we vigorously scrub it into your hair.
You will then go under the dryer (well/hard water, or chlorine build-up=45 mins. Softened water, color, or product build-up =35-45 mins) The reason why the processing time is so long is because the heat opens up your hair cuticle. The Malibu enzymes need the cuticle open in order to penetrate the hair, and it needs the time to attach to the mineral build-up. Once we rinse it out, the malibu enzymes take the build-up with it! But.... your cuticle is still open because we just super cleaned your hair.

In order to close your cuticle, you'll need a protein treatment. But don't worry! It's only another 10 mins under the dryer. You ABSOLUTELY need to protein treatment after a malibu. Otherwise, your cuticle is left open leaving it dry, and brittle. The protein treatment will fill your cuticle with protein and moisture leaving your hair stronger, and healthier.

If getting a color, you need to malibu first, color second, and protein treatment last. (Protein treatment may block color)

How do I keep up with my recently malibu'd hair at home?
For natural (non-colored hair), or blonde/white/grey hair: Shampoo your hair with Clarifying shampoo, and use a moisturizing conditioner afterwards.
If you colored your hair a medium/dark color. Clarifying shampoo will make your color fade quicker. So The only solution is to use a gentle cleansing/color treated shampoo. And repeat your malibu treatment within a week before your next color.

Always get your malibu treatments within a week before your next color or perm service, NEVER directly after. You may and up undoing your chemical service.

So come on in to The Hair Parlor where we offer the malibu treatment for only $20! And in includes the protein treatment!

fell free to comment if you have any more questions about malibu's! ~Rockin Robi

[11/16/12]   We will be closed tomorrow the 17th. However, Rockin Robi will be available for appointments if needed. So please send a message with your # if you need your hair done :)

Showin off their hair cuts :) ~Rockin Robi

[11/15/12]   Please feel free to post pictures of your new haircuts/colors! We would love to see them on our page :)

new haircut!

new little mans new haircut! Gotta love his pose! ~Rockin Robi

Thank you Wendy for keeping me busy today! ~Rockin Robi

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Perfect for holiday shopping!

[11/15/12]   Welcome to the new site for The Hair Parlor! I know the wall is still bare, but we will be posting more pictures as soon as possible. If you would like to set up an appointment, or have any questions about our services. Please feel free to call (989)842-3536 :)

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