Rodan + Fields - Skincare Secrets

Rodan + Fields - Skincare Secrets


Lash Boost
Complimentary Lash Boost ($150. value ) with purchase of Regimen at PC discounted price ! 60 Day Empty jar Money back guarantee ! Comment YES, I want it !!!

Be part of a team that is helping 1000's get better skin and start businesses, PT/FT, in a matter of weeks.*CONTACT ME: [email protected] Our mission is to help people solve the most common skin concerns without a visit to the Dermatologist.

We have witnessed firsthand the emotional empowerment that comes from gaining control over acne and other everyday skincare issues such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and skin sensitivity. Our goal is to give everyone access to dermatology based skincare so they can experience the personal confidence that comes with healthy, clear, even toned complexion. That is why Rodan+Fields Dermatologists was created.

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Get your GLOW on this month ! Erase summer Sun Damage with REVERSE , our complete Regimen guaranteed to lighten and brighten your skin! (Enroll in PC Perks) to receive 10% off, FREE shp and a FREE gift from me !!!)


Just imagine for a moment.....
What IF...🤔

✨ What IF you had an extra $500 a month?
✨ What IF it turned into thousands a month?
✨ What IF you had 1 extra vacation a year?
✨ What IF NO ONE could tell you how many vacation days you are allowed per year?
✨ What IF you never missed a moment with your loved ones?
✨ What IF you could go from full time to part time?
✨ What IF you could retire yourself?
✨ What IF you could retire your spouse?
✨ What IF you lived to give?
✨ What IF one “YES” changed your life?
✨ What IF you could help change other’s lives?
✨ What IF washing your face everyday and talking about it could change your whole world?
✨ What IF..... you messaged me about this incredible journey and learned something new?

These doctors created Proactiv for acne, which captured over 80% of the world’s acne market. Now this newer anti-aging brand, which was #1 in retail before they pulled out to enter the e-commerce space, is the fastest growing premium skincare brand AND most importantly the #1 skincare brand in the entire US and Canadian market. That's a HUGE statement. "WHAT IF" all the above became a reality? Life would be different, right? Don't say no to what you don't know. PM me for more info! I'm turning "what if's" into my reality and if I can do it, so can you!

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How do I … Enroll as a Consultant?


Watch this quick video tutorial about how to use our simplified enrollment process to enroll as a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant


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I love this Team !! Are you ready for life changing skincare ?


We’ve put the right ingredients in the right formulas in the right order to help ensure our REDEFINE Regimen gives your skin what it needs: extra moisture at night and SPF protection during the day. Now it’s up to you to follow your 3-step Regimen morning and night.

“Comment below” with the benefits you’ve seen from using REDEFINE.

We’ve put the right ingredients in the right formulas in the right order to help ensure our REDEFINE Regimen gives your skin what it needs: extra moisture at night and SPF protection during the day. Now it’s up to you to follow your 3-step Regimen morning and night.

“Comment below” with the benefits you’ve seen from using REDEFINE.


Happy results with America's #1 acne treatment ! Message me to for special pricing !!! 07/03/2016

Rodan + Fields - Australia

Do you know people in AUSTRALIA ? I'm looking for referrals and offering FREE Product to anyone who sends me a referral that becomes a Founding Consultant DownUnder or is a US citizen that joins my Team here in the US. Terms and conditions apply. Inquiries comment below and I will contact you through FB with Info.

[06/28/16]   Congratulations TEAM Be Your Own Boss !!! You saw this as a way to replace/supplement your full time hourly income with a Passive income to create an income stream where you could have more time freedom to do the things you love most. Be with family, vacation time, shorter work weeks, early retirement , you name it.
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How Britney Spears and Lisa Rinna Maintain Such Radiant Skin

May Specials all during month of May !! Leave your "MoreInfo" request in the cpmment section below for Sweet Saving in May !
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TOO BUSY" or "TOO EDUCATED" ??? Think again!!
This is #RodanandFields Consultant, Dr. Jena Margalit Kravitz. You may see her on CNN a lot, but Jena is also a #Neuropsychologist at a large hospital in Los Angeles, a #professor at Pepperdine University for the past nine years, and is on the voluntary clinical faculty at another large University-based medical center, where she contributes to clinical research and teaching doctoral students with interest in studying #Alzheimer’s disease!!! ((Talk about BUSY!!))
As if that wasn’t enough, she also has her own private practice where she works, is the former president of the Parent-Teacher Association at her twins’ school, and helps with several of her children’s extracurricular activities. If there was ever a woman who was "too busy," it's probably her!!! She will be the first to tell you that she said no to R+F many times.
Her former husband is a leading #attorney in the U.S. that specializes in looking at the financial health of companies for the purpose of acquisition and liquidation. When she asked him what he thought about R+F, he asked her to first let him look at the company. He called her the next day and told her she needed to go for it. In his opinion and based on what he could see, this company is going to be HUGE!! Message me or post below for more info on the products or how to start your own turn-key business ! #SuzanneCozartFlynn 03/29/2016

Rodan and Fields Monthly CONSULTANT Training in Atlanta

With events like this going on all over the US building a Rodan+Fields business from home is easier than you think ! Why don't you message me today to find out more about the fastest growing skincare company in the US ? Let's see if this could be a fit for you ! Sat Apr 16, 2016, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm


Tired of waking up to dark circles and puffiness under the eyes? Look on the bright side this winter and start using REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream. It’s packed with powerful anti-aging peptides to help minimize the appearance of crow’s feet and puffiness, while brightening up the eye area.

Message me for more info about our products, discounts and free shipping !


If you see it on The Today Show, Yahoo, Fox News, Ellen and The Doctors,

THEN . . .you see it covered by Forbes, Harvard Business, and The Wall Street Journal.

THEN . . .you read about it in People, O Magazine, Marie Claire, Vogue, Redbook, Allure, and Inside Style.

THEN . . .you read that, in Premium Skincare category, it is the FASTEST GROWING for SIX CONSECUTIVE YEARS, ranked #4 of all Premium Skincare companies in the US (behind Estee Lauder, Clinique and Lancomme?, AND ranked #1 Premium Acne line in the US.

THEN . . . you find out the company has an advertising budget of ZERO.

Do you think MAYBE it would be a good idea to find out what I'm doing and what it's all about? Seriously stop and think about it and let's have a conversation. When is a good time for you ? 09/25/2015

The Truth Behind Rodan + Fields (And Its Takeover of Your Facebook Feed)

ALLURE Magazine tells ALL about the phenomenon, Rodan+Fields.
For more Message me regarding skincare products and business option. She's the friendliest neighbor on the block, the chicest mom at school, the Spin-class regular with glowing skin. The Rodan + Fields consultant has something she wants to sell you--and it's not just a face cream.

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