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Boarding, Doggie Daycare, House Sitting, Pet Taxi

Since 2010 Bonded & Insured Member of Pet Sitters International Pet CPR & 1st Aid Certified Boarding In-home Sitting Doggie Daycare Daily Dog Walks Pet Taxi Administer Medications Litter box cleanup Bring in mail/papers & water plants

[04/21/20]   We are still open for business. If your fur baby would like to come play for the day, please text me. We are open for daycare or overnight stays. Hope everyone is well and safe.

[03/10/20]   D Best Pet Sitting is celebrating our 10th Anniversary this month. Thank you to all our loyal clients. We couldn't have done it without you and your sweet fur babies.

[10/25/19]   We survived the tornado that touched down in our area. Though the dogs were scared, they were kept safe during the storm. Luckily we were able to purchase a generator on Monday morning. Our power was turned back on Thursday (down for 3.5 days)
I’m amazed how quickly everything was cleaned up with the help of DFD, neighbors & strangers. Times like these bring out the best in people.
Thank you to all my daycare clients for being understanding & keeping your fur babies at home for a couple of days. Daycare resumed on Wednesday.
Thank you for all your kind words & offers.

[08/30/19]   Busy Labor Day Weekend! Lots of furry friends to play & have fun with.

A Dog's Journey


uphe.com Some friendships transcend lifetimes. Picking up where A Dog's Purpose left off, Ethan's (Dennis Quaid) beloved dog Bailey (voiced again by Josh Gad) finds a new destiny: Protect Ethan's granddaughter CJ (Kathryn Prescott) at any cost. Bailey's adventure through multiple lives is filled with love, f...


A Dog's Journey

Share joy, heartbreak, music, laughter, and a few good belly rubs with your pack in a film that's "a must-see for any dog lover" (The Plain Dealer). Own #ADogsJourney on Digital NOW and Blu-ray & DVD 8/20 http://uni.pictures/DogsJourney

uphe.com Some friendships transcend lifetimes. Picking up where A Dog's Purpose left off, Ethan's (Dennis Quaid) beloved dog Bailey (voiced again by Josh Gad) finds a new destiny: Protect Ethan's granddaughter CJ (Kathryn Prescott) at any cost. Bailey's adventure through multiple lives is filled with love, f...

D Best Pet Sitting

CLEAR THE SHELTERS is this month. Please consider adopting from a shelter on August 17th.

Everyone deserves a best friend! Clear the Shelters is back on August 17th. Join NBC and Telemundo stations for this nationwide pet adoption event. Last year more than 100,000 animals found their forever homes. Find your new best friend! Go to ClearTheShelters.com for a participating shelter near you.

[08/05/19]   Everyone deserves a best friend! Clear the Shelters is back on August 17th. Join NBC and Telemundo stations for this nationwide pet adoption event. Last year more than 100,000 animals found their forever homes. Find your new best friend! Go to ClearTheShelters.com for a participating shelter near you.

[07/24/19]   Everyone deserves a best friend! Clear the Shelters is back on August 17th. Join NBC and Telemundo stations for this nationwide pet adoption event. Last year more than 100,000 animals found their forever homes. Find your new best friend! Go to ClearTheShelters.com for a participating shelter near you.

Lots of furry fun this summer at D Best Pet Sitting

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Telle Smith

Spread this.

Shopping at Petco for some Natural Balance Dog Food. Party pack is ready!

Join NBC, Telemundo and Michelson Found Animals in our Fund The Shelters Challenge! Animal shelters here in our community need your support. You can lend a helping paw by donating today. Log onto Fund The Shelters-Dot-Com and help shelters compete to win prize money. Help Fund The Shelters NOW through May 9th.

Happy National Pet Day!

[03/30/19]   The fur babies are enjoying the cool weather today at D Best Pet Sitting. Before long it will be way too hot. I hope all the doggies in Dallas are enjoying the Spring weather!


Important info about Rawhide. Please Read!

Please read!!!

Chow Time!

Power of Positivity

Another example of Man’s Best Friend!
So cute

This is the cutest thing ever...

[07/08/18]   Summer is in full swing. Lots of dogs having non-stop fun at D Best Pet Sitting!

[04/27/18]   Summer vacation will be here soon. Have you booked your fur baby’s vacation?
Call D Best Pet Sitting before all the spots are gone 214-282-4883

Dallas CERT

As you may have heard, at the Spring Training Express on this Saturday our nonprofit will be holding not only their CERT Store but a charitable auction. They raise funds to stock CERT trailers, for equipment subsidies, and to sponsor events such as this Saturday and the fall picnic (remember the one last year at White Rock Lake).

They have an awesome lineup of items you can win--Rangers and Cowboys tickets, prep kits, restaurant cards, pet emergency supplies, fitness, emergency equipment.

This is a chance-auction. Sort of a cross between a raffle and a silent auction.

How this Chance Auction works:
1. You will purchase tickets for items you wish to win. You then 'bid' on items by placing tickets in numbered bags for those items. (So, for example, if you only want to win the Texas Rangers tickets you could place all of your tickets in the bag for it.)
2. Tickets can be purchased beginning at 7:45am and will stop at 12:45. They will be available in the Apparatus Room and hallways.
3. Tickets will be $2 each. And if you spend $5, you actually get 3 tickets. (The same is true for all multiples of $5…at $10 you get 6 tickets).
4. Only cash or checks will be accepted.
5. All items will be auctioned at 12:45pm. You must be present to win. All items must be taken with you on Saturday.

Packages this year include:
1. CENTURY TRAINING BAG- Free standing portable floor bag, base with cap and gasket, plus base gel pack. Includes a pair of Red/Black/White TITLE boxing gloves Retail value $250.00

2. BRUTON - LADIES GOLF BAG – Beautiful brown, tan and white bag with 4-piece matching headcovers and bag cover. Includes 20 Vapor and 2- 3 pack of golf balls in the zippered sides. Retail value $250.00

3. PINOT’S PALETTE -Paint ‘N Sip Studio. Experience a wine and painting party at their Park Cities Studio No experience needed. BYOB or buy from them. Gift Certificate-$140.00. Also add dinner for 2 at Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant. Retail value for both- $ 165.00

4. LARRY NORTH EXECUTIVE MEMBERSHIP – Enjoy a 3-month membership that includes 2 personal training sessions at one of their premier locations - Preston Center, Cityplace or Westlake. Retail value $300.

5. DOG BACKPACK FOR HUMANS- Full sized black backpack filled with dog treats, accessories, drying towel mitt, toys, pet car barrier, mosquito repellant and much more. Also enjoy 2 Chili’s gift cards. Retail value $150.00

6. TEXAS RANGERS BASEBALL TICKETS -Enjoy a fun-filled day at the ballpark. 4 tickets for a designated home game (excludes May 3, May 21-23 or July 3-4). Retail value $184.00

7. CERT BACKPACK –CERT backpack including helmet, vest and accessories plus Wilderness 1st Aid Book, a tourniquet and a gift certificate to Half Price Books. Retail value $150.00.

8. GOURMET FOOD BASKETS - 3 beautiful decorator baskets filled with goodies that include a wine carrying case, paring knife and peeler, 10 in 1 multifunction scissors, utility knife, Bordeaux picture, can opener, colored tooth picks, 2 Chili’s gift cards, gift card from Half Price Books ¬¬and foods from Trader Joe’s. Retail value $ 150.00

9. SPRING INTO GARDENING - Gardening tote and tools, gardening scissors, gardening gloves, bug spray, cooling towel, seeds and herbs plus a home Depot gift card. Also, 2 AMC movie tickets and an Amazon gift card. Retail value $150.00

10. SEARCH AND RESCUE KIT - Motorola – Talkabout Sportsman two-way radios with camouflage carry case and earpieces, Multi-cut 3 in 1 razor sharp blade, and VISM Sling black backpack with Weatherproof Notebook. Retail value $150.00

11. DALLAS COWBOYS TICKETS – Enjoy 2 pre-season tickets to the Dallas Cowboys versus Cincinnati Bengals in Dallas the second week in August. CERT member who has donated the tickets will get them in the mail in mid-June and we will be sure you get them. Does not include a parking pass. Retail value $160.00

12. PREPAREDNESS KIT - Assortment of useful items for your personal and family kit. Total Retail Value $150.00

Come prepared to win!


Alert: Euthanasia Drug Found In Popular Wet Dog Foods - Proud Dog Mom

prouddogmom.com Select canned wet dog foods are getting pulling from shelves across the nation due to the potential to contain low levels of pentobarbital, a euthanasia drug. Find out more about this alarming alert.

[02/08/18]   We got new floors & the dogs are loving them!


8 Warning Signs Your Dog Is In Pain - Proud Dog Mom

I noticed Milo was limping around the last couple of months. Luckily, we took her to the vet to have her ACL repaired. It’s been a month and she’s doing well.

prouddogmom.com The thought of a helpless dog in pain is a scary one, especially because they can't just tell us what's wrong! Find out the top 8 warning signs that your dog is in pain.

12-22-2017 - Dog Food Recall Alert

Primal is recalling some of its food.

archive.aweber.com Primal Pet Foods of Fairfield, California, is voluntarily recalling 5 of its freeze-dried products because their grind size exceeds the ideal size of ground bone fed to dogs and cats. 

Dan Patrick

Very sad news in this report. According to a new study by the FBI, police officer killings are on the rise. Now, more than ever, we must honor those who put their lives on the line for us every day. Like and share this photo if you #BacktheBlue http://bit.ly/2lt5YgJ

Mowgli's our newest pup to come stay with us! He can even open doors😱


Major National Recall of Dog Chew Toys Announced


nbcdfw.com Multiple brands of rawhide dog chew products distributed nationwide are being recalled over concerns they could contain a compound chemical that has not been approved for use in the United States.

Apache had a great time here. Can't wait to see him again

[04/27/17]   Dog Food Recall:
Party Food Brand -Cocolicious Varieties. They are finding traces of Pentobarbital in them.

[04/23/17]   The pups are loving this cool Spring weather in Dallas. The requests for summer bookings are flying in. Be sure to reserve your spot early as it will fill up.


Monster Week


animalplanet.com May is monstrous on Animal Planet, with stories of scary animal attacks that also make you appreciate these awesome creatures. Get exclusive videos, monster news, photos and more.

2 Traveling Dogs


Courtney K.'s review of D Best Pet Sitting

I have the absolute BEST Clients! Such a nice review on Yelp from Maverick's Mommy! Thanks Courtney!

yelp.com I am new to the Dallas area and it took me months before I finally found my forever pet boarding place with D Best Pet Sitting! I also tried two...


Disaster Preparedness | Prepare for Disasters | American Red Cross

The American Red Cross encourages pet owners to learn how to prevent and treat heat stroke in dogs, especially during the warmer months.

Heat stroke (hyperthermia) occurs when a dog severely overheats – most commonly when the weather turns warm. The good news is if the heat stroke hasn’t advanced too far (with body temperature of more then 104° F), you can help your dog recover.

It is important to know if your dog is predisposed to heat stroke, which is true of dogs with short snouts such as bulldogs, pugs and many other breeds. Other common causes of heat stroke include: a previous episode of heat stroke, leaving a dog in a parked car, excessive exercise in hot, humid weather (this may be exercise that your dog can usually handle but not in warmer weather), lack of appropriate shelter outdoors, thicker-coated dogs in warm weather and underlying disease such as upper airway, heart of lung disease.

The following tips are provided by The Humane Society of the United States:

Never Leave Your Pet in the Car

In nice weather you may be tempted to take your pet with you in the car while you travel or do errands. But during warm weather, the inside of your car can reach 120 degrees in a matter of minutes, even if you're parked in the shade. This can mean real trouble for your companion animals left in the car.

If you do happen to see a pet alone in a car during hot weather, alert the management of the store where the car is parked. If the owner does not return promptly, call local animal control or the police department immediately.

Recognizing the Signs of a Heat Stroke

Signs and symptoms of heat stroke include: collapse, body temperature 104° F or above, bloody diarrhea or vomit, depression stupor, seizures or coma, excessive panting or difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, salivation.

If you suspect heat stroke:

*Get your dog out of direct heat
*Check for shock
*Take your dog’s temperature
*Spray your dog with cool water then retake temperature
*Place water – soaked towels on the dog’s head, neck feet, chest and abdomen, turn on a fan and point it in your dog’s direction, rub Isopropyl alcohol (70%) on the dog’s foot pads to help cool him but don’t use large quantities as it can be toxic if ingested
*Take your dog to the nearest veterinary hospital

During a heat crisis, the goal is always to decrease the dog’s body temperature to 103° F in the first 10-15 minutes. Once 103° F is reached, you must stop the cooling process because the body temperature will continue to decrease and can plummet dangerously low if you continue to cool the dog for too long.
Even if you successfully cool your pet down to 103° F in the first 10-15 minutes, you must take the dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible because consequences of heat stroke will not show up for hours or even days. Potential problems include abnormal heart rhythms, kidney failure, neurological problems and respiratory arrest.

Tips taken from the American Red Cross. For more pet safety, visit http://www.redcross.org/prepare/disaster...

redcross.org Learn how to prepare for, respond to and recover from many types of disasters.


26 Everyday 'Solutions' That Make Everything Worse - http://goo.gl/zEdTrr

Yeah, put a bone in it, lady. #Photoplasty

Summer has been really busy here at D Best Pet Sitting. Lot's of fun in the sun, pool and just lounging on the couch.

[02/14/15]   Booking now for Summer 2015. It will be here before you know it. Don't forget about your fur babies when making your summer plans.

Untitled Album

[01/04/15]   My first message sent from Hootsuite!

Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center

We bust the myth everyday! Please share with anyone you know who is reluctant to adopt from a shelter or rescue group. Our furry friends want everyone to know they are not damaged goods. Have you adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue? Let's see those pretty faces! #SharingSavesLives #ShowOffYourAdoptedPet


Dallas Amazing Pet & Dog Event & Expo

Come see D Best Pet Sitting at the Dallas Pet Expo on May 10th.


dallaspetexpo.com The 2014 Dallas Pet Expo is May 10! Bring your pet for an amazing pet event. Admission is FREE and YOUR PET is welcome. All Indoors.

[12/16/13]   I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!
Thank you all for being such loyal clients. I can honestly say that I have the BEST job ever! Taking care of your sweet furry ones is such a pleasure. Have a Happy New Year! Give your babies a hug for me! Hope to see you soon!

D Best Pets

D Best Pets

Mando is such a sweet boy

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