Healthsmart of James Island

Healthsmart of James Island


Business Networking Event
Monday July 30th @ 6:30

We'd like to invite you to our July business networking event, Monday, from 6:30-8 pm. During the event, you can introduce yourself to other business owners, learn about other local businesses. Pass out your business cards and samples.
James Island Town Hall
1238 B Camp Road
James Island, SC
Use door on right.
RSVP [email protected]
Are ya'll still open?
Is it true that you’re closed?
I am so excited I fond Healthsmart of James Island. Great smelling store, friendy personnel and will help me maintain a healthy lifestyle. Come and visit!
Stopped by and saw Leann Witsell!!
The only place to get your health supplements!
Another terrific resource for Charleston, with hard-to-find tinctures, grass-fed beef, homeopathic remedies and more.

Health Food, Vitamins and Supplements, Natural Products, vegan protein, flower essence, essential oils , alternative health Natural Products Store

Operating as usual


Day #5 Stocking Stuffer
Get those electrolytes! Your muscles deserve the gifts of life....Minerals!!!!


Day #5 Stocking Stuffer


Day # 4 Stocking Stuffer


Day #3 Stocking Stuffer


Day #2 Stocking Stuffer


Counting down the days of Christmas ?...........
Stocking stuffers for the next 25 days ........



Natural Treatments for Crohn's Disease

Crohn’s and Colitis is a very serious matter when it comes to digestive issues. These conditions can be addressed and controlled with diet, supplements, herbs, and lifestyle changes. Do you have Crohn's? Discover six important natural treatments that may help ease your symptoms.


Concerned about the second round of “Holiday Stuffing?”...
Konjac Root also known as Glucomannan is a healthy way to curb those cravings and support healthy weight loss. Why wait until January 1st to stock up? These single packs can make great stocking stuffers!! ( only give to those who expressed serious concerns of losing weight)


Get it while supplies last !!

Camu Camu!! Camu believe it?!! 11/18/2017

How to Cook a Beef Shank on the Grill

Grilling in the winter is just as fun in the summer!! Beef shanks are cut from the leg of the cow and tend to be tougher than other cuts of meat because of the frequent use of the leg muscle. To keep the meat from drying out on the grill, use a combination of direct and indirect cooking methods. Start by searing the meat directly over high heat. Then t... 11/18/2017

Slow Cooker Beef Shanks with Garlic and Herbs :: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Paleo / Primal

Yummy!!! This Slow Cooker Beef Shanks is going to quickly become one of your favorite meals. These Slow Cooker Beef Shanks are so delicious and can easily be made.


Be Proactive about your Probiotics!!


So many options!! Liquid, capsules, or even make your own Ginger Ale!!


Add one or both to your Thanksgiving shopping list. After the grocery store or Farmer’s Market head over here to pick em up! 11/16/2017

Gentian: A Bitter Pill to Swallow – Dr. Christopher Hobbs

The Bitter the Better...... The English, and subsequently the Americans, are not fond of bitter foods or herbs. In fact, bitter has often been spoken of disparagingly in the English language for example in the statement, “a bitter pill to swallow,” meaning, in a wider sense, that a person found something very difficult to acce...


These can help before a heavy meal or after eating one. The choice is yours..... 11/16/2017

Inulin 101 - A prebiotic fiber with powerful health benefits

Another Hidden Jewel at HealthSmart of James Island! In this article, learn about inulin: what it is, where it comes from, what health benefits it can offer, and how to introduce it into a diet. 11/16/2017

Top 10 Digestive Enzymes

Take time to digest this article before you digest your next meal. See how this natural solution can solve many health problems.


#1 selling brand of digestive enzymes.....Enzymedica!! Take them to help digest the foods you normally eat and the ones you know you shouldn’t touch!!


Don’t wait until you overindulge with Turkeys, Tofurkey, and Pies.


We thank our Veterans everyday with 10% discount!!


Sunny Mood

Awards: Better Nutrition 2015 Best of Supplements
Sunny Mood®
Sunny Mood® is a "feel good formula” that can help lift your spirits when you’re feeling down.* This innovative product supplies a broad-spectrum of phytonutrients and essential minerals to target mood & emotional health.*

Mood Enhancement: Sunny Mood® supports a positive mental state to promote feelings of happiness and well-being.* This formula delivers a unique combination of botanicals that are traditionally used in mood support formulas – including Lemon Balm, Damiana and Saffron.* Plus, it features a powerful Rhodiola extract that is standardized to a minimum of 3% rosavins and 1% salidrosides. Emerging research has demonstrated Rhodiola’s mood-elevating and brain-energizing effects.*

Emotional Balance: Sunny Mood® supports emotional stability and calmness.* Combining adaptogenic botanicals, soothing nerve relaxants and harmonizing nutrients such as L-Theanine, this multi-faceted formula can help you maintain mental balance during times of heightened emotional stress.*

Sunny Mood® is designed for overall mental health, and is ideally suited for individuals with temporary depressed mood, occasional anxiety, emotional reactivity, temporary stress-related exhaustion and mental fatigue.* This product can be used daily for health maintenance, or as needed to balance the mind and emotions.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 11/07/2017

In Joy

In Joy by Redd Remedies 60 Tablets


Feeling sadness, irritability, fatigue and hopelessness and not really sure what to do next? It is not uncommon that we have all felt this way from time to time. For some of us these feelings are intense, occur daily, and are difficult to sort out why they don’t subside. There is HOPE. In•Joy™ is a combination of essential nutrients and adaptogenic herbs that support mood and emotional strength.

The blend of natural ingredients formulated in In•Joy™ help uplift mood to control and regulate the stress response on the body.

In•Joy™ works in three distinct ways to enhance mood and promote emotional strength:
Promotes healthy levels of neurotransmitters*
Supports healthy mood regulation*
Helps the brain and body cope with stress*
In•Joy™ provides essential nutrients and adaptogen herbs that provide a platform for the mind and body to control and regulate the stress response and uplift mood.* In•Joy™ A gluten-free natural supplement to support a positive mood and emotional strength* Feeling sadness, irritability, fatigue and hopelessness and not really sure what to do next? It is not uncommon that we have all felt this way from time to time. For some of us these feelings are intense, occ... 11/07/2017

L-Theanine for Generalized Anxiety

We carry 100mg Chewable tablets. Easy to absorb!! $2.00 coupon good until 12/31/17
health-care/201710/l-theanine-generalized-anxiety An amino acid that is safe and often beneficial for generalized anxiety 11/07/2017

Vitamin D vs broad spectrum phototherapy in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder. - PubMed - NCBI

Give S.A.D a big fat D!!! J Nutr Health Aging. 1999;3(1):5-7. Clinical Trial; Randomized Controlled Trial


Vitamin D, Holy Basil, L-theanine, Lemon Balm, B-Complex, and so much more can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

[11/07/17]   I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT To

All the participants of our FALL-LA-PALOOZA Eat*Drink*Be Healthy Event this past Sunday.

I truly APPRECIATE your support !

Many many 🙏🏽 TO

TravelEssence - Stephanie Hennings
Peaceful-Living Wellness-Jennifer Robinson
Set-Point Wellness- Ginny Leavitt
Gabrielle Bankston, LMT
Johnny Z. -NoWaterCompares
The Cupcake Bar by Miss Priss

YOU all made this event turn out to be a SUCCESS!!

[11/05/17]   Here are The winners of the raffles

Himalaya Gift basket goes to ......

Ms. Alethea !!!

$25.00 Gift cards goes to...

1. Kelly Haupt
2. Cara Davis
3. Johnny Z.

Miss Priss Cupcake Bouquet goes to ...

L. Bennett!!!

Congratulations to all and can’t wait to see you again here at HealthSmart of James Island!!!





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