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A clean and mindful lifestyle is the key to optimal health. Wellness is attainable without sacrificing fun, sophistication, and life's luxuries.

Living a clean and healthy lifestyle means being mindful of what we put on our body as well as what we put in it. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by harmful chemicals every day but if we make simple changes in our lives we can reduce that exposure and significantly improve our health and well being. Life is about progress, not perfection. It is also about fun and not deprivation. Living mindfully can still be chic. My name is Paige Calla and 3 1/2 years ago I began my journey with Beautycounter. We are a lifestyle brand committed to forcing change in the unregulated personal care industry and working towards more health protective laws. When I was introduced to this amazing company and mission I was trying to live a more clean and healthy lifestyle but was shocked by the facts and lack of regulation in the industry. With 2 young children I thought that we were "safe" by using "all natural", "organic", "paraben free" products but those words mean virtually nothing because there is no one regulation our products like the FDA regulates our food. Some of the common chemicals being used are linked to cancer, reproductive issues, autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, and the list goes on. We all have personal connections with these common health concerns...genetics haven't changed much over the years but the chemicals we are exposed to have increased exponentially. I found myself sad and angry but then decided to channel that energy to make a change. Changes have to be made!!! At Beautycounter, we believe our health should never be sacrificed for beauty. We have an incredible line of personal care products and cosmetics that are the safest on the market yet effective and extremely luxurious. Via my work with Beautycounter I strive to educate on the importance of clean living. We are nobody without our health!


Beautycounter’s New Brow Gel Is Quickly Becoming A Cult-Fave

Yes, our brow gel ROCKS!! Move over Glossier..(and much safer 😜)


thezoereport.com When it comes to the brow portion of a makeup routine, it previously seemed that there tended to be two extremes: low-maintenance minimalist, or all-out makeup-artist level arches. The recent revelation of easy-to-use eyebrow-enhancing gels,…

Did you know that more than 30% of household trash is compostable?! Composting transforms waste into nutrient rich fertilizer, saves space in landfills, saves money on trash disposal and actually helps slow climate change. I’m finally giving it a whirl after being too afraid to try but honestly how hard can it be? Plus this composting crock from @johnnys_seeds is totally countertop approved!! So far we have some juicer remnants and coffee grinds. I’m going to have one happy garden this year (and happier planet) 🌎🙏🏼 #composting #earthday #earthweek #veggiegarden #gardeninglife #sustainability #bethechange #cleanliving #mindful #goodfortheplanet #compostingcrock #composting101

The best route to less bloat and glowing skin!



Zap your headaches away with these 6 natural home remedies

Also try to avoid inflammatory foods like dairy and gluten and load up on the greens!

Tip: leave a bottle of peppermint eo in your car or purse so when you feel a headache coming on you can take a few deep breathes to ward it off.

wellandgood.com Two MDs give their top tips.

My favorite laundry detergent that’s safe for you AND the planet! Happy Earth Day!

Molly's Suds

“We live on a blue planet 🌎 that circles around a ball of fire ☀️ next to a moon 🌝 that moves the sea 🌊” Earth is a incomprehensible miracle. To that end we must do our part to protect her. Happy Earth Day! #earthday #miracleplanet #bethechange #grandecanyon #beautyinnature #yogainspiration #meditationspace #planetearth #bcorp #sustainability #carbonfootprint #worldtravel #loveyourmotherearth

I may not have gotten a family photo on Easter 🤦🏼‍♀️ but I did capture this amazing herbed ricotta and asparagus tart that we had with our dinner after a gorgeous day working in the yard. And check out the insane hydrangea dad and Michelle found at @costco! #easter #newbeginnings #godsgifts #springawakening #cleaneats #cleaneating #phyllo #asparagus #hydrangea #costcofinds #yardwork #plantlady #mindfullychic #easterdinner

Take me back to @laubergesedona where we would wake to the babbling brook, birds chirping, and mini mason jars of English Breakfast tea infused with blueberries and honey 🍯 🙌🏼 #sedona #peacefulness #teaforthesoul #momlife #workhardplayhard #bestresorts #sedonaresorts #travelgoals #mindfullychic #healthyliving #cleanliving #takemeback

Phew! What a crazy few weeks..You know how I said that I LOVE to travel? Well I also LOVE to be home and get back into a routine. A true Libra ♎️! So now that I’m decompressing from an incredible month I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for your support of our Friends & Family Sale (and always) and for choosing to #switchtosafer. Not only did you get safer products for you, your family, and friends but you are supporting our greater mission to change the industry so that it will be safer for EVERYONE.
I also feel so lucky and honored everyday that I get to be a part of your journey towards clean living. So keep the questions coming as I love to educate. As I continue to learn I will also continue to share. #progressnotperfection #cleanliving #journeytoclean #businessofclean #alwayslearning #highperformanceskincare #safebeauty #cleanbeauty #nosecrets #countertheindustry #bcorp #beautyblog #libra #worldchanging #disruptingthebeautyindustry #wahmlife #mompreneurlife #beautycomesclean #transparency #bestjobever #findyourtribe #accidentallobbyist


The Best Reef-Safe Sunscreens to Add to Your Eco-Friendly Beauty Routine

Check out this Allure article explaining more about reef safe sunscreens. 🐠

☀️ Beautycounter is of course on the list of safe favorites 😘


allure.com Here's why major beauty brands are factoring the ocean into the SPF right now.

Because friends don’t let friends buy harmful products..a friendly reminder that the 15% off sale ends tonight! Link to shop tagged or dm me #cleanbeautyessentials #betterbeautymusthaves #cleanliving #onlythebest #mindfulliving #momhacks #healthymom #beautyblog #highperformanceskincare

A vortex is an area of concentrated energy that rises up from the earth. It is conducive to healing and meditation. Whether this is true or not the sheer beauty and wonder of Sedona will have you feeling inspired, energized, recharged, and soothed. My time there was too short and I already feel the need to go back. #sedona #meditative #vortex #energy #inspiration #beauty #miraclethatisearth #planetearth #earthenergy #bucketlist #travelinspo #healthyliving #cleanliving

Don’t forget everything on our website is 15% off through tomorrow! Don’t miss out!

Spring weekends are for farmer's market-ing, which calls for that "no-makeup makeup" look we can't get enough of. (A touch of bronzer, cream blusher, and lipgloss is all you need.) Don't forget: our Friends + Family sale ends soon—shop now for 15% off sitewide for a limited time! Shop #betterbeauty and more details here: https://bit.ly/2IaB4Vd

One of the coolest experiences of my life. Such talent 🙌🏼 #aerosmith #sistertrip #lasvegas #girltime @ Park MGM

I know #nationalsiblingday was yesterday but I needed a current picture of my big sisters. My role models, best friends, and inspiration. Cannot wait to spend the weekend celebrating Kim’s bday! #vegasbaby #sistersarethebest #momspiration #aerosmith #sistertime #bigsisters

Talking all about our Friends & Family Sale and some of my favorite clean swaps!

🌟 What has me dancing today? 🌟

Well aside from the fact that I’m heading to Vegas in 2 days to see Aerosmith with my sisters!!, today marks the beginning of our

Friends & Family site wide 15% off sale*!!

It’s a good time for some spring cleaning! Swap out your old products with questionable ingredients for cleaner, safer options. Shop through the “sale+ mystery host” social at checkout and be entered to win up for $250 of free products and 1/2 off discounts. Dm me with questions! Xx P

Shhhh🤫 We just got word that something VERY exciting is happening tomorrow.

Beautycounter is having a 15% off SITEWIDE SALE! Which literally happens ONLY once or twice per year! Get your lists ready 🙌🏼

Drop your FAVORITE emoji below if this has you doing 🤸🏼‍♀️ 🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️

It’s time for some Spring Cleaning! Because we all deserve better!

For those who didn’t see this duo over the holidays - let me just tell you, people LOVED this!! It was our first holiday set to sell out!

And this time, it’s perfectly packaged too!!!

This is such a sweet Mother’s Day gift idea! For just $30 price point, this is truly a beautiful gift.

The lip stick goes on smooth and brings out the natural hue in your lip! (Think mood ring, for your 💋) and the gloss is crystal clear color that adds the prettiest shine! I’m happy it’s back bc Lucy decided to claim mine as hers.


12 Sustainable Alternatives To Plastic Bags That Are Just As Easy To Use

The hardest part is just getting used to something new. After a few weeks you won’t even remember your old ways.

huffpost.com Ditch the sandwich bags and plastic grocery bags.


Click here to support Giving Love to Mom's ~ Beautycounter Style organized by Mindful Mission

gofundme.com Beautycounter is on a Mission to help brighten the day of another Mama Bear! We will be raising funds for Mom's who are going through some heavy and stressful times. Our goal is to lift their spirits and delivery clean beauty bags to them while they are in the hospital on Mother's Day. Even the...


How Air Travel Is Tapping Into The Soaring Wellness Tourism Market | Welltodo

Loving this concept! Nothing better than some yoga during that 3 hour layover!

welltodoglobal.com How Air Travel Is Tapping Into The Soaring Wellness Tourism Market

This past weekend at L.E.A.D. made me dig deep and really look at my strengths and weaknesses to learn how to be a better leader and coach for my team. One of my biggest takeaways came from CEO business coach, Khalid Halim, of Reboot when he said “nobody is crushing it”. We often compare who we are on the inside with what we see on the exterior of others around us. We need to put on our blinders, be true to who we are, and stay OUR course. #dailyinspiration #businesscoaching #motivation #dontcompareyourself #staythecourse #leadership #motivation #reflection #strength #khalidhalim #leadwithauthenticity #businessofclean #courage #confidence #wahmlife #mombosslife #soulsearching

The wall says it all. This is larger than a tube of lipstick. This is “change the world” type of magnitude. Watch it or be a part of it. You decide. #businessofclean #bclead #wellnesslifestyle #purpose #passion #perserverance #cleanbeauty #bethechange #thisisopportunityknocking #yoursign #wahmlife #joblove #staythecourse #fullcup

“You came in my life and did not change my world. Instead you turned it upside down. Now I swim in the stars” 🌟 This opportunity has been the most unexpected yet one of the best things that has ever happened to me. #businessofclean #purposeandpassion #thisisyourshot #opportunity #flipupsidedown #fearlessleader #bclead

There is a fearless leader inside each and every one of you. You just need to dig deep and move forward towards your goals. Being surrounded by such strong women that inspire each other makes it easy. #joblove #businessofclean #mdmeeting #leadphoenix #fearlessleader #wellnesslifestyle #womenwhosupportwomen #mamaonamission #cleanbeauty #notjustabeautycompany

I freaking LOVE to travel!! I feel blessed to have been able to see so many places while growing up. I even spent 100 days on a 🚢 traveling the world (its was incredible, I highly recommend it) so any opportunity I get to hop on a plane I try to take it. Obviously, with two young kids and a husband with an inflexible work schedule we don’t get to as often any more.
When I started working for @beautycounter I was drawn by the mission (still where my heart is 5 yrs later) and the money was a perk. Now, I am at the point in my business where I often say to myself “holy s***, this is a REAL job and I’m making REAL money, and having so much fun doing it.” Currently, I’m on a plane en route to Phoenix for our L.E.A.D summit with 1600 leaders where we will work and learn hard surrounded by an incredible amount of love, support, inspiration, and positivity. You bet I will do whatever it takes to be there (even if it takes a lot of planing to get the kids situated at home for the week 🤪). So while most of my travels right now are for “work” I make #cleanbeauty my business for many larger goals. Of course to get safer products into the hands of everyone, but I WILL retire my husband one day so that we can travel wherever we want and not have to check the bond market schedule 😂. Here it is, in writing, so hold me accountable. In the meantime I’m going to enjoy every journey Beautycounter takes me on.. #makeityourbusiness #betterbeauty #wahmlife #momboss #mompreneur
#travel #momtravel #lifeoftravel #worklifebalance #personalgrowth

ARIZONA!! ☀️ 🌵 Packing up for what will be another epic weekend full of learning, fine tuning our leadership skills, and plenty of fun surrounded by the most inspiring and supportive communities imaginable... including TEN leaders on my team!! Way to go ladies!!
Bring on the multiple flights so I can actually get some work and reading done 📚”I’ve Been Thinking..” by @mariashriver is one of my favs and I’m feeling it’s time for a re read. And you bet I’m going to sneak away to the pool for a bit of sun and relaxation so I can’t forget my Countersun (ps you get this travel size FREE with $125 purchase until 3/28!!). #leadwithbeautycounter #lead #phoenix #betterbeauty #wahmlife #worktravel #alltheglamour #kidfreetravel #momboss #mamaonamission #mompreneur #cleanbeauty #fashionblogger #beautyblogger #wellnessblogger #wellnesslifestyle #advocacy #workhardplayhard

Well if you've been wanting to try Beautycounter Sunscreen or upgrade to the Countersun formula, today is your lucky day! Right now when you add $125+ to your cart, this will automatically be added, on us! $20 value-- "Travel Size" means airplane friendly but lasts a long time and you'll be hooked!

Hawaii and Key Safe Coral Reef Safe
Non-Nano Zinc Oxide
Free of Parabens, fragrance, oxybenzone & other toxins
Non-chalky, non clogging, ultra light formula!

So how to spend $125? My top picks:
Countermatch Face Collection or Regimen (Save $20)
Flawless in Five (Save $37)
Get the Look Set (Save $30)

And don't forget--become a new Band of Beauty Member and your CLEANSING BALM is FREE! $52 Value!


“Little girls with dreams become women with vision” 🙌🏼

It was amazing watching these little adventurers make memories together this weekend in the mountains. #friendsforever #bestfriends #bffsforever #girlschasingdres #dreambiglittleone

Time for some spring cleaning!! Get rid of the old in that beauty cabinet of yours and make way for cleaner and safer (and just overall better!). I mean check out the freebies!! $88 worth. And Band of Beauty members also get free shipping over $100 and 10% back in credit. Let me know if I can help and make sure to shop via the mystery hostess social to be entered to win ALL the host rewards!!


🌝 SUPER FULL WORM MOON🌚 This super moon is super special as it falls on the spring equinox making it the ultimate reset button. Recognize what needs to shift in your life, this is your fresh start. What are you going to focus on and what are you going to let go of? You will finally see growth from all those seeds you planted in the last few months. Keep moving forward. This is the perfect time to follow your passions and dreams 🙌🏼 📷 @karlycakesss

#superfullmoon2019 #superfullwormmoon #springrejuvenation #mindfulness #springequinox #motivation #inspiration #freshstart

It’s time to clean out and refresh your skincare AND your closet! Swing by @monkeesofmountpleasant for some shopping🛍 , chatting about clean beauty💄 , and bubbly🍾 to get you ready for spring break this Thursday from 2-6pm. ☀️ #springcleaning #springbreak #comeclean #notjustlipstick #movement #cleanbeautymovement #shopping #betterbeauty #skincare #cleanbeauty #charleston #charlestonevents #charlestonshopping #mountpleasantsc #monkeesofmountpleasant #beautycounter

Spring? Is that you? The flowers know it’s time but we can hardly tell because of your cold temps this week. Please come back. My blood has thinned and I need some warmth in my life. Thank you! ❤️ mindfully cold #springequinox #springtime #goawaycold #charleston #imawimp #bloodthinned #springrejuvenation

Mystery Hostess with the Mostest!! Who doesn't love free and 1/2 off goodies? Especially, when it helps get safer products into your home.

Shop via this link until 3/27 to be entered to win ALL the host rewards!! Add'l entries when a friend shops too!


✨Can I get a hell yaassss?!! Now through 3/28 snag a travel size #1 Brightening Vitamin C Face Oil with $125 purchase. It’s one of our must haves, fan favs, best sellers that will totally make you glow ✨

☀️ And don’t forget Spring Break is approaching so it may be a good opportunity to stock up on Countersun, Dew Skin, Sugar Scrub, and a good moisturizer (I honestly love all 3 so don’t make me pick!)



The 8 Known Carcinogens That Lurk in Most Of Our Homes | Goop

Detoxing the home can seem like a daunting task. I agree it’s totally overwhelming but if you can just make one small change at a time it can greatly improve your health. This is a great article that outlines the top 8 carcinogens lurking in your home. I believe that when you know better you can make better decisions about what you purchase. This is all about progress, not perfection (bc that’s impossible).
One thing on this list I’m particularly outspoken about is Glyphosate (aka roundup) ☠️. Many of us eat organic to avoid it but have you check your tampons lately? If they aren’t organic cotton chances are your putting this toxin on a very sensitive area of the body. 😱😱 Check my insta stories for my fav organic feminine products.


goop.com Limited daily exposure to toxins is tough in a pretty toxic world, but it’s a reasonable expectation that we all want to kick known carcinogens out of our homes. To that end, we asked Cara Bondi, a green scientists at Seventh Generation,

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