Body Sculpting Hampton Roads

Body Sculpting Hampton Roads

SculpSure’s body contouring technology is able to target and can destroy the targeted fat cells safely in just 25 minutes without affecting the skin’s surf

SculpSure’s body contouring technology is able to target and can destroy the targeted fat cells safely in just 25 minutes without affecting the skin’s surface.

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#Fitness guru ShaunT says be selfish in order to be fit.

[02/02/18]   Spot reduction is NOT possible in the gym. But it it IS possible here at WomenFirstGYN with Sculpsure.

Paleo diet could be healthy option for post-menopausal weight loss, study suggests

Paleo diet could assist post-menopausal women with weight loss. STOCKHOLM, Jan 23 — New European research suggests that the Paleo diet could be an effective and healthy way for women to lose weight post-menopause — and keep it off long-term. Carried out by Caroline Blomquist, a doctoral student at Umea

[01/29/18]   Turning calorie storing fat cells into calorie burning fat cells? The science is on its way.

[01/27/18]   Sculpsure predicted to experience fast growth as a beauty treatment in the next five years.

The FDA Just Cleared This Treatment That "Contours" Your Jawline With Lasers

Combine Sculpsure with Pelleve and you'll love your face for it. No needles required.

[01/25/18]   Now that you've booked your Sculpsure appointment here is how to prepare.

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Do you eat when you are not hungry?

5 Ways To Keep Your Diet And Fitness Plan On Track…tness-plan-track/?utm_source=socialmedia&utm_medium=fbpost

Running is the Worst Way to Get Fit

#Jogging If running 5 miles per day is your weight loss plan for 2018, maybe reconsider. Studies show that running is an inefficient way to burn fat and build muscle. And yet, it’s the most popular exercise on earth after walking.

A Stanford scientist shares a simple way to stick with good habits even when you're feeling lazy

#Consistency Okay, it is day 11 of your New Year's resolution. Stay motivated! Ride the "motivation wave."

Create the Habits of Being Lean, in 7 Years : zen habits

#WeightMaintenance This is an inspiring story but with it does not have to take 7 years to get lean. Call today about #Sculpsure 1 (757) 330-8535 People want to lose weight really fast (myself included). We fantasize about having a flat stomach, a leaner body, in just weeks. Two weeks would be ideal.

5 Tips For Smashing Your Weight Loss Goals

#WeightLoss What are the tips you are following to smash your weight loss goals in 2018? Shedding off those extra few pounds doesn't always have to be hard. These simple but effective tips can show you the easy ways to lose weight.

Master Your “Body Clock” to Eat, Sleep, and Work More Efficiently

#BodyClock Master your body clock to live life more efficiently in 2018 Why are so many Olympic records broken in the afternoon? Does the body perform differently at this time of day than say, early morning? The team at social sharing app Buffer explains how to tap into your body's "clock" to find the optimal times for sleep, exercise, work, and more.

[01/08/18]   #Nutrition 3 rules most scientists agree on about diet.

Longtime Couples Get In Sync, In Sickness And In Health

#Biology Long time couples get in biological sync You like the same movies, drink the same beer — and over time your health becomes more like that of your mate, researchers say. Doctors might want to consider the couple when treating illness.

Eating “Clean” Won’t Solve Any of Your Problems

#EatingClean STOP trying to eat clean and make the long term committment to eating WELL Nobody brags about eating junk. A healthy diet includes veggies and eschews too much sugar, and if you eat that way, you can feel satisfied that you are eating “clean.” But you know what? Eating clean is a trap.

15 Amazing No-Equipment Workouts

#Exercise On vacation away from the gym? You don't need equipment for a full body workout For when you have zero desire to step outside

[01/06/18]   #Exercise What can you learn from doing push ups every day for a month?

10 Stubborn Food Myths That Just Won't Die, Debunked by Science

#Nutrition What stubborn food myths did you finally debunk in your own diet for 2018? Every other week, new research claims one food is better than another, or that some ingredient yields incredible new health benefits. Couple that with a few old wives’ tales passed down from your parents, and each time you fire up your stove or sit down to eat a healthy meal, it can be difficult s...

How to Know If You’re Ready to Start Training for a Marathon

#Exercise Are You Ready To Begin Training For A Marathon? There’s nothing like an ambitious goal to focus your training, and running a marathon definitely fits the bill. Plenty of mere mortals have completed the 26.2 mile race, but it takes time, planning, and of course an appropriate level of fitness. Here’s how to know if a marathon is a realistic go...

Take off that Fitbit. Exercise alone won’t make you lose weight.

#Exercise alone won't make you lose weight. Especially the weight of stubborn fat. Ask us about #Sculpsure permanent fat removal 1 (757) 330-8535 The obesity problem has little to do with our sedentary lifestyles.

How Much Sleep Do We Really Need to Work Productively?

#Sleep How much sleep does YOUR body need to keep your metabolism at optimum burn? How much sleep do you need? How does the sleep you get impact your work productivity? Read on to learn those answers & the myth of the 8 hours rule:

Top 10 Reasons to Exercise Regularly (Besides Losing Weight)

#Exercise has benefits beyond losing weight. But even exercise won't get rid of stubborn fat. For that you need #Sculpsure 1 (757) 330-8535 You've been told a hundred times that exercise is good for you, and it's true—but it's good for a lot more than just losing weight or building muscle. Here are 10 other benefits you'll see from just a little daily exercise.

Prisoner Workout: Bodyweight Workouts | The Art of Manliness

#Exercise Don't be a "prisoner" to an overweight body in 2018. Let get you the body you want with #SculpSure 1 (757) 330-8535 We can all take a lesson from convicts on how to not let your circumstances be an excuse for your fitness goals. We highlight bodyweight exercises used by prisoners the world over.

Get Off The Couch Baby Boomers, Or You May Not Be Able To Later

#CouchPotato Jumpstart your New Years resolution to make movement more a part of your life. Get going on a new, healthier, better looking you with If you sit too much during middle age — at work and at home — your ability to exercise or even walk in late decades is at risk, a study hints. And, of course, your risk of heart disease climbs, too.

Work Every Part of Your Body With This Dumbbell Exercise Chart

#DumbellExercises A period table of dumbbell exercises for the whole body so you can swell up before you trim down with #Sculpsure 1 (757) 330-8535 Dumbbells are the unsung workhorse of the exercise world. They’re great in a home gym, and you can always grab a few even at a busy fitness center. Even people who work out with heavy iron or with nothing but their body tend to sneak in a few dumbbell moves from time to time.

Can Changing When And What We Eat Help Outwit Disease?

#EatingHabits #Nutrition #Diet It's not just what you eat but when you eat it. I'm fasting intermittently as part of a research study, to see if changing my gut microbiome affects my multiple sclerosis. But maybe living on Peanut Chews isn't the best strategy.

Caffeine At Night Resets Your Inner Clock

#Workout Are you using caffeine to fuel your after-work workouts? Late-night coffee, tea or cola does more than keep you up, scientists say. The amount of caffeine in a double espresso can delay the internal clock in cells throughout your body by about 40 minutes.

Sweden Becomes First Western Nation to Reject Low-fat Diet Dogma in Favor of Low-carb High-fat Nutrition

#LowFatDiet Is low fat or low carb the best weight management diet for you? Either way, before you can manage the weight you've got to lose it. Let help you get results with #Sculpsure 1 (757) 330-8535 Sweden has become the first Western nation to develop national dietary guidelines that reject the popular low-fat diet dogma in favor of low-carb high-fat nutrition advice. The switch in dietary advice followed the publication of a two-year study by the independent Swedish Council on Health Technolo...

How Meditation, Placebos And Virtual Reality Help Power 'Mind Over Body'

#MindOverMatter Use that brain power to lose that weight in 2018. Jumpstart your mental motivation with right-away results from Science writer Jo Marchant says that the mind can play an important role in dealing with a variety of health concerns, including pain, heart disease and depression. Marchant's new book is Cure.

Why Saying Is Believing — The Science Of Self-Talk

#BodyBeautiful #MindGames You know what else is believing - seeing! So see your way into the office for a new, better looking, better feeling you. Self-help videos tell women to learn to love their bodies by saying nice things to themselves in the mirror. Can shushing your harshest critic actually rewire the brain?

Does Your Body Really Refresh Itself Every 7 Years?

#BodyRefresh If you can't wait another 7 years contact to get a "refreshed" better looking, better feeling you going right now! Almost all of the cells in a human body get replaced over the course of a life. NPR's Skunk Bear Team sets off on an imagined video tour inside the body to find out which body parts never change.

How much can an extra hour's sleep change you?

#LosingSleep Sleeping less means weighing more but you're not getting any less busy. Let help you remove those lack-of-sleep love handles with #SculpSure 1 (757) 330-8535 The average Briton gets six-and-a-half hours sleep a night. Michael Mosley took part in an unusual experiment to see if this is enough.

[12/28/17]   #BodyBeautiful

France Aims To Get Real: Retouched Photos Of Models Now Require A Label

#BodyBeautiful Keep expectations realistic in order to help you stick to your #healthylifestyle goals. The goal is "to avoid the promotion of inaccessible beauty ideals and prevent anorexia among young people," said France's former health minister.

After Studying the Lives of 724 Men for 79 Years, Harvard Reveals the 1 Biggest Secret to Success and Happiness

#BodyBeautiful There's more to happiness than good looks but boy do good looks go a long way. Get your #BodyBeautiful in this New Year with #Sculpsure Want to improve your success in life and business? The results of this study will show you how.

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