541 Salon

541 Salon

541 Salon is a salon and store located in the heart of downtown Carmel, IN. We have an incredible staff of designers and stylists ready to win you over!

The salon opened in November of 1996 and has evolved into what it is today — a destination salon, filled with unique artists that have their own special gifts and talents to offer.




The perm is back and better than ever.



Yaaaas Girl!

They don't look like this anymore.

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6 Easy DIY Ways to Organize Hair Styling Tools in the Bathroom


www.apartmenttherapy.com You wouldn't trade your favorite curling iron for anything, and yet, you probably don't even have a designated storage space for it. Keeping your heat styling tools clean and organized is important for more than just aesthetic reasons—having a safe place to store them will help them last longer, sin...

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The 12 Most Popular Fall Haircuts, According to Grooming Pros


gq.com And how to ask for it from your go-to guy.

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Fantastic Illustrations Of Total Strangers Found On The Web

Thought this first one was too good!

sobadsogood.com Inspiration is always around you, providing you look hard enough. Brazilian illustrator Julio Cesar decided to create a series of fun and stylish caricatures s based entirely on random people he found in various photos. Sometimes they might just be stock photos, sometimes from magazines and oth...


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9 Classic Men’s Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

9 Classic Men's Hairstyles!


www.fashionbeans.com We break down 9 timeless men's hairstyles that will never fall out of fashion and ask some of the UK's top barbers & stylists how to get the look. From the classic side parting and quiff to modern hi-top fades and textured, low maintenance cuts, there is something for every age, personality and hair…


17 Surprisingly Clever DIY Tricks That Actually Work


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25 minute walk could add 7 years to life

25 minute walk could add 7 years to life http://flip.it/edngC

flip.it New research shows that exercise can delay the ageing process, with experts suggesting one walk a day could halve the risk of heart attack death and add seven years to the lifespanJust 25 minutes of brisk walking a day could add to seven years to your life, heart experts have said.Researchers said m…


All the Best Hair and Makeup from the 2015 VMAs

All the Best Hair and Makeup from the 2015 VMAs http://flip.it/RT1jG

flip.it The red carpet provides endless inspiration when it comes to hair and makeup, and the VMAs are no exception. Unlike some of the more formal awards shows that come later in the year (we’re looking at you, Golden Globes and Oscars), MTV’s VMAs provide endless beauty ideas that are super fun, young and

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flip.it Before you say anything, yes, you do need toner. Sure, sure, it can be drying, and if your skin is halfway decent already, maybe it seems like a superfluous step. But this, friends, is simply because you haven't met the right toner for you. Even if you're sensitive, dry, or anything else that makes…

cosmopolitan.com 08/15/2015

Why Washing My Hair with a Scalp Brush Was the Best Idea I Ever Had

cosmopolitan.com Never. Going. Back.Washing my hair is one of my least favorite activities. It's not that I don't enjoy a good cleanse, but shampooing my long, thick, and curly is a straight-up chore that requires diligence, patience, and at least an hour at a time. And, let's be real, it just doesn't compare to the professional lather and scalp rubdown you receive at the salon.So, when I got word of a brush designed specifically for the shower—one that detangles, soothes the scalp, and improves the hair's overall health—I just had to get my hands on it.The BrushA cult favorite amongst Japanese women for the past decade, word of the S Heart S Scalp Brush is finally getting around stateside. The secret behind its 376 nylon bristles? The rounded tips are the same size as your pores, which makes them perfectly-suited to gently exfoliate the scalp, sopping up all the dirt and oil. Massaging the scalp also stimulates microcirculation, which is essential for healthy hair.More From CosmopolitanWhile I was reluctant at first—many experts warn that hair is weakest when wet—I was hopeful that, if used carefully, it would be the solution to my lifelong struggle of spending way too much time tending to my hair under the shower head. (Plus, kneading the anxieties of the day right out of my head on the regular is just too tempting.)The TestGoing about my showering routine as I normally do, when it came time to shampoo my hair, which had a lot of dry shampoo build-up (because always), I lathered first, then used the brush to help work the foamy formula through my strands, focusing especially on the grease-prone areas.This not only resulted in a more even distribution, but helped rinse away every last sud—detangling my hair in the process, to boot. When I hopped out of the shower, my hair was squeaky clean and snag-free. Plus, my scalp felt just as good as it does post-salon. I could practically feel the uptick in blood flow.Going forward, I definitely want to have my scalp brush at the ready, but want to be sure not to overdo it. I'm going to approach it with the same way I do exfoliating my face—meaning 1-2 times a week and very carefully.Shop It: S Heart S' Scalp Brush, $79.99; s-heart-s.com.From: Marie Claire

businessinsider.com 08/15/2015

This is the biggest mistake men make when they apply hair product

businessinsider.com AP/Abraham Caro MarinWe bet David Beckham knows to apply from root to tip.Applying hair product isn't hard. Open tube, squeeze out liquid, apply to hair.But there is a trick to the last step that many men aren't aware of.You can't just apply cream, wax, or pomade to the top of your hair or the ends and let it sit there.By only applying product to the tips of the hair and then styling it immediately, you end up with uncooperative strands that won't do anything close to what you'd like.The solution is simple: Apply product from root to tip, massaging it in to ensure even distribution. This is much easier to do with a water soluble product while the hair is still damp.Note: Most hair products prefer to be applied to wet hair. Applying them to dry hair (even in the correct, root to tip fashion) will prove difficult and can result in a flaky, "dusty" look.



541 N Rangeline Rd
Carmel, IN
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Mary Kay- Liz Duncan, Carmel Indiana Mary Kay- Liz Duncan, Carmel Indiana
Carmel, 46032

As a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant I share the company's wonderful skincare and cosmetics with you via FREE facials. PM me to book yours today.

Greyhound Nails Greyhound Nails
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Arbonne Independent Consultant - Krissa Hatfield Arbonne Independent Consultant - Krissa Hatfield
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I love Arbonne products and have been using them for 16 years! If you are interested in trying some products let me know, I’d be happy to share a sample! And if you use Arbonne and need products I can help! Something for everyone and as always, pure,

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Carmel Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons Carmel Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons
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At Carmel Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons, our goal is to help you enhance your own unique beauty. Dr. Elizabeth A. Grasee Dr. Debra C. Bergman

Bekah's Salon Bekah's Salon
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Bekah's Salon offers the highest quality of hair and beauty. Bekah Martinez has over 20 years of experience as a hair stylist.

Brits at HUE on Rangeline Brits at HUE on Rangeline
630 N. Rangeline Rd.
Carmel, 46240

Creative Wizard. Fashion Professor. Hair Extraordinaire.

Chegar Facial Plastic Surgery Chegar Facial Plastic Surgery
12065 Old Meridian St, Ste 175
Carmel, 46032

Welcome to Chegar Facial Plastic Surgery! Our page will keep you updated on our upcoming events and special promotions.

Skin Renew LLC Skin Renew LLC
600 E Carmel Dr, # 248
Carmel, 46032

A gentle but effective approach to skincare for every need from preventive to nutritional, rejuvenating and resurfacing. Whether it's a facial you need or hair removal, we have a solution for your skin type.

Nanny Jen's Udderly Creamy Goats Milk Soap Nanny Jen's Udderly Creamy Goats Milk Soap
Carmel, 46082

We sell Billie Bars....and Billie Bars are home made hand milked goat milk soap bars averaging 4 ounces or more. Scented appropriately. As these Goat Suds you up, you will notice the softness about your skin.

Go Wrinkle Free Now Go Wrinkle Free Now
4000 W 106th St, Ste 165
Carmel, 46032