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Hey guys would it be ok to Post My Wheelchair Fencing page to your site My Name is Jonathan Collins and i have Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and i am also a Wheelchair Fencer from the UK

My aim is to show what it is Like to be an athlete with Both Conditions Please can I share My Wheelchair Fencing Page on your page to help spread the message if its not ok you can remove the post Many thanks Jonathan Collins https://www.facebook.com/WheelchairFencerJonathanCollins

John Box the founder of Colours Wheelchair started U2Mobility! Great place to buy Wheelchairs, Scoo

Sales of mobility products, healthcare products and rehab products including wheelchairs, mobility scooters, canes, walkers, hospital beds, wheelchair cushions, wheelchair ramps and lift chairs. We also take pride in providing the newest and best products available for the disabled.


Lonnie smith - longtime U2 Mobility customer took his new power attachment to Skagway Alaska! Said it worked perfect and had everyone asking him about it! Well done and thank you Lonnie for the years of support! We are thankful for you!
Call us or message us for any questions on how you can get one! We are here to help! 1-951-898-0888 or www.U2mobility.com

HOME | Itemcoalition 08/17/2022

HOME | Itemcoalition

IMPORTANT regarding nneded public comments for Seat Elevation

U.S. Rehab
Please see the latest announcement from NCART about the opening of the comment period relating to the request for Medicare coverage of power seat elevation systems used with complex power wheelchairs and submit your comments today!

August 16, 2022

CRT Stakeholders and Friends,

Late yesterday, CMS announced the opening of a 30-day comment period relating to the request for Medicare coverage of power seat elevation systems used with complex power wheelchairs.

This is good news, and we have been anxiously awaiting this announcement. Now is the time for all CRT advocates to submit their comments supporting the request for coverage of power seat elevation systems during the public comment period which ends September 14. You can view the CMS announcement here.

Unfortunately, CMS also announced it is “delaying” a review of Medicare coverage for power standing systems to a later date. NCART is extremely disappointed with this decision since power standing systems were included as a connected benefit in the initial September 2020 request for coverage. We will be actively working with the ITEM Coalition and our Congressional supporters to push CMS to open the public comment period for this technology as soon as possible so that review can continue.

The ITEM Coalition has issued a press statement this afternoon that provides additional commentary and information on next steps, which can be read here.

The immediate need is to have CRT advocates submit public comments in support of Medicare coverage of power seat elevation systems by the September 14 deadline. To help with that we have two requests:

Develop and send your own comments to CMS - To assist with this, the ITEM Coalition has created a dedicated website at www.rise4access.org. The site provides access to educational information, suggested talking points, and the link to submit individual and organizational comments.
Share this update and request - Please share this information with other individuals and organizations, asking them to submit their comments too.
While this is progress, we have much more work ahead. Thanks for staying involved and helping to get others to submit supportive comments to CMS. We will be sharing future updates and please contact us with any questions.

Submit Comments
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HOME | Itemcoalition CMS has opened a 30-day comment period on Medicare coverage of power seat elevation systems in power wheelchairs. The ITEM Coalition strongly encourages all advocates and organizations to offer robust comments in support of coverage before Sept. 14, 2022. 


Summer calls for new toys! Meet our friend Valinda and her new companion plus. Valinda is ready to see the world with her new companion that will enable her to have much more independence in her day ti day life with its ease of attaching and detaching. Weighing all of 16 pounds this power attachment is in a class of its own. Easy to load into any car ti take with you. It’s a must have for any wheelchair user. U2 mobility is the place to find your companion. Call us today and find that Independence you have been looking for.
call us today! We service all 50 states! Call our professional team today at 1-951-898-0888 or check us out at www.U2mobility.com


It happened...

Modern day wheelchair paid for by Medicare.


U2Mobility, Inc.

Meet our friend Terry was just granted funds from for a new custom lightweight wheelchair. Terry chose a new Titanium grey AeroZ with adjustable tension backrest, titanium foot rest and a forward seat cushion. From the looks of it Terry loves her new wheelchair! Much lighter and much smaller than her original which will help Terry be more independent.
Need a new customer chair then look no further call our friendly educated staff today! 951-898-0888 and check out our website at www.u2mobility.com

U2Mobility, Inc. John Box the founder of Colours Wheelchair started U2Mobility! Great place to buy Wheelchairs, Scooters, Canes, Walkers, Cushions, Wheelchair Parts and Accessories. And where others stop we begin with service!

Photos from U2Mobility, Inc.'s post 05/20/2022

Jose showing of his new ride! Thanks to the wonderful people at the Jose doesn’t have to push as many miles each day so he can rest his shoulders. Jose is a guy on the move everyday. His new companion one is gonna change his life allowing him to get around the world with a lot less effort while creating a huge smile! Jose enjoy your new ride and thanks to the Be perfect foundation for what you do for so many!
If you or a friend are looking for a power add on! Look no further. Call our team of professionals today! We are users to! 951-898-0888 and check us out at www.U2mobility.com


Golden Buzzer: Wheelz’ Incredible Perseverance Makes The Judges Emotional | AGT: Extreme 2022

Total respect!!


Our buddy spotted at Disneyland putting his companion one to the test.

Call us today for more info on how to demo one or purchase your own! 1-951-898-0888 or check us out at www.U2mobility.com


Our customer/friend Linda Boutin out feeding the giraffes in her brand new A6 custom wheelchair. Linda cake to us your standard drive super heavy not practice hospital wheelchair and left in this custom wheelchair that she can propel on her own 🙌🏻 We love seeing what fun and exciting things a new custom wheelchair allows our customers to do 🙌🏻

Are you in need of a custom chair like Linda or an adaptive device then call us today! We service all 50 states!

We can be reached at 1-951-898-0888 or check us out at www.U2mobility.com


The brand new Companion Q power attachment for our quadriplegic friends getting put to the test in San Diego this past weekend by our friend
The freedom the new companion Q can give a quad is endless! Happy scooting Steve!
For more information on the new Companion Q or any of the Cheelcare products reach out to our team anytime! 951-898-0888


That smile says it all! Our friend and customer Jacklin Romine hit up last weeks 2022 festival. Festivals are usually all dirt and not friendly to a wheelchsir user. Jackie bring a quad was looking for a way to use her manual chair but be able to navigate the festival. She chose the brand new quad designed Companion Q. From the smile you can see her joy! She had a great time! And you can to! Call our team at U2 Mobility
today to purchase or arrange to demo a companion unit. 951-898-0888


Two for Tuesday- Another happy companion one customer. Meet and welcome him to the U2 Mobility family. The Cheelcare companion is a game changer in the words of our new friend. This adaptive power device is giving him freedoms he has never had in a wheelchair before! Arrange a demo for one today!

call our friendly team today! We service all 50 states!

We can be reached at 1-951-898-0888 or check us out at www.U2mobility.com


Happy Tuesday friends- showing off the guns on this Tuesday as well as his new companion one. Jason is all smiles now as he can rip around the town with his new power attachment that is nicely attached to his carbon fiber apex wheelchair. Enjoy the ride Jason!

Are you in need of a custom chair or an adaptive device like Jason well then call us today! We service all 50 states!

We can be reached at 1-951-898-0888 or check us out at www.U2mobility.com

Photos from U2Mobility, Inc.'s post 03/30/2022

Brian Moreau was chasing his supercross dreams when in 2020 he had a career ending injury leaving him with a spinal cord injury. The awesome folks at the Road 2 Recovery foundation jumped in and assisted Brian through the maze that we know as a spinal cord injury. It’s 2022 and Brian was in need of a new wheelchair. As Brian is becoming more independent he needs one light enough to load into the car by himself. Road 2 Recovery gave us the opportunity to be the vendor they chose to help build up his new motion composites Apex carbon fiber wheelchair. It’s here and it looks great! Weighing in with wheels at around 12 pounds we are sure Brian will easily be able to be more independent. This chair is off to its new owner in France shortly! Thank you Road 2 Recovery for trusting us to do the job and for all you do the the motocross and supercross communities. Brian enjoy your new whip.


Meet U2 Mobility Customer/Friend Alberto. Alberto is a student at Stanford university and needed some independence and help getting around. Alberto chose the new Companion Plus. The team at U2 mobility got him all set up and attached it to his brand new Apex aluminum custom wheelchair. Happy scootering to you Alberto!

Call us just as Alberto did we can help advise you to what might work best for you for all your mobility needs. Call us today at 951-898-0888 and speak with our friendly staff! Or check us out at www.U2mobility.com

Photos from U2Mobility, Inc.'s post 03/23/2022

The wheelchair world mounts today as we have lost a dear friend the world has lost an amazing friend, lover of Jesus but heaven gained an Angel. Please we ask for prayers for her family and friends today 🙏💔 she will be missed! you

Photos from U2Mobility, Inc.'s post 03/23/2022

Friend and customer Ivanna showing off her brand new Cheelcare companion plus to the world. Wishing her safe travels as she heads out of the country with her new companion and new wheelchair.
Call us today to arrange a Cheelcare companion demo. We have a full stock and shop nationwide. We will also install it free of charge for our California customers at our facility in Corona. Call and get yours and change your life today. This attachment as our customers tell us “is a game changer”

Call our friendly staff today at 1-951-898-0888

Or check us out at www.U2mobility.com

Photos from U2Mobility, Inc.'s post 03/23/2022

Our patient Frankie Cervantes starts his next step in his spinal cord journey today! I’m his new ti lite TRA wheelchair.Frankie is a patient at in Pomona. Frankie is a C6 quad abs refuses to let that confine him to a power chair. Today thanks to the wonderful people at Frankie’s dream has become a reality he now starts his next Journey pushing his new manual chair! Go Frankie! You God this!

In need of some seating advice or adaptive equipment or a custom fitted chair like Frankie please feel free to reach out to us today. Our team is ready and willing to help you navigate your needs. We service all 50 states! Call our professional team today at 1-951-898-0888 or check us out at www.U2mobility.com



Aaron Fotheringham

More respect, I remember when big marketing and leading companies wanted nothing to do with the disabled. Hats off to all of you!!


Motocross Star Bruce Cook Inspires the Judges with Vertical Backflip | AGT: Extreme 2022




We love helping our customer’s be more mobile and independent. Our friend Linda wants to get back on some mellow fire road type trails with her husband Steve. She chose the firefly to do the job.
Enjoy the ride Linda!

Photos from U2Mobility, Inc.'s post 03/16/2022

Meet Emma- our inspiration- Emma is a client at the perfect step in Pomona,Ca. This little bundle of smiles was having issues with her backrest on her chair. She lacked lower lumbar support so her spine was starting to curve outward. It was time to stop it. The team at U2 Mobility where called in. We removed her backrest and installed this 10 inch matrix back by motion concepts it did the trick. She now has full back support from top to bottom. Let’s see this back get back to straight!

In need of some seating advice or adaptive equipment please feel free to reach out to us today. Our team is ready and willing to help you navigate your needs. We service all 50 states! Call our professional team today at 1-951-898-0888 or check us out at www.U2mobility.com

Photos from U2Mobility, Inc.'s post 03/16/2022

It’s Wednesday let’s drive it in deep! U2 mobility friend/athlete driving his hand controlled go kart how he lives his life, on the edge of fun :) have a great hump day friends!


We love our customer testimonials. Here’s one from our friend Emily
So happy I finally got to easily go on snow/ice for the first time since my accident in over a decade. What’s one thing you need to do before you die? I even bombed a hill with little wheelchair skiis! Thank you for having me the other weekend couldn’t ask for a more incredible bff. Thank you for always including me. People could learn so much from you and your actions. So much love to everyone with us in big bear. Bucket list check ✅ When you’re in a pain flare it’s important to remember all of the things that make life really wonderful.

Mobility devices borrowed and bought from

Photo cred

Photos from U2Mobility, Inc.'s post 03/03/2022

We are happy to announce we have a new Smoov in stock to demo!

The SMOOV one is an innovative electric drive that you can easily dock on to and off your wheelchair whenever you need some extra power. This modern and sporty power unit significantly increases the driver’s mobility and range. 
Operating the SMOOV is easy thanks to an ergonomic control unit that mounts to just about anywhere on the chair.  The SMOOV one and the control unit can both be charged using the included magnetic charging cable.  Customize your driving experiences using the SMOOV one app. 
* Speed of up 6 mph (use icons for the website) – See Brochure
* Range up to 12 miles (use icons for the website) – See Brochure
* Slope of up to 16% (icon)
* Weighs only 16 lbs. (icon)
* Max user weight of 310 lbs.
* Aluminum locking claw helps the unit stay secure to the chair
* Rubber drive wheel works on all types of terrain and surfaces including gravel, wet roads or cobblestones
* 356 degree swiveling fork provides power with and into turns for enhanced performance
* Speed up, slow down and stop easily with the ergonomic control unit

If you’d like to set up a test drive with the new Smoov give us a ring. We can be reached at 1-951-898-0888 or check us out at www.U2mobility.com

Photos from U2Mobility, Inc.'s post 02/17/2022

Meet Marley Basurto our U2 Mobility new sci friend. During her time at therapy at in Pomona, California. The we where asked to fit her for a new wheelchair as the one received from insurance won’t allow her any independence as it’s way to big and bulky.
We went with an all black TiLite Apex with a Ride designs forward cushion for Marley.
She loves her new custom wheelchair. Marley loves her new wheelchair and so does mom as it’s much smaller and lighter to load in the car.

Are you in need of a custom chair like Marley or an adaptive device well then call our today! We service all 50 states!

We can be reached at 1-951-898-0888 or check us out at www.U2mobility.com


U2 Mobility friend and customer out at the River in Laughlin putting his new Scout wheelchair attachment to the test! Thanks for the support Armando! we love our customers!


U2 Mobility friend Jerry Russell out enjoying the view at todays Clash at The historic LA Coliseum. Hope everyone found something awesome to do this beautiful weekend.

Photos from U2Mobility, Inc.'s post 01/26/2022

PUSH LOX were designed to encompass all things…
… of importance to the user. Our locking mechanisms were developed utilizing cutting edge technology mixed with some good ole fashion creative engineering. The Designer, a user of a similar product for 10+ years, took all of his experiences into consideration. From there he developed a completely new design delivering a stronger product with greater flexibility. We, at PUSH LOX, are excited to introduce you to our USER DESIGNED wheel locks.
We are proud of
* Our aesthetically pleasing design
* A Product comprised of the best materials offered
* A light-weight system
* An independent cable system setup allowing instant cable repair. No more going without locks for days or even weeks.
* Our patented LEVER and HUB LOCK design

Motivated by our design; and, inspired by …
… our belief that exceptional performance starts with clear goals and a relentless need to deliver; we promise to always push the envelope with a fearless and forward-thinking approach to innovation while consistently focusing on our desire to ensure absolute satisfaction by developing a superior product with greater flexibility. When it comes to great performance it takes a combination of several things. Not only do we have full confidence in the performance of our product, its ease of use regardless of mobility; we also have a desire to provide exceptional service to our customers.
We truly love what we are doing and where we are headed; and, look forward to providing you the best end-user experience.

We are proud to be the west coast dealer and installer for the new Push Lox braking system. So if you are in need of a new braking set up Our team at U2 mobility is ready to help! Call us today for more info and pricing at 951-898-0888

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