Katja at Salon Lofts-Merchant Square

Katja at Salon Lofts-Merchant Square

I am a local, trained and certified cosmetologist working and building my own business in Carmel. I love transforming hair everyday!

Operating as usual


This beauty came in for a big change before she left for IU next week! Her previous color (not done by me) didn’t blend as well as it could, so we added some low lights, toned her blonde down a bit and ended up with stunning, natural dimension.💜💜💜 #salonlofts #merchantsquare #loft04 #subtledimension


Tis the season for wanting changes! Bangs and bright red were a must for this creative beauty!

Don’t let your hair goals sit in a board on Pinterest. Bring your hair to life!

#loft04 #redhair #fullfringe #salonlofts #merchantsquare

[06/04/18]   Just a friendly reminder to my beautiful clients, I will be out of town and on vacation starting tomorrow until next Wednesday the 13th. I still have appointments available on the 13th and 14th if you are needing in. I will still be accepting appointment requests/ changes while I’m away!


Not everyone is going light for summer! The color melting technique is my favorite for needing dark roots for depth, but lightness around the face and throughout to add dimension. ❤️❤️


FOR REAL THOUGH. I love a great black—>Ivey blonde transformation as much as the next one, but it’s not as easy or FAST as you think. But☝️ it can be done. As me how!

#salonlofts #loft04 #silverhair #platinumblondes


I LOVE updos, by the way. These few styles are from a recent wedding I did in Carmel. No wedding party is too big or small! Do you have a big event coming up? Prom is JUST around the corner. Book your next updo appointment today!

#salonlofts #merchantsquare #loft04 #updohair


I will let these before and after pictures speak for themselves😍 Inspiration photo will be in the comments.

#loft04 #mermaidhair #curlyhair #merchantsquare


Was anyone else IN.FREAKIN.LOVE with the hair from A Wrinkle in Time?! I mean the movie was great, but the hair?! Amazing!


Do you know what this set up means? Lots of highlights today! Everyone is going brighter now that the weather is looking up! Set up your next Full or Partial Highlight today!


Katja at Salon Lofts-Merchant Square


Have I ever mentioned Copper hair is my FAVORITE hair?! Believe it or not, we started this journey with blue, purple and grey hair! In just two appointments we removed all of her fantasy tones and gave her this new amazing look!

Book your next dimensional color service today!


Ladies, winter is the *perfect* time of year to try out those amazing chocolate tones you have been seeing everywhere! The entire month of January I have been adding depth to all over color and weaving in low lights to achieve darker results. Maybe I'm biased, but won't you join me on the dark side?

Text message inquires are always welcomed and booking an appointment online is always quick and easy!

#salonlofts #loft04 #merchantsquare #brunette #darkhair #haircolor


Happy Friday, beauties! ❤


Bright, blonde, Balayage is still "in" in 2018, ladies! This diffused highlighting technique is ideal for anyone wanting a soft, highlighted look without all of the maintenance. I promise if you have any hair pictures currently Pinterested, they include balayage. Book your appointment today! 🙋💇


Happy New Year, my beauties! This holiday season was a doozy, but as the holiday season is slowing down, keep TREATING YOURSELF in mind. Something as simple as a shampoo/blow-dry will make you feel completely rejuvenated.

Text message inquiries are always welcomed and booking online is quick and easy!

#salonlofts #merchantsquare #loft04 #shampoo #blowdry #treatyoself

[12/21/17]   Hey friends!
I have just a few appointments available after 7:15 pm tomorrow if you've been putting yourself last this holiday season!

Text or online booking is always available😊


This is my dream hair. To achieve this look, I am keeping my hair trimmed, drinking lots of water, and doing a deep conditioner AT LEAST once a week. What can I do to help you have the hair of your dreams?

P.S. I have 1⃣ more working day left before Christmas. I do still have time available (this Friday) but it is booking up fast!

#salonlofts #merchantsquare #loft04 #dreamhair


Hello #makeovermonday! It's not often that I do such a big chop ✂But when a new client tells me that they hate how flat, frizzy, and lifeless their naturally curly hair can be PLUS they're sick of putting in a ponytail all the time. This is my response. 💇
#salonlofts #merchantsquare #curlyhair



P.S. I only have 2 working days left before Thanksgiving! I do have a few openings left on Monday and Tuesday. Text me if you need in😘


The holidays are around the corner! Have you been to see your stylist? ❤

#salonlofts #holidayhair #merchantsquare


Look at this amazing before and after! The before picture is hard to see, but she had an older red color that had faded and grown out quite a bit. Then, we pumped her copper up a notch to a more vibrant, radiant hue with a few highlights to add dimension. Have I mentioned copper hair might be my favorite hair? 💖

Appointment or consultation inquiries via text message are always welcome!


Last week I was honored to style hair for the Stop the Traffick event held by local nonprofit, Restored. The fashion show showcased local boutiques' clothing lines and benefitted Restored's noble mission to end human trafficking in the Indianapolis area as well as around the state.


Much to my liking, this month has been JAM-PACKED with weddings! An amazing updo can really top off a beautiful wedding, bridesmaid, or prom dress. Say "I do!" and set up your wedding day hair today! 💜👰

#salonlofts #merchantsquare #loft04 #prettyhair


So, I am indifferent about Taylor's new single, but this super texture-full LOB she is sporting in the video? IN LOVE. Texture is coming back, ladies. Who wants to embrace their natural curl or add a little *unnatural* curl?

🙋#tswiftthequeen 🙌 #loft04💇#salonlofts❤

salonlofts.com 08/24/2017

Katja Geisler - Hair Stylist, Merchant Square - Carmel, Indiana

Let's have a little competition shall we?
The first three guests to leave a testimonial about their services with me on my Yelp or Salon Lofts business page through the Merchant Square website will receive a complimentary haircut during their next visit.

If you're a little late to the party🎉, that's ok.
Any guest who leaves a testimonial, picture (I would LOVE your selfies), or review on the sites will receive $10 off of their next service.

Good luck! Here are the links:

Salon Lofts: http://salonlofts.com/katja_geisler

Yelp: https://m.yelp.com/biz/katja-geisler-salon-lofts-carmel

salonlofts.com Looking for a Hair Stylist, in the Indianapolis market? Contact Katja Geisler Hair Stylist located in Merchant Square - Indianapolis. Joico, Bain de Terre products.


Gotta love late night hair parties with some of your favorite gals! Balayage and Bangs for everyone!!

I am always accepting late night appointments💗👍

#loft04 #salonlofts #merchantsquare

media0.giphy.com 07/12/2017


Saturday availability is rare, ladies and gentlemen! BUT I currently have availability this Saturday after 2pm! Book quickly because this won't last long! (Unlike the feeling you experience after an amazing salon service)

#loft04 #salonlofts #baindeterre #joicocolor



Summer is here and I have kids coming in all the time for their fantasy color fix! The best part, moms, is that the colors will be totally rinsed out by the time school is back in session! Set up your appointment today!

#funcolors #schoolsoutforsummer #loft04 #salonlofts


UH❤MAY❤ZING transformation done in loft 04 this afternoon. I could do balayage all day, so let's do it!

#loft04 #salonlofts #merchantsquare #prettyhair #balayage

P.S. don't mind the messy cape. Balayage is a messy job, but this client left stain free!


Sometimes, even hairstylists need a hair-related reality check. I was holding on to my length for dear life when a hairstylist friend of mine slapped me with a healthy dose of how unheathy is too unhealthy. I knew my hair was wrecked, all it took was a professional, in my case a "second opinion", for me to say enough was enough.

If you know someone that needs their own reality check, I always love to schedule FREE consultations.

#healthyhair #loft04 #salonlofts #merchantsquare


Summer hair is in the air, ladies and gentleman! If you're wanting to lighten your locks to reflect this beautiful summer sun, give me a call today! 7654142697❤🌞

#loft04 #salonlofts #summerhair


Check out this amazing transformation done in #Loft04 just a few days ago. This guest wanted something completely different, cutting her almost waist-length hair into a long bob before the arrival of her 4th baby! As for the color, this deep maroon hue speaks for itself.

#prettyhair #salonlofts #purplehair


Katja at Salon Lofts-Merchant Square


Today I want to share with you my particularly good hair day I am having. It takes a lot of effort to have good hair- even as a hair stylist! It takes the right products, regimen, and care for my hair to look this way each day! I would love to talk with your friends or family about their hair car routine and what I can do to make it BETTER!

#7654142697 #loft04 #prettyhair #haircare


Prom season is unfortunately over, but that means we have slid our way into wedding season! Your friendly, traveling hairstylist is now accepting requests for wedding day hair! If you know someone who has yet to book their summer/ fall wedding hairstylist, please tell them about my FREE consultations! I would love to talk to them about their special day needs, concerns, and questions!

#loft04 #salonlofts #weddinghair #bride #bridalhair

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Last week I was honored to style hair for the Stop the Traffick event held by local nonprofit, Restored. The fashion sho...
Much to my liking, this month has been JAM-PACKED with weddings! An amazing updo can really top off a beautiful wedding,...
Gotta love late night hair parties with some of your favorite gals! Balayage and Bangs for everyone!! I am always accept...
Tis the season for super hero hair, y'all! Krista Gill wanted a bright, new hair change... and after a few sessions, she...




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