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clean gender neutral beauty for kinky, curly and wavy textures. happy scalp, happy hair.

you can’t fake shine, it’s either there or it isn’t ✨

we’ve partnered with SEPHORA to ensure our full collection is in stock and accessible to you whenever you need it. be sure grab everything on their dot com, including our popular moisturizing curl defining cream and leave in conditioning styler! 🌱 #cleanatsephora #baomintcollection #adwoabeauty

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baomint moisturizing shampoo 🌱

we recommend that you shampoo every 7-10 days. adjust this suggestion according to your texture, lifestyle (activity level) and hairstyle of choice (protective style or loose natural hair styles). 14 oz of this premium wash can last you up to 10+ wash days, or 2-3 months. to receive the maximum usage from our sulfate free formula, allow the water from your shower (let’s be real, your kitchen faucet 😂) to penetrate your strands for up to 60 seconds until it becomes saturated. this will ensure you have a nice lather on your first wash. available online at adwoa beauty and SEPHORA #cleanatsephora #enjoywashdayagain

shampoo bottle 📸 credit: @lovebornnatural on instagram

just as your body needs water to hydrate from the inside out, your strands need regular heat/steam treatments to thrive. 1-2xs a month.

your hair’s cuticles will contract with heat, therefore your porosity will adjust and your products will absorb more effectively when you add steam treatments to the deep conditioning step of your regimen.

q: “will your products work on low porosity”?

fun fact: most naturals (over 85%) have naturally low porosity cuticles. high porosity usually indicates compromised cuticles from treatments of color or other chemical processing etc. it is possible to have some areas high, while others are low if you have permanent color applied in patches or sections.

it doesn’t matter what a product says regarding porosity, or what natural oils it is formulated with. if your cuticles are lowered, you will need to first raise it to remove dirt, grime and product buildup to get it ready for moisture to penetrate. next, you’ll need to add in the moisture and lower it back to TRAP it IN. leaving your cuticles open (skipping deep conditioning) will cause you to lose moisture quickly. the pH of styling products are NOT formulated to do this, this is done at your wash/condition step.

pro tip: the pH in shampoo, ours is 6.0 - 7.0, will open (or raise) your cuticles, the pH of deep conditioner, ours is 4.0 - 5.0, will close (or lower) it, trapping in the nutrients and moisture from the product. you should never shampoo without deep conditioning as a follow up step. rinse out conditioners are NOT formulated to lower cuticles and they canNOT be deemed as deep conditioners, even if you cocktail them with additional essential oils.

if a product is labeled as a “3 in one” conditioner, (leave in, rinse out and deep), it has to be formulated to be TRUE deep conditioner to be effective as such. this generally isn’t the case, regardless of label claims 😬.

conclusion: when your cuticles are left raised (high porosity) without properly being lowered (low porosity), dryness will occur. if your cuticles are left lowered, you will have product build up no matter what you use. deep conditioning with heat and/or steam is a crucial step for healthy natural hair. the key is a balanced regimen to normalize your porosity levels, from wash to style to raise AND lower your cuticles every time you style for lasting moisture. 👩🏾‍🔬

we’re proud to announce that you can now shop our full collection on SEPHORA. click the link below to add everything to your cart before its gone over there too 😬 . #cleanatsephora #adwoabeauty

shop adwoa beauty here:

girl and hair, sheesh! 😍

@laporchatanzale (on instagram) staying FINE fine while working out in her twists and unleashing this beautiful twist out 7 days later from using our moisturizing curl defining cream and protect + shine oil blend to seal.

pro tip: styling your twists on wet hair is an excellent way to deeply penetrate into your shaft and coat your hair strands with the nutrients from our products - there will be no need to re-moisturize. adopt a regimen of maintaining your twists for a few days (while you stay active🤸🏾‍♀️) for a low manipulation hairstyle (hello growth!). at night, ban your twists together and sleep with a satin bonnet. unravel with our oil blend to achieve a beautiful, stretched twist out.

taking advantage of nature’s goodies allowed us to create our proprietary baomint collection, which is comprised of more than 22 natural and organic ingredients, with standouts of baobab, wintergreen, spearmint and peppermint oils 🌱.

our cult favorite inaugural collection promotes intense moisture and elongation to deliver healthy + happy coils for all kinky-curly kinds. now so many more naturalistas will finally be able to enjoy wash day again 🤗! today officially available at SEPHORA online + stores (soon) #cleanatsephora #sephora #adwoabeauty

shop our brand here:

there’s nothing average about our moisturizing curl defining gel.

what’s the difference? this is a highly concentrated formula and the ONLY gel on the market with more than 11 nutrient dense, natural and organic oils such as pumpkin seed, sweet almond, cactus, organic shea butter and so much more that actually makes up a significant % of the ingredients. we added nettle to combat hair loss and took out drying alcohols to ensure your hair is NOT left hard, crunchy and susceptible to dryness and breakage; but rather healthy and thriving all year long while using a gel product. *use as directed on sopping wet hair* available now at adwoa beauty and 5/5 at #adwoabeauty #cleanatsephora

for curlier textures — our curl defining cream is excellent at reducing frizz, defining curls, adding shine, elongation and moisture! our founder styled sam’s freshly washed hair with our leave in styler + curl defining cream.

pro tip: during the week, grab a water bottle and spritz plain water to “wake up” the product. rake your fingers through your curls to detangle and reset your style. #boyscangetittoo #adwoabeauty

one thing that this pandemic hasn’t cancelled: achieving healthy hair.

how have you been maintaining your natural hair during the lockdown? tell us below! 👇🏾#covid_19 #healthyhair

sending our sincere love, warmth, thoughts and fervent prayers to all of our adwoa beauty family and our community at large during these difficult times. stay inside (if you can) 🖤

our baomint oil blend has a new name, “protect + shine oil blend”.

fun fact: protect + shine oil blend was the original naming convention our founder chose for this product however the protect + shine was left off of our previous label and couldn’t be changed in time to launch — so we just went with the flow.

no worries! same formula, same 19 different natural and organic ingredients, just a new name. available on our website and SEPHORA as of 5/5

join our founder and so many industry leaders this weekend at the “path to profitability digital summit”!

rsvp here:

new 14 oz of our baomint moisturizing shampoo with an easy shower pump! we make product junkies want to reconsider 😛

“quality over quantity. i don't want to say i'm in love because that means i will have to stop buying hair products and commit to one brand, buuuuut....i have yet to scratch my head once since using this shampoo. no product built up, no dry scalp feeling...please stop wasting your time and money buying cheap convenient shampoos and just purchase one brand/product that you know will last and give your hair the care and maintenance it needs!

a little bit goes a long way. this shampoo is my 4c lo-po hair dream” - amber g from fort worth texas #realreviews #adwoabeauty #baomintshampoo

21+ active nutrient dense natural ingredients to seriously stimulate hair growth and scalp care for dry, highly textured hair.

+ organic prickly pear (cactus) oil
+ organic baobab oil
+ organic lemon grass oil
+ organic peppermint oil
+ organic lavender oil
+ organic shea butter
+ wintergreen oil
+ spearmint leaf oil
+ grapeseed oil
+ olive oil
+ fractionated coconut oil
+ sweet almond oil
+ sunflower seed oil
+ pomegranate seed oil
+ tea tree leaf oil
+ rosemary leaf oil
+ pumpkin seed oil
+ jamaican black castor oil
+ vanilla fruit oil
+ soybean oil
+ vitamin e
+ nettle

moisture, definition and volume

super concentrated, creamy formula that won't weigh your hair down.

who said kinky hair can’t have a little wind action?! the good ole days, #bts of our winter 2020 campaign photoshoot 😍.

all hair styled by our founder. all textures, wash n go 👌🏾#adwoabeauty

when we meditate, we inject far-reaching and long-lasting benefits into our lives: we lower our stress levels, we get to know our pain, we connect better, we improve our focus, and we're kinder to ourselves. let us walk you through the basics on how to meditate.

here are five reasons to meditate:

1: understand your pain
2: lower your stress
3: connect better
4: improve focus
5: reduce brain chatter

in mindfulness meditation, we’re learning how to pay attention to the breath as it goes in and out, and notice when the mind wanders from this task. this practice of returning to the breath builds the muscles of attention and mindfulness. when we pay attention to our breath, we are learning how to return to, and remain in, the present moment—to anchor ourselves in the here and now on purpose, without judgement.

how do you learn to meditate?

1. get comfortable and prepare to sit still for a few minutes. after you stop reading this, you’re going to simply focus on your own natural inhaling and exhaling of breath.
2. focus on your breath. where do you feel your breath most? in your belly? in your nose? try to keep your attention on your inhale and exhale.
3. follow your breath for two minutes. take a deep inhale, expanding your belly, and then exhale slowly, elongating the out-breath as your belly contracts.

we “practice” mindfulness so we can learn how to recognize when our minds are doing their normal everyday acrobatics, and maybe take a pause from that for just a little while so we can choose what we’d like to focus on. in a nutshell, meditation helps us have a much healthier relationship with ourselves (and, by extension, with others). courtesy of photo credit @_mue_studio #selfcaresunday

- update - we’re following the city of dallas shelter in place ordinance and keeping our showroom closed until further notice. we will take it day by day and reopen once it’s safe for everyone, our customers and our staff. we are continuing to accept online orders and ship orders as previously communicated. if you have questions, issues or address changes, please email [email protected]

we’re all in this together, we really are.

my primary concern as a company is to be of service and make sure we are not tone deaf to the current climate.

I’d like to help out service professionals who are risking their lives on the front line right now for our safety! people like my hero, my mom who’s restocking shelves nightly at walmart. medical staff, grocery store workers, food delivery people, mail and shipping carriers, janitors and sanitation workers who may need a little tlc to get them through these challenging weeks.

please nominate someone by tagging them, telling us what they do and why you’re nominating them. e.g. “I nominate Vashti @vashti because she is an er nurse who has been working constant 12 hours shifts and she hasn’t had an opportunity to rest or be at home with her family. she deserves some pampering”.

we will gift 10 service workers, a $50 digital gift card to be used at their convenience. recipients will be announced tomorrow by end of business day (5 pm cst). - julian addo

we’ve updated our packaging *slightly* based on your feedback and sales trend through the years. our moisturizing shampoo and leave in conditioning styler now measures in at 14 oz (closer to 15) outfitted with sleek all black pump closures + 15 % less plastic that is fully recyclable. this adjustment makes the bottle thinner and squeezable🤗.

our protect + shine oil blend will come with the yorker applicator (instead of as an option). other adjustments includes enhanced directions with a built in tutorial on each product type.

available on our website and will be sold exclusively at sephora (dot-com and in-store) this may! #adwoabeauty #sephora

baomint moisturizing shampoo

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ thanks for the 5 star kinky review from SHARON H.:

"Newby - 1st--- I could not wait to use it....the product line is GREAT!!!! the slip and my curl pattern pop. I love the cool feeling on my scalp. The shine that it gives me is what my hair has been begging for. There is no "greasy", "sticky" or "heavy" feeling what so sever. Went to the beach this weekend and the salt atmosphere; with Adwoa made my hair full with curls and softer!!!. The pineapple style was on point. I would recommend "Adwoa" product line .
" get intimate with your new favorite shampoo, too good to be true—but it is… most shampoos dry out curls, this one does the opposite. the baomint moisturizing shampoo deposits sebum mimicking natural oils, a blend of high-quality essential oils forged to stimulate the scalp + enhance growth witho...

Adwoa Beauty Set To Launch Prestige Textured Haircare At Sephora - Beauty Independent

“I wanted to make sure they understand the language for the customer and make sure they connect with the customer in an authentic way, and not in a way that just checks the boxes. I’m very protective of adwoa beauty and my community, and SEPHORA understood that,” says Addo. “one of the primary concerns for this community is that, when brands go into retail, their formulas and demographics change. it’s important to me that, as we enter sephora, we continue to challenge the status quo. my job I feel is to bring in that authenticity of multicultural beauty in a modern way that hasn’t been done before.”

by July last year, she was persuaded that Sephora shared her goals for adwoa beauty, and she agreed to sell the brand in its locations.

you can read the full article from concept to sephora on beauty independent here: Prestige textured haircare brand Adwoa Beauty is heading to Sephora with an online debut on May 5 prior to rolling out to nearly 100 stores on May 29.

here are benefits of using our baomint moisturizing shampoo with concentrated formulas:

🌱 aloe leaf juice acts as an exceptional juicy, silky, moisture-rich conditioner leaving hair smooth with that classic shine.

🌱 jamaican black castor oil prevents hair damage by promoting thicker strands through regular use enhancing overall health.

🌱 baobab oil treats dandruff/dry scalp, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

🌱 spearmint + peppermint + wintergreen oils = anti-fungal with omega 3, 6 + 9 fatty acids
nettle extract combats hair loss.

🌱 cactus oil promotes moisture and protects against breakage.

🌱 pumpkin seed oil contains zinc and magnesium, two minerals essential for sustaining a healthy growth rate and thicker strands.

🧖🏾‍♀️ color may vary and natural separation of the oils and product may occur. shake well before use and finally enjoy wash day again!

with confirmed COVID-19 cases in dallas county, my #1 priority is keeping our employees and customers safe. as such the @adwoabeautyshowroom will close effective immediately through 3/27. we will monitor activities and resume to normal work conditions as applicable. orders for available inventory will continue to be shipped daily. pre-orders is still on schedule to be shipped per the terms agreed upon, via our website.

please stay safe everyone, let’s all do our part and this too shall pass! - julian addo

kinky wash n’ go

here’s how to properly use our baomint curl defining gel for defined, flake free results every time.

1. start on sopping wet hair. do not towel blot at all
2. grab a small section and detangle with a tool of your choice
3. scoop your desired amount of gel and warm in your hands. this is very important to break down the oils and spread the product evenly
4. apply gel with your fingers in a raking motion until you feel it’s evenly coated with the product
5. respray water on the section you applied the gel to and continue raking. the wetter, the better.
6. repeat until you have applied product all over your head
7. allow to air dry OR sit under a hooded dryer on low heat for up to 45 min. allow your hair to air dry the rest of the way
8. apply the baomint shine + protect oil blend

pro tips:

do not break the gel cast. allow it to disappear on its own. this typically happens after you sleep on it or after 24 hours. this will help the curl set and your hair last longer.

we recommend to use the leave in conditioning styler prior to applying the gel. this helps with moisture through the week and elongation.

we recommend to do a wash n go in the morning to allow time to air dry before sleeping on it. going to bed on damp hair will cause frizz and your style will not last.

practice makes perfect! model Veepeejay #kinkyandgo #kinkyhair

introducing the baomint collection

we specialize in haircare products that prioritize a healthy scalp for steady hair growth from root to tip. happy scalp = happy hair

taking advantage of nature’s goodies allowed us to create a brand promoting intense moisture and elongation to deliver healthy + happy coils for all kinky-curly kinds. our introductory baomint collection yields best results when used as a complete system. we've sourced top of the line ingredients with high quality and unique formulations for each product type.

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moisture, definition and volume
kinky wash n’ go



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