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A-List Training


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No Gym/Membership Needed. Personal Training servicing Uptown, Highland Park, Park Cities, University Park, Preston Hollow, Irving, and Las Colinas.

With A-List Training, there is no need for a gym/membership or any annoying fees. Everything that you need is supplied and brought to you. All you need is a indoor or outdoor area and you are well on your way to a custom workout program that is tailored to your fitness goals. A-list Training is a culmination of many different ideas, philosophies and shared knowledge. The A-list way of life is about moderation, eating correctly, learning proper form and technique with machines and free weights. We personally guarantee you the best workout of your life, you have our commitment to your fitness goals for a healthier you.

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Dallas fitness giant makes weighty decision to close 32 gyms amid bankruptcy

If your gym is no longer opened. Call us we are up and running! We do one on one or small group training. 214-604-6700

dallas.culturemap.com When gyms across Texas reopen on May 18, Dallas-based Gold’s Gym International will welcome members back at fewer locations.  Hammered by the novel coronavirus pandemic, Gold's Gym has filed for Chapter 11 ...


LIST: Gym and fitness studios that plan to reopen on Monday

We do one on one training! And we have space for social distancing! We clean regularly. Call today! 214-604-6700

wfaa.com Gyms and fitness facilities are allowed to partially reopen on Monday, May 18. Here is a breakdown of safety measures locations through Dallas-Fort Worth are taking.

Muscle and Motion

Anatomy behind the Split Jump

The Split Jump is a plyometric exercise that strengthens the gluteus maximus, quadriceps femoris, and calf muscles.

Get into a lunge position and jump upward.
Quickly reposition legs and land with feet in opposite positions.
On landing, absorb the forces progressively through the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.

The gastrocnemius is primarily involved in jumping, running and lower-body plyometric exercises.

The gluteal muscles are powerful hip extensors for jumping and other explosive movements.
The quadriceps muscles are involved in extending the knee in jumping and sprinting movements.
All these active muscles also play an essential part in decelerating the body during landings.

The hamstrings assist in hip extension and play a significant role in powerfully extending the hip for explosive jumps.
The soleus assists in ankle plantar flexion.

The main stabilizers are the core muscles and the gluteus medius.

For more info about this exercise and many other plyometric exercises, check our Strength Training app!

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Muscle and Motion

Hip Extension, Variation
Work on your Gluteus Maximus

Keep the back straight throughout the movement by recruiting the core muscles.

We can place a rod on the back and maintain three points of contact with the rod:
✔️thoracic spine

Below: Lack of stability of the core muscles leads to extension of the lower back.

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Muscle and Motion

Exercise for Building Hip Adductor Strength and Preventing Injury

Hip Adduction with Internal Rotation (Stability ball)

The hip adductors are the muscles in your inner thigh that support balance and alignment. To improve athletic performance and prevent injury, it’s important that you tone, strengthen, and stretch your hip muscles, including your hip adductors.

Stand with legs apart, put the stability ball between the legs.
Press the ball inward from both sides and release.

Anatomical analysis:
The target muscles are the hip adductors and internal rotators (colored red).
The hip adductor muscle group plays an important role in both movement and stability of the hip joint in many athletic pursuits.
In addition, hip internal rotation is very important in sport and performance training.

The action in the hip joint is adduction with internal rotation.
The adductors not only adduct the hip but also internally rotate the hip joint.
The anterior fibers of the gluteus minimus and medius internally rotate the hip.

With thousands of exercises and 3D videos at your fingertips, the Strength Training app is available for any movement professional looking to take their knowledge one step forward!

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Motivation....workout at any age!

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This is Karen. She’s 72 years young. She’s a badass. She started training with Kyle 3 years ago and she’s stronger than ever. Quit with the excuses and just do the damn work! #belikekaren

Video courtesy of exactfitness24

Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries

Who else is “working out”? We can come to you and give you a fun and productive workout at your home! Our trainers will bring all the equipment to you and don’t worry no treadmills are included! Call today! 214-604-6700

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Muscle and Motion

If you asked yourself how to do the JackKnife Crunch/Sit-Up, this video will help you by giving you extra anatomical data.

The Jack knife Crunch/sit-ups is a great low-impact exercise for strengthening the abdominal muscles.

This exercise provides some additional challenge and variation to the sit-up and trains both the abs and hip flexors.
The target muscles are the abdominal muscles and hip flexors.

The abdominal muscles work hard statically in order to stabilize the pelvis and the spine, and also dynamically to flex the spine.

With straight legs, the load on the abdominals and the hip flexors is higher, due to higher torque.

Do you have tight/short Hamstrings?

In the case of untrained trainees with shortened hamstrings who can't keep their legs straight at 90 degrees and do not have strong abdominal muscles, the command to straighten legs to 90 degrees will create a very large load on the lower back!!

Therefore, if shortened hamstrings are identified, an adaptation is required, such as bending the knee.

We must maintain a neutral rigid spine without allowing movement in the lumbar spine.
The leg weight draws the pelvis forward through the hip flexors.
The abdominals are supposed to stabilize the pelvis and prevent anterior tilt (APT)

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Give your body what it needs to recover from workouts.
ARMA Reload Protein Complex is packed with:

✅ 26g of cold-pressed Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate
✅ BCAA’s
✅ 4.2g MCT Oil
✅ 250 mg Curcugreen® Curcumin •BioPerine® black pepper fruit extract
✅ Monk Fruit
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Amazing Workout Girls

Keep safe out there!

Quarantine workout - Safe at Home!
Send your fail to direct @amazingwg
more workout ideas https://clc.to/workoutideas

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BLITZ: Training Complex is your one-stop complex that meets all of your needs.
✔️Electrolytes - helps regulate muscle and nerve function
✔️BCAAs - increase muscle growth and decrease soreness
✔️Palatinose™ - delivers a slow steady stream of fuel
✔️ElevATP® - better performance, power, and strength
✔️Sustamine® - aids hydration and boosts recovery
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Muscle and Motion

Plank with leg raises | Anatomical Analysis

This exercise is intended to strengthen the core muscles, with an emphasis on the oblique abdominals and hip flexors of the supported leg.

Breaking leg contact adds to the difficulty level of the exercise.

The external oblique is dominant on the side of the lifted leg, and the internal oblique is dominant on the side of the supporting leg.

All the muscles on the model stabilize the body.
We chose to color the rectus abdominis and the obliques in red because they are the dominant stabilizers in this exercise. But this exercise is not intended only for the abdominals but for all the core muscles.

When you understand better, you can explain and teach better! Try the Strength Training app today!

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