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My wife and I recently had a massage with Judd while visiting family in Charleston. He is great! In tune, professional, kind, with excellent skills and healing energy. He is able to adjust technique and pressure to the needs of his clients. And what a delight to discover that he had read my book The Way of Qigong (Random House). I used to teach at the Boulder School of Massage Therapy, and I only give complements when well deserved. Tell your friends about In Touch Massage!

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😁 02/09/2021

here's a link to my latest newsletter with Valentine's Day specials, etc. Also I'm taking some continuing ED toward the end of this month, it's neural reset therapy for the lower body- a nice continuation to the repertoire! Hi everyone,Just wanted to drop in and say hi, and give an offering around Valentine's Day along with some more news.I will be working Sunday Valentine's Day, for half of the day. For a very limited appt. times, I can offer back-to-back treatments if requested (but can still offer solo appointments)... 12/23/2020

Have a look see at my latest email. Looking for a last minute gift idea? You can get a half hour massage gift certificate for just $35. Are you not on my newsletter? Just message me your name and email and I'll put you on. 11/27/2020

Click on the link to see all the "Back" Friday deals! Ok friends and colleagues, as promised we can now really put on some pressure (massage pun), with some specials for you and yours. These offers are good until midnight on Black Friday weekend (this Sunday night)... that's just the duration of the "sale", of course you can redeem them later, so if yo...


Check your facebook feed this Black Friday Weekend, I mean.. "Back Friday" 'cause we got your back with the massage & bodywork savings!

To respond, just call or text me instead of using facebook messenger! 843-532-9805

FB messenger does not notify me when my business page gets a message, so it's not the fastest.

Thank you ✌️





Getting a massage soon? In your best Sean Connery voice tell your friends and family "I'll have to see you later because I have a... *pressing* engagement" 😎. RIP.

[10/13/20]   This is a little bit of an offbeat post. My wife has read the books and follows a woman named Anita Moorgani, she is famous for having a near death experience where her cancer was remitted from her entire body shortly after "coming back", she was dying. In fact one of her books is called "Dying to be Me"

There's some very interesting lessons that she shares from her life and her very unique experience. Anyway in addition to writing two or three books, she also has a podcast.

Anyway, my wife was telling me this morning about how a colleague of Anita wanted to work with her and she wasn't sure if it was a good idea. She knew that Anita's favorite song was Cyndi Lauper's "girls Just want to have fun".

I don't remember exactly what happened, but she heard the song as a coincidence, which encouraged her to go ahead and send an email to collaborate with Anita. It was like a sign from the universe. She told Anita the story, and shortly after she was grocery shopping, she got into her car and on the radio was her favorite song, the same Cyndi Lauper song.

So Anita tells this to a friend of hers, who then promptly hears the song playing in a store. I might be mixing up the details, but it was like a chain of three people coincidentally hearing the song in a very short amount of time.

Well, we have a wall mounted radio, a relic of the '70s in the house that we purchased this year.

I told my wife, wouldn't it be weird if I turned it on right now and that song was playing? We chuckled and I sort of put that idea on the shelf, as My wife finishes her story.

After I think, what the heck, let's see! And I run to the wall radio in the kitchen, and I swear to you, we are the fourth person in the chain, as soon as I turned it on, one of the most surreal experiences in my life, I knew it as soon as I heard the melody.

It's a little over halfway through Cindy Lauper's classic, Girls Just want to have fun.

The only message I can take away from this is letting go, having a playful spirit and being in the moment, and amazing stuff can happen.

[09/19/20]   Back to Sanity Sale still going strong!

1 HR Massage = $60 til September 30th. 2 HR package = $100 til end of October.🌈


Hip stretch, as requested from a client! This is one of my favorites, thank you for the request.

For tight hips... will also help the low back, possibly can help tight plantar fascia of the feet. Try this and notice how differently the rhythm that you walk afterwards, the gait. 08/21/2020

Back to Sanity Sale - Hello there! This is Judd the Massage Therapist, just checking in. Wouldn't it be nice to reclaim a little bit of decency again? One way to do it is to just feel good! Sounds simple right? I'm trading my time with other massage therapists myself and it reminds me how good the simple things are, ju...


Crane Qigong Exercise Part 1

A gentle and meditative exercise that helps you rise above the summertime blues. Calm that nervous system and stay flexible.


Coffee. Mom. Repeat

Find more deals at Coffee. Mom. Repeat's Official DEAL Group 😂

[06/24/20]   "I have better mobility less pain and slept very peacefully last night . Thanks again I need to come more often"- Debbie T


Y'all got shoulder tightness or pain? (*Shrugs 😁*)

just kidding, we're not going to shrug it off this time, but here's a super easy exercise that can be done in just a few minutes, helpful for relaxing the shoulder, increasing range of motion.

[05/13/20]   To the willing and able, official reopening will be next Monday 18th as announced by governor. Recommended precautions will be in effect. Thanks for your patience 🙌 04/14/2020

10 Best Albums of Music for Meditation - Blessoterra Meditation music is an interesting concept because the goal of meditation is often to empty the mind of thoughts (or at least detach ourselves from them)...


It's tough not receiving (and giving)bodywork & massage these days.

Here's a pleasant, meditative breathing exercise that can be done in as little as two minutes to change your nervous system and calm the mind-body.

I don't want to ruffle any feathers, so let's do some crane Qigong breathing 🦢🙌


Wim Hof's take on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I just downloaded his app today and practiced along with it. Wim Hof has created a method for boosting one's immune system, the foundation of which are breathing techniques.

I will post another link with a documentary about his work.

He and his students where once tested by getting injected with an endotoxin that normally produces severe flu symptoms, but they showed no signs of illness.

so simple, and yet for a lot of people, this is the future of Well-being.

Everyone's been asking what do I think about the Coronavirus, and here it is. Stay safe everyone! Sending you all big hugs from a distance. All the love and ...



Live in the present.


Jamie Janover

Newsfeed balancer...

Monet pond, Seki City, Japan

Where on Earth are you?
Photos please!


Back Friday is here! That's not a typo... I got your back with deals lasting all day Friday. No need to leave the house, all can be done online! Contact me @ 843-532-9805 or message me here.

Deals are as follows;

*All gift certificates: $55 for 1 hr or 3 hr gc package for $150.

*3 hours package of massages for just $150 for yourself

2- hour amazing Back-to-Back treatment combo massage & acupuncture with myself and acupuncturist Becky Sheftall for just $100.

*3 hours package of massage and acupuncture $150. (2 separate massage appointments and 1 separate acupuncture appt, or vice versa)

As mentioned, you can receive and pay for any gift online, and it can be sent to you directly that can be printed out if you prefer a physical copy. Thanks as always 🌞 11/27/2019

Nation’s Long-Haired Old Men In Flowy Linen Shirts Announce You Are Loved

Good news! 😀 EUGENE, OR—A wide smile lighting up their faces as the crow’s feet crinkled around their eyes, the nation’s long-haired old men in flowy linen shirts issued a prepared statement Tuesday in which they confirmed that you are loved. “You are a wondrous creature overflowing with vibrancy and lif...

[11/26/19]   Pls check back this Friday, I'll be offering a "Back" Friday special. One day only savings on gift certificates and for yourself!


My colleague, Marion works with me in the same building and is offering some fall specials, so I wanted to highlight her business. She specializes in lymphatic massage but also does deeper pressure neuromuscular / pain management. She's great, and she offers a unique skill-set. 09/12/2019

Mirabai Devi Foundation Shop

I have a client who is a well known spiritual coach and energy worker Mirabai Devi, from Hawaii. She comes to Charleston from time to time, and she is being hosted for a little event this evening at healing Oasis, it's a wellness center on St Andrews boulevard, in West Ashley.

I told her I would post the information :-) so here it is. If you click on the link, it is called "An Evening with Miracles." Buy Aug 28th 8:30pm EDT $50 Releasing Blocks of Unworthiness Teleconference Call with Mirabai Devi and more


Base Imagery

Today we’re as happy as a Humpback on the Ningaloo Reef with Ningaloo Discovery 🐋


😁 that simple.


Gratitude is a powerful emotion to use for manifesting because normally we feel gratitude after we receive something. So the emotional signature of gratitude means it has already happened. When you are thankful or you feel appreciation, you are in the ultimate state to receive. When you embrace gratitude, your body as the unconscious mind will begin to believe is in a future reality in the present moment. You have to really feel the emotions of your future. This is not an intellectual process- is a visceral one. What do you believe you’re worthy to receive? Can you teach your body emotionally what it will feel like to receive what is is you want before it happens? In order for it to manifest you have to be able to do this in the present moment. ❤️


Truth. I know some cultures and generations value "busyness" more than others but seems true for me.

S l o w d o w n.

[07/13/19]   Opening Available: tomorrow Sun. 14th 10:15am. Flash Sale Discount to anyone in need! call/text 843-532-9805 for appointment.


Law of Attraction | Positive Thinking | The Amazing Race | Colin and Christie

this is a great perspective that I wanted to share, it's on the power of meditation and reframing experiences.

The title is somewhat misleading it's not really anything super woo woo or psuedo- spiritual.

This man, Colin Guinn and his wife Christie were on The amazing race 15 years ago, and to be honest, Colin was a temperamental, impatient jerk :-) quick to overreact, lose focus, panic, and get angry with blame for others.

His wife has become a life coach, and together they have studied meditation and some spiritual disciplines, and their story is beyond amazing. They came back on The amazing race and actually won it this time (it aired about a couple weeks ago) and his transformation was more than obvious.

He's a different person, and here are some of the tips to that turn around in sense of well-being and focus.

The Amazing Race Winners Colin Guinn and Christie Woods return from the Reality TV show having successfully tested mindfulness, law of attraction, meditation...

[07/10/19]   from a first time client yesterday: "That was the best massage I've had in my life and three of my friends are therapists."- Brooke

Thank you! That's what I'm talkin bout...


I'll be taking massage appointments for Sunday and a couple afternoon appointments for Monday afternoon if you'd like to get in. Please call or text 843-532-9805.-- Judd

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