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I got an ethereal goddess treatment from her and it was the best experience of my life! So amazing!!

Prairie Smoke Wellness & Spa is owned by a Massage Therapist who is passionate about bringing wellne Click link to view and book services. You can also message me via Facebook Messenger or by phone!

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With soothing aromatherapy + and healing sound waves, you’re sure to leave feeling rejuvenated every time.✨

Enjoy 10% off all services AND retail through 10/7/22! Use code AUTUMN10 in booking notes or while checking out after appointment. I will also be open for the next two weekends (1-9 pm.)

Wishing everyone a cozy + fulfilling week!



Enjoy 15% off all 30 or 60 minute services


20% off all 80 or 120 minute services.

Use code FACEBOOK15 to activate after appointment. Valid through 8/26. Book via link below or call/text 218-208-0082. Includes Soothing Hair & Scalp Treatment & Revitalizing Foot Treatment.


Wishing everyone a peaceful Monday,
remember to take care of yourself today. 🧘🏻‍♀️✨


Prairie Smoke (Geum triflorum). Looks like cotton candy!


It’s not too late for Mother’s Day gift cards! Purchase E-gift cards on our website or message to purchase in-person!


Wishing you all a happy, healthy Tuesday! 🌿🌞

Appointments | Prairie Smoke Apothecary & S 04/21/2022

Appointments | Prairie Smoke Apothecary & S

Last minute appointments available today! (4/21)

Appointments | Prairie Smoke Apothecary & S A massage therapy based spa located in Crookston, MN. Swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy + much more. Retail coming soon.

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I am extremely excited to announce that Prairie Smoke has added 4 new soaps from the all-natural soap line that my clients know and love!

Sea Salt & Kelp Salt Water Spa Soap is currently my favorite, this soap makes you feel like you’re at the spa! Traditionally called a soleseife or brine bar, these bars are made by adding sea salt to the water & lye mixture, resulting in a creamy, lotion-like lather. These are hard, dense bars that get smooth with use, but they are not scratchy. They almost feel like lathering up with a smooth river rock!

SCENT: Peppermint + Lavender essential oils make this blend invigorating yet relaxing.

Wildflower Honey is made with raw Colorado honey and colored with madder root powder! Madder root powder has traditionally been used to naturally dye clothing and makes the most gorgeous shade of pink/red/purple. In soap, it has a slight exfoliating effect.

SCENT: A blend of Sweet Orange, Clary Sage + Ylang Ylang. The Ylang Ylang is dominant on the shelf, but the essential oils blend beautifully in the shower.

Coconut & Rose is a very hard bar of soap, made primarily with Coconut oil and Coconut Milk. This soap is different than some of the other bars due to the high coconut oil content. In order to ensure the bar isn’t drying, they add a very high super-fat.

SCENT: Scented with a blend of Bergamot + Geranium essential oils (it does not smell like coconut.) The geranium gives it the Rose scent and the Bergamot brightens it up with a bit of a citrus twist.

Goat milk & Oatmeal Soap is an unscented soap made with goats milk and soothing colloidal oatmeal. (No fragrance or essential oils.) Great for sensitive skin. This soap contains a large amount of Shea and cocoa butter, making for a wonderful, creamy lather in this gentle bar.

Natural, palm-free, and vegan.

1 for $8.50
2 for $15.00
3 for $20.50


Studies show massage therapy not only lowers stress hormones but also increases dopamine and endorphin levels, improving people’s mood and relieving pain. The relaxing environment of a massage therapy studio as well as the aromatherapy used during the massage also help to decrease stress and encourage relaxation through most of your senses.

Perfect relief for people suffering with
-chronic pain
-mood swings
-sore muscles
And many more!

Book an appointment today! ⬇️


Enjoy 15% off any service this week with code “SPRING15”


(Offer not valid after 3/25/22)


Our collection of all-natural soaps. 🧼🌿

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The most amazing and uplifting scents for when you need that blissful touch of something relaxing & sweet.

Mystic Yoga Incense provides an invigorating flowery aroma that will help you feel vibrant, fresh, and invigorated. Ideal for Yoga and Meditation practice.

Positive Vibes Incense provides a mildly sweet floral aroma that will help you feel uplifted, creative and optimistic.

Lavender Incense provides a calm nurturing aroma that will help you feel comfortable, grounded and relaxed.

All incense $2.49

Appointments | Prairie Smoke Apothecary & S 01/03/2022

Appointments | Prairie Smoke Apothecary & S

Ringing in the new year with a new treatment! 🎉

A 30 Minute Swedish Massage treatment is available now!

To book:

Appointments | Prairie Smoke Apothecary & S A massage therapy based spa located in Crookston, MN. Swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy + much more. Retail coming soon.

Designing Your Personal Meditation Station 12/28/2021

Designing Your Personal Meditation Station

Practicing wellness all of 2022. ✨

Designing Your Personal Meditation Station Follow this guide to create a relaxing meditation space at home.


Wishing you a relaxing Sunday.


And the winner of the giveaway is….

Rachel Parkin! 🎉✨

As A thank you to everyone else who participated, enjoy 15% any service. Expires 12/31/21


It’s easy to let ourselves get caught up in the winter blues, especially up here in Minnesota! ❄️

Winter is a sacred time of rest. We tend to see it through a negative lends, but if we flip it around, we may see some positive things. Take this time to slow things down, get some rest & nurture your body, mind & soul.

🌲☕️ Relaxing Winter tea recipe ☕️🌲

Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea

•2 cups water
•1 Celestial Seasonings Honey Chamomile Tea
Bag (caffeine free)
•2 tbsp. Almond or Dairy Milk
•Sweetener of choice
•Dash of Cinnamon

Directions: Boil Water on stovetop, place tea bag in a large mug & pour boiling water over it. Let it steep alone for 5 minutes and then add your sweetener, milk and Cinnamon.

Happy Winter Everyone!


Recipe Inspired by:



What’s included:
-1 FREE 60 minute Swedish Massage
-1 FREE Enhancement of your choice
(Gua Sha Lymph Drainage, Herbal Weighted Eye Pillow, or CBD infused oil)

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That it, Good Luck! 🙏🏼

**Contest ends midnight 12/12/21. Certificate does not expire. Located in Crookston, MN. Must be 16 or older to enter. Under 18 requires parents signature at time of appointment. You can add more time + add ons at time of booking.


I have short notice- open availability this week!

Booking link below⬇️


✨The Mind ✨

Part 1/2 of Prairie Smoke Healing Tea Collection

All blends are $10.49/oz bag. Each comes with a reusable cotton tea bag.

🌿The Calm-
If you are finding yourself full of stress, anxiety, and racing thoughts that feel heavy and overwhelming, Calm is the blend you need.

✨Flavor Profile: Deep, Floral, Slightly bitter, Strong

🌿The Brain-
On days you just can’t seem to focus or feel like your memory isn’t as sharp as it could be, Brain may be the blend that you need.

✨Flavor Profile: Earthy, Light, Savory, Smooth

🌿The Creative-
Spark your nervous system physically and mentally with this tea, sure to have your creative juices flowing.

✨Flavor profile: Well balanced light flavor with sweet notes that bring your mind to a radiating field of wildflowers.

🌿The Happy-
There are plenty of reasons to be happy, why not try it from a cup? Our Happy blend contains herbs that are known to have sedative healing effects that promote anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties in the body.

✨Flavor Profile: Deep, Floral, Slightly bitter, Strong

🌿The Dream-
Traditionally, cultures around the world have valued dreaming as a means to commune with the spirit world, recognize crucial symbols in their lives, and offer a source of vision and perspective into future events. Our Dream Herbal tea incorporates the following herbs that offer the power of invoking dreams:

✨Flavor Profile: Earthy, Slightly bitter, Soothing, Warm

**TO PURCHASE: Available 12/8/5 as retail via appointment at location or contact via Facebook Messenger for a scheduled pick up or drop off time, no appointment needed. (Crookston only) Cash or Card is accepted.

*Loose Leaf Tea packaged and produced by Vana Tisanes. Please check health claims on package before use. For more information on ingredients, contraindications, pricing and more- contact via email, FB messenger or website. Photos are not mine. Color of tea in picture does not pertain to blend.


Happy Sunday everyone!

I am excited to announce A new line of 13 healing herbal teas that will be beautifully displayed in the studio as well as online or can be ordered via Facebook messenger for scheduled in person pick-up.

Each tea is hand crafted with delicate herbs, botanicals and spices to invigorate all of your senses & keep you toasty this winter! ❄️ ☕️

I will be posting the blends in 2 seperate categories

Mind + Body.

**Available 12/8/21. please be aware of any contraindications to certain blends listed on packaging or descriptions. For more information contact via email, FB messenger or website.

The Here and Now 12/03/2021

The Here and Now

Here are a few great tips on incorporating mindfulness into your life!

The Here and Now What mindfulness is and how to incorporate it into your life.

Start Healthy November 2021 | Lindsey Shaver 11/30/2021

Start Healthy November 2021 | Lindsey Shaver

Check out the great articles in this edition of Healthy Start Magazine!

Start Healthy November 2021 | Lindsey Shaver Brought to you Compliments of Lindsey Shaver Share This Article Edition Share This Article Edition Brought to you byLindsey Shaver Share Lindsey Shaver Prairie Smoke Apothecary and Spa 310 S Broadway Crookston, MN 56716 Office The holiday hustle and bustle puts most people in one of two camps: the f...

Prairie Smoke Apothecary & Spa 11/16/2021

Prairie Smoke Apothecary & Spa

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Prairie Smoke Apothecary & Spa


💖Bonus day💖
I will be open this Saturday

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Good morning everyone! Here is an updated service menu with NEW and improved treatments, add-ons, enhancements + more! ✨

Book now. ⬇️


Hello everyone! With these colder months coming up, studio hours will be changing to accommodate less days spent traveling on/in icy roads + cold temperatures!
-I will be posting updates on this page for bonus days that will be open on short notice, go ahead and turn on your post notifications if that is something you are interested in!
- The studio will be kept warm & cozy all day long with some new features + amenities + services as well. 🍂🕯

Photos from Prairie Smoke Wellness & Spa's post 10/12/2021

It’s always warm + cozy in the studio. 🍂🧡


I’m open all day tomorrow for anyone who wants to book a last minute appointment!💆🏻‍♀️✨



Rules: Like & share this post, like this page + tag one massage loving friend down below! (You must like the page if you do not already)

Details: Prairie Smoke Spa is located in Crookston, MN. This gift card will not expire. The winner will be chosen Sunday, August 15th.

Good luck! 🥰


Bath salts in “Flora Mélanger” meaning floral mix in French, is a blend of Lavender, Rose and Geranium botanicals & essential oils for the most quality scent and beauty benefits.

🌹Some of the benefits of these flowers are:🌹

Lavender- lessens acne, lightens dark spots,
reduces wrinkles, and aids hair health.

Rose- vitamins, antioxidants and minerals are good for dry skin, acne, redness, and inflammation.

Geranium- antibacterial, reduces acne and skin irritation.

PM to purchase locally with no shipping and to get it shipped click here!


Rewards cards and gift certificates are available now!

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Happy Sunday everyone! 🌞🌿

Here are a few amenities included in every service at Prairie Smoke Spa!

Booking is done through the square link listed at the top of this page or in the “about” section, or you can message me as well!

Located in Crookston, MN.


A few things you can do to pamper yourself🌞🌺




These are the services I offer! 🌿🌱


I am opening to the public Tuesday, July 6!

Just some notes: booking will be through square appointments, I accept cash or card. Thank you! ☺️

Excited to see some new faces!

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Our collection of all-natural soaps. 🧼🌿



310 S Broadway
Crookston, MN

Opening Hours

Tuesday 1pm - 9:30pm
Wednesday 1pm - 9:30pm
Thursday 1pm - 9:30pm
Friday 1pm - 9:30pm

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