Serenity Springs Salon and Spa

Serenity Springs Salon and Spa


Sheila DeLorenzo
Shannon rocks. Really everyone is so fun, even during these hard times! thank you ladies for being awesome and continuing to make things fun.
Random photo to my brother, but I couldn't help but notice how AMAZING my brows look!!
Watching for you deals today. 😬
Oh My Lanta!!! Woke up looking fab thanks to my lash lift!!! You always make me look amazing but this service has taken it to the next level!! Love you my friend!!
Thank you Danielle for the shampoo and blowout 😘
my grand daughter, Harper, getting her very first real gel mani and pedi. She is ready to vacay in Florida. She loves it! Thanks Sheila Delorenzo

Gorgeous hair colors Precision haircuts Custom designer nails Handpainted nailArt Microblading Permanent makeup Spray Tans and much more!


Filler Friday! Save $75 on a full syringe or enjoy $10 per unit botox with the purchase of any of our fillers! Message me and I’ll stay late tonite just for you 💋


We complain about our Laugh lines and our marionette lines, and yes we can fill them! However think about where that problem starts…… In your cheekbones! If we start putting volume back in that area, you’ll watch magic happen to the rest of your lower face! With the help of Restylane and Juvéderm I can literally reverse the signs of time on your face. Ask me about what. “liquid facelift” can do for you!


Anyone free today for a Deep conditioning treatment and blowout?????? Message me:)
11:00 available
1:00 available


Attention all my lovely gems!!!! We are halfway functioning At the Med Spa and is available to schedule appointments. Thanks for your continued patience with out renovation! It’s coming along slowly but surely! Nena and Amy .esthetics are offering all of our laser, skincare and body contouring treatments. Follow Nena’s new page for skincare tips and tricks and super fun new services! You’ll have the best skin of your life! Message me for a complimentary treatment with one of these lovelies! 🛑 Did you know we have an amazing skincare membership????? These ladies are revamping it and putting their own twist in things for an even bigger and better experience!


Any of these sound good to you?????


Why would anyone want Permanent Lip Color? 🤷🏼‍♀️. Here’s why: 1: that stupid little bleeding into the lines around your lips DOESN’T HAPPEN
2. It doesn’t come off in water. Hot tubs….. she still looks like this. Gym? yep she’s that hot girl. The only Truly waterproof makeup
3. Always kissable whenever/Wherever Now taking appointments for December for alllll the lip things!!!!


Who needs some beauty time this week????? If you haven’t heard, we are in our new salon!!!! Come visit!!!!!! Ya girls have openings this week and are dying for you to come in!!!!!! message me or book online through the website…. Can’t wait to see you!!!!!!!!!
I’d suggest a new fall color!!!! maybe a splash of red????????


Come out to fab'rik from 5-7 and get Sparked! A portion of the proceeds go to A Sisters Hope breast cancer survivor foundation.


Come check out the new salon and enjoy a nice discount!!!! Message me!

Serenity Springs Salon and Spa updated their phone number. 10/02/2022

Serenity Springs Salon and Spa updated their phone number.

Serenity Springs Salon and Spa updated their phone number.

Serenity Springs Salon and Spa updated their address. 10/02/2022

Serenity Springs Salon and Spa updated their address.

Serenity Springs Salon and Spa updated their address.


Come Play with us on Friday October 7!

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💞💞💞Mark your calendars for Next Friday! 5-7

DeLo Beauty Co. and fab'rik are teaming up for a ladies night out 🙂 Come out and get Sparked with a forever bracelet, anklet necklace or ring and help us celebrate our Survivors! October Is breast cancer awareness month and those of you that know me know how important this causes to my heart. I will be giving away three sets of ar**la restoration tattoos so please if you know anyone stop by and enter my drawing!
🎤If you haven’t heard of permanent jewelry come by and check it out! It’s high-quality Jewelry in 14 karat gold and sterling silver that is welded together with no clasp! It can be worn for months. weeks or even years.
✅While you’re at it feel free to drop off any of your gold and silver jewelry that needs repaired! 

Photos from Colorado Springs Women's Expo's post 09/29/2022

We will have a booth set up at the Colorado Springs Womwns expo In November! We will be featuring our new Permanent Jewelry, LED Teeth Whitening and skin analysis under our skin scanner! All on demand at the expo! Get your tickets now!

Voluma vs. Volbella vs. Vollure: What’s The Difference? 09/28/2022

Voluma vs. Volbella vs. Vollure: What’s The Difference?

Voluma vs. Volbella vs. Vollure: What’s The Difference? If you are considering dermal fillers, you have a lot of options these days. One of the more popular brands that has been around for years is Juvederm®. There are a number of treatments available within the brand to achi...


Ok… where my ladies at?????? I want someone in my chair asap that wants
A: a whole lip makeover. Filler and Tattoo
B: The trifecta in one session. Powder brow, lip color and eyeliner… top only

Do me if you fit one of these!


That day when your Idols hold your hand and shows you her magical tattoo ways! I did that this weekend! Sorry about all the highlights That I’m about to blow up with but I’m bringing back so much cool stuff everybody. I’m adding more hours for tattoos so message me!!! You can have brows lips and liner in one session … no problem!!!!! and fast! Message me! You know these new hours will go fast! I’m really dying to get my hands on a whole lip makeover!!!!!! First filler…. then tattoo! Cmon ladies!!!!

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Day 1 was such an amazing experience! I really feel like i need to pinch myself!


Nope, I didn’t hear a word you said! But we just had an entire conversation. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂.


In case you missed it, there is still time to get in on these beauty deals! Message me for ASAP appointments or book online, link in the bio


Sheila had a last minute cancelation today for 4:00 pm. I’m feeling the need to plump up some lips!!!! Who’s in the mood for some filler??????? Best price possible today, $350 and you can leave my chair luscious lips! I can only take one so message me quick!! Juvederm ultra only for that price.

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⚠️Stylist and Nail techs wanted for out new location! West Carefree just off Academy. Coolest owner ever 👯‍♂️ Established salon over 20 years in the Springs! If you are looking for a new salon home I would love to chat with you and see if we are a good fit. I really would like to have my team hired by October 1, so if your interested please reach out! or share this post PLEASE!!! If you think you may know someone.


Procedure: Cheek Augmentation with Juvederm Voluma Tell me what you see????? Can you tell the difference???? Discounts for your own Dermal filler or Botox treatments for all my peeps that Like … Comment… and Share!!!! I just have to have help to spread this magical treatment as far as i can reach!!!!!! We hate our laugh lines…. our deep wrinkles around our nose…. under eye bags…. Guys!!!! It starts with your cheeks!!!!!!! F*ckin Gravity. Trust me …. Look!!!!!!! Ok go! Like comment and Share and i’ll hook you up!!


🎉Big Announcement 📣 If you know me, you KNOW i’m obsessed with skincare…. Well, I’ve been working on this project for over a year and it’s finally here!!!!!!! Shelves are stocked with my own formulated Medical Grade Anti aging Skincare line!!!!! Stay tuned for features and info on all of its glory! 2 serums… one Am one Pm that literally reverses time! A cleanser that is luxe! A creamier moisturizer that can tackle our colorado dryness, 40 spf sunscreen and a youth boost potion that will blow you away! I’ll have packages out together for you to to take home and try!!!!


Hey ladies….. Did you know that if you are in having a service with us and want a little bit of my magic youth juice…. it’s only $10 per unit??? (Regularly $14) Any service with any of the ladies…. and Botox is yours for on $10! Let me know who’s in and we can pop open some bottles :)

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Botox Pre and post care instructions :)
Proper prep and post care are very important for you cosmetic injections. Please read these before scheduling your appointments. Thank you for always trusting us with your “pretty”. i’m grateful for each and every one of you for making my world spin around so beautifully!


Let’s be real, Jesus gave her some pretty fab lips…. But with a little help from modern medicine now she has the perfect pout!
Step 1: I lined and filled in her top lip with Juviderm Ultra in areas of less volume. Step 2 Bottom lip filled and outlined. Step 3: Filled in the edges of her mouth a bit to turn that frown upside down :)
Cost: $350.


Lip flips are all the rage! Just a few visits of botox perfectly placed just above the lip line and bam! lip tipped up just a smidge , mimicking the look of a bit of lip filler at a fraction of the cost. $120 if you mention .by.jayna andy her fab flip :). Botox takes time to depress the muscles (2 weeks) and generally lasts bout 4 months. procedure takes approximately 10 minutes to complete so you can just pop in on your lunch break.


Take it! Take all of it… Just leave me some for wine🍷


People be like… you spend so much money on skincare…..
It’s never enough! 🤷🏼‍♀️
👉 Check this out
As we age we lose volume in our cheek bones which makes everything else fall down too! Hello marionette lines… crows feet, jowls, laugh lines … you know, all the things we pick ourselves apart for every morning in the mirror.
Well ladies, let me introduce you to Voluma. Juvederm has made me a magic potion to rewind time on your face! Just look at this gem and how it INSTANTLY took years off of her entire face just by adding some volume to her cheek area! And get this….. it’s a 2 year filler! No joke guys …. 2 years! Also check out her brows and liner…. yep permanent makeup by yours truly :).

If your interested in playin with my magic
potions message me and let’s chat!


Are you a good fit for our team? If so drop me a message and let’s chat! Looking forward stylists and nail techs for our new location starting October 1, 2022

Photos from Serenity Springs Salon and Spa's post 08/10/2022

✨You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy new lips and that sorta the same thing……✨ This babe has always been self conscious about her tiny lips. When I told her that she would amazed at how natural and beautiful just a smidge of filler could be, she couldn’t wait for the pokes :)
20 minutes of numbing and then the journey began. Session one was scary for her since she didn’t know what to expect, with super thin skin and not a lot of room to “get in there” she got a bit swollen and a bit bruised…. But with the utmost confidence in yours truly…. she followed my after care rules and when i saw her 4 weeks later…. she was more confident than ever… but in typical girl fashion…. She wanted more!
So… another smidge of filler to plump a little more and here is our perfected pout! She couldn’t be happier! We also sprinkled a little botox in her “mean face” but that will have to wait for a couple weeks for pics as botox takes it’s sweet time to relax. Cost of this procedure:
Lip filler with Juviderm Ultra=$650
12 units of Botox in Glabella =$120 (when done with the purchase of filler)


I’ll never tell on you :)


Do you need help finding your perfect brow shape? 👉Come by the salon today between 3-5 and have a complimentary brow design by our amazing .ss She will share some tips and tricks that she uses to create your perfect brow!

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Come out to fab'rik from 5-7 and get Sparked!  A portion of the proceeds go to A Sisters Hope  breast cancer survivor fo...
Come Play with us on Friday October 7!@fabrikcoloradosprings #permanentjewelry #breastcancerawareness #coloradospringspo...
Ok… where my ladies at??????  I want someone in my chair asap that wants A: a whole lip makeover.  Filler and TattooB:  ...
That day when your Idols hold your hand and shows you her magical tattoo ways!   I did that this weekend!  Sorry about a...
People be like… you spend so much money on skincare…..It’s never enough! 🤷🏼‍♀️👉 Check this out As we age we lose volume ...
July Events  launching our new Injectables!Message me for details!!!!Launch party official is Sunday July 24 from 3-5!Bu...
Start 2 Finish Hair day!                                                                   ˢᵗᵉᵖ ᵒⁿᵉ: ᵁⁿⁱⁿˢᵗᵃˡˡ ʷᵉᶠᵗˢ ᵃⁿᵈ...
Do you know how to wear a pony with extensions? Watch a pro get it done.  #beautyhacks #beautyreel #p...
Dermaplaning is so fab!  If you haven’t tried it, Ask me how!!!    #reelsvideo #reels #reelsinstagram #dermaplane #derma...
We all know this is life sometimes… #salonlife #styliststruggles #bossbabes #busystylist #coloradospringssmallbusiness #...
Wanna see magic happen?  Permanent makeup in action
LED Terth whitening adventures




3277 West Carefree Circle
Colorado Springs, CO

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 6pm

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