Risha Opp, LMT

Risha Opp, LMT



I’m teaming up with some amazing local businesses to give away over $700 in prizes to one special mom!
The winner will receive a MAKEOVER including hair, makeup and nails followed by a FAMILY PORTRAIT SESSION including 5 digital images. AND a 60 minute MASSAGE!

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Brittani Smith Photography
Hair By Alisia
at Misbehaven Spa & Salon
Risha Trethewey, LMT

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Winner will be announced on Brittani Smith Photography's Instagram and pages on Dec 24 at 6pm.

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I’m teaming up with some amazing local businesses to give away over $700 in prizes to one special mom!
The winner will receive a MAKEOVER including hair, makeup and nails followed by a FAMILY PORTRAIT SESSION including 5 digital images. AND a 60 minute MASSAGE!

Here’s how to enter:
❤LIKE this photo

❤LIKE all my friend’s business pages who have put this giveaway together for you!
Brittani Smith Photography
Hair By Alisia
Brianna at Misbehaven Spa & Salon
Risha Trethewey, LMT

❤TAG your friends below (only moms you know personally, who you think would love to win this mommy makeover!)
Each friend you tag counts as an entry!

❤BONUS ENTRIES- Head over to our Instagram profiles and follow instructions there to receive extra entries!
Instagram username

Winner will be announced on Brittani Smith Photography's Instagram and pages on Dec 24 at 6pm.

This promotion is not endorsed by or associated with Facebook.
Must be 18 or over to enter.

Offering therapeutic massage services to the Walla Walla Valley. Each massage is custom tailored to meet your individual needs.

From cupping to prenatal massage, extra deep ashiatsu barefoot massage to light relaxation massage, I've got you covered from head to toe.


I have a 5 pm and 6:15, text 509-710-1892 to book! 🍃


Who needs some relaxation after the back to school rush?
Friday: 5:45 pm
Sunday: 12, 1:15, 2:30, 5:30
Monday: 10, 1:45, 3 pm

Text 509-710-1892 or book online!


Who wants an appointment at 11:15 or 12:30 tomorrow (Monday)?? Text me at (509) 710-1892!


Calling all healers/healthcare workers/amazing humans! Braden Pewitt of Jwon Massage is willing to teach a level 1 Reiki class this summer if we can recruit a few more students. You don’t have to be a licensed provider to learn and use reiki, anyone can learn and practice it from any background and walk of life. Let me know if you are interested and I will get you more information!


I have time for a 90 min today at 3:15! Text 509-710-1892 to claim.

Photos from Risha Opp, LMT's post 05/13/2023

Come on down to the for some Ashiatsu massage and little pretties!

Photos from Risha Opp, LMT's post 05/06/2023

First day at the WW downtown farmer’s market!! Stop on by and say hi!

Photos from Risha Opp, LMT's post 05/03/2023

My morning project!
I am happy to share that I will be doing portable on-site style Ashiatsu at the Walla Walla downtown farmer’s market this season. 🥳
Because of farmer’s market and summer schedule coming up, my office hours will be a little different and flexible. For now they are Friday 12-7:15, no Saturdays due to farmer’s market, Sunday 12-7:15, and Monday 10-1:30 due to childcare changes reflecting school being out. We will see how the farmers market season goes, and depending, I might add some more office hours. I will keep you posted!

Photos from Risha Opp, LMT's post 04/21/2023

I just wanted to make a post on behalf of one of my favorite rescues, Tri Cities Washington Rabbit Advocates. They have so many bunnies that need homes, would you have room for a yard bunny or two? These are a couple of my precious rescues and their set up. Outdoor bunny spaces don’t have to be as large or elaborate as this one; they just need water, hay out at all times, and somewhere to get out of the sun and weather. Please feel free to message me or the rescue if you have questions. I would be glad to help people set up a bunny area as well! Free pallets and chicken wire make easy, inexpensive bunny fences and a large dog house could provide shelter.


Some great self care tips for home!


Happy weekend!
I’ve got some massage appointments this weekend!
Friday: 6 pm
Saturday: 10:45 am

Message or call 509-720-1892 to book!


I’ve got a few weekend appointments available!
Friday: 10:45 am, 6 pm
Saturday: 10:45 am, 3 pm, 4:15 pm

Most of you have probably figured it out by now but this is an FYI for new clients: Although Divine Serendipity Spa and I share a booking system, we are separate businesses and use different credit card processing programs. When you are booking online you DO NOT have to enter your credit card information, there is an option to opt out of that.
You may text or call 509-710-1892 to book also!


I just wanted to share my spring jewelry sale with my massage clients! All these cuties and more are on display at my office and I will bring an assortment of April Showers earrings to choose from as well.
Who has been loving spring this year? In celebration of one of my favorite seasons, EVERTHING in my Etsy shop is 20% off, PLUS every order from now til April 30 will get their choice of an iridescent, clear or blue pair of April Showers raindrop earrings. Specify your favorite color when you order!! 🌸 💧


Who has been enjoying the spring flowers?
I have a few weekend appointments left!
Tomorrow (Friday): 6:15 pm
Saturday: 12 pm
Sunday: 1:45, 3, 5:15

Call or text 509-710-1892 or click the link below to book!



Who needs a pick me up after the winter blues?

Research indicates massage can:
Improve mood
Reduce depression:

•in those with chronic pain
•in those with chronic pain over time
•in hospice patients
•in children with cancer
•in children with HIV
•in pregnant women
•associated with lower back pain
•in those with tension-type headaches
•in children and adolescent psychiatric patients
•in women with breast cancer
•in people with chronic disease
•in adolescent mothers
•in those with chronic fatigue syndrome
•in those with high blood pressure
•in those with fibromyalgia
•in adults with multiple sclerosis
•in women with premenstrual dysphoric disorder
•in women in labor

Reduce trait anxiety and depression with a course of treatment providing benefits similar in magnitude to those of psychotherapy.


Who could use more quality sleep? 🙋🏼‍♀️
Quality sleep is vital to health and wellness. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC): "Insufficient sleep is associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditions—such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression—which threaten our nation’s health. Notably, insufficient sleep is associated with the onset of these diseases and also poses important implications for their management and outcome. Moreover, insufficient sleep is responsible for motor vehicle and machinery-related crashes, causing substantial injury and disability each year. In short, drowsy driving can be as dangerous—and preventable—as driving while intoxicated."

It is estimated that 50 to 70 million Americans experience sleep issues that affect their health.

Research is indicating that massage can improve sleep in:
•children and adolescents
•those with psychiatric disorders
•those who are hospitalized or institutionalized
•those with lower back pain
•those with cerebral palsy
•those with fibromyalgia
•those with insomnia
•those in pain
•those with hand pain
•those with cancer
•infants with dyssomnia
•those who have had heart surgery
•those with breast disease
•those with migraines
•caretakers of hospitalized individuals
•the elderly


Hi all, I am a massage therapist and practice in College Place. My specialty is Ashiatsu, a smooth relaxing deep tissue style performed with the feet. I work weekends so I am available when you have the time! I have a few spots open this weekend, or click my online booking link for more options.



I’ve only got two more spots this weekend!
Today (Friday): 6:15
Sunday: 12 pm
Text or call 509-710-1892 to book or click on the link below!

Research has shown that in respect to tension headaches massage can:

•reduce depression and/or anxiety
•decrease perceived pain
•decrease anger status
•decrease tension
•reduce frequency
•reduce intensity
•reduce duration
•decrease medication usage
•increase range of cervical motion

Those patients who seek relief from tension headache pain can benefit from massage therapy given by professional massage therapists working within their scope of practice.



I was browsing information about headstand benches and came across these poses. Looks like some pretty awesome core workouts! Has anyone done these?


Hey guys, I wanted to introduce you to my new self-care tool! This is a bench specifically for practicing headstands and other inversions, common in yoga and gymnastics. You rest your head facing down in the hole, with your shoulders resting on the padding; and then kick your feet up. It feels wonderful, because the pressure of your body presses down on your shoulders, bringing them toward your toes and away from your ears, which is where they tend to migrate in our stressful day-to-day lives.


Sports massage can be used to improve athletic performance, speed recovery, and can be utilized by all individuals who participate in any athletic and/or exercise program to help improve conditioning and maintain peak performance. Many professional and collegiate athletic programs employ or contract with massage therapists, and sports massage has been sought for many years by athletes of differing backgrounds for multiple reasons. With the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines being very clear that activity is essential for people to be healthy, sports massage can be recommended to those individuals who participate in exercise programs as well as professional and collegiate athletes.
Continued in comments.


I was SO EXCITED to debut my new full coverage earthing mat today!

Earthing (also known as grounding) refers to the discovery that bodily contact with the Earth's natural electric charge stabilizes the physiology at the deepest levels, reduces inflammation, pain, and stress, improves blood flow, energy, and sleep, and generates greater well-being.

The thought is that it can take some time for the beneficial negative electrons to travel to all parts of your body if just one area is in contact with the ground, so I made is so every body part touches 👏🏻 at 👏🏻 once 👏🏻!

Come check it out! Text or call 509-710-1892 to book, or click the link below. I still have some spots open Monday afternoon!



I still have some spots left!

Today (Friday): 4:15
Sunday: 5:30
Monday: 12:30, 1:45, 3

Call or text 509-710-1892 or book online!

Fibromyalgia syndrome is a group of signs and symptoms that include chronic pain in muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues. It is one of a collection of chronic disorders that often go hand in hand. Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is frequently seen with chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine headaches, sleep disorders and several other chronic conditions.

According to the National Institutes of Health, “Scientists estimate that fibromyalgia affects 5 million Americans 18 or older. Between 80 and 90 percent of people diagnosed with fibromyalgia are women. However, men and children also can have the disorder.” A survey conducted with those who have FMS indicates that 98% of those surveyed used some form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to help manage their disorder.

In that study, the researchers found that 44% of those surveyed chose massage therapy. In other evidence, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) states: " Fibromyalgia is another pain condition frequently seen by health care providers, and one in which there often is no universally effective treatment. Studies have found that up to 91 percent of people with fibromyalgia use some form of CAM, and up to 75 percent use massage therapy."

Although some sample sizes are small, research indicates that in respect to fibromyalgia syndrome massage can:
-reduce pain
-improve health status
-improve quality of life
-decrease anxiety
-decrease depression
-increase sleep hours
-increase quality of sleep
-improve quality of sleep over time
-reduce tender points
-decrease urinary CRF-LI (a biochemical marker of stress-related symptoms)
-decrease use of analgesics
-decrease cortisol levels
-decrease stiffness
-decrease fatigue
-work well in an integrative treatment plan


I’ve got some hours coming up!
Tomorrow (Friday): 12 pm
Saturday: 9 am
Sunday: 3:45, 5, 6:15
Monday: 11:15, 12:30, 1:45, 3

Call or text 509 710 1892 or click the link to book!



I wanted to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to let you know that I just purchased a much larger, full coverage earthing mat for the massage table and I am very excited!!

Earthing is the process of connecting with the ground, either directly or electrically. The earth is slightly negatively charged, so when we do this we start to receive negative ions from the earth, which balances our own bio electrical systems and can reduce pain and inflammation.

My previous earthing mat was about 6” by 2’ and was positioned only under the torso area of the table; the new mat will cover the whole thing and being more earthing goodness to the whole body! 👏🏻 🧘‍♂️ 💆🏼‍♀️


According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, “Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on low back pain, the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed work. Back pain is the second most common neurological ailment in the United States.”

Research has shown that massage can:
-decrease low back pain
-decrease disability associated with low back pain
-demonstrates decreased pain and disability over time
-decrease anxiety/depression associated with low back pain


According to the National Institute of Mental Health, over 40 million adult Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. Anxiety and its disorders shape the quality of life and the health of those individuals affected.

Research indicates massage can reduce anxiety:
•in psychiatric patients
•in those with chronic pain
•for cancer patients
•for patients undergoing bone marrow transplants
in children with illnesses
•in nurses
•associated with lower back pain
•in those with headaches
•in patients awaiting invasive cardiovascular procedures
•in healthy adults
•in patients with generalized anxiety disorder
•in patients under local anesthesia
•in stroke patients
•in the elderly
•in children and adolescent psychiatric patients
•in those at the end of life
•in adults with hand pain
•in patients with fibromyalgia
•in patients withdrawing from psychoactive drugs
•in burned adolescents
•in patients with congestive heart failure
•in women in labor
•Increase a sense of calm/reduce anxiety after surgery
•Reduce anxiety pre-surgery
•Reduce trait anxiety with a course of treatment providing benefits similar to psychotherapy
•Reduce the psychological and physiological anxiety levels in patients having cataract surgery
•Increase neurotransmitters associated with lowering anxiety
•Decrease hormones associated with increasing anxiety


Scroll down for more on postoperative pain!
Here are the appointment spots I have left for next weekend!!
Saturday: 9 am, 10:15
Sunday: 3:45, 5, 6:15
Monday: 11:15, 12:30, 1:45, 3

Text or call me at (509) 710-1892 or book online at


Postoperative pain can complicate and delay a patient’s recovery, lengthen hospital stays and costs, and interfere with a patient’s return to activities of daily living. In many people, pain medications can have unpleasant side effects. Research indicates that massage can decrease postoperative pain, decrease postoperative pain intensity, decrease postoperative pain unpleasantness/distress, decrease sympathetic responses to postoperative pain, accelerate the rate of decline in the intensity of postoperative pain, accelerate the rate of decline of the unpleasantness of postoperative pain, decrease doses of analgesics and increase levels of calmness/feelings of well-being.


I had a cancellation tomorrow (Sunday) at 4:15, text or call me at 509-710-1892 to book!

Stress is a prevalent component in today's fast-paced world which can negatively impact on an individual's health and well-being. Massage therapy has been shown to be a means by which stress can be reduced significantly on physical and psychological levels. While massage therapists know from experience that massage reduces stress, there is considerable research that validates our experience.

In a study on the effect of trigger point therapy, there was a significant decrease in heart rate, systolic blood pressure, and diastolic blood pressure. Measures of oxygen consumption, blood pressure, and salivary cortisol levels were all lower after a 10 to 15 minute chair massage in controlled studies. Changes in psychological states have been measured by physiological responses, the Perceived Stress Scale, the POMS Depression Scale, and the Anxiety State Scale.


Openings for the weekend:
Sunday 1:45 and 3 pm

FYI, Divine Serendipity Spa website is down for a sec so if you want to do online booking, download our app or follow this link to the booking portion of the site:


Otherwise, feel free to text or call 509-710-1892!


#1: Massage improves immune function. I think that is something we all can appreciate this time of year? 🤒 😷

Five ways massage can improve your immune system

1. Massage is known for promoting increased circulation and lymphatic flow, which helps move healthy nutrients throughout your body and to filter metabolic waste.

2. Studies show that massage can increase the level of lymphocytes, which are the cells that help the immune system fight off harmful substances in the body.

3.Stress has been shown to be a significant immunosuppressor. Massage is one of the best ways to reduce stress by reducing the level of cortisol, a stress hormone.

4. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, pain has measurable negative effects on immunity. Massage has an enormous impact on decreasing pain, which will make it easier for your body to fight off an illness.

5. Massage is great for mental health. Your mind is a direct link to your body and a healthy mind promotes a healthy body.


For my next little miniseries I want to go over some of the benefits of general massage! Check back this week for the first installment. 💆🏼‍♀️


So what can we do at home to care for our fascia? Here are some techniques!

Stretch for 10 minutes a day.
Try a mobility program.
Roll out your tight spots.
Visit the sauna, especially after the gym.
Apply cold therapy.
Get your cardio on.
Try yoga.
Deep diaphragmatic breathing for 10-30 min a day.
And last but not least, keep you and your fascia hydrated. 💧 ❤️ 🧘‍♂️


Although fascia looks like one sheet of tissue, it’s actually made up of multiple layers with liquid in between called hyaluronan. It’s designed to stretch as you move. But there are certain things that cause fascia to thicken and become sticky. When it dries up and tightens around muscles, it can limit mobility and cause painful knots to develop.
Fascia is meant to be slippery and flexible, but stress, inactivity, repetitive movement, and injury can cause fascia to become gummy and crinkle up; this is called an ‘adhesion’. The fascia is no longer sliding over the internal structures but becomes stuck down and stiff.

So how do we make stuff dehydrated fascia smooth and supple again?

It has been demonstrated that mechanical force transforms the ground substance of the fascia, causing a flow of electrons in the fascial web by way of the piezoelectric effect. The result is the tissue under the therapist's hands seems to be 'melting' as it releases.

My two favorite methods of applying mechanical force to the fascia are Ashiatsu and cupping. Ashiatsu applies deep, shearing mechanical force to the fascia layer, utilizing the large surface area of the foot and the body weight pressing downward. Cups apply force by tightening the fascia inward and upward, helping to release a underlying adhesions. I like to combine the two techniques, using Ashiatsu for broad, gentle fascial release and silicone cups for more targeted intense work when needed.


Need some rest and relaxation this weekend? I have massage appointments available! Book online through Facebook or text/call 509-710-1892.

Sunday the 24th at 2:30, 3:45 and 5:45

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Our Story

Welcome to my massage page. I was trained at the Tricity School of Massage in Kennewick, WA, and perform a custom tailored blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, and Trigger Point Release depending on your specific needs. I also enjoy doing prenatal massage, and offer essential oils and the Young Living Raindrop Technique.

I charge:

60 minutes: $70

90 minutes: $95

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Recharging my Feet
Live Ashiatsu demo! A short version of the real deal.
Intro to the essential oils I use in my practice!
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110 N. College Avenue, College Place
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Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 4:15pm
Friday 12pm - 7:15pm
Saturday 12pm - 3:45pm
Sunday 12pm - 7:15pm

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