Freespirit Massage Therapy

Freespirit Massage Therapy

Healing and Therapeutic Massage Therapy incorporating the Energy Modalities as well as Swedish, Reflexology, and Neuromuscular Massage Therapy.

Freespirit Massage Therapy is a Healing, Holistic approach to wellness which incorporates Neuromuscular, Swedish, Reflexology, and the Energy modalities with Mind, Spirit and Body to produce a whole being.



Here is Mama with Journey at an event. He adores her and she adores him. PURE LOVE!

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Mama Wolf Tonya..... sends all you wolf lovers her love and thanks!!!

She says thanks for clicking each day, it's only a little bit, but monthly it adds up...

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She is praying we raise enough money to move her precious babies out of this horrid desert!!!

#wolfmountain 06/09/2016

How a Mysterious Body Part Called Fascia Is Challenging Medicine Fascia is a web of fibrous tissue that permeates the body, but is it really the “Cinderella Tissue” that new age therapists, Rolfers, and yoga instructors suggest? The fascial system is still a medical mystery. But that could soon change, thanks to an unlikely alliance between researchers and altern... 06/07/2016

The secret body part that’s making your health miserable When you feel a certain kind of muscle pain, except it is not triggered by any type of movement, this could be because of a mystery tissue, known as fascia. The culprit is a sheet of tissue that is comprised of protein fibers and runs through the entire body. This is why the “muscle pain”…


She Walks Among Wolves

~Teela ~🌺


Liddle Kidz Foundation

Professional Pediatric Massage Training in 3 Hospitals in 3 days!

Liddle Kidz Foundation is sharing pediatric massage therapy with healthcare providers and hospitals across the Kansai Region of Japan!

Healthcare Providers at Mimihara Sogo General Hospital and Osaka Pediatric Rehabilitation Medical Center have just been trained, and tomorrow we will present for Osaka City General Hospital.

#LiddleKidzJapan #PediatricMassage #HospitalBasedMassage

Tina Allen 12/18/2015

This Happened When I started Drinking Turmeric Golden Milk Before Bed - By Gillian B Golden paste is a turmeric-based paste that taken orally provides health benefits to humans as well as animals (dogs and horses). Turmeric, known for is anti-inflammatory properties and used medicinally for over 4,000 years, is great for arthritis, skin health, digestion, immune system,… 08/11/2015

The Iliotibial Band - Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique What do we know about the iliotibial band? It is a thick band of fibers that originates at the anterior superior iliac spine and the anterior aspect of the inferior lip of the iliac crest, and inserts on the lateral condyle of the tibia and Gerdy's tubercle (which is slightly distal and anterior to… 08/07/2015

Reflexology: the Feet are an Underestimated Part of the Body This article examines an extraordinary technique, very similar to reflexology, that brought fame and fortune to a Canadian physician in the 1930s, and also highlights areas in therapeutic care of the feet that could benefit everyone including protocols for sportspersons.


Humanity's Team 08/06/2015

In Pediatric Massage, Advanced Training Matters Pediatric massage therapists have specialized training that addresses considerations, contraindications and precautions specific to working with children. 08/06/2015

Understanding Stress Fractures in Runners Stress fractures are essentially cracks or breaks in the bone. It differs from a standard fracture by way of mechanism. Standard fractures are usually caused by a sudden, severe, high force trauma, like a fall from a great height, or a road traffic accident...


The Master Shift

Kindly provided by Brandon The Art of Mental Creation 08/04/2015

The Power of Touch for Fibromyalgia Massage therapy may be one way to make life a little easier for people with fibromyalgia. 08/04/2015

What to Expect from Pregnancy Massage - MASSAGE Magazine Prenatal massage with a certified therapist can be one of the most pleasurable experiences a mom-to-be can have while awaiting the birth of her child. 07/27/2015

The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations - Rare Studio Recording Film Footage The Beach Boys in the studio, recording Good Vibrations. Rare footage. The 50th Anniversary Live Concert DVD comes with an extra DVD with the documentairy Do...


BBC News

Take a look at this new version of the Beach Boys' classic track God Only Knows - featuring Pharrell Williams, One Direction & many more.

It's been put together by the BBC to launch a new initiative - BBC Music. #LoveBBCMusic 07/27/2015

60-Minute Reflexology Package or 60-Minute Bamboo Reflexology Package at Touch of Healing (Up to... Therapists help heal the body by manipulating pressure points with their hands or bamboo tools; includes foot & hand wrap and aromatherapy


Bob 106.9

Yup. I'm going to cry. -Maunalee


Patricia Polacco 07/12/2015

Massage Titles Matter: Why We Don’t Use Masseuse Professional massage practitioners have developed innovative techniques to gently correct people who use the outdated terminology to describe what they do. 07/11/2015

Short Film ‘Just Breathe’ Helps Kids Deal with Emotions | Amy Poehler's Smart Girls We all live, first and foremost, on the inside of our human bodies. But that doesn't mean that rich inner life we all have doesn't project itself outward into the everyday world. Quite the opposite: our emotional responses are hard to navigate at any age. Figuring out how and what you are physically…


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Community Yoga

POP UP with Heidi!


David Wolfe

Artist: Ingrid Tusell Domingo

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Freespirit Massage Therapy



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