Orthopedic Massage Therapy Of Dallas

Orthopedic Massage Therapy of Dallas provides expert massage services for both healing and relaxation

My page is about bringing awareness on the great benefits of massage therapy.

Mission: Give people a break from their chronic pain and stiffness and increase their serotonin level through massage.

Massage Therapy for tension headaches.

Do you ever wake up with a crick in the neck? The feeling that you can't quite turn your head because you slept wrong?
My treatment plan as an Orthopedic Massage Therapist would be to tackle all the related symptoms that need consideration.
I would do some Myofascia work ( connective tissues that cover muscles) on that muscle that attach from the corner of your shoulder blade to your neck called the Levator Scapulae, release tension in the trapezius and neck muscles as well as trigger point compression and stretch the pecs until considerable improvement in range of motion is attained.
See below, the Levator Scapulae that attach from the corner of the scapula to cervical 1-4.


Massage Therapy and Temporomandibular Disorders | Massagetique

massagetique.com It's not news that massages offer more benefits to us than just a few heavenly minutes of relaxation (and some peace and quiet) – in reality they can serve as a natural solution to many of the illnesses, injuries, and everyday aches and pains we experience. Of course, not all types of massages are...


Learn About the Benefits of Orthopedic Massage | Massagetique

massagetique.com Orthopedic massage practitioners provide pain relief and increased motion to people recovering from injury, surgery, postural, and musculoskeletal issues.

[02/19/19]   REGULAR MASSAGE improves Mental Health.

Mental health disorders like depression are becoming a pressing global health problem, according to the World Health Organization. In fact, it’s estimated that by the year 2020, depression will be the second leading cause of disability around the world. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, regular massage can reduce your anxiety by up to 50% in some cases.

[02/13/19]   Massage therapy can help the body relax, which in turn can help one let go of anxious and fearful thoughts. Massage can relieve muscle pain and tension, improve circulation, and increase flexibility. As a relaxation technique, massage therapy can work to manage the fight-or-flight response, or stress reaction, that is typically overactive among people with anxiety disorders.


3 Common Training Pitfalls made by Female Runners

Very useful info.

sisuperformancept.com The most common misconception among female runners/athletes is that heavy lifting will make you get big.

[02/04/19]   " A walk that does not land in balance forces the body's posture to compensate via muscular contraction, particularly in the cervical spine ( the neck).
Balance is greatly enhanced when the head is vertically aligned with the stance foot, eyes looking straight ahead. This positioning allows gravitational forces to transmit effortlessly throught the body".
Erick Dalton

[02/02/19]   You can now book appointments through Facebook! Just go to the "Schedule Now" tab on our page to make a moment for yourself ☺️

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Hello everyone,
The Orthopedic Massage Therapy of Dallas website is currently down and will be back up by 2/4/19. We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you would like to book an appointment please contact us anytime for your next appointment at:

📞 (972) 898-6289
💻 [email protected].

I look forward to Bringing You Back to Balance!
Kind Regards,
Massage Therapist Karen

The Psoas, the seat of the soul. Structurally, the psoas is the deepest muscle in our core. It connects the upper body to the lower body and is a major player in steadying the spine on the legs. A tight, short psoas can cause an anterior pelvic tilt or posterior tilt if overstretched. It can be the undiagnosed culprit for low-back, hip joint, or pelvic pain. Releasing the psoas can bring deep relief to the often- untouched muscle.


A Non-Pharmaceutical Approach for Helping an Aging Heart | Massage Professionals Update

integrativehealthcare.org Simple, short, compassionate massage sessions, both given and received by the aging population, can make a significant difference in their heart health.


Learn About the Benefits of Myofascial Release | Massagetique

Myofascia Release used during massage session at Orthopedic Massage Therapy Of Dallas.

massagetique.com Myofascial release relaxes and lengthens soft tissues to increase function and flexibility, recover from injuries and surgery, and treat chronic pain.


This Woody Vine from the Amazon Rainforest Enhances DNA Repair

Cat's Claw, one of my favorites.

draxe.com It also has been shown to lower blood pressure, fight herpes and provide strong immune system support.

Making a lavender and wild mint body scrub for my Christmas packages. Buy one gift certificate, get this luxurious and earthy body scrub!

[03/30/17]   While every anatomy list around six hundred separate muscle, it is more accurate to say that there is one muscle poured into six hundred pockets of the fascial webbing. The "illusion" of separate muscles is created by the anatomist's scapel, dividing tissues along the planes of fascia.

[09/16/16]   As you move through life, take the time to nurture " you".


Frankincense Proven To Be Psychoactive Antidepressant

One of my favorite scents!

the-open-mind.com by Time Wheel Burning the resin of a Boswellia tree as an incense has been a component in religious and cultural ceremony for millennia, for it is said that its aroma contributes to spiritual exaltation. Also known as frankincense and olibanum, Boswellia resin has been mentioned in numerous...


Lung Cleansing With Peppermint Oil | Wake Up World

wakeup-world.com Peppermint oil is a versatile aromatic oil widely used for various ailments including indigestion, headache, and muscle aches. Found in gum, mints, mouthwash, and many other products, peppermint oil is a powerful cleanser derived from the plant which is native to Europe and has been popular with her…


The ‘Muscle of the Soul’ may be Triggering Your Fear and Anxiety

themindunleashed.org The psoas major muscle (pronounced “so-as”) is often referred to as the deepest core, or as yoga therapist and film-maker Danielle Olson states, the “muscle of…

[10/07/14]   Massage Therapy helps increase range of motion and decrease pain in people struggling with low back pain and sciatica. Studies suggest that regular massage can help lower high blood pressure, decrease stiffness and improve functioning in arthritis patients.

[07/10/14]   Massage Therapy improves blood flow to the tissues, muscles and vital organs. Increased blood flow is a key element of hood health as blood carries oxygen and important nutrients.


The 12 Worst Chemicals Lurking in Your Home

Very valuable information!! I have learned a few that I wasn't suspecting....
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shine.yahoo.com A report was just released outlining the "Dirty Dozen," a list of endocrine disruptors that highlights the worst of the worst--and the ones you're most likely exposed to every day. Here's how to avoid them:


Joan Lunden Quotes at BrainyQuote.com

When you feel upset, take a second and watch your shoulders and neck, you will be surprised!

brainyquote.com "Holding on to anger, resentment and hurt only gives you tense muscles, a headache and a sore jaw from clenching your teeth. Forgiveness gives you back the laughter and the lightness in your life." - Joan Lunden quotes from BrainyQuote.com

[03/04/14]   Happy Mardi Gras everyone!!

[02/24/14]   Einstein said they are 2 ways at looking at life:" everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle", I think it is fun to believe everything is a miracle.To start with the human body is a miracle!!

[02/21/14]   Did you know there are about 650 muscles in the body?

[02/12/14]   "Happiness is not being pained in body or troubled in mind"
Thomas Jefferson

I really " like " this quote!! And you?

[02/10/14]   The wonders of massage!!! The answer to the silent killer called "stress".
Massage helps relax the mind, body and spirit, providing time and space for self, and a feeling of peace, calm and well being. It allows the nervous system to normalize itself and reduces stress- related conditions such as palpitation, negative emotional feelings and raised blood pressure.

[02/08/14]   Most muscle tension is caused by faulty posture but how?
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Faulty posture increase mechanical stress on the joints, which in turn reduces the overall efficiency of posture and movement. Whenever part of the body displaces out the line of gravity in one direction, some other part of the body tips in the opposite direction to restore balance. As a result, nonpostural muscles contract to shore up the off-center alignment, causing muscles to overwork and become adaptively shortened while their antagonists become stretch and weakened.

[01/11/14]   Let's not forget our spiritual muscle for 2014, it will keep us healthy!
Developing the muscles of the soul demands no competitive spirit, no killer instinct, although it may erect pain barriers that the spiritual athlete must crash through.
Germaine Greer

Happy new year everyone!!!
I'm on a quest for great smoothies and lots of energy for the start of this year so I just got my nutribullet, my berries and veggies and almond butter, very excited!!

Our Story

Orthopedic Massage Therapy of Dallas is all about one thing - bringing you back to your balance. Massage Therapist Karen Pacheco can use her expertise to not only relax you, but provide relief in the case of conditions such as back and neck pain, tension headache, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injury, nerve impingement, pelvic tilt and many other conditions. She uses very efficient techniques such as Myofascia Release, Muscle Energy Technique, Myoskeletal Therapy and other modalities designed to relieve pain, restore function and rebalance the body.

Here, healing and quality is valued first. We don’t up-charge for enhancements to your service such as essential oils or cupping or the various modalities Karen uses because she believes that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to the care of your body. Whether you’re seeking help with an injury, or simply looking for your moment of peace, call (972)898-6289 to reserve some time just for you.

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