Valerie Zack, LMT

Valerie Zack, LMT


Great to meet you Valerie! Happy Valentines.... I love how you help people.

Not your typical massage! " Direct, Specific, Targeted, Work," Using Manual Therapy & massage techniques Sessions by appointment only.

Massage Therapist

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University of Aberdeen

Fourth year music student Peter MacPherson gives us his creative take on the need to #stayathome – an important message delivered in a way that made us all smile 😊 Great work, Peter! Hope the composition coursework is coming on just as well!

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Sending some virtual flower power your way! - stay strong... it WILL get better! We are in this together 💓💞💗 -xx


We all could use a little more love right now. I know it’s hard on many of us & whole tones is giving away for free 2 songs to help us out. Blessings & stay healthy!

My team and I have been talking about ways we could help the most amount of people during this unprecedented crisis in the world. We know that people need peace, love, ways to relax and are so worried about things, that sleep has been hard to come by.

That is why I decided I’m going to GIVE AWAY my life’s work.

For 6 years, I’ve sold Wholetones music via CD’s, digital downloads, and custom-designed music players. As a small business, we’ve managed to keep a staff of 14 team members employed, providing an income for their homes and families. But starting today, we are going to trust God that at such a time as this, I need to GIVE AWAY my transformational frequency music.

Follow this link to listen to two songs, each about 30 minutes long, that you can play to fill your home with peace, comfort and LOVE >>>

Please feel free to share this link with others. I want to bring hope and healing to the WORLD! ❤️❤️❤️

We are in this together,
Love Michael

Neil Diamond

Stay safe out there everyone. Thank you to all the people who are out there working their butts off and making sacrifices to keep the world safe.

Dry Bones

Passover 2020: the Eleventh Plague

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Relax...and take time to BREATHE! How are you guys doing? Let me know in the comments...also if you are practicing self care during this quarantine let me know what you are doing ...I may just illustrate your idea! thanks so much - xx Heather


Heavy weight lifting...Cross Fit.....are they ideal for women? 🤔

Most resistance training programs are NOT designed for a woman’s body, and can result in discomfort from being stuck in "recovery mode".

Instead, try our intelligent, low-impact approach to working out with the 12-week Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge ❤
Designed by beloved trainer Zoe Bray-Cotton, powerfully help shape up and sculpt long, lean muscle tone while actually improving flexibility instead of losing it — anytime, anywhere!

Try the Total Body Challenge now!

Happiest of Holidays to all!


Spock will always do, in a pinch.


I've got mine & I love it!

You could be Theragunning your glutes right now.

A Warning From a Doctor Who Has Done Thousands of Steroid Injections for Arthritis

Worth reading and giving consideration to questioning everything presented for our treatment. For some, this is an amazing treatment, for others...... maybe not so much. The extremely common treatment might be causing more harm than previously thought.


How sitting can damage your neck...


Proud to say I am!

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Just look 👀 at this incredible clip showing how the entire abdominal & pelvic cavity moves with breathing! The quality of your breathing mechanics is far wider reaching than just your lungs. The diaphragm is a huge massaging muscle on the gut contents. Therefore, improving breathing mechanics & diaphragm function has the potential to improve digestive, renal, adrenal, liver, uterine, ovarian, pelvic floor, bowel & bladder function. Pretty breathtaking dontcha think!?
The 2019 Nobel Prize in physiology was awarded 4 days ago to William G. Kaelin Jr., Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe & Gregg L. Semenza for their newest discoveries that revealed the mechanism for one of life’s most essential adaptive processes. They established the basis for our understanding of how oxygen levels affect cellular metabolism & physiological function.
The practical application of this discovery means breathing exercises that can improve oxygen levels (like the Wim Hof Method - The Iceman (Wim Hof)) can impact anemia, cancer, stoke, infection, wound healing & myocardial infarctions!!
For our science nerds, they discovered how the von Hippel-Lindau gene (VHL gene), a tumor suppressor gene, regulates a newly discovered complex that was named hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF).
HIF was discovered by these scientists because they were researching the hormone erythropoietin (EPO). The 1938 Nobel Prize in Physiology to Corneille Heymans awarded discoveries showing how blood oxygen sensing via the carotid body controls our respiratory rate by communicating directly with the brain. A key physiological response to hypoxia (when the body or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level) is the rise in levels of the hormone erythropoietin (EPO), which leads to increased production of red blood cells (erythropoiesis) - an example of this is high altitude training. How this process was itself controlled by O2 remained a mystery until now! Semenza helped to identify the cellular components mediating this response (which led to the discovery of HIF).
It turns out that when O2 levels are high, cells contain very little HIF. However, when oxygen levels are low, the amount of HIF-1α increases so that it can bind to & thus regulate the EPO gene as well as other genes. Several research groups showed that HIF-1α, which is normally rapidly degraded, is protected from degradation in hypoxia. At normal oxygen levels, a cellular machine called the proteasome, recognized by the 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Aaron Ciechanover, Avram Hershko and Irwin Rose, degrades HIF-1α.
At about the same time as Semenza & Ratcliffe were exploring the regulation of the EPO gene, cancer researcher William Kaelin, Jr. was researching an inherited syndrome, von Hippel-Lindau’s disease (VHL disease). He helped discover that VHL was somehow involved in controlling responses to hypoxia. Additional clues came from several research groups showing that VHL is part of a complex that labels proteins with ubiquitin, marking them for degradation in the proteasome. Ratcliffe and his research group then made a key discovery: demonstrating that VHL can physically interact with HIF-1α and is required for its degradation at normal oxygen levels. This conclusively linked VHL to HIF-1α.
In english, this explains how oxygen sensing allows our cells to adapt their metabolism to low oxygen levels: for example, in our muscles during intense exercise. Other examples of adaptive processes controlled by oxygen sensing include the generation of new blood vessels & the production of red blood cells. Our immune system & many other physiological functions are also fine-tuned by the O2-sensing machinery. Oxygen sensing has even been shown to be essential during fetal development for controlling normal blood vessel formation & placenta development.
The awarded mechanism for oxygen sensing has fundamental importance in physiology! Many pathological processes are also affected. Intensive efforts are ongoing to develop new ways that can either inhibit or activate the oxygen-regulated machinery for treatment of anemia, cancer & other diseases!
In the meantime, deep breathing is one fundemental way we can use this mechanism to enhance our function!!!

Written by: Nav Badesha, M.D. ©10/11/2019 All Rights Reserved.
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Inspired by: Stockbridge Osteopathic Practice & the Nobel Prize.
Special note: Our newest podcast episode on lung health will be LIVE on iTunes, Spotify & YouTube this upcoming Monday.

Read more about the nobel prize by clicking here:

Parkinson's May Begin in Gut and Spread to the Brain Via the Vagus Nerve - Neuroscience News

Wow! According to a new study, Parkinson's disease could begin in the gut and spread to the brain via the vagus nerve.


Happy first day of Fall! 🍂

U.S. Marine Corps

Today we honor those who were prisoners of war and those who are missing in action.

Take a moment to reflect on this National POW/MIA Recognition Day

Stay safe!

Getting a Massage is a great way to do just that!

Take time to take care of YOU today! -xx

Foundation for Montessori Education

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Don't let negative thoughts get the best of you today! LET THEM GO! - xx

[07/22/19]   Remember to drink more water during this intense heat!

Take care of your self!

Take Time to Decompress - xx

LMT Success

Danny Quirk Artwork

Amazing anatomy art depiction

A body painting from the latest Immaculate Dissection seminar showing some superficial musculature of the flexor and extensor compartments of the forearm!

Eu-Cal Distributors

A great product I highly recommend~

Stop pain now and breathe again with Eu-Cal eucalyptus oil. 100% pure double distilled therapeutic grade oil of eucalyptus. Arthritis, muscle aches, sinus.

Now taking clients at my new location in Chesapeake. Located at Chesapeake Wellness Center 1245-c Cedar Road .

Happy April 1st! - xx It's time for walks in the rain, gardens to bloom and SPRING! - xx


Amazing: Tiny Channels Connect the Bone Marrow Directly with the Meninges and the Brain in Human

In the next few years a couple of CHI classes will be tied to the bone marrow. The bone marrow, which is distributed throughout the long and flat bones is present in the bones of the skull.
Bone marrow in the skull is likely to help supply neutrophils to the brain following a stroke.
The question of a new research team was to find out if immune cells arrive to the site of an injury to the brain though blood vessels or marrow locally or from a distant location?
They realized tiny tunnels run directly from skull bone marrow to the lining of the brain and may provide a direct route for immune cells responding to injuries caused by stroke and other brain disorders.
These observations point to a direct local interaction between the brain and the skull bone marrow through the meninges. These newly discovered channels in the skull may provide a shortcut for immune cells going to damaged tissue.
“We always thought that immune cells from our arms and legs traveled via blood to damaged brain tissue. These findings suggest that immune cells may instead be taking a shortcut to rapidly arrive at areas of inflammation,” said Francesca Bosetti, Ph.D., program director at the NIH, which provided funding for the study.

During stroke, in mice, the skull is more likely to supply neutrophils to the injured tissue than the tibia.

In contrast, following a heart attack, the skull and tibia provided similar numbers of neutrophils to the heart, which is far from both of those areas.

Dr. Nahrendorf’s group also observed that six hours after stroke, there were fewer neutrophils in the skull bone marrow than in the tibia bone marrow, suggesting that the skull marrow released many more cells to the injury site.
"We started examining the skull very carefully, looking at it from all angles, trying to figure out how neutrophils are getting to the brain," said Dr. Nahrendorf, one of the author. "Unexpectedly, we discovered tiny channels that connected the marrow directly with the outer lining of the brain."

The channels in the human skull were five times larger in diameter compared to those found in mice. In human and mouse skulls, the channels were found in the both in the inner and outer layers of bone.

Herisson F, Frodermann V, Courties G, et al. Direct vascular channels connect skull bone marrow and the brain surface enabling myeloid cell migration. Nature Neuroscience. August 27 2018. doi:10.1038/s41593-018-0213-2

Chikly Health Institute - CHI


Have you wondered about our BACM class?? Here is a great video testimonial from our first class last week.
New Youtube video: Minerva’s Success with Dr. Chikly’s Advanced Cranial Meninges Techniques (BACM)

Happy New Year to all! May it be a blessed & prosperous one for everyone.

Friday funnies! #laughingisgoodforyou #in8

Wise words someone shared....just passing this forward.

Words of the day!!

[12/11/18]   Exciting changes are happening at Serenity! * We have new pedicure😍 chairs! New changes on my end as well, I am getting a new electric lift table next week*. I will be better able to serve those with mobility issues that make it difficult to get on and off of a higher table. This will also enable me to leverage treatments more efficiently. New & upcoming services to be announced later.

Aware Wolf

Our Story

This is not your typical massage. What I do is specializing in direct, specific, targeted work. Using manual therapy techniques as well as other massage modalities to bring relief, and help ease your pain & discomfort. As a SMRT trained Massage Therapist, & Trained Scar / Burn Scar Therapist, I still continue to gather more skills through many continuing education classes well beyond the requirements of my license. My passion is to help a hurting population to the best of my ability .

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