Beauty Designs by Andrea

Beauty Designs by Andrea


Beauty Designs by Andrea has some exciting news! We are growing and now open 7 days a week!

Meet Brianna,

Brianna has been assisting me with my wedding business for the last 2 years! She is finally licensed and ready to make her mark in the beauty industry! She has the sweetest soul and does AMAZING work! She has soaked up so much knowledge and is ready to show you what shes made of!

You can find her in the salon on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays!

I cant tell you how amazing its been having her by my side these last 2 years and I am so excited to watch this girl grow her business behind the chair like the boss babe I know she is😊

Feel free to book an appointment with her by using this link!
Hi everyone! I know you all are excited about getting those long overdue roots taken care of or those split ends trimmed, but it is very important that we all take the proper precautions once we re-open. The following guidelines will be strictly enforced until further notice. Please be respectful and understanding while we try to navigate this “new normal” within the salon. These are just guidelines for sanitation and being as safe as possible. I will recieve an email on Monday from Salon Lofts and will update on what they will be requireing as well.

1. Both clients and stylists will be required to wear a face mask for the duration of your appointment. I encourage you to bring your own, one that you don’t mind getting hair color on etc. If you do not have a face mask, I have seen plenty of people advertising on Facebook homemade cloth masks, and I will also have on hand disposable face masks but a very limited supply.

2. Clients who have an appointment scheduled will not be allowed to bring any extra guests with them to their appointment, including children. I understand child care can be difficult, but is in the best interest of the salon as a whole.

3. We will not be taking any walk-in appointments. Appointments must be scheduled in advance via phone call or text (317-767-4947).

4. Please wait in your vehicle once you arrive to the salon for your appointment until you receive a call/text from me with the okay to enter the salon. This helps limit the amount of people in the salon and also gives me time to properly clean and sanitize in between appointments.

5. Hand sanitizer will be available, but as always proper hand washing is always encouraged.

6. I will not be providing food or water until further notice. Please bring your own refreshments and rememeber to take drinks with you. Magazines will also be removed.

7. At this time I will not be double booking appointments. I will schedule out more time for your first appointment back due to some if not most of you being weeks overdue for your appointment. This limits the amount of clients I’m able to fit in on a daily basis, so please be patient and I promise to get you scheduled ASAP.

8. Last but not least, I will be temperature checking at the door. If you are feeling ill, showing any symptoms that you are sick, or have been in contact with anyone who is sick, please please please reschedule your appointment for two weeks out. I will refuse service to anyone that comes in not feeling well, no matter the circumstance. I will be doing everything I can to provide a safe and clean environment but it takes everyone to do their part!

I will be reaching out Monday to get everyone rescheduled. Starting from the beginning of April and going in order of cancelled appointments. Please be paitent with me as I try to get everyone on the books within a timely matter.

I can’t wait to see you all back in my chair! You have all been so loving and understanding during this time and it makes my heart so full🥰 I cant wait to air hug all of you!
Salons Will Reopen At Some Point.
It will be Different for Every State, Every Salon.

What can CLIENTS do to help salons navigate to a “New Normal” you ask?

• Know you were Missed Terribly and your stylists is Grateful for your return....

• Know Safety Measures were created for all involved.

• Know the importance of Coming Alone, extra people in a salon compromises everyone.

• Know your stylist cannot Physically work 16 hour days 7 days a week, Rest is Essential for all..

• Know your Initial Services will take More Time.

• Know that coming in Sick or Saying you’re Not Contagious Isn't an Option

• Know that walk-ins will not be an option for some salons- call the salon before you leave home.

• Know that rescheduling hundreds of clients will Take Time...

• Know that when you arrive you will need to Wait until your stylist gives you the Go Ahead before entering the building, having your cell phone handy in your car will help considerably.

• Know that your stylist is thrilled to see you but doesn't want or need a hug, Your Presence is the Best Hug Ever.

• Know that Your Health is the Biggest Concern.

• Know that your stylist May Choose to open at a Later date than the state your in has allowed, Being Respectful of that decision takes an Unimaginable Load off his/ her Brain and Heart.

• Know your stylist has already lost thousands of dollars and has no desire to replace it with a Ventilator for either of you, Be patient.

• Know that if your health is already High Risk, You need to Wait, Your health is More Important..

• Know that a “Soft Opening” will be anything But Soft.

• Know that your opinion of the entire situation won't change laws and rules necessary for everyone's safety are, keep the conversation to hair and how we can make you beautiful

• Know that while trying to connect with your stylist there are hundreds of others attempting the same thing, responses will be slow coming as your stylist is preparing everything and answering everyone simultaneously

• Know, above all else, no one is More Excited about your arrival than your stylist. Help make it the Best Appointment Ever!!!

Together we can Make this Work Safely. for All❤❤
Hey Everyone!

Little update!

Beauty Designs by Andrea is still closed. 🥺
I have been canceling appointments daily to not prematurely cancel my whole book.

As of right now all of this weeks appointments are still canceled. I will let you know as soon as Salon Lofts lets me know when we are allowed back in.

I should know by the end of the week whether we will be opening back up or staying closed until the end of April. ( ugh )

I have a list going of all the people Ive had to reschedule. If BY CHANCE we are able to go back to work next week I will be getting ahold of all of you to get you back on April's schedule .

In the mean time since I havnt been doing hair this is what I have been doing! Soaking up all the extra time with this little nugget! Hes 4 months old now and we started trying cereal this week😍

Stay home and enjoy the down time! I will see you all as soon as we are able too!

Lots of love xoxo
Hey everyone!
We are a 4 weeks away from me being on maternity leave! So so crazy, I feel like we just announced we were expecting!
My last day is Novemeber 25th unless little man decides to make his debut before then! Ill be back January 20th.
Ive made sure to accommodate everyone as much as I can but November is full and my first 2 weeks back in January are now booked. Earliest appointments at this time are February so Id visit and schedule ASAP:-)
Things do come up, so be sure to add yourself to the waitlist option online, in case someone isnt able to make their appointment I can offer it to someone else!

If you need an appointment in Decemeber please dm me and Ill pass on my friend Christinas info! She works at the same salon lofts I do and is being generous enough to accommodate some of my clients during one of the busiest times of the year. PLESAE DONT HESITATE TO CALL HER. Shes fitting my clients in along with her full book;-)

2020 BRIDES- keep the emails coming I am still booking for next year and will be able to do consultations via emal or facetime before your scheduled trials!

If I dont see you this month, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays and I look forward to seeing you in the new year!
#35weeks #beautydesigsbyandrea
Still swooning over Ally and all her perfectness!

Love this pic my assistant snapped of me securing her veil❤
Its coming together!!!💙
The salon has fresh paint!
Ya'll, this color, im obsessed 💙

How did I pick it? Well. Let me tell you!
My husbands cousins sell luxury real estate in Chicago, Darrell and Jill Scott with Compass if you are ever in the market for a new home in the windy city😘 fabulous people. ANYWAY, Jill was showing a home through her insta stories and the kitchen was this color. I instantly messaged her asking what the name of it was because I knew I was wanting a change and that color spoke to me. And in the cutest way possible she said she didnt know just that it was blue😂😂

I forwarded to my sister and together we found Oceanside by Sherwin Williams.

I could not be more excited about this color!
New light fixtures and shelving is next!
Mind you that is all happening in the next 24 hrs because your girl has weddings both friday and Saturday, oh and im still unpacking at our new house😳
Its been a busy but fun and blessed week and I cant wait to show you all the finished product!

I hope you all love it as much as I do and enjoy the new some what new space 😘
Just a reminder that between weddings and taking time off to move into our new home AND doing a complete revamp to the salon I will NOT be in the salon June 8th- 15th!

Please take advantage of my scheduling service,, as even though im not in the salon it will be an extremely busy week and I wont be around my phone much!

Please prebook! I cant do the last minute accomidating at this time due to weddings being Friday, Saturday and some Sundays are mixed in. The scheduler is correct and what is available is true! Pre booking is the best option during the summer months!

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and I cant wait to surprise you all with a totally new salon❤

I am a hairstylist located in the Carmel Arts District. I specialize in balayage, wedding styling & makeup application.I would love to see you in my chair

I specalize in balayage, wedding styleing & makeup application.I would love to see you in my chair

Operating as usual


New booking site is live!

If you have appointments coming up and have not received a notifcation from the new system please message me ASAP!

My first day in the new space will be July 6th!!

Can't wait to see you!

New booking site is live!

If you have appointments coming up and have not received a notifcation from the new system please message me ASAP!

My first day in the new space will be July 6th!!

Can't wait to see you!

Photos from Beauty Designs by Andrea's post 06/08/2021

Updated Salon info/policy

Paige and Nicholas Day Wedding 04/02/2021

Paige and Nicholas Day Wedding

It was a pleasure being a small part of this beautiful day!

Hair & makeup 💄 Beauty Designs by Andrea
Video by📽 Cassie Reverman
Bride👰‍♂️ Paige Day

Paige and Nicholas Day Wedding ** I do not own the rights to this music **


A reminder on the best ways to contact me😘

A reminder on the best ways to contact me😘

[02/06/21]   Out of curiosity....

If I were to get certified in lash many of you would be interested in that service?

Drop a GIF if this excites you💅


Cheers to the weekend🥂🍾
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Cheers to the weekend🥂🍾
#beautydesignsbyandrea #hairandmakeupspecialist #haircomesthebride #indybride #indywedding #indianapolisbride #bridal #bridalparty #bridetribe #carmelstylist #salonlofts #socialloftie #braidsandbridesmaids


I need to rememeber to slow down, take a minute and appreciate the G R O W T H.


#beautydesignsbyandrea #hairandmakeupspecialist #indywedding #indybride #indystylist #bridalhairstyle #neverstoplearning #growth #carmelstylist #salonlofts #sociallofties

I need to rememeber to slow down, take a minute and appreciate the G R O W T H.


#beautydesignsbyandrea #hairandmakeupspecialist #indywedding #indybride #indystylist #bridalhairstyle #neverstoplearning #growth #carmelstylist #salonlofts #sociallofties


Hey Alexa, wash my hair💆‍♀️
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#indystylist #carmelstylist #foilayage #livedinhair #livedincolorspecialist #livedinhair #blondesofinstagram #blonde #redkenshadeseq #salonlofts #sociallofties

Hey Alexa, wash my hair💆‍♀️
#beautydesignsbyandrea #hairandmakeupspecialist
#indystylist #carmelstylist #foilayage #livedinhair #livedincolorspecialist #livedinhair #blondesofinstagram #blonde #redkenshadeseq #salonlofts #sociallofties

Photos from Beauty Designs by Andrea's post 01/19/2021

I live for a lived in blonde🥰
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Photos from Beauty Designs by Andrea's post 01/19/2021

Salon Policy!


Wedding season is just around the corner! Whose excited?!
#beautydesignsbyandrea #indianapolisbride #indywedding #indymom #indystylist #bringbackweddings #hairandmakeupspecialist

Wedding season is just around the corner! Whose excited?!
#beautydesignsbyandrea #indianapolisbride #indywedding #indymom #indystylist #bringbackweddings #hairandmakeupspecialist


Can anyone relate?

The hubs got me the ULTIMATE Christmas gift this year. The gift of perfect brows..MICROBLADING!!!

What's even better...I'm getting them done by @brows_by_megan🔥 so when I say perfect. I mean P E R F E C T.

Im sure you have heard this saying from a makeup artist. " brows are sisters not twins "
Well. I have half cousins for brows and I am so ready to never have to worry about it again!

I'm a firm believer in do what makes you feel good about yourself and can't wait to see the difference.

What's something you have been wanting to have have done?

#uppingmybrowgame #microblading #beautydesignsbyandrea #hairandmakeupspecialist #indystylist #carmelstylist


It's a new year with some new faces!
Welcome to Beauty Designs. Im Andrea and I created Beauty Designs by Andrea 6 years ago.
I specialize in "lived in" color and Bridal work.

I share my home with my 1 year old son, Dean. Husband, Donnie and furr babe, Shafer. 90% 9f the time you can find me at home with the babies, working a wedding or searching the shelves at homegoods trying to make all my pintetest dreams come true.

I've been in the beauty industry since I was 19 yrs old. Managing multiple cosmetic counters in the Indy area, training under national makeup artists as well as very well known bridal artists from all over!

Im a huge skincare ju**ie and believe going to bed looking like a glazed donut is the true secrets to keeping your skin looking its best!

Keep following along for all the beauty secrets, 2021 bridal trends and some fun behind the chair!
#aboutme #beautydesignsbyandrea #indystylist #newyear #newgoals #newstart #takingback2020


🥳Happy New year, loves!
From my family to yours. Wishing you all love, comfort and joy your hearts can hold in 2021!🍾🥂
#happynewyear #goodbye2020 #hellonewpossibilities


Christmas cards went out this week!
Wishing you a Merry Christmas 🤶🎄❤


Photos from Beauty Designs by Andrea's post


Thank you.

I needed today.

I needed the long day.
The double booking.
The triple booking.
The new transformations.
The happy smiles.
The gossip.
The compliments.
The love.

I. Needed. It. All.

A huge, massive , social distanced HUG to all of you. Thank you for supporting and being SO loyal to me over the years and this year more than ever.

You all warm my heart so much.
Thank you doesn't even begin to cover it but just know you mean the world to me and my family❤ 11/30/2020

Andrea Jones - Hair Stylist, Merchant Square - Carmel, Indiana

Happy #CyberMonday!
Which is 100% my jam today with this cold and wet weather!

Are you booked for December or need any last minute gift ideas?!

🌲My gift card special is going to run through Dec 20th!
Purchase $100 GC get a $20 GC and Framar Holiday brush

🌲Purchase $150 GC get a $20 GC, a Framar Holiday brush as well as your choice of travel Blacklight Oligo shampoo and conditioners.

🌲For clients and new faces around here! Schedule your decemeber appointment TODAY and get $10 off and a complimentary Holiday Framar brush ( $14 value) at the end of your appointment!
put "Holiday Special" in the notes😘

Happy booking! Looking for a Hair Stylist, in the Indianapolis market? Contact Andrea Jones Hair Stylist located in Merchant Square : Loft No. 6 - Indianapolis. Babe Hair Extensions, Oligo, J Beverly Hills products.


Happy #shopsmallsaturday !
Feeling extra thankful this year for my wonderful clients 🥰


🥰🥰🥰 11/18/2020

Andrea Jones - Hair Stylist, Merchant Square - Carmel, Indiana

I have a couple of last minute openings if anyone would like in before Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow, Thursday @1lm
Friday @10 am if you want to snag the spot or just DM me🥰 Looking for a Hair Stylist, in the Indianapolis market? Contact Andrea Jones Hair Stylist located in Merchant Square : Loft No. 6 - Indianapolis. Babe Hair Extensions, Oligo, J Beverly Hills products. 11/13/2020

The Powder Group

Excited for this last minute sign up!
Solid line up of make-up education from some of my favorite lines for this Sunday & Monday!
#skindinavia #temptu #senna

Excited to see new products and trends for the 2021 wedding season! The Powder Group invites you to be curious...Our concept is simple: To inspire your craft. To strengthen your career. To connect you to the global makeup artist and pro beauty community.


Do you look at your man like @jordannschaeferr does?! Ill be swooning over these two for the rest of 2020😍
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Give me all the gold sparkles on this perfect fall day🍁🍂
#beautydesignsbyandrea #hairandmakeupspecialist #bridalmakeup #specialoccasionmakeup #stila #tarte #temptu


Happy Wedding Day to one of the sweetest brides I have gotten to know! You could not have had a more perfect Day! Wishing you all the love and happiness!
#beautydesignsbyandrea #hairandmakeupspecialist #whitewillowfarms #novemeberbride #novemeberwedding #indybride #indystylist #indianapolisbride #indianapolisweddings #bridalhair #fallbride


I love a solid before and after and this one definitely doesnt disappoint! Swipe ⬅️ to see what we started with!
#beautydesignsbyandrea #hairandmakeupspecialist #beforeandafter #carmelstylist #salonlofts #balayage #balayagebabe #modernsalon #haircolor #highlights #dimensionalbrunette


Been trying to come up with something catchy to say all day but shes just stunning🥰 and was so much fun to work with!
#beautydesignsbyandrea #hairandmakeupspecialist #milltop #noblesvillebride #indybride #indianapolisbride


I like my coffee with a side of Caramel drizzle....extra caramel😋
#beautydesignsbyandrea #hairandmakeupspecialist #carmelstylist #indystylist #balayagebabe #highlights #carmelhighlights #haircolor #indianapolis #carmel #noblesville #salonlofts #merchantsquare


A July bride is joyous, jubilent, jovial and just fabulous 💍💅👄
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Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mom❤
#motherofthebride #beautydesignsbyandrea #hairandmakeupspecialist #upstyle #momsofinstagram #indymom #indystylist #carmelstylist #weddinghair #specialoccasionhair #stunning #updo #indianapolisweddings


Honey your soul is golden🌼☀️
#honeygold #blondesofinstagram #socialloftie #beautydesignsbyandrea #hairandmakeupspecialist #blonde #honeyblondehair #carmelstylist #indystylist #moneypeice


Take a walk on the bride side👰🏼🥰
#beautydesignsbyandrea #hairandmakeupspecialist #indianapolisbride #indianapolisweddings #milltop #noblesvillebride #carmelstylist #bridalhair #weddinghair #updo


When the MOB comes in with that good good hair😍#beautydesignsbyandrea #hairandmakeupspecialist #indianapolisbride #indianapolisweddings #carmelstylist #upstyles #updos #motherofthebride


Living for this boho braid right now!
Gorgeous morning spent at the @milltop!
#beautydesignsbyandrea #hairandmakeupspecialist #bohobraids #bridesmaid #indywedding #indianapolisbride #indianapoliswedding #carmelstylist #carmelwedding #haircomesthebride

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Thank you.
Happy memorial day everyone!! A little boomer rang of the hubby😂
Happy Thanksgiving!!I'm thankful everyday for all my wonderful clients and friends, you guys make my job incredibly fun ...




2316 E 116th St
Carmel, IN
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