Bespoke Beauty by Courtney

Bespoke Beauty by Courtney


Thank you so much for always making me look amazing when I leave your chair ❤️
If I actually did something with my hair, this would be my dream!!
I got my lash lift booked!! I'm so excited. See you on the 31st!
Maybe this next time? ☺️
Bespoke Beauty IS Too Much of a Good Thing.
can we 😆
My hair still feels like friggin silk lol! You’re the best ☺️

Bespoke Beauty is a private, fully licensed and insured boutique home based salon. Each appointment is reserved specially for you! Please check out my website to set up an appointment or to check availability and pricing.

All new color clients or those clients I have not seen in six months or more, please send me a private message to consult. I strive to respond to each and every inquiry personally and within 24 hours.

Operating as usual

Photos from Bespoke Beauty by Courtney's post 02/28/2022

A fellow stylist has been coming to me for a black to blonde transformation. She’s so fun, smart, and beautiful that I’m flattered she chose me for this journey.

I didn’t get an accurate before picture… but here is our beginning, middle and end phase so far ❤️


Bespoke Beauty by Courtney

If you’re new here, this is some general information about my salon

✨I am a home based full service salon. I have a private entrance, and the salon is separate from my home. I am fully equipped to pamper you as a business professional

✨3395 W Birch Run Road Burt MI 48417 is my address. Upon booking an appointment you will receive a welcome message providing detailed directions on where to park and enter.

✨I am a blonding specialist and offer hand tied/beaded weft extensions, as well as Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatments. This means all my appointments are booked for 2-6 hours.

✨I do not offer haircut only or other short appointments to NEW clients. As a blonding specialist my schedule is reserved for color, extensions, and smoothing treatments or a combo of those services.

✨During your color appointment I do offer facial waxing, brow waxing, and upgraded conditioning treatments. I do not offer these services alone to NEW clients.

✨I am accepting new clients for the above services only. A virtual consultation is necessary to determine if we are a good fit

✨Your color appointment is all inclusive; which means Olaplex, toner, protein treatment, hydrating mask, and hair cut with blow out is included in your new appointment package.

✨I use Square for secure payment processing. I accept all major credit/debit cards, and cash.

✨I do no accept other forms of payment such as Venmo, cash app, check.

Bespoke Beauty by Courtney Send a message to learn more.

Photos from Bespoke Beauty by Courtney's post 02/19/2022

Going platinum is a process. The gold tones in the mid shaft of the hair is old color from when we added lowlights last year.

This was 4 hours of work and a lot of bleach, hair masks, and one toner. Her hair felt pretty darn good when we were done. This tells me it is possible to bleach again in the future.


Going lighter is a process. There are two factors that determines how fast we get there… your hair history and your budget (⏳+ 💰).

DM me to determine your hair journey.

Photos from Bespoke Beauty by Courtney's post 02/17/2022

The salon is getting a new look!

I’m so excited to make some improvements to my equipment and the atmosphere.

I am also shopping a small sideboard to serve coffee and champagne 🥂


Happy Valentines Day to each every one that follows me.

This was always one of my favorite holidays. I loved giving cards to all my classmates. I remember I would choose my favorites for the people I thought were cute 🥰

The candy and cookies from the parents that had it together were great, too ❤️😂

It’s a little late to let me primp and polish you for this event, but my books are open. Please message me for a virtual consultation.


Enjoying paradise for a few days ☀️

I will be back in the Salon February 15th ❤️


It’s almost that time! Jk. I love Valentine’s Day, and any holiday for that matter. 🤪

A few salon updates: my permanent hours will be Tuesday-Friday 9am-4pm.

Saturdays may be available upon request to established clients 10am-2pm. This day is not on my booking site. These spots will be available at a premium rate.

I AM accepting new color clients. I hope to have my updated website published with packages and services, soon ❤️

Photos from Bespoke Beauty by Courtney's post 01/27/2022

We did the chop chop! ❤️


This photo is making the rounds again.

When you ask for a trim what number do you expect the stylist to take off? 🤔

I will give my answer in the comments 😈


I have decided to continue offering facials for the time due to the popularity with my guests.

If you’d like to book, please message me directly so I can find the best time on my schedule to pamper you

All facials include:

Double cleanse
Chemical skin resurfacing
10 minute LED treatment
Two masks
Lymphatic massage
Finishing serums and moisturizer

Extractions if needed upon request.


I am accepting limited appointments on Saturdays from 10am-2pm. I have not added to online booking.

If you’d like one message me directly.

Also, turn the temps down 🔥


Sometimes life happens and results in a 15 week grow out on these hand tied extensions 🤯

• healthy scalp
• no hair matting
• no breakage

We were good to go for reinstall, color melt, and partial hilights!

I know extensions can be intimidating. I walk you through the process of maintenance, investment, and what you can expect. They look crazy, but once we refreshed her color this hair was popping once again. 🍾

Also, this client has been wearing this hair just under one year. Her natural hair is as long as the weft, and healthy! We both agreed the extra volume is addicting though ☺️

For basic pricing information check out the services tab here ➡️ then contact me for a consultation.


By popular demand I will continue offering lash lifts!

I have raised the price to $75 which includes optional tint, lash Botox, and some other fun stuff If needed 🖤

You can book 24/7 here:

Photos from Bespoke Beauty by Courtney's post 01/15/2022

Fresh extension install, but make it brunette. ✅

Your extensions are completely customizable without buying new hair.


Custom weft extensions

Below is a custom colored 20 inch Bellami machine tied weft to add length and volume.

I also treated with BrazilianBlowout for 12 weeks of frizz free hair.

I love offering my signature Bespoke experience to my lovely guests ❤️

Photos from Bespoke Beauty by Courtney's post 01/11/2022

Four years ago today, I turned this hot mess express (the hair not the person) into shiny healthy happy hair.

She box dyed and used and abused these tresses. I stripped as much color out as possible (without using bleach) to create an even canvas. We could have done so much to give her a bespoke look.

I toned it darker a few days later per her request, and never saw her again.

I worked really hard. Used my knowledge, tools, and expensive products for hours.

Moral of the story. Not everyone is a fit for me. I reached a point in my career I’m discerning on who I accept as a client. I am even beginning to charge my worth!

With me, you get the best. The best products and technologies on the market. And, my personal best to make your hair bombshell, movie star worthy. All from my little studio in Burt ⭐️


I added hair extension pricing to my current website while I build the new one!

Also, February books are open. Check them out here


I don’t always get to do a TRUE balayage which is painted on the surface of the hair.

My client wanted a warm blonde ombré. So we 🎨!

Reminiscing about learning this technique for the first time, and how hard I would concentrate while I practiced on my mannequin ❤️


Now that my husband is officially RETIRED 🎉

I’m thinking of opening a Saturday or two a month. It would be a short day.

Is this helpful seeing I do not offer evening appointments? (This won’t be changing! I’m set in my ways 😅)


I’m fighting a stomach bug today 🥺 I had to clear my schedule until I get this under control! I will get to everyone as soon as I kick it ❤️


I have limited booking appointments to January only! Planning a little tropical getaway in February. One of resolutions is to decompress more often🏝

What are your goals for 2022?


Facebook won’t let me post a poll on my biz page 😟

Can you answer yes or no on comments. Even if you are not my client.

Are Lash Lifts a service you have done or interested in?


Last hair until after Christmas 🎄

When it looks so good it’s almost fake 😝


Every single color appointment with me includes OLAPLEX, a conditioning hair mask, and a beautiful blowout or beach waves.

This is because I want you to have happy healthy hair! ❤️


Hot tip ☕️

When looking for hair inspo photos to show your stylist, follow these guidelines:

• length is similar to your own when choosing a new color. It’s amazing how much more blonde a client can look with 12 extra inches of hair on their head

• texture. Often over looked, but so so important. If you have coarse or curly hair, find a model/photo of a person that represents you! The color or cut is going to look so different. And vice versa for fine hair.

• maintenance. When you change your look it may need to be styled differently or often/every day. Especially if you add lots of layers. Or maybe you love a platinum blonde. Be prepared for monthly touch ups so you don’t turn into a color correction.

I’m here to help you decide what looks best based on your unique head of hair and your desired routine. Being realistic is a huge help to me or any stylist ❤️


Just a little collage of blondes I’ve done this year. They are all different, but all beautiful.

Please keep an open mind when changing your color. The starting canvas whether natural virgin hair, or color treated, play a factor in your outcome.

What you admire on one person may clash with your complexion, and eye color, or may just not be achievable.


Along with my rebranding of the salon I am making many changes to optimize your experience/future appointments.

I will be accepting only clients that fit in line with my vision, artistry, and what I do best. This includes limiting service availability. I won’t have an option to book “short” appointments such as eyebrow shaping or hair cuts, online. This will still be available to CURRENT clients that I see on a regular basis, but will be booked personally by me. I will discuss this with you in person at your next visit.

My goal is to have a new website up and running by Valentines Day 2022. There will be an intake form for seamless consultations if you wish to refer someone or inquire about a first time appointment ❤️

This is the best way for me to reach everyone at this time. As things evolve I will have more details. Love you all- Courtney


I have a two hour spot open this Tuesday, December 14th.


Even when you’re tired or overwhelmed you show up, then, sometimes, magic happens ✨

Love my clients and my work


I am currently inviting new clients to my private one-on-one studio.

I specialize in blonding and hand tied extensions.

Olaplex, conditioning mask, and toner is ALWAYS included with your appointment as well as a personalized hair cut and style that last for days.

Additional services such as brow and facial waxing are available while your color processes.

All new guests receive a complimentary care package to maintain the health of their hair.

Send me a DM to consult about your beauty needs 💕


Who else is still recovering from Thanksgiving!? Holidays are so busy, but so worth it ❤️

If you are in need of a touch up… I have many 1 hour appointments available in December.

I only have Wednesdays open for longer 3-4 hour makeovers.



Before my post gets lost, I want to thank my clients and followers for my most successful year yet.

My sales have been up over 100% this year. A lot of you are returning clients. So, you have seen me grow as a beauty professional.

I promise to continue to do my best, and never stop learning.

For those I have yet to meet… I promise bigger and better things are in store for 2022. I hope you join me in the near future.

Much love. ❤️ Courtney

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Bespoke Beauty is a private home based full service salon.

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