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Welcome to the page for Massage Heights Chino Hills in Chino Hills, CA! Get inspired to elevate the everyday. Massage Heights is hiring in your area!

Search local openings and apply at: Massage Heights’ membership-based Retreats are where busy people from all walks of life come to feel better, relieve stress, ease sore muscles and recharge. At a time where there’s a pill for almost every ailment, it’s good to know that massage is a time-tested, all-natural, drug-free alternative that can help you tackle daily life with a higher level of vitality and positivity, truly elevating the everyday.


Celebrate with complimentary massage aromatherapy! 🌿✨

Find a scent you love? 💙 Keep the relaxation going with our Heights at Home essential oil blends, available for purchase during your visit. Book today! ✨


Ready to elevate your summer skincare routine? ☀️ 🌊 Purchase a 90-minute facial & get a FREE LED Light Therapy session. Book today & light up your summer! 👉


☀️🍊 Ready to add some zest to your summer? Try our new Citrus Foot Scrub for only $15, or FREE with a 90-minute massage! Book now!

Tips for Healthy Skin: Your Guide to UV Safety Awareness Month 07/03/2024

Holiday Weekend Essentials: sunshine & SPF! ☀️Protect your skin this with these tips for healthy, glowy skin ⤵️

🌟 Choose & layer your sunscreen carefully
🌟 Pay attention to your timing & application
🌟 Seek shade during those peak UV hours

Read more on our blog 👉

Tips for Healthy Skin: Your Guide to UV Safety Awareness Month July is UV Safety Awareness Month, a crucial time as summer brings rising temperatures and sunny days perfect for outdoor activities. It's important to remember the significance of protecting your skin, not just this month, but throughout the year, especially during prolonged sun exposure. In honor....


Stressful days in a fast-paced world can lead to tension headaches, but relief is within reach. Discover the holistic power of massage therapy - proven to ease tension, improve circulation, and release those feel-good endorphins. Embrace wellness with Massage Heights, where personalized care meets transformative results.


It's time for some Parental Pampering! 🌞 Ready to kick off summer in style? Treat yourselves to some well-deserved relaxation at Massage Heights on the first day of summer. Say goodbye to school year stress and hello to summer bliss! 💆‍♀️✨


Hydration is the key to maximizing your massage and workout benefits! 💧 Drinking water before and after helps prepare your muscles for relaxation during a massage and aids in flushing out toxins post-workout. Stay hydrated to optimize your wellness journey! 💦💪


We extended our Gift Card special! Run, don't walk, to your nearest Massage Heights to take advantage of this limited time offer!
These gift cards make the perfect gift for any celebration such as birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers and more.


At Massage Heights, we are deeply committed to supporting mental health & wellness, so we're partnering with NAMI to raise funds & awareness to ensure those struggling with mental health issues have access to the resources and support they need to thrive.

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Excited to announce we have extended our Mother's Day and Father's Day specials! Now you can enjoy the 🌹All About Her🌹 package featuring rose scented foot scrub and hot stones or indulge in the ALL🌟STAR package with a birch scented foot scrub and CBD therapy spot treatment! Hurry before this offer ends June 30th!


🎉 Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there! 💙 Today, we celebrate you and the love, strength, and guidance you provide every day. Thank you for all that you do! 🌟


🔎Still searching for the perfect Father's Day present? Skip the ties👔 and head to your nearest Massage Heights to snag him the ultimate self- care package that will treat him like the ALL🌟STAR he is.


Surprise the 🐶Dog Dad in your life with a Massage Heights gift card and for a limited time when you purchase $150 in gift cards for him, you'll also receive a 1-hour service for you! It's a win- win! 🙌


⭐ Make Dad feel like a superstar this Father's Day with our exclusive All-Star Package! Indulge him with 90-minutes of blissful massage, including a Birch Foot Scrub & CBD therapy. And as our gift to him, enjoy an additional 1-hour service completely free with purchase. Treat Dad to a day of luxury and pampering he won't forget!

Global Wellness Day Founder Belgin Aksoy | 'Outside the Room' 06/08/2024

As we celebrate Global Wellness Day, we are reminded of our Outside the Room podcast episode where we had the pleasure of speaking with "Global Wellness Day" founder Belgin Aksoy.

Global Wellness Day Founder Belgin Aksoy | 'Outside the Room' This episode's guest is "Global Wellness Day" founder Belgin Aksoy. Aksoy has dedicated her life to creating a physically, mentally, and spiritually better w...


Treat your Dad like an ALL🌟STAR this Father's Day!


This one is for the ALL🌟STAR Dad's. Visit Massage Heights and get your gift cards just in time for Father's Day. For a limited time, when you purchase $150 in gift cards, you'll receive a FREE 1-hour service! Hurry before this offer ends!


Studies show that getting a massage once a month can improve your sleep, improve your mood, promote better circulation and boost your immunity. By making massage therapy a consistent part of your self-care routine, you can release tension, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being. Whether it is a Swedish massage for relaxation or a deep tissue massage for muscle recovery, the benefits are numerous.


⚾ Elevate Dad's Father's Day with our All-Star Package! Treat him to 90 minutes of pure relaxation, featuring a Birch Foot Scrub & CBD massage blend. Plus, purchase this package and receive a complimentary 1-hour service of your choice. Give Dad the gift of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation this Father's Day!


Wrap up the school year with gratitude! Celebrate teachers with a Massage Heights gift card. Purchase $150 in gift cards and receive a FREE 1-hour service. Show appreciation with the gift of relaxation! 🌟 Call for details.


✨ New service alert! ✨ Introducing LED Pain Therapy with LightStim at Massage Heights! Watch how this cutting-edge, non-invasive treatment targets pain while you enjoy a relaxing massage. Say goodbye to muscle pain and hello to ultimate relaxation! 💡💆‍♂️


🌞 Protect your skin from harmful UV rays and keep it glowing with SPF! Swing by Massage Heights and grab Dermalogica's Dynamic Skin Recovery for ultimate skin protection. Visit your nearest retreat location today! 🌿

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As we gear up for a fun-filled Memorial Day, complete your sun protection strategy with these additional tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Apply Generously and Frequently:
👍Cover all exposed areas, including often-overlooked spots like ears, neck, and feet.
👍Reapply sunscreen every two hours or after swimming/sweating.

Seek Shade:
👍During peak sun hours (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.), stay under umbrellas, trees, or canopies.
👍This not only reduces UV exposure but also provides a cool break from the heat.

Incorporate Regular Skin Therapy:
Consider regular skin therapy treatments as part of your self-care routine to maintain skin health.
Visit our Facial Services page to explore personalized options that can keep your skin glowing all summer long.
At Massage Heights, we’re dedicated to helping you live happier and healthier through regular massage and skin therapy. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend safely by prioritizing your skin's health and well-being.


Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is crucial as we enjoy outdoor activities this Memorial Day weekend. Here are some essential tips to ensure you're adequately protected.

Choose the Right Sunscreen:
🌟Opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.
🌟Look for a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher.
🌟Choose a formulation (lotion, spray, or gel) that suits your preferences and activities.

Layer Your Sunscreen:
🌟Use multiple layers to ensure even coverage, including SPF in your daytime moisturizer, skin tint, or foundation.

Try products like:
🌟Dynamic Skin SPF 50: Great for dry, normal, and combination skin types.
🌟Invisible Defense SPF 30: Ideal for sensitive-prone skin.

Timing is Key:
🌟Apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before sun exposure.
🌟Reapply every two hours, or more frequently if swimming or sweating.
For more detailed skincare tips and personalized treatments, check out our Facial Services!


As Memorial Day approaches, it's the perfect time to update your skincare routine to handle the increase in heat and humidity. This ensures your skin stays healthy and clear throughout the summer months.

✨Cleanser: Switch to a gel-based cleanser to control oil and prevent breakouts.
✨Serum: Opt for water-based serums that hydrate without adding extra oil.
✨Moisturizer: Choose oil-free moisturizers that provide hydration without clogging pores.
✨Masks: Use clay-based masks to absorb excess oil or light gel-based masks, depending on your skin type.

By adjusting your skincare products, you can maintain a fresh, glowing complexion even in the hottest weather. And don’t forget, regular facials can help keep your skin in top condition.


We've teamed up with NAMI, a leading advocate for mental health support, and resources. Together, we're on a mission to make a real difference in the lives of those facing mental health challenges.
By partnering with NAMI, we're not just offering massages—we're offering support, understanding, and a commitment to mental wellness. We're dedicated to raising $100,000 in 2024 to ensure that everyone has access to the resources and support they need to thrive.
Join us in this vital mission to create a more compassionate and supportive world for all. Together, we can make a difference. 💙

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Whether you're seeking relief from chronic pain or simply looking to enhance your massage experience, LED Pain Therapy is a safe and effective option.

📲Call to add LED Pain Therapy to your next massage!


Introducing our new ALL🌟STAR package!
This exclusive package offers a 90-minute massage with a soothing Birch Foot Scrub and CBD Therapy Spot Treatment. In addition, you'll receive a FREE 60-minute service with each package purchase. What's not to love about this ultimate package? Hurry and call your nearest Massage Heights Retreat before this offer ends!


Check out our latest wellness innovation: LED Pain Therapy! 💡 In collaboration with LightStim, this non-invasive treatment targets pain during your massage for maximum relief and relaxation. Perfect for chronic pain or just boosting your massage experience. Book now and feel the difference! 💆‍♀️🌟


When you visit a Massage Heights near you don't forget to check out our amazing new retail items! Perfect for the man or woman in your life who prioritizes self care and wellness. 💛

Photos from Massage Heights's post 01/10/2024

💧Promise Drops utilize Broad Spectrum extract for its dosing. Unlike full spectrum extracts, it does NOT contain THC.
If you're seeking a holistic approach to pain management, consider experiencing the therapeutic advantages of CBD spot treatment during your next massage session.


Kickstart the new year with a rejuvenated body and serene mind by Scheduling Regular Massage Sessions. Studies show that getting a massage once a month can improve your sleep, improve your mood, promote better circulation and boost your immunity. By making massage therapy a consistent part of your self-care routine, you can release tension, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being. Learn more Wellness Tips👉

Photos from Massage Heights's post 01/08/2024

Nourishing your body with movement and massage therapy can do wonders for your soul. 😊


Feel Better and Healthier 🙏

Massage therapy eases muscular tension and supports overall well-being, providing a natural and effective method to address specific health conditions like headaches, blood pressure, or sleep irregularities. Before using massage therapy to address specific health conditions, make sure to have a conversation with your healthcare professional.


Self care is a NECESSITY. Not a luxury.
It's vital for your body and your mental resilience. 💪
Let's start your new year with a journey to self care! Give us a call and book an appointment today!


Find Moments for Yourself🧘‍♀️

Embracing self-care as a priority in our fast-paced lives can be demanding, yet incorporating regular massages into your routine can provide a dedicated space for revitalization. Massages are incredibly effective in alleviating tension, releasing knots, and promoting relaxation. Beyond the physical benefits, massage therapy allows you to reconnect with yourself, recharge your batteries, and ultimately, carve out moments dedicated to your well-being.


💛Show yourself some love and bring positive energy into 2024.⭐


Are you considering incorporating fitness into your 2024 goals?🤸
Massage offers many benefits for athletes at all levels, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional. Frequent training often leads to muscle overuse, causing tension within muscles that puts stress on joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Massage can improve flexibility, loosen tense muscles, and increase range of motion, reducing the chances of strains and sprains during your workout. Massage also alleviates muscle tightness, reducing soreness and stiffness. This allows you more comfort when recovering after a strenuous workout and expedites recovery.

No matter how intense your workout regimen is, massage can be essential to reducing the risk of injuries and your recovery time. So, consider working massage therapy into your fitness plan.


💪Unmatched Training and Support for Franchise Owners

At Massage Heights, we take the comprehensive training of our franchise owners seriously. That’s because we want you to be as comfortable and confident as possible in running your own Retreat.

Our “Base Camp” style training has FIVE stages, each designed to provide you with all the knowledge you’ll need to own a successful business. When training concludes, you immediately enter our “90-Day Strong Start” program.

And the support doesn’t end there. Once your grand opening is complete, you’ll work with operations and marketing to keep your business plan strong and your growth steady.



We're so excited to welcome Cutter to our newest location in Encinitas California!😄

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Studies show that getting a massage once a month can improve your sleep, improve your mood, promote better circulation a...
✨ New service alert! ✨ Introducing LED Pain Therapy with LightStim at Massage Heights! Watch how this cutting-edge, non-...
Check out our latest wellness innovation: LED Pain Therapy! 💡 In collaboration with LightStim, this non-invasive treatme...
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