Hair ethics

Hair ethics


We're open and loving it! You should too.🎉

No lies, no gimmicks, just hair. The way all services should be done, honest and ethical.

I am a Dallas Based hair enthusiast and i've been studying my craft for about five years. I specialize in both men and women's dry hair cutting, curly hair, balayage, and other various color services. While I pride myself on customer service, my business is founded on patience and understanding. When you are in my chair you and your hair needs are my number one concern. Consider me your personal hairapist! I can tackle any of your hair needs whether it be in the salon or a question you have when you're not in my chair. I am here for you, as my client! I look forward to seeing you soon, Elena

Fall in love with your hair

February is here, and as always, it's brought the chilly weather with it. I guess it's true what they say, "love is in the air".

Love is in the hair
20% off all products
with any service

I am so excited to announce that I am now certified in beaded weft extensions! This method is great for all hair types and adds density as well as length. Book your consultation today to explore your options. Click here for an update from Hair Ethics!

Green color melt! 🎨💚 It takes a specific personality type to pull off this mossy green and I’m SO honored I got to do this for my lovely client. Would you embrace a taboo vivid color?

Balayaged with Oligo Professionnel Olaplex and of course Framar 💕 green done with Pravana and color done with @redken waves with Love Kevin Murphy 😍

Snow White ❄️

Hard pill to swallow? Blonde isn’t for everyone!
Blonde is
#1 expensive
#2 high maintenance
#3 damaging
Let’s elaborate!
ANY blonding service STARTS at $100 and goes up from there, depending on technique and the amount of product used. A global lightener retouch (pictured above) has to be maintained every 4-5 weeks, and highlights every 6-12 weeks. In between salon visits, a toning shampoo is highly recommended, low to no heat styling (as is compromises the color and the integrity of the hair), and dry shampoo becomes your new best friend. Although I use Olaplex in all of my lightening services being blonde is damaging. If you want to be this light expect a “fuzzy” hairbrush. The harsh reality of being blonde is a lot, but worth it! 🌟

I will never get tired of a good red 🔥
All my red heads hold a special place in my heart! ❤️

This client has natural red hair and wanted to brighten it up a bit. Colored with Keune Haircosmetics North America color. 🎨

This is what I live for! Look at that smile, it radiates confidence. ✨ Four quadrupled rows of beaded wefts in my favorite brand JZ Styles Co. 🙌

I will FINALLY be taking a beaded weft class on the 27th, and I’m SO excited! For those of you wondering what are beaded wefts? They are a type of extension. Your instal a row of tiny silicone beads in the hair, then sew a weft (of hair) onto the beads. The beads anchor the hair. Questions? Drop them below! 👇

It can be extremely difficult in hard times to see the world as “beautiful”. Perceive everything as good, till known to be otherwise.

2020 has already gone to work at kicking my (insert donkey emoji). I am still hopeful of good things, and have much gratitude for everything that has happened, and is to come. What are you currently overcoming? 🏔

Looking at you 2020 🤩

I am so excited to start this new decade. I’m ecstatic and can’t for education, opportunities, and beautiful hair! What are you most excited for? This is the roaring twenties after all. ✨🎉

Purple passion! 💜 balayage is the perfect way to do vivids. I’m obsessed with this look.

Made possible with Pravana vivids

Winter white balayage ❄️ who says blonde is only for the summer?

Made possible with my three favorites; Olaplex Framar Ukraine & Oligo Professionnel

This girl challenges me to be a better stylist, and I love it. From copper to rich chocolate brown in one day. Swipe ➡️ for the before.

Color is everything! It’s made possible with Olaplex Redken and of course Framar ✨The first photo is three doubled rows of JZ Styles Co. machine wefts in 22” and half a bag of tape in extensions. Which color is your favorite? 💁‍♀️🤔

YA’LL this beautiful copper! 😍 my gorgeous client came in with natural red hair that she felt was faded and dull. Well we changed that QUICK! now she has hair as vibrant as her personality. ✨🧡

If you didn’t know, red hair is my speciality. I have tired many color lines and Keune Haircosmetics North America never lets me down with their reds. Red is the smallest color molecule and that’s why it has such vibrant results, but sadly slips through the hair and fades the fastest. Keune has enhances the color molecule and has combated the red fade. 🧪🧬🔬As a hairdresser if you’ve never tried Keune red, you need to! Have you ever wanted red hair? Why or why not? 🧡❤️💜

Manifest your destiny! 🔮

What is one thing you’re struggling with and how are you getting through it? Tell me in the comments! ✨💥

Hair ethics's cover photo

This rainy cold 🌧weather deserves hot coffee. ☕️

I can’t believe I’m finally getting around to this post! In September I did a fund raiser to raise money for Rainforest Trust as many of you know my obsession with Smokey the bear finally paid off and I used him as a tool to advocate for the amazon forest fires! Together my clients and I collectively raised $250! Thank you to everyone who helped out an awesome cause. 🔥🌲

Here come the holidays

Brace yourself, winter is coming. Along with the holiday season!

I have become obsessed with what extensions can do for the hair! Because I want everyone to love them as much as I love installing them, for the rest of the year I am offering clients who are new to extensions half off their first installation. You read that right, HALF OFF! Unlocking the door to longer, fuller hair is just an appointment away.

Holiday appointments are booking up fast! I have very limited availability before Thanksgiving, and Christmas is catching up quick. Don't wait, book your hair appointment now. Click here for an update from Hair Ethics!

Fall is by far my favorite season for hair. Everyone embraces change, and it’s so inspiring. 🍁

What is your dream fall hair color?

I am OBSESSED with what extensions can do for the hair! Because I want everyone to love them as much as I love doing them, for the rest of the year I am offering half off your first installation. You read that right, HALF OFF! 🎉 Please send me a DM for more information. Unlocking the door to longer fuller hair is just an appointment away.

I’ve decided. I LOVE doing extensions! This is a combination of 3 different shades of JZ Styles Co. 16” tape in extensions. (We only used two bags) Adding volume and length. How long do you think her hair is? Comment below 👇

Currently, I only offer tape in extensions. Soon I am going to start offering beaded wefts! Ask me which option is best for you.

If copper hair doesn’t get you in the mood for fall then idk what will! 🍁 🍂 🎃

4.5 bags of tape in JZ Styles Co. extensions! 😍

Now through the end of October! DM for booking.

Throwback to this awesome shot!
70’s vibes ✌️ ☮️ 😎

Love Kevin Murphy always helping me make the most perfect hair last all day!
Mua: Jess Barnett
Hair: myself
Venue: Sweet Tooth Hotel
Model: Sabrina Martin

With all the horrible things going on in our world, be the light. 💡

What are you doing to positively impact the world? 🌎 If you’re a stylist, what are you doing to positively impact our industry?

That time took this cool shot with his wide angle lens from Canon 📸

If you haven’t eaten at Bellagreen you need to check it out! They have tons of options for people with different dietary restrictions, plus they’re eco friendly! 🌏

Had the pleasure of doing my new favorite baristas hair! ☕️ Her balayage was on its way out so we brought it back to life. 🌟

This particular client wanted to keep her light pieces low. The beauty of balayage is that it’s completely customizable! I did a foilayage technique on her, overlapping her ends to brighten them up!

You already know who these beautiful blue locks belong to! 💙

All Pravana color used. 🎨

Light and bright medium blonde! 🌟

Lowlights with 3 packs of tape in extensions were used to achieve this look! Love Kevin Murphy as always for the perfect style!

Here I am to show you a photo of one of my gorgeous clients. I know you’re wondering and yes, she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. 💎

Hair: myself
Makeup: Jess Barnett
Photo: Jess Barnett
Keune Haircosmetics North America on her hair and Love Kevin Murphy as always for the flawless style that can outlast any summer weather!

So excited to share the big new with you! I am officially moved in and working in my own suite! 📦 my business partner Jess Barnett and I took the plunge about 3 weeks ago, and as chaotic as it’s been I’ve lived every minute of it! 🎉

We are calling ourselves “hair ethics”. I chose this name based on how I feel about myself as a stylist and a business owner. I would never tell my clients to do something that I myself wouldn’t also be willing to do. We are doing things honest and ethical the way they were meant to be done. No lies, no gimmicks, just hair! ✂️ 🎨 We still carry Love Kevin Murphy products, which will be available to purchase. Same color line, same everything, just a new location! Our website is available in my bio for booking, and as always if you have questions please contact me directly! Are you as excited as me?! Comment below.

Still obsessing over this shot captured of me a while back at Sweet Tooth Hotel
🍭 🦷 📸
What is your favorite pop up art installation?

Hair styled by myself using Love Kevin Murphy products
Makeup: Jess Barnett

I am so excited to announce that I am branching out on my own and starting a business. My dear friend Jess and I are business partners and will be renting our very own suite! We both have 8+ years of industry experience and can tackle any beauty project you throw out way. She specializes in everything from updos, to waxing, and can also apply makeup like no body’s business (except here of course)!😉 We would love to have you in our chairs! DM either of us for booking inquiries. We can’t wait to have you! 🎉

I have been SUPER MIA lately, and I’m so sorry! 😭 HUGE changes are happening and I can’t wait to share them with everyone. I’ve been posting in my stories about some recent changes but haven’t fully disclosed exactly what is happening. So stay tuned for some awesome info! 🎉

Still in love with this colorful balayage from a month or so ago. Making vivid colors look natural is so much fun. 💜
Balayage done with Oligo Professionnel as always. Vivid color done with Pravana 🎨

Got to take this babe to the silver side. 💎
Extensions make everything better!
Hair from JZ Styles Co.
We lightened her with Oligo Professionnel black light lightener and Olaplex 🎉

Gave my little sister the pick me up she needed! A little color goes a long way!
Balayage done with Oligo Professionnel lightener, 🖌 with the additional help of Olaplex 💪.
Here’s the truth guys. She has one layer of permanent black SALON color on her hair and it would not lift past red. Black color is stubborn to lift through and if you want lighter hair it’s going to take 💰 and multiple sessions. Chances are your hair will also be damaged once you get there. Take it slow and have patience! ✌️

I had so much fun helping with this photo shoot last weekend. 📸
Makeup: Jess Barnett
Model: Sabrina Martin
Venue: Sweet Tooth Hotel
Hair: myself

This pretty lady came in with second day pool hair pulled up in a bun, but you’d never have guessed that based on this photo. With Love Kevin Murphy products. Anything is possible. 💎

I had so much fun collaborating on this photo shoot last Sunday! 📸

Went to Sweet Tooth Hotel today with my sister. It was sweet. 🍭 🦷
Hair: Elena Nelson Hair
Makeup: Jess Barnett

Never lose sight of who you are!🥰

List your favorite quality about yourself below and show yourself some love! ❤️

Balayage and babylights are my favorite combo! 💕

Blonde done with Oligo Professionnel and Olaplex
What do you think of this look?

This quote had my thinking 💭 🧠

I hear so many stylists complain about their tips (or the lack of), and the only thing I think of when I hear that is “but did you charge your worth”? Don’t get me wrong I love tips! I also always tip 20% on services as well. In this industry (especially if your chair or booth rental) sometimes clients don’t see the point in tipping on top of a costly service, they assume we get 100% so what’s the point?
So I’ll break it down like this
While we do get 100% of the 💰it goes towards;
Color 🎨
Continuing education classes
So tips are always VERY appreciated!
On the other 🤚 tips shouldn’t be expected
I charge what my skill level, time, and products are worth and factor tips into that.
Just food for 💭
What do you think?

Out here doing what I love! 😊

Shoutout to Red Spade Media for this shot. ❤️

The last time this client was in my hair she came in with over highlighted blonde hair. We dropped in some low lights and gave her a root smudge to help break it up. This time her biggest concern was blending the grey. Mini babylights were the answer! Keeping her maintenance low and her greys blended. 💎

Babylights done with Oligo Professionnel Framar foils and as always Olaplex 🔮

A beautiful boy with green locks? What more could you ask for? 💚

Balayage done with @oligopro and @olaplex green hair made possible with @pulpriothair ! 💵

I got to take this pretty lady from all over golden babylights to this seamless pearl balayage! 😻

Balayage done with Oligo Professionnel and Olaplex per usual! 💕

Sometimes having foils in your hair isn’t the most glamorous thing ever 🤷‍♀️ but it doesn’t get any more exciting than glitter!

With Framar changing their foil game by proving fun colors and an awesome product, the ONLY way to make processing better is glitter! 🥳✨What do you all think?

But does anyone ever actually “get their life together”? 🤔

With hairspray all things are possible! 💕

I had to break my diet and try this place! The smile on my face says it all. I got a sweet crepe off the menu and Casey got a custom savory one, both were delicious! Highly recommend 💛

If you have been living under a rock and aren’t aware that my partner is a phenomenal photographer then do yourself a favor and check him out Red Spade Media
Book him for your graduation photos and engagement photos as well, and he’ll make you look as good as these crepes tasted. 😋

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