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Good morning ya'll! I have a few spots available Thursday morning and Fri late morning if anyone is needing in...Call or text 660-214-5642 and I will get back to you ASAP

I love what I do 💛


Hello Ya'll!! It's been a min since I have posted...sorry, lots going on in life in and out of the salon. Sooo the Wine and Beer walk is this Friday Night the 21st from 430-7!!! Um YEAH!!! WooHoo!! Lets Dance!!! 😁😁😁 Let's also hope we get a SWEET WINE this time and or a good Beer 🍺 either way its a blast for us 🙃 As always be safe, have a good time, enjoy your adult time together and if your drinking please don't drive. People love ya'll and wanna talk to and see ya the day after 💞 P.s. have I told you...I HATE THE COLD!!! 🤣😁🥶😵‍💫

I love what I do ❤


If anyone is needing last minute picture day hair cuts, I'll be in the salon this evening from 4:30pm on. Walk-INs only, may have a wait.


Hey Ya'll! Starting Sep 3rd I will be Closed on Saturdays and Open on Mondays for a bit. I know that may be an inconvience to some of you and better serve others however right now I have to do what works for my family and this seems to be the best fit for the time being. I appreciate all of your continued support you have given the salon :-) I am grateful for you all. So with that being said if you need in on a Monday Sep 12th will be your 1st avaliable spot and it's up for grabs !! Call or Text 660-214-5642 for your appointment. Thank you all!!

I love what I do ♡


I will be closed for a few days sorry for the inconvenience...If you would like to schedule an app for later next week please text 6602145642 and I will get you set up Thank you for your understanding

I love what I do ❤


Hey Y'all! I'm out of the salon (still in town for now😉) and will be back at the Salon on the 29th of June... You are more than welcome to go ahead and call or text the salon phone at 6602145642 and leave me a message and I will get back to you just as soon as I return or you are more than welcome to schedule online at Have a great week next week and I will see you soon!!
I love what I do ❤️❤️


Hey y'all!!! Guess what?!?!? Sat May 28th was my 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! I didn't do or make a big deal of it however I am so excited to have been open for a year now!! Time has flown for sure 🙂😍 I did a small gift basket of a few of my favorite things from the salon that I use and the winner of that was KATHY DEBOUR!!! I couldn't have done this without all my family's support and my clients old and new ❤️. We have come along way together and I appreciate each and everyone of you that choose me to be your stylist as there are many great ones out there. Thank you so very much for trusting me with your hair, your secrets and your feelings. I am beyond blessed, honored and humbled to be doing what I love and calling it my career ❤️ 😊 Thank you for a year of memories and here's to many more XOXO
JeniD'z Hair Salon 😍 ✨️


Just a friendly reminder of that 1 time you colored your hair 3 years's still there even if you can't see it unless you have cut your hair past that color point. This is why I ask for a hair color history for at least 3 years, longer hair longer history. I love being a stylist and making hair dreams come true for you and me...but we have got to be honest, your hair will tell every time even if you don't.
Let's make some hair dreams come true together...who has a hair color gone wrong and some time to get it fixed? Post a photo in comments below or PM me and I will choose 1 winner to help make their hair dreams come true (must be healthy hair or we will work on it)
Call or text for your regular hair appointment at 6602145642 as spots are filling and leave a message if no answer...I will get back to you ASAP

I love what I do ❤️❤️❤️


Hey y'all! I have a few spots available this week if your needing in for a cut, color or wax. Call or text 6602145642 to set up an appointment and remember if I don't answer I will return your call text just as soon as I can. I appreciate you all so much and you are keeping me on my toes ❤️ Thank you and have a great day!!

I love what I do 💛


Happy Mothers Day from me to you!!! Fur moms, new moms, angel moms, granmoms, dad moms, adopted moms, step moms...this day is for you and even though you probably won't get to relax all day or have peace and quiet and we know there is always dishes and laundry that need us 😊 this is your day, enjoy it, take in the smiles, the laughter and snuggles right along with the fights and complaining and "mom he/she won't stop looking at me" cause these little things is what it's all really about. Have a great day and remember you are blessed!!!!

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Good morning all!! I'm here and alive lol. I've had trouble with these teeth and let me tell you, I would rather birth a child than to have a tooth ache and I have had 2 teeth pulled in the last 6 days so I've been better for sure. I'm sorry I have missed calls and not been in the salon however I will make it up to my clients and tanners as they know I love them and appreciate them so much. Again I apologize and I'm back, still swollen ( not enough to scare kids anymore 🤣) and not 100% but ready to do some hair whoop whoop!! 😅 Also got lots of new samples of tanning lotion in and some tingle lotion, also cooling lotion...what?!?!?! Call or text 6602145642 for your appointment and I will get back to you ASAP



Happy Friday Eve to the ones that don't work Saturdays 😁😁😁 Enjoy the day and make good choices!!!


Happy Monday 😊 Just wanted to say I have a few spots available this week during the day for appointments...evenings are mostly filled and do fill quit quickly 😀 I also have tanning available 1 month unlimited for $40. Call or text 6602145642 and if I don't answer right away I will get back to you ASAP Thank you have a great day!!!

I love what I do 💛


JeniD'z is Closed Tomorrow (Saturday 4/16) Please leave a message about appointments and I will get back with you Monday 4/18 Thank you


Tuesdays tip...⬇️⬇️ Don't ever forget it, you beautiful human being ❤️ 😉😁


Hey ya'll!!! Got a big Change coming!!! Just kidding 😂 😜 However I will be making a change as to not taking messages or calls at all hours of the night...when I get messages past a certain time at night it really makes me want to be petty and text back really early in the morning and I don't like that. So when I leave the shop the business phone goes are more than welcome to call and leave a message or text however I will not be returning the calls/messages till the next business day in the order they was received. I appreciate each and everyone of you and love that I am able to see so many smiling faces. I have a few spots left for next week so be sure to get in or it will be the week of the 14th before I get to see you 👀 Have a great evening and again Call or text 660.214.5642 and I will get back to you ASAP



Hey ya'll!! I am running a tanning special!!! Get 1 month of Unlimited tanning for $35 or 3 months of Unlimited for $90!! Hurry as this special only lasts for 2 weeks (Starting Tue March 1st)😍😍 Stop in at 607 Locust to get started. Also my book is almost full for this week with hair, Microblading and Extensions so if your wanting in get on it and let me know ASAP at 6602145642 or you can always schedule a spot at Thank you all so much, You brighten my days for sure 😊 🥰❤
I love what I do ❣️

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Hey ya'll...I’ve had the pleasure of doing colors and cuts galore lately and I keep forgetting to take pictures 😡🤬🤬 However I did get a cpl...I'm going to write on my mirror BEFORE AND AFTEE PICTURES maybe just maybe then I will remember but I wouldn't bet on it lol. Have a few spots available next week so if you would like to get in Call or text 660.214.5642 and I will get back to you as soon as possible or you can go to to book a time that works for you. Thank you and as always...
I love what I do ❣️

Jenid'z Hair Salon In Chillicothe MO | Vagaro 02/17/2022

Jenid'z Hair Salon In Chillicothe MO | Vagaro

Hey all!! Hope everyone is staying warm today...I am closed and will be open tomorrow normal business hours. Also just a reminder if I don't answer the phone during business hours it's probably do to me being with a client and I will get back to you just as soon as possible. I try to take my time and tend to the client in my chair. With that being said you can always schedule at the link below and select a/the time that works best for you and know the prices are not right just yet on all services...I am working on updating those. So till afterwhile, Thank you one and all for supporting my small business and dream. I appreciate you more than you know. Again Thank you for working with me and supporting me...Thank You Xoxoxoxo


Jenid'z Hair Salon In Chillicothe MO | Vagaro Hair Salon with many services offered like, Waxing, Hair Cutting, Fades, HairColoring, Microblading, Tanning and Hair Extensions.


Hey ya'll!! I'm going to be out of the salon for a few days...from today the 27th-31st. Not sick so don't think that, just had plans I couldn't break 😁😍 Anyway I will be back Tuesday morning Feb 1st bright and early ready to Rock and roll 😎 Also I won't be answering the phone so please feel free to schedule online through or message me and I will get you scheduled just as soon as I get back. Thank you all and I appreciate each and everyone of you!!!
I love what I do ❣️


Hey!! It's The 1st Monday of the New Year and I hope it's a great one for you!!! I have been absolutely nowhere since Friday evening and it's definitely time to get out of the house...if you feel the same way book an appointment with me for the coming week for hair or tanning!! Also Dawn is here and ready to take appointments starting Tuesday (tomorrow)!!! So excited to have her here!! Our little family is growing ❤ Have a great day and be safe on the roads!! Call or text me for your appointment at 6602145642
I love what I do 🧡


Need to leave asap 🤣


Good FRIDAY morning all!!! Just wanted to say Thank You to everyone that has helped our little dream stay afloat...wether you have helped worked on it, talked me through it, sold us stuff for it, bought something from us so we could buy something for it, stopped in and said hi or you are glad to see us there...we appreciate the love and support and I really do absolutely love what I do and I pray it shows with every client that comes through our doors. We appreciate each and every one of you and you don't have to just be having a service done to stop in and say Hi or grab a cup of coffee...stop in, warm up, sit a bit and just be if you would like cause I don't mind❤ 🙂
Also a reminder Dawn Hill will be joining our little salon family and you can make an appointment with her by calling or texting 6609737802.
As for me, I have a few spots available next week and you can get ahold of me by calling or texting 6602145642. If I don't answer leave me a message I will call or text you back just as soon as possible 😉 Have a great Friday!! Happy New Year!! Be safe, make good choices and stay warm!!!
I love what I do ❤
JeniD'z 7 months and going strong 😁


Merry Christmas!! Hope you all have a safe and happy day! Laugh, eat, enjoy family/friends and make somr great memories ❤ Have a blessed day everyone near and far!!! Xoxoxo




Good morning all!! If your getting out to shop for the holidays I have gift certificates available for that special someone that may be a little harder to shop for 😉 Also have a few spots left next week for appointments if you are needing to get in! The week of the 20th is pretty well taken up however I have a couple Thursday the 23rd for us real last minute procrastinators 🙃😆 Yep..I'm one too 😉 Call or text 6602145642 for your spot. Ok, well enjoy your weekend whatever you are doing!! Happy Weekend!!!
I love what I do ❣


Hey ya'll!! Christmas is quickly approaching and I would hate for you to not feel and look your very best! Don't hesitate let's get the spots I have left for the holidays filled 😁 I have some available next week mostly 1130a-3p and 5p till 7p/730p then the week of the 20th I have a select few spots mostly mid afternoon. I am normally open later in the evening these days...if you need a late appointment call let get you fixed up. Call or text 6602145642 for your appointment
I love what I do 💛


Happy Tuesday!! It's almost December can you believe it?!?! Blows my mind to think where this year has went and how fast 😭 Oh's just gonna continue trucking along 😁 So this week I have a fee spots open for appointments if you would like to get in. Call or text me at 6602145642 and let's get your spot filled 🙂
I love what I do 💓


Happy Thanksgiving!!! Some are celebrating today, some already celebrated and some to come thankful for something everyday and know you are blessed even if it's not your best day. Hope and pray you have a safe and wonderful day ❤ Xoxoxoxo


Goodmorning!! Short week this week for some, Yeah! I have a few spots available tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday) Call or text 6602145642 if you would like in...if not I'm going to go ahead and leave early and get last minute running done, because I have a well known problem to many called PROCRASTINATION 🤷‍♀️🤣 Have a great Tuesday!
I love what I do ❤


Goodmorning all!! I have 2 spots available for Thursday and a few Friday morning if you would like to get in this week...other than that I am booked! Also don't wait to book for your HOLIDAY HAIR!!! ITS COMING UP FAST!!!!!
Call or text 6602145642 for your appointment
I am so grateful and thankful for all my existing clients and my new clients 💓 I appreciate each and every one of you Xoxoxo
I love what I do 😍


Happy Thursday!! Couple things...I won't be here Sat we have a family thing going on and we are going to go enjoy it 😍 and today look what I get to do curly extensions!! I'm so excited 😊 🤗 🤪 😃 I CANT WAIT!!! So with all that, I have a few spots available next week open so if you want in please call or text 6602145642 so I can get you down. As always I do accept walk-ins just may ne a bit of a wait and if you don't mind I don't either 🙂 Have a great day!!
I love what I do ❣


Hey ya'll guess what?!?! I just found my ring in the laundry room of the salon picking up before I vacuumed...🤦‍♀️🙄 yep, this is my life 🤣 To all who shared and my post and looked in candy bags...Thank you and I appreciate you!!


Last nights late night Before & after color process.This took about 6 and a 1/2 hours from start to finish. However the client was absolutely in love with it and could not stop raving about it which made it all the worthwhile! I love absolutely love when my when my clients leave feeling that way it's the reason I do what I do 💓 If you have a color or cut your wanting to achieve give me a call or text me at 6602145642 and let's see what we can get done for you 😉
I love what I do 💓


Have a few morning openings this week on Wed, Thur and Fri if you would like to get in. Other than those mornings I am booked which I am thankful for!! So give me a call or shoot me a text at 6602145642 also my Husband Howard is doing Conceal classes now if you are interested in getting in a class let me know or him at 6609733634 and we will get a class set up!! Have a great Monday everyone!!!
I love what I do 💓

Photos from JeniD'z Hair Salon's post 10/18/2021

Just a few of the things I did today...1st pic is before and after added some silver and will get more but how she sparkles now is beautiful 🙂 2nd pic is before and afters of Weft hair extensions!! Kinda proud of both of these I did today...the blend on the color is amazing as well as the blend for the extensions is spot on!! If your looking for a fall color or interested in some extensions for length or volume Call or text me at 6602145642 and let get you a consultation appointment set up!
I love what I do 💓


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