Styled By Nichole

Styled By Nichole


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I'm Nichole and as a healthy hair enthusiast my top priority is to give you the luxurious hair of your dreams. Creating sun kissed blondes and dimensional brunettes are my signature services.

Let's coordinate calendars to create your ultimate dream hair.

Operating as usual

Have you been dying to to brighten up, or change your style in 2021?

Raise your hand if you've been thinking about trying something new with your hair in 2021.

Even if it's just a small change, I'd love to make your hair goals happen! Click the BOOK button in my bio to schedule your next appointment for some good change in your life.

I hope you are ready to relax this weekend, your plans are happy and life is treating you well.
I’ll just be over here dreaming up some new goals for 2021.

I feel like this photo was taken about 10 years ago even though it was only last month!

Time feels like it’s stuck on a repeat.

But I still love looking back at these photos. With all that extra dimension from the the blonde and that bit of texture that occurs when a clients hair is lightened gives way to curls that last longer and make that mask look sexier.

Does time feel like it’s been stuck on repeat for you too?

I love a good before and after!
Caramel highlights framed around her face and balayaged throughout her strands gives this beauty the perfect amount of dimension to enhance her natural rich brunette color while creating movement throughout her hair.

Who else has put their Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving? We’re getting festive over here @theprincetonco!

I’m honestly really excited this season because it means all of the holidays and family traditions happen around us!

Also, if you don’t already have an appointment on my schedule, make sure to click the BOOK button in my bio to schedule your appointments online!
This is a busy time of year and I want to make sure you don’t miss out on getting your hair done!

Even though I can’t see your smiles under those masks I can still see it in your eyes.

When is the last time you opted to get a deep conditioning treatment in the salon?
Yes, deep conditioning treatments REALLY do make a difference!
Conditioning treatments are ideal for after a blonding or color service because not only are you going to be walking out of the salon with softer and shinier hair but it actually reinforces the internal fiber to help strengthen and rebuild while sealing your cuticle down to lock in moisture and rebalancing your hair’s pH level.

I’d love to take a few extra moments with you during your appointment to thank you for all of your support during this crazy year by offering you $10 off any deep conditioning treatment for the rest of November.

So let me know at your next appointment and we can add on a deep-conditioning treatment for you so you can experience it for yourself.

This client was feeling ready for a change this season so we added in some hints of copper over her existing balayage to spice up her natural brunette hair. By adding in a touch of red it really makes her gorgeous eyes just pop. We kept the color close to her base color so that her grow out is a breeze and she can choose to either touch it up or let it grow out perfectly.
If you’re ready to add a little spice with your color let’s give Bronde Blends a try.

As a busy working mama this client is loving how this dimensional color is looking on trend and stays low maintenance with a seamless grow out. Transitioning from her summer blonde we opted for a face framing highlights and darker chestnut glaze this time which made her color richer overall and tones that make her feel in season. The best part for her was that we were able to preserve some of her blonde so she’s maintained tons of dimension while giving her hair a break from the lightning.

Revive your color with The Triple Threat

Tone, Treat & Trim

•Toner to demenish the brass

•Deep conditioning treatment to replenish lost moisture and nutrients to strengthen your strands and give you softer more manageable hair.

•Trimming just the tips of your hair removes any split or dry ends before they can get worse.

This service is especially great for the low maintenance babes that love to stretch out their blonding sessions but still need to keep that color looking bright, shiny and above all things healthy!

Do you like to change your haircolor seasonally, like going darker in the fall/winter? To keep my clients feeing fresh and updated I love to create rich warm tones for my brunettes or ultra cool lowlight for my blondes in the winter because trends change with hair color every season as well! Right now I’m loving honey balayages! What colors are you loving right now?

Between working, homeschooling the kids, pick ups & drop offs, and just trying to live a “normal” life sometimes just getting to the salon for a refresh on your color can be the biggest challenge.

That’s why rooty blondes are your new BFF. This keeps color affordable and your hair healthy while keeping your color looking on trend, playful and fun.

If you’re ready for a more modern blonde that is effortless, natural and low maintenance consider making your next visit with me for babylights or a balayage.

A prefect transition into autumn shades without having to commit to the dark side.

When scrolling through your feed what makes you stop and look at a photo? What is the first thing you notice?
✨The hair?
✨The background?
✨The face or the mask?
✨Are photos with clients wearing their mask distracting or is it just a new accessory now?

It had been 6 months since I had done this beauty’s hair and because of the foil pattern + technique I used she was able to go longer between salon visits and her 6 months worth of roots looked intentional.
Natural, easy and effortless blondes will always be my favorite color to do. If you’re ready for a more modern blonde consider seeing me for a partial highlight just three times a year with mini highlight sessions in between. This keeps color affordable, hair healthy and keep your color looking on trend, playful and fun. Natural looking low maintenance blondes are in, hours in the salon every two months are so out. Click the link in my bio to book your low maintenance blonde today.

It’s finally Fall!
Get those fall color hair inspiration pictures ready for me because I’m excited to create some rich brunettes, auburn reds and add depth and tone to that blonde.
Do you need to schedule an appointment or pre-book your next one? Click the BOOK button in my bio to conveniently schedule online.

Last day of summer vibes ✨

Most of us don’t like our natural color. Some feel like they were born with the wrong color all together... like the natural brunette that feels like she should be a blonde. And for those that feel like highlights just aren’t enough I will do a base bump to create that overall blonde while still keeping dimension throughout.

Have you ever dabbled with a little DIY highlighting and didn’t get the end result you envisioned? At-home hair color projects rarely turn out good and in the end could be more damaging on your hair (and more costly for a correction).
This beauty came in with a brassy diy ombré that needed some fixing. Giving her caramel highlights that frame around her face and balayaged throughout her strands adds dimension that enhances her rich brunette color while creating movement to her curls.

Day one back in the salon and it felt so damn good!!
It’s crazy to think that salons in California have been shut down the majority of the year so far and now I have to start reminding clients to schedule those holiday appointments before it’s too late. Can we all agree that 2020 has been a trip?

Beyond happy to announce that I will be open for appointments at The Princeton Co. on Tuesday, September 1st.!!!! With the same safety and sanitation procedures in place as before. Scheduling your next hair appointment by clicking the ‘BOOK’ button in my bio is available 24/7 for your convenience. Get all those fall inspo pics ready because you know I am!

Did you know, how you take care of your hair at home is actually more important than the hair service you get?
I can spend hours on your hair making it look amazing, but I’m only with you for a few hours every 8 weeks or so.
How your hair looks day to day during those weeks/months between salon visits is totally dependent on what products you are using when you are at home.
If you’re not using a shampoo, conditioner and styling products made with quality ingredients that help to protect and replenish nutrients then it’s definitely time to invest in some, especially during these summer months. If you need a recommendation, let me know. I have a long list of favorites!

This may just look like a picture of pretty highlights and a great blow out, but getting your hair done is more than just a beautiful color and a good cut. It’s a feeling.

Behind every single highlight formula, toner, foil placement, cut, etc. is a calculated process to create a look that brings out all the feels; renewed, elated, younger, sexier whatever it may be for you.

Being able to bring out the best in you is one of the best parts of being in this industry for me. Connecting with my clients has always been important to me and I hope you feel that too every time you are in my chair.

What is your favorite hair accessory:
•Scrunchy all the way!
•Butterfly clips (the 90’s are back baby!)
•A classy minimal beret
•Floppy hat
•Or other?
I’m pretty excited the scrunchy made it’s comeback because I’m obsessed.

I want your hair to look it’s best even between visits with me. That’s why establishing a foiling pattern and creating a customized glossing formulation is key. Color isn’t a one size fits all, like this all over babylights + toner refresh + fresh haircut. The best part is that this color will grow out flawlessly and this beauty won’t have to lighten her ends for 9 to 12 months if she likes the more rooted look. Looking for a low maintenance blonde? I’ve got you covered.

Do you have any plans to hang by the pool or go to the beach, river, lake, or most likely all of the above, this summer?
If so, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have your triple threat hair care on hand to keep your blonde bright/browns rich and protect the ends from splitting while you’re in hanging in the sun!
1. Shampoo+conditioner:
I’ve been using @RandCO Atlantis Moisturizing B5 and here’s why I’m loving it: this super-hydrating duo brings dry and sad hair back to life while countering the effects of sun, coloring, and blow-drying. Highly recommend this set for those with dry, lifeless hair needing to restore moisture and shine.
2. Moisture mask:
Sun, salty air and sweat are rough on your hair. Replenish lost nutrients with Moroccanoil Restorative Mask once a week.
3. Sun protection:
@RandCO Sun Catcher is still a favorite for me. A leave-in conditioner rich in antioxidants to help protect hair from environmental aggressors + UV damage. Helps to soften, seal, detangle and fight frizz. *Can be used on damp or dry hair!

Bronde: A look so versatile, it’s a look that’s flattering on just about everyone. So when you can’t decide if you want to be a blonde or brunette... just be both, be a bronde.

Looking back at old hair photos in a time when doing hair INSIDE the hair salon was SAFE + SANITARY.... oh wait....
Providing a safe and clean environment for my clients is literally what I was taught in school for 1600 hours then had to take a written and practical exam with the state of California to be licensed.
Being told we can do hair services OUTSIDE in a PARKING LOT is joke.

It’s okay to be a little obsessed with your hair.
Have you ever had a moment after your hair appointment where you couldn’t stop staring at your hair in the mirror?
You know that feeling when you can’t wait to take a selfie and can’t stop touching your hair?
My goal is for my clients to have that feeling every. single. appointment.

Have you been thinking about making a big change? Message me to schedule a consultation and let’s chat! I’d love to make a customized plan for you and your hair!

How is it already July?! Does anyone else feel like it should still only be spring?
I mean, I guess we were all stuck on a loop the past couple months and kind of skipped over that part of the year!
Anyways, I know I’ve said it about a hundred times already but I’m gonna say it again, I am just so THANKFUL to be back working in the salon! I’ve really missed hearing about all of my client’s life events the past couple months.
If you haven’t been back to the salon since our re-open then I can’t wait to connect again with you and find out all that you’ve been up to while we were all stuck at home.

Craving a change but don’t want to commit? Girl, I’ve got you covered. This beauty has gorgeous natural brunette hair, but was ready to play with something new. I gave her my brightening service which just adds fun foilyage highlights throughout for some low maintenance lightness. If you’re ready to try something different, I can’t wait to have a little fun and get your hair summer ready!

I love using balayage on my brunettes to add in sun kissed dimension that stays low maintenance and grows out seamlessly. As a busy working mama this client is loving how this dimensional color will stay looking chic even for those second day blowouts or cute ponytail days.

Embrace the hair journey because the destination is so worth it. Going from brunette to blonde is a process and each session produces a different, yet beautiful color on the way to your ultimate dream hair. Multiple blonding sessions help to maintain the integrity and health of your hair and is my number one priority because healthy hair is the prettiest hair.

What kind of products are in your shower and sitting on your bathroom counter? Taking care of your hair at home is just as important as coming in on a regular basis to the salon.

My go to products in the salon and also in my own bathroom are the @Moroccanoil Moisture Shampoo and conditioner to strengthen and revive the hair after a chemical process.
For a deep conditioning mask I grab @R+CO Palm Springs Pre-shampoo Treatment for hair that is worn out from all the heat styling and needs a little extra TLC + shine. This one is a mousse-like feel, not wet and goopy like traditional masks, so I like to apply it to my hair before a workout then wash my hair after. Major time saver!
My heat protectant spray is the @Moroccanoil Perfect Defense, this argan oil and vitamin-fueled formula re-hydrates the hair while protecting against the damaging effects of heat styling up to 450⁰F. And perfect for those second day touch ups.

What product do you need to add to your at home hair care routine?

Brighter (hair) days ahead
Dropping in low lights against a few highlights gives the hair more depth and the blonde appear brighter.

Our Story

Dedicated to the craft of hair since 2008 I continue to challenge myself with progressive education to grow into a skilled hair stylist. As a certified colorist I especially enjoy creating sun kissed blondes and hand painted balayage blends that are unique to each client. I also carry certifications for hair extensions in the tape-in and hand tied weft methods to give clients the hair they’ve always dreamed of.

I am honored to have been featured in The Inland Empire Magazine for Best Hairstylist in the Inland Empire for 2017-2019, as well as to have my work published in Exquisite Wedding Magazine 2016. I recognize the importance of building a relationship with each client to achieve a look that lets their individuality shine through, to give my guests a truly unique experience. Please feel free to contact me with any inquires you may have or to schedule an appointment.

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