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Can you believe this is her hair completely NATURAL?! When this babe told me back in the fall that she'd never colored her hair I couldn't believe it! I totally thought it was color but this is just the way her hair lightens in the summer time. ▪︎
However, she decided it was time for a change and wanted a blonde balayage and I'm so glad because I absolutely love this girl! She's fun, spunky and a little sassy! 😆
Tell me what ya think! 💋

Hey babes!! We are officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS again!!! Message me for your appointment!!

Did you know that my hair has been lightened all over about 15+ times in the past year?
How about that probably 10 of those times were in 2 months???
▪︎ ^^ True story! I wanted my hair to be icy white, so I just kept lightening it with Brazilian Bond Builder (B3) until I was happy and decided my hair had had enough. I also use my earthly botanicals oil "rehab" like nobody's business!

Unfortunately though.... I am often protein deficient due to weightloss surgery, and after a few months my hair started breaking. Not necessarily because of the lightener, since my hair is natural underneath and constantly breaks as well...... but because that's what my hair does now. So when I decided it was time to cut it off, it was also time to figure out how to rock my short hair when it's curled!

I hope this tutorial helps anyone needing a little extra assistance with curling their hair!

Drop me a comment and let me know what you think and whether or not this was helpful!

Xox 💋

What I would give for a great wash in the salon!

I was checking in with a client the other day and updating her on everything going on in our salon and she was telling me she's been DREAMING of getting her hair shampoo'd by me.

This totally made me stop and think.... DAMN I want a good shampoo too! I'm looking forward to getting back into our badass salon and can't WAIT to be servicing you to the best of my ability!

☆ Are you excited for when things re-open? Drop and comment about what you're looking forward to the most!

The love my girl has for our dog is amazing! The love she has for even having her hair brushed.... not so much! 😆
Anyone else forgoing brushing their hair during this time? No judgment 🙂

What would you guys like to see more of? Hair style tutorials, makeup tutorials, color transformations, hair product knowledge? Give me some ideas loves! Comment below 👇💋

This has been a big part of our sanity during quarantine, along with riding bikes! What have you all been upto during this time?

Important Covid-19 info
Sadly this is my formal announcement that my salon Brookelyn & Company will be closed until May 1, 2020.

Unfortunately as a non-essential business we cannot re-open our salon by order of our President and Governor. This is hard. But we will get through this!
To my wonderful clients, if you need any hair product during this time or even some cute hair accessories, please reach out to me and we will schedule a pick-up date and time!
I will be messaging those of you with April appointments shortly with a plan to get your hair back on track, Working more, or longer days to accomodate everyone once we re-open. For now, stay away from the box color! If you can't handle your regrowth I have other healthier options for you.
I love you all so much, and if I haven't met you yet, I hope to meet you soon because all I want to do is get back to working on hair and making women feel beautiful inside and out!

When you're stuck at home on quarantine so you add more blonde....... anyone else feelin my level of going crazy at home yet??? And it's only been a week! 😂

Transformation from balayage to full highlights!

☆ I think a good portion of us are pretty worried right now about the Covid-19 Virus. Whether we're worried for our health/the health of our loved one's, our bill's being paid or whether or not you'll have a job when this all blows over.
-- My thoughts and feelings have been all over the place.... definitely all the feels and in these uncertain time's it can be hard to keep those thoughts positive. So instead, I'm trying to take this time to be thankful and cautious. Thankful for a career that I love, a family that mean's everything to me and an amazing support system.

•• So, in this time I am working on the business side of my business and project's around home that I never have or make the time for along with spending quality time with my baby girl.

What I'd like to know is...... What are you doing with all of this craziness going on??

[03/20/20]   I have some openings tomorrow if anyone would like in to get their hair done!!

Good morning!!! I'm Here a little early for my first client of the day so I thought I'd hop on and let you all know that I have a couple of openings left for tomorrow!! Message me if yous like to come in for a hair appointment! 🥰💇‍♀️💇‍♂️

I just love my chosen career! There's nothing I love more than making all of my ladies look and feel their best when they leave my chair! I also love that I can work with amazing photographers like my friend @crystalklearphotography whom took this great working photo of me!!
Side note: please be ready to take pics at the end of your appointment!

I don't know about you.... but I basically live on coffee! I especially need anither cup when I'm cleaning!! How do you drink your coffee or tea??

Check out this before and after!! This is a beautiful new client who hasn't had her hair done in about 6 months! She wanted to keep her length damaged free, so I did a partial highlight in fine sections, took off a couple of inches and framed the front of her hair.

** Side note: I'm super jealous of women (especially older women) who have such nice, thick hair! Lol.


I have only 2 openings left om my schedule this week if you want your hair done!

Tuesday - 3:30/ haircut
Saturday - 4/ color, highlights or balayage.

** I am also extending my.balayage promotion to Saturday instead of Friday ❤

Omggggg this cutie petutie decided she needed a whole new look! She has SO much hair too!! Shaved the side of her head giving her an over directed side part, cut it to her shoulders with LOTS of texture and movement and thinned it out quite a bit!

Would you have the guts to ever do this look???

What are your favorite things to do?

So this is a little embarrassing..... I've been asked so many times what I like to do for fun and I can never come up with anything! It's like somewhere along the way I forgot who I am! So lately I've been really working on figuring out what I like to do for fun and what I like to do to de-stress.

A couple of things I love to do are:
1. Boating at the lake (not river)- even if I haven't gone in a while
2. I LOVE roller coasters. So naturally, Magic Mountain and Knott's Berry Farm are my favorite theme parks.

My favorite things to de-stress are:
1. I like to go out drinking. Not to get drunk, but to socialize and let it go with a couple of drinks and friends
2. I love to read. I can easily get lost in a good book to help calm my mind.

Drop a comment and let me know what your past times are!

Winter is such a beautiful season!
What's not to love? The cool air, the new beginnings of life, the snow..... but WOW how about the dryness from the cold and wind??? It's also the time that running your hands through your hair can result in little white flakes on your shirt...ESPECIALLY from your bang area.

Here's a couple of ways to help stop that.
1. Clarify your hair. Sometimes when we get flakey we add more products to our hair and only make it worse
2. Leave conditioner on your hair longer. This will help your hair be less tangly and feel less dry which means you won't use as many products. 3. Use coconut oil ON YOUR SCALP. Most people use head & shoulders which actually dries you out even more and makes the dandruff worse. When the air is dry, you need to moisturize.

Do you have questions about your hair? I'd love to answer any for you!

Picture by: Crystal Klear Photography

Anyone else trying to figure out what's happening with this weather?!
Makes me stay inside and practice different techniques!

What do you do when the weather is funky???

Gaaaahhhhh!!! How beautiful is this blend!! Helps that the model is so pretty as well!!

What do you think??

KS Hair Design

Those who have known me for years can tell you... my hair in its natural form is NOT easy to deal with! It's not the curliest, but it's curly and wavy. It used to be much thicker, but it's HORRIBLY frizzy!

These 2 products became my best friends for a long time! While my hair haa calmed down due to a lot of styling and Brazilian Blowouts every few months... I still use "rehab" E.V.E.R.Y D.A.Y! -- Let me tell you about these.... 》" Rehab" is an animal cruelty free, vegan wet/dry oil that protects, moisturizes, repairs, strengthens and adds shine to your hair and it is AMAZING! You can also use it on your skin amd unlike other oils that leave your hands feeling greasy, it just leaves then feeling soft and silky. 》 "Duality" is and animal cruelty free, vegan cream product that protects, nourishes and adds shine to your hair. It can be used to tame your natural curls/frizz without feeling weighed down to allow you to go all natural. - The name duality comes from the fact that you can also use this product to tame your curls and frizz to give you a better and easier blow out experience! Just add it to your hair while wet and see how much easier it is to blow dry dry your hair and straighten or curl it!

What do you think of these, just reading about them? Interested in trying them out? Drop a comment below, I'd love to know if you think these sound fantastic!

Woooooo guys! I got my first tinted moisturizer and a pro- line concealer..... aaaaand I'm a believer!!!!

Before and after! On the left is the first time I lightened this natural beauty with a foilyage/teasylight technique for her first time color service. This time she waned to go for the full balayage for a dramatic difference!

Makeup fun!
So, I got these today and am already loving them!!! Anyone want to see the difference between a normal moisturizer vs tinted moisturizer and covergirl concealer vs tarte concealer?? Let me know in the comments!

Hello to this cutie petutie who wanted some foilyage highlights!!

Just gonna drop the best wet/dry oil here...>> seriously... do you know my hair had been bleached over more than 10 times in a span of 3 months?? This oil SAVES your hair from dryness and the elements!

Who loves a great RED!?

I know this Bold Babe is making me miss my red hair!


What are your resolutions this year??

Came up to Big Bear today for some snow fun and see my friend Jessica's NEW SALON! I'm so happy for her and can't wait for Juniper Hair Lounge to be approved by the City of Big Bear and be open for business!

I absolutely loved doing this color yesterday! Helen started using Artic Fox purple on her hair a few months ago because.... life happens and she couldn't come in to keep up her blonde highlights. Yesterday i pulled the purple out to get back to her blonde, then we did a black to red balayage and made sure to create plenty of depth!

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