Inspiring Health by April Fawcett

Inspiring Health by April Fawcett


Thank you April for my bath salts. They're wonderful.

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Inspiring Health by April Fawcett's cover photo


Inspiring Health by April Fawcett's cover photo


I’m seeing so much anger, judgement, and hatred right now. I know we all have our own opinions based on our own knowledge and backgrounds, but instead of lashing out at people with different views, let’s speak up with kindness. Love one another during this crazy time. #kindness #kindnessmatters #jesus #love #loveothers #loveotherswell #corona


Thankful for the sun shining on my face ☀️
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DAY 3: Eliminate Toxins in Personal Care Products​​​​​​​ & Cosmetics

​​​​​​​This is one of the least-known yet biggest problems when it comes to harming our immune system. Our skin literally absorbs much of what we put on it -- including the chemicals in cosmetics that are designed to be absorbed!

Unlike foods that we eat that go through filters -- your liver and kidneys -- to eliminate toxins, the toxins we apply to our skin go straight into our bloodstream and the organs in our bodies.

The average woman uses 12 personal care products each day which contains an average of 168 different chemicals. The U.S. has banned only 11 ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products. The European Union isn’t much better, banning only 1385 ingredients. To put that into perspective, there are over 90,000 ingredients out there and less than 5% of those have ever been tested for safety!

So many of these ingredients are known carcinogens and endocrine-disruptors that can wreak havoc on hormones (over 200 such potential endocrine-disruptors have been identified in use in U.S. cosmetics and personal care products.)

Many of these chemicals in products are included precisely to be long-lasting and deeply penetrating and as we apply these cosmetics to our skin day after day, it's rather obvious how concerning this really is. This creates a body burden, an accumulation of toxins, and we won’t know exactly when our body will feel the physical impact.

Many “safer” product lines are marketed as safe but are not truly safe. They still contain many toxins that you want to avoid to protect your health. They give us a false sense of reassurance, while they continue to do harm.

I use a line that’s COMPLETELY toxin-free, unlike anything else on the market and it brings me such peace of mind!

Let’s take away some of the stress that our immune system is encountering right now.

TAKE ACTION: Switch to truly toxin-free products - all at once or one at a time...just start somewhere. Start with the products that you use most often - skincare regimen, shampoo & conditioner, soap, body lotion, laundry detergent, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, etc.

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[03/23/20]   How adorable! Anyone know what kind of dog this is?

[03/23/20]   Let’s brighten our a photo in the comments that makes you smile!


DAY 2: Eat a Healthy Diet

It is crucial right now! What makes up a healthy diet? Eat plenty of veggies, fruits, herbs, and spices EVERY DAY. Avoid processed foods (fast foods and food from a box) and sugar. If you are congested or are dealing with post nasal drip, cut out dairy completely for the time being because it is a mucus producing food.

TAKE ACTION: Eat the rainbow every day! Your goal is to eat a fruit or veggie from every color of the rainbow each day. Here are some of our favorites…

🍎 Red/Pink - beets, cherries, cranberries, pink grapefruit, radishes, raspberries, red apples, red grapes, red bell peppers, red potatoes, strawberries, tomatoes, tomato sauce, watermelon

🍊 Orange/Yellow - acorn or butternut squash, cantaloupe, carrots, corn, grapefruit, lemons, mangoes, oranges, orange bell peppers, peaches, pineapple, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, yams, yellow bell peppers

🥬 Green - artichokes, asparagus, avocados, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, celery, collard greens, cucumber, green beans, green cabbage, green onions, kale, kiwi, limes, romaine lettuce, spinach, zucchini

🍌 White - bananas, cauliflower, garlic, mushrooms, onion, potatoes, turnips

🍆 Blue/Purple - blackberries, blueberries, red cabbage, dates, plums, prunes, raisins

Many of us are soothing our stress, sadness, and boredom with comfort foods and desserts, which suppress the immune system. Dark chocolate (72% or higher) is a dessert that’s high in antioxidants and a healthier option.

I make only simple recipes, mostly plant-based. I’ll put a few of my favorites in the comments. I’d love for you to add some of your own! Let’s inspire one another to stop comfort-eating and fuel our bodies with healthy food instead!

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I find it strange and really disheartening that we’re not hearing much about the main ways people compromise their immune systems and how we can boost our immune systems during this crucial time. It’s important to wash our hands and follow the social distancing protocol, but there is MUCH more we can do to protect ourselves from getting this virus and fighting it off.

So I will be posting a new way to protect yourself each day over the next couple of weeks. Some are super easy to change and some require discipline and motivation. With each new immune-boosting recommendation, rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 (1 means not doing it at all and 10 means you’re rocking it) then try to step yourself closer towards 10 each day.

A little about us...My family is rarely sick. Our daughters are 15 and 12 and have NEVER needed an antibiotic for illness. We live out the practices that I’m going to share with you over the next couple of weeks and I believe that is why our bodies are strong enough to fight off the viruses and bacteria that others around us are battling regularly.

Our immune system is how our body fights off COVID-19 and all pathogenic viruses, bacteria, toxins, funghi, etc. Now, more than ever, we need to boost our immune systems. There are some simple, straightforward actions that can be taken. So here you go!

Day 1 - Are you currently on a Vitamin D3 supplement (aside from what’s included in your multivitamin)? Vitamin D3 is one of the most important ways we can protect ourselves from colds, flu, and viruses including COVID-19 (and many diseases like cancer, neurological diseases, and much more).

If you haven’t been supplementing this winter (or getting out each day without sunscreen in warm climates) then you are likely deficient in vitamin D. Here are some suggestions for boosting your vitamin D levels...

TAKE ACTION: The best way to get vitamin D is from the sun. If you are fortunate to live somewhere warm, go out into the midday sun WITHOUT sunscreen for 15 minutes a day to absorb the vitamin D. I live in Indiana, so right now even on a sunny day UVB radiation from the sun will likely not be enough for vitamin D synthesis to occur so I need to supplement. Research suggests taking 5,000 IU of D3 per day for most adults. I am currently taking 10,000 IU per day, because of the COVID-19 threat and it’s winter. According to cancer expert Chris Wark in response to this coronavirus, ”if you haven't been taking vitamin D3, it could be helpful to take one large weekly dose of 50,000 IU in addition to daily doses of 10,000-20,000 IU to get your blood levels over 50 ng/ml faster (a blood level of 60-80 ng/ml is ideal for cancer prevention).”

For kids, or anyone who can’t swallow pills, I suggest vitamin D3 drops. Give your kids a lower dose than you take, based on their weight. If they weigh half of what you weigh, give them half as much D3. My youngest daughter weighs about 60 lbs and is currently taking 5000 IUs each day (October through May).

There is no way of knowing how much vitamin D3 is exactly right for you over the long term without a blood test, so after this pandemic has passed, be sure to talk with your doctor so that your levels will always stay in a healthy range.

*See the comments for a couple research studies

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Inspiring Health by April Fawcett's cover photo


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The netti pot is the best solution I’ve ever found for congestion and post nasal drip. This (and consistent nose blowing) is how we prevent coughs in our house!

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What robs you of peace? Your health? Busyness? Overwhelm? Negative people in your life? #peace #peaceofmind #inspiration #faith #livelife #liveyourbestlife #inspiringhealthyliving #inspiringhealthandjoy


Pure Haven

Have you ever used charcoal products before? Check out these charcoal detox products that are only available in March!

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Available for a limited time only, through March 31, 2020, or while supplies last: pure haven charcoal toothpaste with prebiotics and charcoal bar soap! Contact your pure haven Consultant to get yours today!

For details on these products and our March specials, visit



Each day is a gift and today is a bonus gift! How will you spend it?
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Snowing again! It’s cold, but beautiful!
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I can remember a time when I used to DREAD Monday mornings! I’m so thankful that’s in the past! 💕


The peaceful scent of lavender in your bathroom 💜

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9 head-to-toe moisturizing hacks using argan oil

Have you discovered this gem? Moroccan Argan Oil and it’s many uses for hair, skin, lips, nails and more!

• I apply it to my scalp and wet hair after a shower to moisturize and protect my hair from the damaging effects of the heat from my hair dryer and flat iron or curling iron.

• I rub it into my cuticles and nails to strengthen and moisturize.

#dryskin #hydrate #strongnails #heatprotection #shinyhair 9 head-to-toe moisturizing hacks using argan oil Suffering with dry skin is no joke. In addition to the appearance of dry, cracking skin, there’s also the itch. Itchy skin can be extremely uncomfortable and hard to resist scratching, which is likely to lead to... #arganoil #bodycare #drywinterskin 02/06/2020

February 2020 Lavender Catalog

Do you 💜 lavender? Did you know...lavender can help relax your mind and body and help promote sleep? 💜😴💜

Give yourself and everyone you 💜 a sweetly-scented lavender gift this Valentine's Day! Lavender products are available in February only - get them while they last!

PLUS get a FREE lavender room/bathroom/linen spray with your $95 purchase! See the comments for more info!

#lavender #sleep #bettersleep #relaxation #valentinesday #valentinesdaygift #giftideas Fresh, Natural, Organic Lavender scented products - bringing the fresh air of Provence in springtime...into your home. 100% toxin free products to protect your health.


Do fragrances ever give you a headache? My husband can be resistant to change and he’s always used Irish Spring soap, so he continues to use Irish Spring soap despite the fact that I get sweetly smelling, nontoxic soap for free! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Well he bought a new variety this time and he got an instant headache from the smell of this soap! The same thing happened to me when I got into the bathroom where it was used. Even the empty box in the garbage can had such a strong headache-inducing smell.

These synthetic fragrances can cause migraines, asthma attacks, nausea, dry eyes, difficulty concentrating, and be contributing to hormone disruption over the long-term. I’m glad the stuff is now out of my house!



So…for real…when is the last time you went on vacation? Do you have one coming up?

I LOVE to travel, for work and just for fun! In the past I ALWAYS forgot something. So I'm sharing a PACKING LIST, which has saved the day!

You can:
1. Download your very own packing list
2. Print it:!AkYgT2PVhSEHlRPeno4nAe5ka8lG?e=Z5dHJH
3. And put some copies in your suitcase

What is one thing you ALWAYS forget?

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Inspiring Health by April Fawcett's cover photo 01/30/2020

Sunscreen chemicals have higher concentrations in blood than threshold

Did you know that the sunscreen you use on yourself and your family can be linked to health issues? Want to know a simple way to protect yourself? Read on...

There is little to no regulation in the beauty industry, so WE have to take control to protect our health. This is SO important, please SHARE!

⚠️”One chemical at its highest level was 180.1 ng/mL, which is 360 times above the threshold”

⚠️”Each ingredient was above the threshold seven days after sunscreen was applied and two were above the threshold 21 days after application”

When we apply it to our skin it is absorbed into our bloodstream in as little as 26 seconds and is STAYING in our system. This DOES affect our health! These toxins build up in our systems over time and we don't know how they will affect us or when we might see the physical impacts.

Never fear, there are safe sunscreens. The ONLY declared safe ingredients for sunscreen 🌞 are non-nanoparticle zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These provide a physical barrier to prevent sunburn.

Even better, seek the shade during peak hours, wear a hat/rash guard/cover up to prevent burning, and apply sunscreen only when necessary.

#protectyourhealth #sunscreen #safesunscreen #sunscreensafety #naturalsunscreen #springbreak #nontoxicliving #antiaging #inspiringhealthandjoy A new study tested six of the main active ingredients in sunscreen lotions and sprays and found they had had higher concentrations in the blood than the Food and Drug Administration's threshold.


CHALLENGE #6: The kid’s bedrooms

Oh boy. You don’t want to do this while your kids are home. This is better left a secret a mission. Whether your kids are toddlers or teenagers…they’re better off not knowing what’s going down. HA!

We’re going to tackle the kid’s rooms. Here’s a checklist to get you started:

✔️Broken toys: throw those bad boys away

✔️Toys they no longer play with: donate them to local churches, a family friend who would love them, or even childcares or YMCA’s

✔️Toys & games with missing pieces: TRASH!

✔️Clothing: go through closets and drawers and donate what doesn’t fit

✔️Stained clothing: get rid of it or have a box labeled for “getting dirty” days

✔️Shoes: donate them

✔️Broken crayons or markers without tops: toss them

✔️Remove any stickers and crayon marks that have been placed on furniture or walls: yeah…this might take awhile

#inspiringhealthandjoy #declutter #organize


Pure haven's revolutionary skin care system

I have several friends in this quick video giving some amazing testimonials! The future of skincare is here and better than ever! Try it for 60'll be so thankful you did!

👊conquering acne
👋 see you later fine lines and wrinkles
😴 tired eyes and dark circles eliminated
💦 hello hydrated skin - no more dry, dull skin
☀️ radiant, glowing skin
✨life-changing results
💯 toxin free
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Pure haven's revolutionary skin care system with pre+probiotics is changing lives across the country, providing anti-aging properties for a glowing, confidence-boosting…


💔 If I gave my kids a teeny, tiny bit of antifreeze everyday, would that be ok? ...I used to!

💔 What if I let them drink just a smidge of a Neurotoxin each day? ...They did.

💔 What if let them smoke a cigarette just once a day? What if it’s second-hand smoke? ...Sometimes they did multiple times a day.

💔 Would it be ok if I let them apply Roundup on their hands to sanitize them? ...We did every time we left the house.

💔 Or what about petroleum (gasoline) for their dry skin? ...We did, every winter ❄️
Oh wow. Sound scary? It is!
I’m telling you. Dig deeper.
These ingredients are allowed in the everyday products thousands of us ALL have used, or are currently using right NOW, as you read this post. ❤️

💀Antifreeze = in almost every toothpaste

💀Neurotoxin (Toxic to the brain) = Any food or toothpaste/product with colorants/food dyes.

💀Lighting a candle for just one hour a day = same as breathing in second hand smoke 💨

💀Triclosan = in anything marked Antibacterial. Originally created as a pesticide because it continues to kill for more than 12 hours after applied.

💀Petroleum = derivative of gasoline - a KNOWN carcinogen
But it’s little bit each day. No worries, right?
That’s what the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976 basically said. A little at a time, so it’s fine.

If I know anything to be true....I know that whatever you do in small amounts, adds up to big, compounded effects.
Good. Or Bad. ❤️💔

You don’t need poisons to live.
Just because someone sells it, doesn’t make it safe. ❤️
🙌 Statistics are now showing that within the next 5 years, EVERY American will be looking for natural alternatives. That tells me, we are a generation who wants better!!!! Change is happening!
#protectyourhealth #toxinfree #purehaven #empowered #nontoxic #nontoxicliving #healthyliving #inspiringhealthandjoy

(Credit for these statistics goes to Amanda Cooper) 📷 Ann Kaemingk Kristi Swartzentruber

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