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Spa Treatments For Younger-Looking Skin. Focus Body Spa A Medical and Skin Spa has been servicing the Riverside, Corona area for 11 years.

Focus Body Spa, A Medical and Skin Spa is a member of the International Medical Spa Association, is a comprehensive aesthetic medical and beautification center, designed to integrate sophisticated cosmetic medical and therapeutic procedures with both conventional and non-conventional spa treatments. Our staff has been carefully selected to include highly experienced California State board licensed


Back facials are great for those hard-to-reach places and use most of the same techniques as traditional facials like cleansing, extractions and purifying masks. Back facials are great for getting your body swimsuit-ready of for any even where you'll be showing more skin.


Combining massage with aromatherapy treatments can do wonders for your skin and your mind. Some of the most sought after aromatherapy massage treatments include massages with soothing rose oil and revitalizing orange oil.


Did you know that facial exercises can help to release accumulated tension in the hundreds of muscles in your face? At least a few times a day, stretch your mouth wide open and move your lips out and away from your teeth.


Massages are great for tension or muscle pain. When you go for a massage, your massage therapist will go through a checklist for you that will include questions about any injuries you might have that could be made worse by a massage.


Did you know that steam therapy can actually help you burn calories and lose water weight? This is because steam causes you to sweat, which can increase your metabolic rate.


A treatment with natural exfoliates can provide your skin with a healthy glow and moisturizing boost. Some of the best natural skin exfoliates include salt, coffee, sugar or crushed walnut shells combined with honey or olive oil.


The best temperature of water to use when cleansing the facial area is lukewarm. Water that is too hot can increase sensitivities and irritation plus leave skin dry and depleted from natural moisturizers. Finish off with cold water to close clean pores.


One of the most common services you can receive when you visit our spa is an exfoliating treatment, which gets rid of dead skin, stimulates circulation, and makes it easier for your body to absorb other treatment products.


One type of massage is Shiatsu (also referred to as acupressure), an ancient form of massage that emphasizes the application of pressure on certain points of your body.


If you prefer firm pressure when you receive a massage, you may want to consider a deep-tissue massage, which is perfect if you suffer from severe muscle stiffness and pain.


Deep tissue massage relieves severe tension in muscles and tissue. It focuses on the muscles beneath the top muscle is used to relieve pain in persons who have consistent pain, like athletes.


Facials begin with the cleansing of the face with sponges or cotton pads and a product chosen depending on your skin type. For example, moisturized wouldn't be used on someone with oily skin.


Traditionally, Europeans have viewed spas as a place to treat current illnesses and prevent future ailments. They have also emphasized the importance of spas in relaxing and combating everyday stress.


Many employers find their employees not only take fewer sick days but also feel more energized and motivated at work with less stress and tension if they are offered even just a short massage session during the work day.


Spa gift certificates make a great gift for all the women in your life, and even for men. With the wide array of products they offer, almost everyone can find something he or she will enjoy.


Anti-aging facials employ products and techniques designed to slow down the aging process. There are various rejuvenating techniques to choose from as well as a variety of serums and collagen creams - all are designed to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Facials aren't just for women anymore. Men's facials are designed to remedy the most common skin problems for men like razor burn and dry skin. There are also treatments that target acne-prone or sun exposed skin.


Aromatherapy is a type of massage where natural oils are used to lubricate the muscles and joints. The oils are extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves and other parts of a plant. Inhaling the oils is thought to improve brain function and enliven the senses.


Sensitive skin facials use hypo-allergenic products and a gentler, lighter touch. Benefits of this type of facial are improvement in complexion and reduction in inflammation.


Skin analysis is a crucial part of a facial, in with the esthetician covers your eyes and analyzes your skin with a bright magnifying lamp. This process allows our professionals to detect any possible skin conditions.


Did you know that an exfoliating facial can help to unclog pores and remove accumulated blackheads? The soft scrubbing action of gentle and natural exfoliates removes dirt, oils and dead skin to reveal a new layer of skin which can be completely cleansed.


If you suffer from stress headaches, a facial massage can help to relieve accumulated tension that could be contributing to your stress. If you need an extra relaxing treatment, try combining a full body massage with a facial massage.


To protect new soft layers of skin which have been revealed from body and facial scrubs, apply a sunscreen any time your skin will be exposed to the sun. Use at least an SPF 15 sunscreen, and re-apply as recommended.


Did you know that modern spas date back to ancient towns that were famous for their mineral waters and hot springs, which were thought to possess healing powers?


Coffee body scrubs are especially good on areas that are more prone to cellulite. That is because coffee is a natural stimulant that helps redistribute fat cells. The caffeine can also help shrink blood vessels which can alleviate the pain and bulging of varicose veins.


A sports massage is performed much like a Swedish massage but is performed mostly when people are attempting to use massage to help heal their sports injuries.


In a couples massage, two people are massaged in the same room with two different therapists. It is very popular for husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends or even mothers and daughters. It is a great introduction to massage for those that may be apprehensive.


If you suffer from super dry skin, a body wrap will ensure that rich moisturizers are completely absorbed into your skin. Exfoliating the skin before the treatment will also increase the moisturizing properties of the wrap.


Did you know that the origin of the word "spa" comes from the Belgian town of Spa, which was known in ancient times for its spring-water baths?


Herbal body scrubs are made from a mixture of oils and various herbs - orange peel and lavender are favorites.


A deep tissue massage is used most frequently when people have bad muscle tension or athletic injuries. The massage therapist uses deep, kneading movements in the affected area to release tension and relieve pain.


Did you know that medical experts state that stress is the main factor that contributes to illnesses? That is why stress relief is the main priority of most people who visit spas.


Having a foot massage is a great way to soothe aching and tired feet. Like hand massage, most manicurist offer this service while performing a pedicure. The massage usually begins with relaxing foot soak in warm water and peppermint or other soothing oil.


A prenatal massage is the perfect solution to relieve many of the discomforts of pregnancy such as leg swelling, back pain, stiff neck and headaches. The therapist uses side-lying positions, extra gentle care and comfortable pillows to ensure the client is comfortable.


Sugar body scrubs are perfect for those who want a gentler, less abrasive body scrub. They are usually made with granulated or brown sugar mixed with a glycerin or oil.



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