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Elderberry Syrup Back To School Sale

5$ off any size bottle of elderberry

8oz $15
16oz $30

*Sale Ends August 10th

Made with Local Raw Clover Honey from Unwind - Body & Mind,
Organic Ginger, Cinnamon, and Clove.

Only Made in microbatches

Elderberry Syrup is an immunity booster. To maintain a healthy immune system, you take a little bit (a shot or a tsp) daily or every few days. The elderberry is high in antioxidants. I also add ginger, cinnamon, clove and raw honey to the syrup. These all individually and collectively help with antibacterial, digestion, heart health, circulation and so much more! All of the ingredients are organic. Elderberry is taken to keep a strong immune system to avoid illness. It can be taken when you feel the onset of illness like a tickle in your throat or just start feeling "weird." At this time, you should take a little bit (a shot or tsp) a few times a day.
Micro batches of elderberry syrup made from the freshest local honey from Unwind - Body & Mind as well as organic ginger cinnamon and clove.

8oz $20
16oz $35

Pm me today for your bottle

Bee Multiplication Project

Unwinding: A term used to describe the body's movements as it releases built-up tension and trauma. I am a collector of experiences.

Each one shapes you and gives more form to the clay.


New office space on 30 in Merrillville!
We can fit a lot of mats in here for gong baths & I bet it will sound amazing!
A private room already set up for bodywork for another member, so new clients... welcome!!
219.240.6218 to schedule.

Break The Plateau ~ Hosted By: Unwind - Body & Mind | Boundless Retrieval LLC 07/18/2023

This class is a unique take on increasing the capacity of your lungs.
Tell the athletes and coaches you know because this can change your life and break through your workout plateaus.
See you there Boundless Retrieval Holistic Healing & Retail
With Dustyn Christine and Unwind - Body & Mind

Break The Plateau ~ Hosted By: Unwind - Body & Mind | Boundless Retrieval LLC Expand your Lung Capacity Part Hands-on, partnered learning & demo. We will physically manipulate the body to maximize the volume of your rib cage, & increase lung capacity.


The Signs of Your Loved Ones' Visitation.

You can feel their presence
Timing is divine
Nature's Signs
Present in the moment
The Synchronicity of Numbers
Suddenly, you hear a song
Visitation Dreams

Psychic-medium readings are available Tuesday and Saturday. For more information, please contact us.

Photos from Unwind - Body & Mind's post 06/17/2023

Meet Sweet Little Kitty Monster ❤️
One of the freest beings in America...
Unbeknownst to her, she lives a life of freedom most of us can only dream of. She comes and goes as she pleases, barely inside for the summer, so these snuggles are appreciated... Tho she's always down for tripping me weaving through my legs in HER garden. ;)

Freedom may be scary but baby, its natural...
She may not live quite as long bc of the "dangers," but we'd both rather be free than safe and locked down. ...always. 💗
Live like kitty monster...
Happy Saturday!


Dustyn Christine is now serving the Crown Point Community within the beautiful Boundless Retrieval Holistic Healing & Retail store.

She brings an intuitive blend of Craniosacral Unwinding, Polarity Therapy, Acupressure, Tapping, & Thai Massage. She also has lots of fun, upcoming classes.
Come check us out on Main St. by Dunkin, behind KFC.
She will mainly book out on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Find out more about the newest addition to our team.

Call to reserve a free 15-minute arthritic hand massage or seated polarity session June 20th between 9am and 6pm with our newest team member, Christine Pierce! Christine is an intuitive bodyworker that specializes in Craniosacral Unwinding, Polarity Therapy, Tapping, Acupressure, Thai Massage, & will begin scheduling various classes, including sound and vibration healing.

Call 219.240.6218 to schedule.

Photos from Unwind - Body & Mind's post 05/29/2023

Craniosacral Unwinding
Polarity Therapy
Thai Massage

Photos from Unwind - Body & Mind's post 05/26/2023

School and other athletics, runner's groups, the YMCA, body builders, and respiratory therapy just off the top of the head...

Single and multiple class options.

Hobart Family YMCA of Crossroads YMCA Association Hobart Ymca Planet Fitness Anytime Fitness Hobart Planet Fitness Anytime Fitness (Portage, Indiana)
Hobart High School Athletic Department


Sharing my gifts again :)
If anyone wants to learn to become a different person in a matter of hours, please don't hesitate!
Children are usually fine and may help with nervousness and to calm their minds.
BYO Veil, if desired but will likely not use them.
If you are allergic, you cannot attend.

Please like and share this project. My dream is to help multiply the bee population & I can do this best teaching others to love and work differently with the bees they already have :)



Sign up for Arthritic hand & arm massage!
Maria Reiner Senior Center in downtown Hobart
Thursday 4/15/23 - Book your timeslot
$1/minute - 15 minute min

Direct message me for 1:1 appointments & private groups.


Hey guys, I'd love to invite you to a collaboration event with myself, and my good friends Lisa Winstead & Santos!

Catering to women, this event will touch the mind, body, & spirit.
We hope to spend the evening with you - pre-drink lots of water & come with an open mind & an intention of what you'd like to bring into your life in this new year!


Thanks again for documenting this, Christie Strohl Collins!
For people and pets :)
Great stocking stuffers... $20 or 2/$35 special. Shipping available for an additional $5 or free shipping when purchasing 4 or more!

Pain Eraser... sometimes I'm still amazed myself!

Thank you bees, for showing me the amazing plant and providing the honey and wax that makes this all possible ♡♡♡ forever greatful!

Credit to Christie Collins and her dog, I'm so glad he didn't need surgery!!!


Release, Reset & Revive your Vibe Event 1/26/23
Take a "Moment for Me" - Hobart, IN
Special Guests Lisa Winstead & Aimee Santos

Lymph & self-care massage
Stretch & "Unwind"
Release your stress & connect to your body with Energy Exercises
Finish with a relaxing Gong Bath

Unwind - Body & Mind

Unwind Body and Mind - Unique Education and Classes (Hobart, IN) 03/08/2022

New Meetup for class postings :)

Unwind Body and Mind - Unique Education and Classes (Hobart, IN) The purpose of this group is to find the niche group of people looking to learn the information I have to offer and invite them to my classes and workshops.Who should join?Athletes of all ages and fit

Involution & Evolution Gong Meditation 02/27/2022

Full Moon Gong

Involution & Evolution Meditation with Gong on the Full Moon
$20 March 18th in Hobart
Click the description to see more

Involution & Evolution Gong Meditation A full moon meditation focused on completions followed up with a gong bath to relax your mind and body.

Meditation & Gong Bath @ Yoga Shala in Miller Beach 01/06/2022

Full Moon Meditation & Gong Bath at Yoga Shala!
1/17/22 6-7:30pm - $15

Meditation & Gong Bath @ Yoga Shala in Miller Beach New Year, New You! Lay back, relax & listen to the amazing wind gong after a short meditation to let go of the old and manifest the new 2022


Hi everyone!
I updated my website - please check it out for prices, information, & free education videos.

I'll also be pulling together a resources page and my personal references for other healers, yoga instructors, and collaborative projects.

Stay tuned for updates and see what freebies you can get by committing to the "Monthly Me Time" program!

Timeline photos 01/12/2021

Get it while its hot!
Pain eraser, face moisturizer or tightening face serum, get em in the next two days! Limited quantities.
Small - $13, Medium - $20, Lg - $35
*Shipping available for additional charge


Aloha my lovely friends 😙
Although Ive officially dissolved the Unwind business, I'll still have some services, classes and products available for those who may want to continue their Polarity journey ♡

I took time away to heal myself and to be honest - I perfected the BEACH BUM and did as little as possible for about 5 of the 10 months I was there. I experienced more than I could ever convey and learned lessons I had to travel over an ocean to learn. God truly brought me there for a reason and a people ♡

Im learning balance and feel open to working on people again. But only those who are READY and want to make change. Sometimes we don't know who we are without "the pain" so they hold onto it - I cannot work with you, I'm sorry.

This work is like stepping stones to a different version of YOU - the one without ... the thing. The weight you've been carrying around... This work is heavy and YOU do most of it... I just facilitate the process as traumas and old patterns pour out of the physical body as I experience it on my end.

The business aspect and trying to survive mentality broke me and I needed to get myself back, so I must have better boundaries now which is good for you, because you WANT your healer to be strong and healthy. You WANT them to be financially stable with the energy and stamina of an ox - they are healing YOU!

So... if you still fit into my audience, this work is no joke. And I do my best when I don't have to sugar coat and can be blunt with the elephant in the room.

I've had the "she's supposed to be all love and light and spiritual but she's an as***le" comments and here's my response...
I am not a spiritual guide - I see through the lies we tell ourselves and the patterns and cycles we go through and understand how to release it from the body physically as well as coaching my client to move it through emotionally. If you want it gone, you have to face the s**t you've been hiding from. All 3 fronts have to work at the same time.

I am a Christian now - which also threw a wrench in my previous life's work and the conflict was not helping my business as you could imagine. So i've found it all works the same but the perspective has changed and credit where credit is due. I don't have to unlearn what I know about how the body works. It simply gives me more tools to do what I do, better ♡

If anyone is still interested after all that please read on how to recieve amazing Polarity therapy and craniosacral unwinding!

For those I've already seen and feel comfortable with, I can schedule with you directly and sessions are $100 (+$20 time and travel if I come to you or schedule at the salon). Sessions range from 60-90 minutes and DO NOT have anything planned for the rest of the day.

Im having a "Full Moon" gong meditation on Friday Oct 30th - limited availability bc of Covid.

Pain Eraser, Moisturizing Face Cream and Face serum are available at The Green Door Bookstore and others to come.

For those who I've not seen yet, session #1 is $150, plan for 90 minutes, an intake with conversation and goals, and the session will take place at J. Nicole Salon in Hobart. DO NOT plan for anything the rest of the day.... if we continue to work together, we will work out of the salon for several visits and you will fit into category 1 pricing.

Mahalo nui loa for taking the time to read and catch up ♡
If I no longer fit into your life, kindly unfollow Unwind, no hard feelings, and I hope we part as friends when we see one another! 😙

To book please text or call 219.973.1728


FREE book with purchase of Pain Eraser at the Green Door Bookstore in downtown Hobart for Small Business Saturday!

The 110 techniques of communication and public speaking | David JP Phillips | TEDxZagreb 10/20/2019

More great presentation tips from David JP Phillips!

Great tips for the Lake Effect Toastmasters Club and anyone who presents to the public.

The 110 techniques of communication and public speaking | David JP Phillips | TEDxZagreb David JP Phillips has spent 7 years studying 5000 speakers, amateurs and professionals in order for the first time in history to detail every single skill a ...


New marketing materials for full sessions, events, and products! A huge thanks goes out to my friend Karen for making me stay in one place long enough to finish them! ♡


Welcome to the new members of the group!
Thank you for joining me and welcome to Polarity Therapy!


I'm fortunate enough not to suffer from pain often, but I took a substantial fall and messed up my knee and sacral area Saturday. Consequently, the hips and back muscles were traumatized in that area pretty bad. While the hips and back are still hurting, I was able to sleep with an oil-soaked gauze wrapped around the knee and the pain is gone! No more hobbling!
Since I'd normally have a backache in this area from being in bed 2 days, I'm hoping to get up and stick a compress in the form of an oil-soaked 1/2 paper towel on the large area today and see how that goes. So far, the knee compress is a win!! 😄🤗
I'm thanking God for comfrey today ♡


Taking this show on the road in 58 days! Hawaii-bound for the winter or so... :)

The Connections Between Emotional Stress, Trauma and Physical Pain 09/16/2019

The Connections Between Emotional Stress, Trauma and Physical Pain Chronic pain can be caused by trauma and stress.

An Exploration of Polarity Therapy, One of the First Forms of Energy Medicine 09/03/2019

Tipsy Tuesday!

Great article on Polarity Therapy from MassageMag.com!

An Exploration of Polarity Therapy, One of the First Forms of Energy Medicine During a massage session, the client will naturally open up emotionally and spiritually, even in seemingly small ways. Sensations of heat or pulsation in specific areas, deep exhalations and a sens…

Testimonials | Unwind - Body & Mind 08/26/2019

Working on the Product Review/Testimonials page :)

Testimonials | Unwind - Body & Mind I came to my session totally stressed and the work that was done was AMAZING. I felt so much better. I will be back and I highly recommend!  Jan 5, 2019


Velvet Face Moisturizer... No fo****in included...
..because friends don't let friends put discarded fo****in on their faces no matter how much glitter is on the packaging... ;)


You maaaay be a Polarity practitioner if....
..if you look at this chart and want to twist the left toe to the right at whatever spleen 3 and Liver 2 does....
I don't care what it does... I just want to unwind it :D

Craniosacral Unwinding demo 08/14/2019

A quick Craniosacral unwinding demo video for the head and neck
If you've been wanting to try Cranio, call or text to 219.973.1728 for your appointment.
$100/session (60-90 min)
First 10 includes a clay bath, Bi-polar roller, and a sample of the Pain Eraser

Craniosacral Unwinding demo Craniosacral Unwinding - deep trauma release, Here's a little video showing some of the work, where the therapist supports and follows the client on the benc...

Flyers 08/14/2019

A client just picked another bottle of this up because she said in addition to loving the way it feels on her face, its removing age spots on her hands!
Just FYI for those who alread have it - Extra surprise bonus! :)
Small $12, Med $20 Large $35


$25 (5-7 Day supply)
Text "Ultra" to 219.973.1728


Runner's Workshop

If you could improve your breathing in a few hours, whether you're a competitive athlete or you wheeze up a flight of stairs, would you attend a 3 to 4-hour class where we physically manipulate and alter your muscles so that you can breathe better and with less effort every breath?
$125 per person or 2/$200.

Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us? 06/21/2019

Hey guys!
I talked to Collective Eye Films and they gave me the link to have a viewing of the Queen of the Sun documentary played at their school for only $125!
I think this would be huge for the benefit of our future generations.... If you think this would be a good idea at your child's school, please help to get it into the schools in fall or spring, or both!
Fund-raising can easily cover the cost of this gem! Please share the info!


Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us?

Christine's Sessions 06/06/2019

Come see Christine @ Unwind - Body & Mind today at the Hobart Lakefront Market!⠀

Free ride on the Bi-Polar Roller and Runner's Lung Demonstration at 5pm
Come start your Polarity journey and change your life.⠀


Healing illness with the subconscious mind | Danna Pycher | TEDxPineCrestSchool 06/06/2019

Polarity therapy works on the same principle from a slightly different approach. Beautiful explanation♡

The mind, body & spirit are interconnected
Now fo you see what "Unwind" means? :)


Healing illness with the subconscious mind | Danna Pycher | TEDxPineCrestSchool NOTE FROM TED: We've flagged this talk, which was filmed at a TEDx event, because it appears to fall outside TEDx's curatorial guidelines. There is no conclu...


Come to the Unwind - Body & Mind booth 6/6 at Hobart's Summer Market on the Lake & get one free with any purchase!

Want your business to be the top-listed Beauty Salon in Merrillville?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

The Why, How and What of Unwind - Body & Mind

Hello and welcome to Unwind - Body & Mind.

Ok Simon Sinek, I’ll start with WHY....

Because I hope to change the world around me in my circle of influence, so that future generations have a better life. The whole concept of Unwind was a full-scale vision, including showing people how to replenish the soil and create sustainability with things we’d otherwise throw away into landfills. I spent time on Hawaii learning about bees, which I normally tend without protective gear, to share their message of love with others because they don’t need us - but WE NEED THEM. I want to teach children to love our bees and insects and the small things in life because it’s all perspective and each living creature has a sense of “I am.” But most humans have lost that concept and no longer respect the world we live in. The concept of “replenishing the earth” so that it can provide for the future is foreign to us and our instant gratification lifestyle.

“Unsustainable.” This is a word that, if you know me, you hear me talk about this all the time. It means we can’t keep on the same path without change, lest it will be unsustainable (think of the housing bubble in Cali and AZ.) But when we all think there’s nothing we can do about a thing, or it’s not my job creeps in, or the fact that we just don’t understand the impact we are making with our complacency, we get further and further into the abyss. I wanted to be a leader, a teacher, an inspiration to follow - because I have spent a lifetime acquiring skills to move people into sustainability, little by little, neighborhood by neighborhood, school by school, community by community... Because we all have to do our part, even though this American society would lead you to believe you don’t.

Videos (show all)

Baby bee birthday
Cracking the hive
Look mom, no gear!



5164 E. 81st Avenue Suit 201
Merrillville, IN
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