Ashley Davis, Licensed Esthetician

Licensed Esthetician Certified Xtreme Lashes Stylist

Licensed Esthetician at Dermatology and Laser Center of Charleston I offer skincare and cosmetic services and advice to create the skin you want to have, know and LOVE. #LoveTheSkinYoureIn #xtremelashescertified

Correction of dehydration and clogged pores. Skin so fresh and so clean! Nothing like a #hydrafacial (and quality time with me 😜)to turn a not so great day into a "Wow, I'm cute!" day. #MySourPatchKid πŸ˜‰πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ˜‚❀

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Fighting acne with the #theraclear system. It uses suction and light to kill acne causing bacteria.

#ClearerSkin #AcneBeGone #GlowPro

May is #SkinCancerAwarenessMonth so we dressed up. Don't forget or avoid to get your skin checked 🧐

And don't forget to wear sunscreen AND reapply every 1.5-2 hours! Yes, even if you are not going to the beach β›± or going to be outside all day. Make sure that it is a #broadspectrum SPF of 30 to 50, meaning that it will #protect you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun β˜€οΈ

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Join Jessica Chandler and myself on May 28th at 6pm at @dermandlaser for an up close and personal look at the beauty @hydrafacial and @senteskincare have to offer. There will be a live demo πŸ€“, refreshments 🍷, raffles 🎁 and awesome discounts on products and #hydrafacials πŸ₯°!

Space is limited so make sure you ☎️ to RSVP. (843)556-8886, option 2

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Can't have #lashextensions? There's a solve for that. #Latisse is another option for you to get some length to your lashes!

...and we should all be about being and staying #beautiful! #Beauty isn't only skin deep ❀

When @hydrafacial and @senteskincare partner to create a treatment booster so powerful you INFUSE it into everyone's skin!! The Sente Dermal Repair Hydrafacial produces rapid improvement in skin hydration, fine lines and wrinkles in as early as 48 hours.

EVENT ALERT: May 28th, 6pm. RSVP to (843)556-8886, option 2. Come join us to see this facial in action!

Looking at the #gunk from your face being cleared out by a #hydrafacial.....#priceless

Having fun at Charleston City Paper "Best of" party πŸ˜‚

❗❗❗ Book a #hydrafacial this week (4/22-4/26) and recieve 15% off πŸ₯° ❗❗❗

Because your skin deserves to be glowing and radiant.

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Theraclear is your laser alternative to help clear acne. It combines suction and broadband light to kill acne causing bacteria and pulls debris from the pores of the skin.

Photos courtesy of @theraclear_

#acne #acnetreatment #laser extractions #antibacterial

#MondayMotivation #LongPostAlert: Last week there were 3 days that I didn't wear makeup (exception being mascara because...lashes lol). Each day, no one noticed until I mentioned. People NEVER believe me when I tell them I actually had pigmentation issues. BUT I did...acne too and that was actually the source of my pigment (dark spot) battles.

Getting to this point took TIME. It was not an overnight process. Years ago I wouldn't have dared to leave the house without makeup on. I was too embarrassed. The face you see today is YEARS of hard work, various corrective treatments, consistency and now, maintenance.

How to achieve your skin goals:

1) Realize and accept that big changes in skin DO NOT happen overnight. It is a process #trust it and have #patience.

2) Find an #esthetician and/or #dermatologist you are comfy with that can help guide you and provide treatments and maybe even medications to help find resolution for your concerns.

3)CONSISTENCY IS KEY. My clients will tell you I preach this. There's no point in spending money to get results if you are not consistent. Your results will be much slower and not as great if you do not put in the work. Remember and realize that your skin care expert can only do what they can do in a visit and provide #education. It is up to YOU for the other half of the partnership.

4) #SUNSCREEN. Protect your skin & your investment. Sunscreen goes for everything and always is necessary. Even if you're foming for a facial or just going to the mailbox...WEAR IT...or face my wrath (if you're my client πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ). And REAPPLY!

Game of Thrones is only 2 days away but sunscreen is forever...and so is an esthetician's never-ending battle to get you to wear it on a DAILY basis

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Who's ready for powder brows (aka ombre brows)? Ready to stop filling them in every morning? Now offering πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

You've got this! #mondaymotivation

Do you love your clogged, dirty pores?

Yeah, I didn't think so 😷. The results of a #hydrafacial. Clean pores and super hydrated skin. πŸ’

Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston

Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston

🌼🌻Our offices will be closed on Friday, March 29 so that our staff can spend some well-deserved β€˜fun time’ with their families on this last day of Spring Break. We'll be back in the office on Monday, April 1. No fooling! #springbreak #timewithfamily #dermatology #charleston

πŸ˜… Monday...caffeine me please πŸ˜‚

Make sure you remember to hydrate with lots of water with your morning and midday coffee. Caffeine is great for that energy boost we all need after an eventful weekend, but it depletes the skin of needed hydration. So water is key! πŸ’β€β™€οΈ #ReplenishYourSkin #ButThatEnergyThough

#exfoliation is key to any skincare routine it's what keeps us youthful, fresh and #glowing! This month the Vibration Sensation Facial featuring the patented technology of #vibradermabrasion is on special! Comfortable and relaxing treatment can with NO downtime 😍. Call ☎️(843)556-8886 option 2, email [email protected] or click the link to book with me at Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston


Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston

Today we sponsored the πŸ“– Trident Literacy Association Founders Award Luncheon.πŸ“š It was empowering to be a part of this event honoring outstanding women leaders in our community. 🚺 #tridentliteracy #scadulteducation #reading #literacy #charleston #dermatology

Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston

πŸ“£Today is the last day to vote in Charleston City Paper's Best of Charleston. We are finalists in 4 categories and we'd appreciate your vote for Best Dermatology Practice, Best Dermatologist, Best Medical Spa and Best Aesthetician Ashley Davis, Licensed Esthetician.

Start the week off with positivity and productivity. #YouGotThis #OwnIt #GoodVibesOnly #Monday

We the women of the mediSpa here at Derm & Laser are glad it's FriYAY!
Wishing you the best of weekends as this lovely month of March begins πŸ€—β€

#girlpower #womenatwork #weekendvibes

Vote ❀

Don't forget to vote for DLCC as Best Dermatology Practice in Charleston City Paper's #BOC2019.

Sunscreen should be worn at ALL times of the year. It does not matter the season. I tell my clients all the time that if the sun is out or you can see that the sun is lighting the world, PUT IT ON. If it's raining, PUT IT ON!! The sun can still come out and shine.

Protect your skin! Protect your beauty! Protect your GLOW! πŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ€΄πŸΌπŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ’πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

Photo creds πŸ“Έ---> @eltamdskincare via @thatsmyside

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Happy Friday!

❀ you're most important, and don't you forget it ❀

This beauty got a #hydrafacial and just lπŸ‘€k at the results! 😍 Gorgeous, radiant skin, more hydrated skin! She is weekend ready! Call and book yours today at Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston(843)556-8886. Ask about our #sentedermalrepair hydrafacial special this month for an extra BOOST πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

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Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston

We’re thrilled to be a finalist in four categories in Charleston City Paper's #BestOfCharleston2019. We’d appreciate your vote in the following categories: Best Dermatology Practice, Best Dermatologist-Todd Schlesinger MD, Best Medical Spa and Best Aesthetician-Ashley Davis.

Monday has arrived! Be beautiful and strong as you take on this week! πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ’ͺ🏼

Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston

We’re thrilled to be a finalist in four categories in Charleston City Paper #BestOfCharleston2019. 🌟 We’d appreciate your vote in the following categories: Best Dermatology Practice, Best Dermatologist-Todd Schlesinger MD, Best Medical Spa and Best Aesthetician-Ashley Davis.

Call to book yours today!

Our Feb. Medispa Special is a SentΓ© Dermal Repair HydraFacial. This takes our popular HydraFacial to the next level by producing rapid improvement in skin hydration, fine lines and wrinkles in as little as 48 hours. With this special treatment, you will receive a free Dermal Repair Kit worth $50. Schedule your treatment today. #hydrafacial #sente #dermatology

Lashed ❀
#xtremelashes #jomousselli #lashista #lashextensions

😊 Happy Monday

Go Red for Women Friday!

Today, at Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston, we are showing support for the awareness of heart disease.

You can visit to get involved and donate to support lifesaving research, education and health impact initiatives for all women.

#WearRedandGive #goredforwomen #americanheartassociation #nationalwearredday #WomEnmatter #girlpower

#Gunkie collection of the day from your fave #hydrafacialist πŸ˜‰. This is the dead skin and impurities my #hydrafacial waste canister has collected from a couple of the day's clients...and what happens when you're so busy it settles for an hour. Yikes!! See all of that gunk that has separated from the liquid? πŸ™€

Hydrafacial WORKS πŸ™Œ
Book yours today with me at Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston. Clean, glowing skin will be yours soon!

#Cleanse #Exfoliate #Extract #Infuse #glowproash

❀ Up and at it! Moves don't make themselves!


Treating acne can be as easy as Place, Suction, Flash with the @theraclear_ acne therapy system. Results can be seen in as little as 2 sessions!

TheraClear combines light and vacuum for fast and visible reduction in acne by removing sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria from the pores. It also allows topicals to work better. There is NOπŸ™… downtime and NOπŸ™… pain involved!!

Schedule your appointment with me today at Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston by calling (843)556-8886, option 2 or by visiting

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Time to conquer



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Extractions make me happy 😏

Clean pores make YOU happy πŸ€—

Extractions are done to remove impactions from the skin like comedones (blackheads) and milia (those pesky pearly looking "bumps" that appear just below the surface of the skin that you can't just "squeeze" out on your own). It's not the most pleasant of treatments to have done, BUT it is very rewarding to have blackhead free skin ❀

TIP: Use products like cleansers and moisturizers with salicylic acid to help slow down the clogging of pores.

#skincare #blackheadremoval #acne #clearskin #extractions #facial #drpimplepopperjr #esthetics #charlestonchoice #bestofcharleston

Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston

TheraClear Acne Therapy is a breakthrough acne treatment that combines a gentle vacuum with a painless therapeutic broadband light that addresses multiple causes of acne in a single treatment.
Amazing results! Check out Ashley Davis, Licensed Esthetician blog about this treatment. #dermatology #charleston #acnenomore #severeacne #acnetreatment

Time to conquer


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