Cynthia M. Valdez-Stylist/Educator

🌟Hello Friends,

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions, uncertainty and for many of those who have lost a loved one, unspeakable hurt and pain. No one is immune to the pandemic. Everyone is being affected on so many levels whether you're among countless front line essential workers, small business owners, parents who are now full time teachers, unemployed and underserved, or are a COVID-19 survivor, we are ALL in this together. There will be a brighter and better future time my friends, in time.

As the small business owner and leader of Blush Dallas Salon, my goal is to help my team of fellow artists navigate through this with empathy, love, support and unity so that they can do their best for each one of our guests. When we take care of each other , we can take care of each of you (our guests) to the best of our abilities. No matter who your stylist is, this team is going to make sure you are #1. SAFE , #2. COMFORTABLE , and receive the high quality services you expect from us.

The world as it was has brought so many changes to the current ways of running a business. While we realize our particular type of business does not allow for social distancing, we are doing the best possible prep work before re-opening to make sure all of the measures are in place. The health and saftey of you all and ourselves is what matters most. Those measures will continue to be in place for the duration of this crisis and to be lessened as suggested through the guidelines set by the state.

In these slides are the details of how will commit to providing a safe, quality experience for our guests and to ensure that our team is also safe. We’re excited to have the opportunity to see our guests and begin new journeys. With love, health and safety in mind always!❤️
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🌟 F A I T H 🌟
A strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.
God’s ways are perfect.
When something happens in our lives that we don’t understand, we need to remember God’s ways are perfect.

“As for God, his way is perfect: The LORD’s word is flawless; he shields all who take refuge in him." (2 Samuel 22:31)

He doesn’t think like we think. In fact, he tells us in Isaiah 55:8-9 that his ways and even his thoughts are much higher than ours. Putting faith in God would mean we believe that even though things look tangled up, God is able to untangle them.

When tragic things happen, putting faith in God means we believe, no matter how bad things look, that God will work them together for good. (Romans 8:28) When God says he will work all things for good, there is no exception. Too often, we look at what we are experiencing and cannot fathom how it will work out, but that’s exactly when we need to place that situation into our Father’s capable hands. They are the very hands that created the world and we can rest, knowing that he has things under control.
I’ve been studying THE book for a long time but now is the best time for a refresher above anything else.


✨B L O N D E✨
Natural blondes come in all different levels, shades and tones. What makes a difference is choosing the right mix of light, depth and tones so that the ultimate compliment will bring out the spark in the eyes, cool or enhance the skin tone and make HER feel like the queen👸🏼she is!
💁🏻‍♀️Happy blonding friends!

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The inevitable....
🌱 We’re incredibly sad to announce the closing of Blush Dallas Salon until further notice due to the Dallas County mandates. It’s for the best of the team , our families and of course our beautiful guests. For our dearest clients... please know that we’ll be reaching out to reschedule your appointments asap. Blush will have a variety of ways to keep your hair in top shape in the interim. Online product sales with free shipping or pickup, gift card purchase, and more will be available by Monday! Please support local by spending where it helps the most. Local small independent businesses.🙏
✨✨✨✨✨✨ We will miss you immensely, and continue to post content consistently while we’re “sheltering in place”. Be safe and stay healthy! XO - Blush Dallas Salon team💗•

The Come Back for us all 💪🏼💗!
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✨Dearest Guests/Friends,
As our national and especially local communities continue to feel the impact of the Corona Virus, we at want to make sure you all are aware of the extra precautions we are taking for the well being and safety of you, our valued guests, our stylists and support staff.
Our daily cleaning procedures will be heightened and done even more consistently. Here's what it involves:
1. Disinfecting the common areas- Coffee Bars | Restrooms | Shampoo Stations | Shared Hard Surfaces -- Disinfecting stylist stations and chairs in between clients.
2. Disinfecting all door knobs and handles. Removing all common touch items like the books loved by many,(they'll be back plus some new ones!).
3.We sanitize all of our tools, our robes, capes, towels and restroom towels are washed/sanitized through out the day.
4.We are providing every stylists station with disinfectant cleansing spray and a box of tissue as well as hand sanitizer in the lounge for guests.
While we are taking every precaution necessary, we ask for your help as well.
🩺If you or anyony in your household is sick AND/OR has traveled outside of the country in the last 14 days, please cancel your appointment and reschedule for a later date.
Lastly to prevent any unnecessary social interaction in the salon, we are asking guests to refrain from bringing anyone with you for a scheduled appointment. Only guests with a scheduled appointment will be allowed in the salon for the time being.
We're taking this seriously and want to maintain the highest level of communication with our guests to ensure confidence in us and the services we provide. Thank you for understanding! We are remaining positive through out this tough time and are praying for everyone affected.

XO- CEO | Cynthia M. Valdez
+ Blush Dallas Salon team♥️

✨ Techniques, specialties, placements, formulations, consultations, prep work....all of these things come into play for each and every client. All equally important when a professional is breaking down the wants vs the possibilities. Once those details are gathered and agreed upon, a conversation about investment and the MUST HAVE *after care take home*
essentials, a solid plan of action is set into motion. My fave low pH line carried at is @refstockholm. It’s a hit with our clients and also used in our back bar.✨
💗My babe @dsust3 is always impressive with her professional goals. Here we’ve collaborated a colorscape that reflects a more low maintenance look to give her more time to focus on goals and less on hair worries, that’s my job!💪🏼😍

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✨Welcome licensed beauty professionals who are looking to find an EDUCATION based salon home! We're looking to bring in booth renters, a limited few established commission stylists, estheticians, waxing specialists,makeup artist, a receptionist and assistants. Blush has a very unique vibe that speaks to positive personalities. For those that thrive in a team environment, sign up! For those that love to collab, share their knowledge and grow within a team, sign up! For those that are open minded, communicate well, have a strong work ethic, and are serious about investing in their career, PLEASE SIGN UP!
Blush Dallas Salon is all about evolving as a solid team. Whether you're a booth renter or a commission employee, the unity is real.
Just some of what BLUSH has to offer:
∙Flexible schedules for W-2 commission employees:
Work/Life Balance training
∙Advanced (In House) Education in color-cutting-finish work-upstyling-extensions
∙Access to our hosted classes
∙Drama free environment-So important!
∙Strong mentorships within the team
Click GET TICKETS to reserve your spot.
🔺 Please come prepared with your resumes, attached photo that should include 3 business references. Don't think you're a candidate but know someone who is? Send them this event. Thank you all and hope to see lots of smiling faces soon!♥️
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Happy L💗VE Day!
From me to everyone who’s loved and supported my business, my choices, my team and most of all have been so incredibly kind and empathetic during the times it’s been needed the most. L💗VE isn’t just between family and friends. I’m so honored to receive it in spades from my local community and client friends. As we all know, a small business can’t thrive without the support of our local community, so my gratitude cup runneth over!
As for my Valentine tonight... The hub and I don’t dare go out in the evening , learned our lesson years ago🤣. We’re going to a late lunch like a proper ole married couple LOL! But you young cuties go out and do it big! ♥️

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Listening and catching all of the details during a consult are important as we all know. Sometimes during the process you’ll pick up some key factors that can completely change the entire direction and make or break that session, so it’s super important to stay focused.
Before I send my loves on their way, I’ll round brush her face frame so that she can see the tones and placement in that specific area. It’s up to her to determine if she’s in love or if we need to tweak either the tone or sometimes it’s a bang that’s slightly too bright like it was for my girl here @__terrimarie__ .
What I’ve always been super open about with my clients is that if there’s something that they aren’t in love with, I’ll always ask for feedback asap. I’d rather get the “awkward” questions out of the way than have a client not be happy and I never get the opportunity to make it right. Feedback good or bad is crucial to building your business.
✨M’kay, back to my girl... so because I’d done my fave #rawblonde , I just needed to gloss her bang to deepen the tone to her liking. She loves, which I love and thus my new collaborators are also my clients 🙌🏼. With her ideas and my creative abilities, the sky is our limit! 💕💕💕💕 Countless thanks @__terrimarie__ for your trust in me.🙏🥰

#blushdallassalon #cynthiamvaldez

✨The power of stylists working together is always a plus. Confidence is higher, creativity is flowing x 2, and the guest benefits 100%. This is a method we began incorporating during our training for new artists and the results were so great that we now collaborate with each other frequently! Artists and guests alike... both winning💖.
Artist: @dallas_roxx


✨How to ensure lasting results!✨

💥Use a demineralizing treatment prior to your color service. This will remove metal and mineral deposits(among a few) in the hair that can negatively react with any lightening/color session.
ALWAYS prepping the hair prior to any chemical service is an absolute must for my team
💥Educate your clients!
The demineralizing process and the importance of pH balanced shampoos will make all the difference. Think of it like this.... ✨ It’s not how the client leaves the salon that matters the most, it’s how her hair looks when she returns. No fading, no brass, grey is covered (other than regrowth), the hair remains shiny, silky, and the integrity is in tact. All of this with doing the basics first and educating our clients about the proper take home regimen.
💥BOOM💥 Don’t take my word for it! Do your research and do the work.
Xoxo Cyn😘😊

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✨@hairartistrybymarissa ✨@hairartistrybymarissa ✨@hairartistrybymarissa
So my hair boo Marissa created this glorious look for her beautiful client. Actually she’s been creating like a mad person but thanks to IG and it’s wild rules she’s been blocked for a bit 😩. Join me please in sharing the love for this amazing artist ✨@hairartistrybymarissa ! Give her a like, follow her journey...Marissa has been on my team for so long, she’s one of those people that you just can’t life without. Certainly can’t work without! Love you Rissa💕
#blushdallas #hairartistrybymarissa

It runs thru my veins. I can’t help myself when someone asks me a simple question lol. I have to contain myself at times because I have so much to share...good, amazing, bad to the sh*t storms, I’ve been thru it all. For every “fail”, there were so many lessons learned and a leveling up with each time. That’s just a fraction on the business side of the industry.
✨Education for my cutting skill sets, techniques, color chemistry, styling and all things specific to my craft are just as overflowing. When I began my career I was trained to do everything at a high level. Even perms 🤩. Practice really makes all the difference in anything you want to perfect. I’m no stranger to feeling awkward or inadequate when I’m learning something new or refreshing a technique etc. That’s where the magic is people! Your mind is open to new

🎤 It’s that time of year when I start REFLECTING on the successes and fails of the year and how to implement the necessary changes for the next year.
✨ 2019 has been a big lesson in life and in business. My faith was tested over and over , each time I was rewarded in spades. These rewards came in the smallest ways sometimes, but I knew it was his way of showing me he was working on his plan. When I thought there was no hope, absolutely no reason why there would be a good result, God had another plan. What I’ve known in my heart, soul and in my gut all along is that he always has a bigger and better plan than I have ever had. I trust in him wholeheartedly. Without wanting to I release all of the bad thoughts that I have in my head and in my heart. I give it up and I put it all in his hands. My faith has only grown throughout the years especially with age.
🎤 I think failures are tests to prepare us for the big plans he has for us & it’s up to us to see it all the way through. Here’s to another beautiful year of successes and God willing as few fails as possible. What I know from experience is fails will happen, it’s the lessons learned from them...that’s the best gift 🎁!
#cynthiamvaldez #blushdallassalon

✨ There’s nothing wrong here!✨
Give in to temptation and go darker in the fall/winter months....
It’s like a snuggly adult onesie, with a grande non dairy hot mocha no whip in your favorite Peanuts gang mug while watching Home Alone for the millionth time on DVD cuz you know you have it 🤣! (That’s just my scenario🥳)
Point is.... Depth, Dimension, Shine, all of these things are in abundance when the hair is darker in color even if it’s just a few shades close to your natural color. As always book online for consultations with myself or any of the talented women on the team! 🍁🍂🍁🍂


🤩 Captions are not an issue! 🤩
Say it with me... Captions are not an issue! For me anyway, it’s rare that I can’t think of something to say when I’ve got an image of beautiful work to talk about, combine it with a gorgeous human @iyanez23 , and I’ll go on with details upon details till the gram makes me stop😂. Ya see how easy that was?! I just made a caption about not having a caption😉. Happy posting for those that say to yourselves “I don’t know what to caption with 🤷🏻‍♀️”. GIT ON IT! No excuses!💕
With love & respect always- Cyn


💫Warm Painted Balayage💫
A dimensional contrast that blends with a dark base is difficult to achieve. Ya know what’s not difficult? Locking in some serious Balayage advanced education for next month!
I’ll be teaching alongside my amazingly talented friends at the
NOV. 3rd & 4th

This will be a 2 day hands on Balayage and Blonding Summit where we will teach you all the latest balayage techniques, in partnership with @certifiedhaircolorists & @houseofcollaboration by @amberoharahair along with lead collaborators @annyvandriel @katietellorhair (me💁🏻‍♀️) @cynthia.m.valdez @audreyinskeep and @kellynaso, and MC’d by @Brendolah who will be diving into the chemistry behind lighteners. We will be hosted by @malibucpro at their beautiful academy in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tickets are on sale now at!
💥Please share! Our last Balayage Summit was a hit and we’re so humbled to be asked to do it again!💥

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