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Personal salon studio established for nine years by myself, Desere' Mamola. I love hair!

Operating as usual

*PLEASE READ* Thank you all for your upcoming patience during the next few weeks as I recover. Yes I want to focus more on social media this year, but for right now I will be taking care of ME. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything just know that response time will be very slow. Thank you. I will be happy to share my journey once I am healed. Have a wonderful week 💕 #breastimplantremoval #hairstylist #namaste

Wishing you all a truly safe and Happy New Year. No matter what you have in store....sweatpants, bed by 8, fireworks, making new intentions, enjoy the day and evening with content and happiness. One of my intentions for 2021 is to get my groove back for social media... Peace, love, and beautiful hair. See you in 2021 🥰😘 #HappyNewYear #intentionalliving #positivevibes #healthyhair #happyhair #namaste

Happy Thanksgiving from my beautiful crew. This year has truly brought a lot of things to be thankful for. Triumphs, hard times and new ways of living and learning. We are thankful for it all! Sending all my love! Thankful for all my amazing loyal clients who I can always call my family that support my family. Xo. So much love (we wish we were in mexico but no travel for now) love you all! 🙏💕😍

This beautiful client came in with some Great Lengths from a previous stylist who unfortunately installed them wrong in ways only a stylist should know not to do. It is not the responsibility of our clients to know how to make sure your work is clean, perfect, impeccable. That is OUR JOB as a professional. Please always try to do your research as a client, but never feel ashamed if you feel you have had “bad work”. It’s ok! I got you 😉 I absolutely love @greatlengthsusa. I will always back my work and keep track of everything I do from start to finish. For this particular client, her strands should have never been cut in fine. Instead, EXTRA FINE. Each strand should always match the density of the clients hair. We are starting over with only a 3 bundle and 12 in installation to give her hair a slight break. Trust me, I always will get you and your hair in the right direction. @greatlengthsusa @hairby_desere #trusttheprocess #hairgoals #hairdressermagic #hairIwearmyGL


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Happy Wednesday, I just wanted to post a friendly reminder that my booking app is open 24 hours and available every day of the week 💞 Here is the site to bookmark and add to your favorites


genbook.com Book an appointment online with Avant-Garde Salon in Chandler, Arizona

Transformation feeling the fall vibes 🍁🥀🍂 I always love the freshness a warm color gives my clients who are more fair toned. Literally, completely changes their beautiful features 😍 #fallhair #redwine #healthyhair #goldwell

5 month growth progress with @greatlengthsusa. Extensions are a great way to keep your healthy growing in healthy state and absolutely not damaging at all 🥰 #healthyhair #magichair #greatlengthsusa

Stunning transformation for this sweet soul. Believe it or not that is her natural color 🤯 This was done using 250 fine strands in 20 inches and 3 different shades of blonde by @greatlengthsusa creating a completely natural and seamless blend. Stunning 😍 #HowIWearmyGL #extensions #keratinstrands

Relaxing Sunday swooning over perfect bonds ♥️ @greatlengthsusa @hairby_desere #extensionsaremyjam

September 11, 2001. A day our country will never forget, a day we all stood united and strong, a day I teach my children about. Fast forward to September 11, 2011...my mom blessed me and my sisters to go to New York for the Ten Year Anniversary of such an important day in American History. The experience, THE ENERGY, the City, a trip I will never forget. Seeing the memorials all over the city, the protests, ground zero (before the memorial), breath taking and eye opening. May we never forget, Bless the USA 💙♥️ #unitedwestand #IloveNewYork #newyorkstrong🇺🇸🗽

Never forget ♥️💙 #americanstrong #standtogether

Although it maybe feeling like Fall weather for today.... why not go brighter and feel “cool” tones 😍 #platinumjourney #trusttheprocess #healthyhair

New color and fresh GK smoothing treatment for this gorgeous girl today. So fresh and so smooth you must see it in slow mo! (And YES that’s all HER hair 😉) I love all who trust me with their hair needs, I truly love hair and the confidence I see after a hair appointment. #GKhair #Globalkeratin #goldwell #healthyhair

Starting to feel some Fall vibes 🍂🍁🍂 #copperhair #pumpkinspice #newhair @ Downtown Chandler Historic District, Chandler

Excuse me while I drool over this transformation... (mic drop) 🎤😍🤤 @greatlengthsusa @hairby_desere @chellebeautyco #ilovehair #confident #newwoman @ London Gold

Beautiful platinum touch up today 💕Outdoor vs. Indoor... so crazy what a difference it makes just going out for some natural light. I always used to take my photos outside and I will go back to doing both... just a bit hot 🥵 #lovehair #healthyhair #platinum #nofilter @ Chandler, Arizona

Beautiful transformation for this sweet girl! Thick new hair for a new school year 😉 Although things are still so different, that doesn’t mean your hair should be @greatlengthsusa to the rescue 🥰 #greatlengths #newconfidence #positivevibes @ Avant Garde Salon

The beautiful lobby that will greet you when walking in to locate my studio @signaturesalonaz. Such a modern chic vibe with those pretty lights. During these times I am reminded how blessed I am to have such a unique space where I can simply focus on each clients needs and properly sanitize and disinfect between every appointment. Also, did you know each studio offers unique services? Just ask me when I see I would love to show you around and have you meet some of the other amazing professionals I work by. I love having my own space, but the people are around me are also amazing 💕🙏 #thankfulforthesuitelife #staysafe #stayhealthy

Pretty fresh hair to fill your afternoon viewing feed 😍 First time using @bellamihairpro
Love the colors and all the dimensions 💕
#extensions #loveextensions #bellamihair

What to caption here or say... after listening the brilliant @brittseva I couldn’t help but post something that is so dear to me and my business and that is always educating myself throughout my life as a hairdresser. Goodness, I miss some amazing education with awesome educators. My go to is always @901academy and last October I even made it to @beautycoach_com and met my favorites @nikkilee901 and @riawna. Holy mind blown badass experience! Yes the hair world is offering tons of online platforms now which I have participated in for sure. There is just nothing like the in person experience of some bad ass education that makes you want to run back to the salon fueling you with fire and so many new techniques to bring to your business for existing and new clients. I love what I do and I love always bringing new ideas to the drawing board 💕💕 For now, I am perfectly OK with online for the safety of everyone. Can’t wait until I can dive deep into some classes again 🙏🙏

What do you miss most these days?
Stay safe, stay well, and most always LOVE your hair 😘 #covideducation #freshhair #educationiskey @ Marina del Rey, California

Major transformation for this soon to be new momma. She wanted drastic, yet low maintenance. That’s the beauty of lived in color today. She won’t need a touch up for at least 6 months maybe even longer. One of the biggest factors in transformations such as this is home maintenance. I can do my part, but you must use the right products at home to keep lasting color and healthy hair 💕💕 No matter what service in the salon you receive it’s always a 50/50 relationship. Trust that your stylist has your back when advising products to go home with. It’s what best for you and your hair 🥰 #summerhair #hairmagic #balayage

Subtle, yet dramatic, change, but not too drastic. Summer ready without any chemicals. Allowing the client to choose which color is her favorite rather than adding foils and hoping, over toning, under toning , too ashy, too brassy. Hairstylists know the struggle. However, with just a few @greatlengthsusa you can have the instant highlight color and change you desire without the chemical process. Another win! #loveyourhair #trusttheprocess #HowiwearmyGL @ Downtown Chandler Historic District, Chandler

Black Out Tuesday #weneedseriousprayers #namaste🙏

Such a subtle yet stunning transformation using only about 125 strands of @greatlengthsusa. Not all hair is about completely filling a head with hair. As shown here this beauty has length just needs a bit of help adding some gorgeous length with volume... bonus on so many levels... As well as gorgeous shades of blonde to help her feel summer ready! Yep, I always say it, I love @greatlengthsusa
#neverquit #lovehair #GLismyjam

Back to dark! Woohoo! My hair does not like bleach 🙅🏻‍♀️ However, I still wanted to have some fun too! So I added some of the lovely dusty pink extensions by @greatlengthsusa to give my hair some pops of fun without any chemicals at all. Another one of my million reasons why I love @greatlengthsusa. The possibilities are endless 💕 Yes this mask is the new norm...for now! #becauseicare #howiwearmyGL #dustypink

All smiles before and after this brand new set for lengthening and volume 💕 using 250 strands of @greatlengthsusa. One of the many reasons I love @greatlengthsusa is when I see how happy and confident my clients feel after their appointment.
What is your favorite part of your hair appointment? 💆🏻‍♀️ #GLforlife #hairinspo #howiwearmyGL @ Chandler Fashion Center

Sometimes you just need some major hair added into your life 💕 Hair days are always the BEST days! This gorgeous transformation was completed using @greatlengthsusa 4.5 bundles, colors 66, 61, 9, and 10 all in 18 inches. My beautiful client is now bright and long for summer feeling completely fresh and renewed 😍#HowIwearmyGL #beautifulnewhair #blonde

Quarantine hair vs. Post Quarantine hair... I am always amazed by what a little @greatlengthsusa can do to change not only the color but the entire look of the hair. Here I used 100 fine cut strands in colors 3 & 4. I alternated, double stacked, and just had fun adding some amazing volume as well as some pops of color without the damage of color. I am forever a @greatlengthsusa girl. #backtowork #slayinghairallday #HowIwearmyGL @ Michaels Stores

Yes this is true! I completely respect all decisions by salons/clients while we still are dealing with the Coronavirus. Below is the request I have from my clients. Please be patient and kind as I am doing the best I can 🙏

To all my valued clients, family, friends.

I am beyond excited to let you know I will be reopening May 8. Please take a quick minute to read through my reopening process. I will be following all of the recommendations and over time slowly start lifting restrictions. This is a time of uncertainty and we all need to stay safe and on the same page.
I have missed all of my clients and so grateful for your return.
❗️Safety measures are being created for all involved.
❗️You MUST be wearing a mask for your appointments 😷 I will be as well. Please NO food or drink so your masks can stay in place.(long extension appointments are the exception)
❗️The importance of coming ALONE as well, extra people in a salon compromises everyone and will not be permitted. NO extras please!! UNLESS it is parents with kiddos.
❗️I cannot physically work 12 hour days 7 days a week, rest is essential for all.😴 There may be scheduling changes that need to happen. But I promise I will get you in!!
‼️Coming in sick is NOT an option. If you are high risk or immunosuppressed and can hold out a little longer please do! Your health is important to all of us! Stay home and safe.
❗️Rescheduling hundreds of clients will take time so please be patient🥰I will get back to you ASAP
❗️When you arrive I ask you to please WAIT in your vehicle. I have a lot more protocol on sanitizing my personal work area. Text when you arrive and I will respond by text when I ready for you. When you come into the salon please bring as little as possible with you.
❗️Your/my health is the biggest concern. As well as safety and sanitation that will be done in-between each client properly.
❗️Know that while trying to connect with me by call or text, there are many others possibly attempting the same thing. Responses might be s-l-o-w and I apologize. Again I will be doing my best to get everyone in again and back on schedule.
💥Together we can make this work safely for everyone!

I hope you are all doing well! This is a great time to stock up on some of the most amazing products. Use the link in my bio which will not only helps support me, but they are offering 30% off site wide!! This is a great offer for you. If you need help deciding which product is good for you don’t hesitate to contact me. My favorites are ✨Magic Myst ✨Universal Mask ✨Mojave Rain and ✨Clear Haze. @incommon is an amazing company started by @riawna and @nikkilee901 who own @901academy. Also known as my favorite place to get the best education. Happy Saturday. #staysafe #smallbusinesssupport #incommon @ Chandler Fashion Center

Look 👆🏼 I colored my own hair!! And guess what, it’s totally ok! To all my clients and to all clients out there in the world. If you have colored your own hair, cut your own hair, or done anything that you probably thought WTF after or maybe you love it! Just know it’s ok.... I sure as hell do not have the manual on how to survive a pandemic 🤷🏻‍♀️ Just taking it one day at a time. I see you. I feel you. Stay strong. #covid19hair #fucoronavirus #loveyourself

Blue mission complete! The backyard was transformed into a salon and the guest room was for photo shoot time 💕 I am having a little hair envy over here. However, much needed pampering for my little princess 💆🏻‍♀️💞#bluehair #freshstrands #howiwearmyGL #GLstrong
Guess who’s next in our quarantine house?

As promised! Here is a video of @greatlengthsusa removal. Zero damage. My daughter wore her extensions for about 3 months! She took great care of them, no tangling, no matting. Now, for the blue strands. 💆🏻‍♀️
How do you like my quarantine nails 🤣?
What beauty service are you looking forward to?
#GLstrong #removal #zerodamage

I have some fun coming up on Friday! These beautiful @greatlengthsusa strands will be going in my daughters hair! I will be posting removal of her old strands so you can see how they are not damaging and how easily they are to remove! As well as her fresh before and after! This quarantined hairdresser needs her fix over here!
How is everyone out there doing? I feel like I should sing that new Adele “hello from the inside” 😂🤣😜

#bluehair #quarantinehair #staysafe

I had to remind myself, today is SATURDAY! Anyone else feel like that? Saturday’s are one of my busiest days in the salon. So here I am day dreaming of beautiful transformations with my sidekick @chellebeautyco 😘😘 This client is wearing 3 rows of @haircompounds beautiful hand tied hair 💕💕
Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy and I will see all my amazing and beautiful clients so soon 🙏
#beautifulhair #blondeextensions @ Downtown Chandler Historic District, Chandler

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