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I provide education to enrich your professional skills and knowledge. Increasing your skills and confidence in treatments provides the best possible advantage for your business. I represent only the best products, devices and vendors available. Training is performed in my retail location: SkinPro Studio in Charleston, virtual training and on site training also available.

Have tried all of the boosters? I can help you develop a package of peels.

Microdermabrasion is a great therapy to use as a stand alone service or to combine with other therapies you are already using.

Rezenerate nanotechnology along with growth factors can really be a game changer in your service offerings.

Did you know that every device purchase comes with 2 hours of hands on training with me in my studio? I coordinate models, provide you with consent forms and best practices for success.

This is a TheroClear result. Treat surface imperfections like AK, sebaceous hyperplasia and cherry angiomas. This device purchase comes with 2 hours of hands on training in my studio. Message me for more information

We always offer in studio training for clients who purchase devices and products. This sweet card was waiting for me today when I got to work. I love what I do! ❤️

BUY 12 FOOT PEELS (Original or Men's)
(Contains 8 individual packets with 10 wipes each)
Stackable up to 3 times

It’s Peel Season!

Buy 2 Perfect Derma Kits
Get 1 Free Peel

Buy 4 Perfect Derma Kits
Get 3 Free Peels & 1 Booster Trio Gift Set

Buy 6 Perfect Derma Kits
Get 5 Free Peels & 2 Booster Trio Gift Sets

Buy 10 Perfect Derma Kits
Get 10 Free Peels, 4 Booster Trio Gift Sets

All orders over $1,500 ship for free via UPS Ground Service

Here are my tips for storm prep:

Take photos or video of how your space looks now before you move anything. Pay close attention to all your equipment and snap photos on your phone to include serial numbers. This allows vendors to help you find purchase receipts if needed for insurance purposes.

1. Unplug all your equipment
2. Pull equipment together and cover with plastic sheets (in case roof leaks)
3. Ground floor? Put all equipment up on counter tops or on top of tables to safeguard from flooding.
4. Pull all removable signage up and secure inside. Also secure trash cans and flower pots to avoid possible projectiles for you or your neighbors. Check your mailbox and make sure it’s empty.
5. Take all insurance paperwork, licenses, and client records with you should you decide to evacuate.
6. Be sure all credit card transactions have been batched and submitted. Remove your cash bag or drawer.
7. If you use a paper scheduling system take your book. If you use an on line system be sure the latest version is on all of your devices so you can access things on the go.
8. Secure doors and windows. If you Have cameras and security systems make sure they are active and check your view on cameras before you leave.

@babyfootusa has done it again and landed in @vogueindia! It is a truly amazing foot peel and once your clients use it - they can't stop. DM or text me to order or restock! @ Charleston, South Carolina

Perfect Peel has new boosters!

Last day for October promotions!

Buy 2 Kits
Receive 1 free Peel ($300 value)

Buy 4 Kits
Receive 3 Free Peels, 1 Free 16 oz. of The Perfect Cleanser + Free shipping ($1,000 value)

Buy 6 Kits
Receive 6 Free Peels, 2 Free 16 oz. of The Perfect Cleanser + Free Shipping


BUY THEM NOW so you can listen to Liz's Facebook Live on Monday, November 12th at 9am when she talks all about PEELS THAT WORK!

Buy 2 Kits
Receive 1 free Peel ($300 value)

Buy 4 Kits
Receive 3 Free Peels, 1 Free 16 oz. of The Perfect Cleanser + Free shipping ($1,000 value)

Buy 6 Kits
Receive 6 Free Peels, 2 Free 16 oz. of The Perfect Cleanser + Free Shipping ($2,000 value)

The Perfect Derma Peel

Halloween is just around the corner, but before that, there are some spooky specials this month!!

Let's start with the Perfect Derma Peel! The Perfect Cleaners is back and your clients will love the skin they're in (once the peel is completely over, that is!).

Message us for details!


Facebook Live: Easy Home Care Instructions


Listen as I walk you through how you're selling each day, how to help your clients understand and adapt to easy home care instructions, and why a simple 4-step process can help you. Here's my simple 4-step process for all of my clients:

1. Cleanse
2. Manage
3. Moisturize
4. Protect

I also talk about why I recommend Vitamin A to all my clients.

Listen now and let me know your questions!


Even after you've finished a formal education or certification, your clients expect you to be the expert, continue learning, and bring that knowledge to them every day.

Join us on Monday, October 8th at 9:30 for a Facebook Live to learn how to create easy home care instructions.
For more information:



Join us on Monday, October 8th at 9 AM (***NOTE: New time for Facebook Live events) for the next Facebook Live where you can learn how to easily create home care instructions. See the Events Tab for information!

Get details here:



THE PERFECT A: 0.1% tretinoin cream with 10% Vitamin C for youthful, firmer, and brighter skin! The Perfect A is also highly effective in controlling acne. Please note: Discontinue use of The Perfect A three days pre-peel and resume use 7-10 days post peel or once the skin is completely healed.

The PERFECT B: The Bleaching Cream is RX strength 4% Hydroquinone cream with natural lighteners reduces hyperpigmentation including melasma. Patients with hyperpigmentation/melasma can add The Perfect Bleaching Cream to their daily skin care regimen for 10-12 days pre-peel for optimal results.



Quality is the best business plan! You can project and calculate, but in the end, quality is what's most important because that's what your clients see and experience when they come to you for a service.


How to Improve Your Consulting Process: 3 Simple Steps

Thanks for joining today to learn how to improve your consulting process in just 3 simple steps. Here's what we covered:

1. Find out what brings your client in to see you
2. Confirm their home care routine
3. End the session with what questions your clients have post-treatment

Liz goes in-depth on each one of these steps. Listen and comment below with questions.

Visit the Beauty Business Builder website for more information on how Liz can help you with Skills Building and Business Development Training (link in the comments.


For me, finding esthetics and Beauty Business Builder have me jumping out of bed every morning because I love to help others achieve their goals! Make your work even better by improving your knowledge through Skill Building & Business Development Training.
More information here:


This is an awesome device, I use it EVERY DAY. If you haven't tried it, send me a message so we can get you connected.

Check out this incredible #BlastingTheBlues summer sale from Rezenerate!

Contact your Everything Esthetic rep for more details or visit

Love this line and so will your clients! Have you used it?

Thank you to everyone who voted Hale & Hush Best Sensitive Skin product in the 2018 ASCP Skin Deep Reader's Choice Awards.
#sensitiveskinspecialist #haleandhush #sensitiveskin #sensitiveskincare #oncologyskincare #lovemyskincare


When customers are happy, they are our best referral source. This means we want to treat clients in a way that makes them feel valued. We want to do this in an authentic and genuine way.

Would your clients provide you with a testimonial that speaks volumes about how wonderful they feel after a service with you?

If you want to learn more about how to identify your best clients and create more relationships like those, contact Liz for a coaching session to learn how to have your clients create additional customers for you!

Call 843-990-9386 to schedule time with Liz. You'll be glad you did!


This little device is a game changer! I use it in my practice every day (SkinPro Studio) and these fly off the shelves because my client's love using them in between visits.

Stock these for your clients!

CALL or Message us for pricing and information. You can also watch how it works here:


Forming a relationship with your client's is #1 in growing your business!

Here are a few ways you can let your clients know you care and have them returning in droves:

1. Ask questions that will allow you to get to know your client's skincare needs.
2. Create a sense of calm for the client by offering a water or tea, then allowing them an opportunity to settle in and relax before the treatment.
3. Follow up with a phone call a couple of days after a treatment to see how they are doing.

Need help increasing client engagement and building your business? Liz is available for Skills and Business Development Training. For information, go here
OR call 843-990-9386.


OUR AUGUST NEWSLETTER JUST DROPPED! Not on the list? Enter your email in the comments and we'll add you.

Here's some of what we included in this month's news:

No one really feels good when their business is stagnating! We can help by providing Skills Training & Business Development Training. Turn to Liz, a proven business builder, as a trusted support person to help you take your business to the next level.

Skills Training:
- Micro-peeling
- Rezenerate
- Micro-Needling

Business Development Training:
- Practice Evaluation
- Individual Coaching
- Rock Star Retailer Training

Skills training is done at the studio in Charleston, South Carolina. Business Development training can also be done in the studio or virtually - your choice!


INFUSIONPEEL is a revolutionary machine combines both MICRODERMABRASION & INFUSION.
The Microdermabrasion has three selections of Bio-Barrier™ disposable tip caps provide optimal control of the peel depth and eliminate concerns about cross-contamination.
The Infusion creates a customized treatment regimen using one or more of our clinically-formulated, medical-grade topicals.

This profit-driving machine provides you - and your clients - with the fastest, most comprehensive, and advanced skin rejuvenation.

DERMAFRAC is the technology that is referred to as the Next Generation In Microneedling

Your client's skin will be smoother, more luminous skin with no pain or downtime, Here are some of the amazing benefits:
- Pain-Free, no topical anesthetic
- Facilitates exfoliation with a simultaneous topical infusion
- Improved appearance of the skin
- Faster more treatments per day
- Safer, more predictable
- Greater profits

SUMMER IS A STATE OF MIND and after walking barefoot all summer, a little TLC is needed!

The August BabyFoot SPECIAL includes:
Buy 36 Original Peels, Get 1 Free Original
Buy 48 Original Peels, Get a FREE Acrylic Display

DM us for information on any and all information above!


Beauty Business Builder

Great day 2 with Refine USA. I learned so much more about PRP and acoustic wave therapy with APEX. This is proven technology to take your practice to the next level, call or message me for a demo.

Rezenerate education this morning with Ryan Raybah. Learning about nanotechnology and how it improves product performance.

Rezenerate gives Med Spa Results without being a Med Spa. For Med Spas, this tool is an effective alternative if your client doesn't meet the micro-needling protocol.

Call or message me with questions and product purchase details.


First day in Greensboro and it was full of learning. We learned about MediThreads and saw a demo. This is a really wonderful tool for repositioning skin and decreasing laxity.

Erin Madigan-Fleck / Naturophoria

This is a great interview!

Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck talks about how "estheticians are ambassadors of good health & skin" as well as how it's possible for us to help people boost their self-esteem and create a balanced life. Enjoy!

Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck on Atlanta Business Radio X - Part 2. For more information on the new series DE-TV visit


THE REZENERATE NANOFACIAL provides amazing results! It Improves texture and tone, providing glowing skin through a nutrient-delivering system. The process is relaxing and provides a cooling pressure point for your clients because the cryo-treatment is specially formulated to help reduce inflammation and redness.

It's a 7-step process that creates longer-lasting results:
1. Cleansing
2. Exfoliation
3. Serum Selection
4. Rezenerate NanoFacial's Massage & Infusion
5. Cooling Mask
6. NanoGlobe Zen Pressure Point Protocol
7. Finish

The procedure is especially effective for infusing the product of your choice to the epidermis. Super versatile, making it easy for an Esthetician can customize the treatment.

Call for pricing and details. More details can be found here:


Flash promo!!!! Buy 24 BabyFoot peels before July 30th and I will send you 2 FREE peel samples of BabyFoot!!!!

Offer good to the first 9 orders and while supplies last.

Dermafrac is considered the next-step in microneedling. It's a new technology that is pain-free, with no topical anesthetic that facilitates exfoliation with simultaneous topical infusion. It improves the skin's appearance and it's faster than other machines, resulting in more treatments per day in your practice. Finally, it's safer and more predictable than other machines. All of this results in increased profits for your business.

Call or message us for information and pricing. As with any purchase from Beauty Business Builder, it includes a 2-hour training with Liz Munn at the studio in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.

For more benefits, visit

#dermafrac #microneedling #beautybusinessbuilder #estheticianmachines

WE WANT YOU and your clients to have summer-ready FEET! FREE BabyFoot Samples available to industry professionals.

Here's how to get them!
1. Like this post
2. Tag an industry friend in this post
3. DM me your Name, Business Name, Type of Business, mailing address, phone number and email.

Winners will be chosen on July 30th.

BabyFoot is sold by the dozen for $12.50 each. The men’s Peel is the same price and the moisturizing foot mask is $7.50 each (both are same quantities).

Photo credits: BabyFoot

This revolutionary machine combines both MICRODERMABRASION & INFUSION.

The Microdermabrasion has three selections of Bio-Barrier™ disposable tip caps provide optimal control of the peel depth and eliminate concerns about cross-contamination.

The Infusion creates a customized treatment regimen using one or more of our clinically-formulated, medical-grade topicals.

Here's how this profit-driving machine provides you - and your clients - with the fastest, most comprehensive, and advanced skin rejuvenation:
-Cool and soothing
-No pain
-No downtime
-Serious results
-Direct infusion to the epidermis

The innovative infusion solution's key active ingredients have been clinically formulated to provide excellent results for all types of skin. Here are some of the benefits:

-LIGHTEN: Kojic acid provides a superior infusion treatment targeting hyperpigmentation.
-CLEANSE: Aloe and glycolic acid combined with Vitamin A gently clean the skin and prepare it for an exfoliating peel.
-ANTI-OXIDANT MOISTURIZING: Aloe, green tea, white peony tea and grape seed extract provide an infused moisturizing treatment with powerful botanical antioxidants.
-CLARIFY: A 10% lactic acid solution yields excellent exfoliation with minimal irritation.
-REJUVENATE: Trilysline Myristoyl KKALK pentapeptide stimulates the body’s own cellular repair system to produce new skin cells, collagen and elastin to help reduce the signs of aging.

CALL or message us for details. As with any machine purchase, it includes 2 hours of on-site training with Liz at the @skinprostudio in Charleston, South Carolina.



Beauty Business Builder provides product support & education to enrich your professional skills and knowledge. Increasing your skills and confidence in treatments provides the best possible advantage for your business. Liz Munn represents only the best products, devices, and vendors available. Training is performed in her retail location: SkinPro Studio in Charleston, South Carolina. We also offer virtual training and on-site training.

If you are looking for support & growth, you're in the right place!

About Liz Munn

After spending many years in healthcare reimbursement, I grew tired of the regulations of reimbursement and was ready to spend time with people, while making a difference in their lives. That's when I chose to become an esthetician!

I started in sales and loved the relationships I built over the years. The satisfaction of working with businesses fulfilled my desire to be around and work with people.

Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer and quickly realized that 500+ miles a week in the car and very little home time was not going to work for any longer. I needed to achieve some balance.

In 2015, after successfully recovering from breast cancer, I launched Beauty Business Builder. The business has allowed me to see things differently and essentially choose who I work with and how I operate. It also gave me an opportunity to incorporate training into my business, which I learned from other trainers, vendors, and formulators during my first two years in outside sales.

Over the years, I've learned that if you want to have a successful business, you have to create one. I've also learned that you need to diversify in what you do, NEVER stop learning, and maintain some balance with your work and personal life.

Today, I'm home most nights now and my husband and I spend lots of quality time together. I have a fitness routine that is stable and I feel stronger than I ever have! I also make time to volunteer for charities that are important to me.

I am passionate about the industry! I know what works, how to listen and problem solve. My vast network extends beyond my business to other professionals that can do things I'm not as good at. If I can't help you I probably know someone that can.

If you are looking for just another vendor, Beauty Business Builder is probably not the best fit. However, if you are looking for support and growth you're in the right place!

Want your business to be the top-listed Beauty Salon in Charleston?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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