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Hey! Hi! Do you have a video on how the Little Luxury was created? I want to show a prospect. Hehehe
The manual didn't have a lot of info. At what level can I refill container again? In other words does it have to be completely empty? I'm afraid of using too much water and causing a leak. Please respond. Thank you!
Do you have these in stock
Do you still have these in stock
I love ur products
I ordered my 12, 3 stage filters almost 2 weeks ago, still waiting for delivery and your customer service desk said they will phone back, still waiting.
How exactly does the "Double Kitchen water Filter" work? Is it an undercounter setup with its own tap?
Finally in Sam's Club! :D #littleluxury #samsclub #usa
Finally got my tap refills delivered in the UK but only thanks to my parents posting it from South Africa as I did not get any replies to my emails and also could not do an international order online. It is a great thing to have a filter directly on my tap!! Loving it! Please improve international customer service! Maybe sell them on #Amazon pleeeeease! #littleluxury

The only affordable desktop water dispenser in its class that filters and chills (ice cold, irrespective of the ambient temp up to 95°F) regular tap water

The only affordable desktop water dispenser in its class that filters and chills regular tap water - never buy bottled water again! • Chilled, filtered water instantly on-tap anywhere - compact enough to fit in the home, office and anywhere else. • Weighs less than 8lbs - portable • Does not require connection to water supply or power to filter • Water filtered in seconds • Has a proprietary taste enhancing filtration • Softens water • NSF grade carbon and ion exchange resin neutralizes bacteria on contact • Filters are tested in accredited SGS laboratories • Filter removes contaminants and heavy metals • Made from environmentally friendly materials • Easily recycled • Makes tap water taste better than bottled water • Self cooling • Keeps water chilled at 44°F/ 8 Degrees Celcius • Virtually silent operation

Mission: To teach people how easy it is to enjoy healthy, chilled drinking water. Simply refill your Little Luxury directly from your tap and let the filter remove harmful contaminants including pesticides.

Incredibly sad and tragic news of Kobe’s and Gianna’s passing, truly both a loss to the world. Rest in peace Kobe and Gigi, and to all the other victims.

"The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do" - Kobi Bryant

Happy New Year!! We would like to wish all our customers a successful, healthy and happy year ahead! #littleluxury #happynewyear #2020

SBS News

It's so great to see countries awarding people for promoting awareness about one of the most important issues that our world is currently facing ⭐️

Shop now to start drinking clean, safe, and filtered water:

#stoppollution #stopplasticwaste #savetheenvironment #savetheplanet #recycle #ocean #water #cleanwater #filteredwater #hydrationiskey #littleluxury

Sir David Attenborough has received an award from the Queen for raising awareness about plastic pollution in the oceans.

[11/13/19]   Harmful chemicals found in Dallas drinking water:

Be safe, make sure to filter your drinking water with Little Luxury🤩


Little Luxury Water Cooler Instructional Video

Setting up your Little Luxury Vitality Mini Water Cooler does not have to be a difficult task! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Learn how to care for your Little Luxury and how to use it! Little Luxury brings you pure, great-tasting chilled water at your fingerprints! To order replace...


Water is a precious resource. Use it wisely and ensure the water that you and your family are drinking is clean and filtered.

#littleluxury #water #filteryourwater #drinkcleanwater #precious #saveourplanet #saveouroceans #planetearth


Little Luxury provides you and your family with the best quality water - at your fingertips!

Top 5 Potential Toxins in Your Tap

There are many unwanted toxins such as lead and chlorine present in our faucet water today. These toxins are potentially harmful to our bodies and can affect us with long-term use.

Ensure your water is CLEAN and PURE with #LittleLuxury.

#filteryourwater #water #cleanwater #nomoretoxins #drinkcleanwater Although much of the water provided to the public in the US meets national safety standards, it can still contain contaminants.



No matter how busy your day, staying hydrated is important for your own health. #littleluxury #stayhydrated #happyfriday #happynovember

Your water doesn't have to be scary. Ensure it is filtered with #LittleLuxury and enjoy crisp, ice-cold water at your fingerprints! #happyhalloween #water #stayhydrated #filteryourwater 😈👹👺🎃💀💦

New stock of Vitality Filter Cartridges will be available from next week. Our customers will be notified as soon as stock arrives at our warehouses 💧💧💧 #littleluxury #filters


Happy Friday! Enjoy this video about weird and wonderful water... #littleluxury #water #planetearth

Water is probably the strangest thing in the universe 💧

Hydrating Coconut Water Ice Lollies | lollies | Coconut water recipes, Ice lolly recipes, Coconut water smoothie

Use filtered water from your #littleluxury mini water cooler to make these delicious lollies! Delicious 2 ingredient Ice Lollies that are so simple to make and are extremely refreshing! Very hydrating due to the coconut water and sugar free & vegan.

Happy Heritage Day to our fellow South Africans today! #littleluxury #heritageday #southafrica #filteryourwater

More than 100,000 cancer cases could be caused by contaminants in tap water, study finds

Filter your tap water - it is so easy and affordable with Little Luxury!

More than 100,000 cancer cases could be caused by contaminants in tap water, study finds.

#filteryourwater #littleluxury #foxnews A toxic cocktail of chemicals found in U.S. drinking water could be the cause of more than 100,000 cases of cancer, a new study by the nonprofit Environmental Working Group found.

Businesses and homes should not be buying replacement water bottles for their large water cooler or dispenser.. This is unnecessary for the environment because large diesel trucks are omitting pollution in the air - and buying replacement bottles is a waste of your money! With Little Luxury, you simply fill the BPA-free bottle with regular tap water and place onto your cooler - for chilled, filtered water at your convenience. Help save our planet. #gogreen #saveourplanet #nomoreplastic #nomorepollution #littleluxury #filteryourwater

Water is a precious resource. Use it wisely and ensure the water that you and your family are drinking is clean and filtered.

#littleluxury #water #filteryourwater #drinkcleanwater #precious #saveourplanet #saveouroceans #planetearth

Little Luxury's cover photo

Little Luxury's cover photo

Plastic Water Bottles and why you shouldn't buyer bottled water:

1. 80% of plastic water bottles are not recycled 💧
2. Plastic waste is harming our oceans and land up in landfills 💧
3. Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose 💧
4. Bottled water takes up space in the home or office 💧
5. Not all bottled water is purified 💧

With Little Luxury, you can reduce plastic bottle waste. One Vitality filter can save a person 450 plastic bottles of water! Choose wisely and help save our environment. #saveouroceans #reduceplasticwaste #chooselittleluxury

The Daily Show on Twitter

Trevor Noah highlights the truth about recycling:

“🎶 It’s the circle of trash 🎶 Full piece:”

5 Beautifying Wellness Drink Recipes

Looking for something, light, healthy and delicious? Use Little Luxury to add filtered water to your smoothies:

Purchase on Beauty from the inside out

Coconut Water Smoothie

Mmmmm delicious smoothies that use water - healthy too! It is so easy to forget to drink the proper intake of daily water - with Little Luxury its easy to remember! Simply add water to your smoothies to get water in and enjoy something yummy! #drinkyourwater #makesmoothies #littleluxury #filteredwater This Coconut Water Smoothie is full of delicious ingredients like coconut water, strawberries, mangoes, carrots, and avocado! Sip your way to beautiful skin with this healthy smoothie recipe!


#littleluxury #saveourplanet #filteryourwater #saveouroceans #reduceplasticwaste

Did you know? It can take 450 years for one plastic water bottle to decompose. Use Little Luxury as an alternative to buying bottled water and saving our planet #saveourplanet #littleluxury #filteryourwater #stopplasticwaste

The benefits to drinking water are endless.. Be sure to get your H20 in everyday!

#littleluxury #drinkyourwater #stayhydrated #filteryourwater

A Bamboo Tower That Produces Up To 25 Gallons of Water In A Day by Capturing Condensation

An innovative way to capture condensation:

#littleluxury #mondaymotivation #innovation The need for fresh water has pushed humans into exploring new and innovative techniques. For thousands of years, in regions where water is scarce, sometimes using air wells, people have harvested water from the rain, fog or even dew. In Ethiopia, we can witness an upgrade to the age-old technique. W...

How to Make Lavender Lemonade to Help Relieve Anxiety, Headache And Insomnia

How to relieve anxiety naturally... Make lavender lemonade! #littleluxury #natural #lavender #lemonade #delicious #calming #recipe #stayhydrated Adding lavender to your lemonade is not only tasty but also a great way to enhance the fantastic medicinal qualities of lavender. Lavender is a wonderfully aromatic herb that soothes the senses. Pure lavender oil has many health benefits. It’s among the gentlest of essential oils as well as the mo...


What are microplastics?

Miniscule plastic fragments smaller than 5mm in diameter that result from plastic bring worn down by the elements.

When microplastics are ingested by fish and other wildlife, they enter our food chain and little is known how this impact's human health. WORRYING!

To find out more about what is being done to curb this issue and to watch the documentary, ''A Plastic Voyage: A Sky documentary'', visit an organization that aims to raise awareness of the devastating impact of single-use plastic in the world’s oceans.

Using one Little Luxury Vitality Filter, can save HUNDREDS of plastic water bottles entering our oceans and landfills. The choice is yours to make a difference!

#littleluxury #exxpedition #saveourplanet #saveouroceans #reduceplasticwaste #filteryourwater all female crew sail across the Seas to raise awareness of toxics!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! We hope you enjoy your day and don't forget to stay hydrated! 🌸💧🌸💧🌸💧

#littleluxury #mothersday #mothersday2019 #stayhydrated #filteryourwater #drinkyourwater

Antioxidant triple berry smoothie

Try this delicious berry smoothie recipe for a revitalizing boost! Use filtered water from your #littleluxury to make your smoothie healthier!

#littleluxury #berrysmoothie #healthy #smoothie #boost #filteryourwater #drinkyourwater #recipe This antioxidant triple berry smoothie is made of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and almond milk. It’s super easy to prepare this pinky smoothie from these 4 simple and healthy ingredients.

Our Planet

Our Planet, an incredible docu-series narrated by David Attenborough highlighting the importance of saving Our Planet and how we as humans have contributed to the destruction of natural environments. Join us in the effort to help save our only planet by reducing plastic waste and having Little Luxury as an eco-friendly alternative.

#littleluxury #saveourplanet #ourplanet #filteryourwater #reduceplasticwaste #nomoreplasticbottles Discover the story of the one place we all call home - Our Planet, a groundbreaking Netflix original documentary series.

Little Luxury

Avoid purchasing plastic water bottles that end up in landfills every year. Save our planet and our seas by reducing your use of plastic. For more information, visit

Little Luxury wishes you a Happy Easter! #happyeaster #littleluxury

Little Luxury is delighted to announce some amazing prizes were supplied for the fundraiser for Impilo Child Protection Services and Adoption Services. A wonderful evening full of fun and all for a good cause! Thank you QVC for making this possible! #littleluxury #impilo #fundraiser #goodcause #qvc

Some wonderful Little Luxury prizes that were won at the Impilo fundraising event!

What an amazing time

The **Little Luxury LuxPure Tap Water Filter** produces great-tasting and healthy water and fits directly onto your kitchen tap. This is one of few water filters that comes equipped with an electronic meter and alarm that tracks when you would need to replace your filter and replace your batteries as well as tracking the litres per minute to ensure optimal water filtration. No plumber is needed to install this filter; the chrome tap attachment, batteries and wrench are all included. The LuxPure replacement filter, which can last up to a year, removes chlorine, pesticides, sediment, rust, all known heavy metals and organic and inorganic micro particles – this also improves the taste and smell of your water. Protect your family from ''bad'' water by installing a LuxPure Filter! #luxpure #littleluxury #filteryourwater

Top Venezuela court tightens noose on opposition chief Guaido

Countries that don't look after their resources and infrastructure land up with no power and no water. Afine example is Venezuela and South Africa. Read more: Venezuela's Supreme Court called Monday for Juan Guaido to be stripped of his legislative immunity, tightening the noose on the opposition chief just days after authorities announced a ban on him holding public office.

The World's Largest Ocean Cleanup Has Officially Begun

Many people, in many places, doing many small things, can alter the face of the world.

Help Save Our Oceans! Little Luxury Vitality can help you save thousands of plastic water bottles and save you money. #saveouroceans #littleluxury Ambitious dreams have now become a reality as the Ocean Cleanup deploys its $20 million system designed to clean up the 1.8 trillion pieces of trash floating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

So good to see you at the @housewaresshow @davidvenableqvc 🤗😁Little Luxury Water Coolers and Filters can be purchased from

Pop on over to our booth in the Wired and Well Expo Booth #11950 today to see the amazing award-winning product on offer 🙌🏼💦💧 #internationalhousewaresshow #ihhs2019 #qvc #weloveqvc #littleluxury #filteryourwater

Visit us at #IHHS2019 today and tomorrow at Booth #L11950 in the wired and well expo! #littleluxury #internationalhousewaresshow International Housewares Association

Happy Valentine's Day! Stay fresh & hydrated with #littleluxury #loveisinthewater

Valentine's Day is around the corner… You should be saying ''I LOVE MY LITTLE LUXURY!'' #valentinesday2019 #loveisinthewater #littleluxury

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